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Web Services Java

Austin, Texas, United States
May 16, 2018

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Hemamalini Jayavelu

Mobile: 469-***-****



Java certified Professional having 8+ years of expertise in IT industry.

Involved in analysis, design, development, unit-testing and automation of web application.

Implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Web Services like SOAP, REST.

Development experience with Application/Web servers like Node Server, Oracle WebLogic 12.x, Apache2, Apache Tomcat and JBOSS.

Extensive experience in design and development of Web Applications with various Open Source frameworks like Struts, Spring framework and Hibernate ORM Module. In-house framework FedEx-CXS and Homedepot.

Experience in J2EE and related technologies like JSP, EJB, JDBC, JNDI, JAXB, JAXR and JAX-WS.

Worked with XML parsers like JAXP (SAX and DOM) and JAXB.

Experience in writing Ant build and Maven scripts for project development and deployment.

Involved in Build and deployment process using Jenkins, and command central.

Hands on experience with JUnit, and Log4j in developing test cases.

Expertise in Web-Development technologies like, ReactJs, BackboneJs, HTML, Advanced JavaScript, Adobe Flex 4.5, CSS3, JQuery

Experience in e-commerce migration project from Adobe Flex to HTML5, AngularJs and SOAP to RESTful web services.

Experienced in RDBMS Design. Worked on databases like Oracle, MySQL and Cassandra.

Technical experience in PL/SQL and DB objects like Tables, Stored Procedure, Function, DB Index, Views, and Joins.

Well versed with J2EE Design Patterns like MVC, Singleton, Factory, Observer, Front End Controller, and Service Locator.

Have worked on agile methodology for the process used Jira, Caliber and QC.

Ability to learn new technologies quickly,

Good Knowledge on SVN, GIT, and RTC Source Code Management and Review applications.

Extensive knowledge of Java on multiple platforms Unix, Linux and Windows.


Master of Science in Software Engineering, VIT University, INDIA

Trained on Oracle ATG e-commerce framework.


Syntel Consulting INC, from March 2011 – December 2016.

TATA Consultancy Services Ltd, India from September 2008 – January 2011.


Oracle Certified Java Programmer (SCJP1.6).


Received Academic Awards during 2003-2008 in VIT University.

Awarded Syntel Value Awards – SPEED.

Awarded Syntel Value Awards – STRETCH as a team.

Innovative implementation on Automation Testing tool for testing the RESTful web services.


Programming Languages & Scripting

Java, Java EE, HTML5, CSS3, Advanced JavaScript, ReactJs, BackboneJs, ExpressJs, Shell Scripting (Unix/Linux), Adobe Flex4.5, AS3, SQL, PL/SQL, JQuery.

J2EE Technologies & Frameworks


Spring Framework, Apache Struts, Hibernate, Oracle ATG, Cairngorm and FedEx-CXS.


Agile (XP and Scrum),Waterfall

Web Services Technologies


Build/Other Tools &

Testing Frameworks

Maven x.x, Apache Ant, SoapUI, JUnit, Log4j, BMC AR Remedy 7.1, PL/SQL Developer and TOAD.

UML Design Tools - Rational Rose and MS Visio.

Version Management



SQL Server, DB2, Oracle 11g, MySQL, CASSANDRA, MongoDB

Web/Application Servers

JBOSS, Apache Tomcat, Apache2, Oracle WebLogic 12c.


Eclipse, Net Beans, Webstrom, Atom, Sublime, Notepad++

Operating Systems

Windows, OSX, Ubuntu

Design Patterns

MVC, Singleton, Factory, Adapter.


FedEx Office, Plano, TX May 2013 – Dec 2016

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer

Project Description:

The FedEx Print Online system is one of the largest and most critical online ecommerce applications that support FedEx Office on the web. This application offers the following services are: - Copy & Print Services- Online Printing, Binding and lamination, Marketing Services- Banners, Posters, and Business cards, Office Services- Packing and shipping. At a broad level users are of two types – Retail and Corporate users use POL-R and POL-C application respectively.


Followed agile methodology and involved in daily SCRUM meetings, sprint planning, showcases and retrospective.

Involved in analyzing the requirements and participated in discussions with business analysts.

Involved in creating Technical Design documents and Integration Solution Design documents.

Suggested an appropriate solution for the assigned modules and problems, also doing their High level and Low level design.

Actively involved in the enhancement, maintenance and design for the application.

Implemented 'Document Upload' architecture using in-house FedEx-CXS framework.

Implemented Spring Dependency Injection and Spring Transactions in business layer.

Interaction/Connection with Oracle Database is implemented using Java to Database Connectivity (JDBC).

Developed data access components using JDBC, DAOs, and Beans for data manipulation.

Wrote embedded SQL and Stored procedures for data manipulation and interacting with the Oracle database.

Validated the Queries and Stored Procedures.

Created REST web services for populating and saving data from/to database.

Used Apache CXF, JAX-WS, JAX-RS for designing and developing REST and SOAP Web services.

Involved in the development of the presentation tier using HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSD, and UI for front-end.

Implemented logging functionality using Log4j. Monitored the error logs using Log4j and fixed the problems.

Used SVN repository as Version Control.

Used Eclipse IDE and deployed the application on WebLogic server.

Used Maven as build and configuration tool.

Involved in developing Integration Issues, System Testing Issues, User Acceptance Issues and production Issues including JUnit.

Involved in unit, system, integration and regression testing using HP Quality Center and also reviewed the code using Caliber.

Provide support for Production release checkout.

Environment: J2EE, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, REST web Services, XML, FedEx CXS, Spring Framework, Apache Webserver, Weblogic 12c application server, SVN, Unix, Log4j, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, Oracle11g, Microsoft Visio, Linux

The Home Depot, Atlanta, GA Mar 2011 – Apr 2013

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer

Project Description:

ESVS (Enhanced Special Services)is a store based application in THD, where store user is used to place an order, track, and return an item of the order. Along with that it maintains the customer information and Order History of the particular store.

The Reduced Tag project in ESVS will provide enhancements that further automate the creation and life cycle of a reduced tag. Enhancements will include auto creation of reduced tags at the point of return for regular merchandise returns and special order returns. The markdown life cycle will be maintained via a markdown cadence in IMS that dictates when and at what threshold to take new markdowns. Physical inventory will be handled by creating a separate download file which contains reduced tag inventory. Overall, the goal of this project is to deliver a higher inventory sell-thru rate for reduced tag merchandise, decreased markdown spend, and greater visibility to the reduced tag inventory.

ECat Browse is an electronic catalog to create a search function that will allow associates to quickly search and find SKUs using a GUI search bar that allows the user to pick a starting point of either In-stock, Install, ECatalog Special Order, or Special Order SKUs from a drop down. This will be on the on the standard “Lookup” in ESVS.


Implemented the architecture of the modules according to the J2EE standards (Presentation-tier, Business-tier and Persistence-tier).

Part of a design team with extensive usage of Rational Rose in detail design phase through the detailed use cases with Sequence, Activity, Collaboration and Class diagrams.

Used Agile methodology named SCRUM for all the work performed.

Implemented business layer using in-house HomeDepot framework.

Implemented the application using Execution Services Framework, which is based on MVC design pattern as a presentation layer.

Implemented design patterns like Singleton, Factory.

Worked with Java Script events and functions.

Implemented Ajax/JQuery for Asynchronous Retrieval of data.

Updated CSS layout to reflect the new changes as per the addition of new components.

Developed UI Screen and Layout designing using Adobe Flex Components.

Developing reusable UI independent components.

Customized DataGrid, Editable List, Dropdown UI components.

Integrated and consumed asynchronous JAVA services using 'Cairngorm MVC Framework'.

Designing and Developing Jersey Restful webservices in JAVA.

Used SoapUI for Web service’s testing.

Used Log4j for logging errors

Performed extensive test driven development-using JUnit for unit testing.

Used Maven for build code.

Developed UI by using Adobe Flex4.5, AS3, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, XML and AJAX.

Deployed the application on Apache webserver and Weblogic 11g application server.

Worked with the CVS version control software.

Environment: J2EE, Java Script, HTML, CSS3, Adobe Flex 4.5, AS3, REST web Services, XML, Apache Webserver, Weblogic 12c application server, SVN, Unix, Log4j, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, Oracle11g, Unix.

Qwest Business Corporation, Denver, CO JAN 2010 – JAN 2011

Java/J2EE Developer

Project Description:

Qwest Business Corporation has Small and Medium Business Portal for placing, retrieving and modifying wholesale orders.

Business markets users should be authorized to add, update, and delete content quickly, without IT intervention and it provides the ability for the business to update and maintain any product information that is available to customers.

When content is published to the site, provide a way to define an ‘expiration date’ for the content, at which point it would be automatically archived and removed from the public site. Ideally, this process should also send an e-mail or other notification to the content owner and the content process owner identifying the archived material.

Content should be modularized so that it can be reused throughout the site without having to recreate information. This also requires that content be developed keeping this design in mind.

The website should capture the terms entered into searches for tracking and improvements.


Involved in designing and developing the front end of the application using Adobe Flex4.5, AS3, AJAX, HTML, JQuery, CSS3.

Layout design (Flex Components Development [UI and Functional]).

Developing reusable UI independent components.

Constructed Interfaces and API’s for Public classes and detailed private classes using J2EE.

Developed RestFul web services in Java.

Modeled object oriented components by using Rational Rose.

Involved in designing, developing and testing of J2EE components like Java Beans, Java, XML, Collection Framework, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, and JNDI and deployments in Tomcat Application Server.

Used Eclipse and Apache Tomcat to develop, build and deploy the application.

Involved in database design and coding SQL for Oracle.

Involved in bug fixing of various modules in the application that were raised by the testing team.

Provide support to QA & UAT for the defects logged in HP Quality Center.

Environment: J2EE, Java Script, HTML, CSS3, Adobe Flex 4.5, AS3, REST web Services, Apache Tomcat, Weblogic 12c server, SVN, Unix, Log4j, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, Oracle11g.

Qwest Business Corporation, Denver, CO SEP 2008 – DEC 2009

Java/J2EE Developer

Project Description:

Qwest Business Corporation has Network Trouble Management (NTM) is a ticketing system that uses the Remedy Action Request System (ARS) platform.

Takes care of trouble ticketing system of Qwest Communication for the telecommunications network comprising of transport, switches, circuits and fiber. Record trouble information for all of Qwest’s products and services. It supports all current Dedicated, Switch, IP, Hosting, and ATM/Frame products in one application. Basically, NTM provides a mechanism for Qwest to effectively collect details on the problems /requirements and assign responsibility to the concerned functional division of Qwest, who, in turn will resolve the problem. Track troubles from creation through closures, including the different work groups that might work on a trouble. It also tracks all information such as notes entered by different work groups that might work on a trouble ticket.


Involved in Requirement gathering, Analysis, Preparing Functional Specifications, and Technical Specifications according to their requirements.

Involved in Construction of portal using BMC AR Remedy, Java & PL/SQL.

Developed Remedy Actions controls and consumed JAVA services.

Developed Remedy Triggers components which executes DB Queries, Sequence of transactions based on defined SLA.

Developed Transactions components which executes DB Queries, Functions and Procedures.

Part of a design team with extensive usage of Rational Rose in detail design phase through the detailed use cases with Sequence, Activity, Collaboration and Class diagrams.

Followed agile methodology for development process.

Used Concurrent Version System (CVS) for the version control of the project.

Custom tag library was used to create standard tag.

Created XML schema documents based on the requirements and used JAXB for marshalling and unmarshalling of the XML documents.

Developed web services using JAX-WS utility.

Used PL/SQL, Stored Procedures for handling Oracle database.

Assisted in designing and programming for the system, which includes development of Process Flow Diagram, Entity Relationship Diagram, Data Flow Diagram and Database Design.

Created Stored Procedures using SQL/PL-SQL for data modification.

Used XML, XSL for Data presentation, Report generation and customer feedback documents.

Used Java Beans to automate the generation of Dynamic Reports and for customer transactions.

Developed JUnit test cases for regression testing and integrated with ANT build.

Implemented Logging framework using Log4J.

Involved in code review and documentation review of technical artifacts.

Involved in optimizing the query structure for ease of maintenance.

Integrated the service layer with the Database.

Peer code review and continuous integration using SVN.

Involved in Maintenance of the Application system.

Provide support to QA & UAT for the defects logged in HP Quality Center.

Environment: BMC AR Remedy 7.1, Java, J2EE, XML, Apache Tomcat, SVN, PL/SQL, Unix, Log4j, Eclipse, JUnit, Ant, Oracle10g, Microsoft Visio.

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