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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
May 16, 2018

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Key Qualifications:-

Ten Years of experience in Reservoir Modelling and maturation of Prospects.

Summary of Career Accomplishments:-

With my experience in reservoir Modelling in Clastics and Carbonates, I pride myself on being able to provide effective solutions to meet complex assignments, supporting both field and technical teams to achieve operational goals. As a highly versatile individual, I offer a lead-by-example approach and have received regular accreditional for my ability to provide excellent project delivery and meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.


(Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy as a Powerful Tool for Prospect Identification in Messinian WDDM Concession), ranked as 2nd best paper. (Author and Speaker)

Mediterranean offshore conference 2014(MOC)

Specialties and Expertise in:

●Petrel modeling and interpretation full platform.

●Professional at Petrel and RMS.

●Applying an advanced workflow in Reservoir Modeling to capture reservoir heterogeneity, using multiple facies and petrophysical algorithm suitable for each depositional environment.

●Working closely with reservoir engineers from scratch to generate an appropriate geological model valid for dynamic simulation, for better reservoir management and maximum reservoir performance.

●Fault seal analysis using 1D&3D models

●Reserve calculation using different tools (CPS-3, Monte Carlo, and 3D Models) and different methodology like (deterministic, Scenarios and Stochastic)

●Multi-culture team player

Professional Experience:-

Rashpetco Shell JV (Jan 2017 – Present)

Exploration geologist who Mature prospects in terms of risk assessment,well placement, drilling hazards analysis, integrating geological knowledge from various disciplines and hydrocarbon volume calculation

Roxar Software Solutions (Dec 2014 – Jan 2017)

Reservoir Geologist Consultant in Saudi ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia


●Onsite support RMS modelling Software

●Conducting RMS training courses

●Provides consultancy projects for Saudi Aramco

●Coaching new hires for fast track guidance in Geological modelling division

BG Rashpetco (Jan 2007 – Dec 2014)

Senior Geologist - Reservoir modeler-Prospect evaluation Geologist (Egypt):

Rashpetco is British Gas Joint Venture in Egypt. It operates both; West Nile Delta Deep Marine and Rashid offshore concessions. The reservoirs are characterized by Complex Deep Marine slope channels and turbidites with gas and condensate fluid content, which need special conceptual models and advanced modeling workflow.

I am working as a geologist in Rashpetco for WDDM concession (West Delta Deep Marin) as a member of(Field Studies Team) established in BG main office in UK with Rashid Petroleum Company (The largest Gas producer in Egypt) and part of a TVP team that performs full integration between all geological reservoir studies conduct full field and cellular models.

My Competencies and main responsibilities are:

Establishing 3D cellular models using advanced Petrel workflow using best practice experience in various fields to come up with respective and representative models guide the development plan.

Support seismic interpretation of field data by working closely with geophysicist to aid in an optimum structural interpretation.

Maintains and ensures accuracy and completeness of petrophysical databases/catalogs (digital and hard copy).

Support the auditing of database applied within the geological model and ensures that is maintained and updated regularly.

Assist in reviewing the geological prognosis for plane drilled wells and mentoring the pore pressure prediction and providing post well analysis.

Well planning,in terms of choosing best structures, avoid drilling hazards and generating geotechnical document

Professional Courses Attended:-

Technical Training:

● July 2015,Carbonates Field Trip,Catalonia,Spain(by ROXAR&GEOPLAY)

● Petroleum Geochemistry, Source Maturation & migration (by EREX) Hurghada, Egypt.

● Applying Fluid Inclusions to Petroleum Exploration and Production. Cairo, Egypt.

● Structure geology for hydrocarbon Exploration. Instructor Adel R. Moustafa, OGS, Egypt 2008

● Advanced structural geology. Instructor Adel R. Moustafa, OGS, Egypt(2009)

● Subsurface Geology and reservoir mapping. OGS, Egypt.2009

● Integration of Log and seismic Data. Schlumberger, Egypt 2010

● Applied Geostatistics in oil and Gas industry, instructor :Andy Wells, NEXT Egypt(2013)

Software Training:

●Petrel Geology(structural, facies and property Modelling &volume calculations,uncertainty analysis) (Schlumberger 2013)

●applied geostatistics and petrel uncertainty analysis &workflow editor training course(Schlumberger 2013)

●IESX, geology office, CPS-3, for seismic interpretation &

Wells correlations & Mapping. Schlumberger, Egypt. 2008

●Advanced RMS facies, and petrophysical modeling. Roxar, Egypt.(2012)

●Geoframe 4.3 Schlumberger, Egypt

●Petrel 2010.2 Schlumberger, Egypt


Cairo University – Cairo, Egypt, 2007

B.Sc. Degree in (Geology and chemistry)


Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


Nationality: Egyptian

Marital Status: Married

Birth Date: 3 February 1986

Language: English & Arabic

Address: Building 361N, Hadayik Alahram,

Cairo, Egypt

Telephone (P): +2-010******** (Cell – Egypt)



Dr.Gianluca Badalini (subsurface coordinate –BG UK )

Ali Ramady (Roxar Software solutions Regional Manager MEA)

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