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Stratford, Ontario, Canada
May 06, 2018

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*** ******* ****, *********, ** N5A 1P3 226-***-****


• Call me before 9 am or after 6 pm, The phone signal is very bad at my work or send a text, so I can be ready for

conversation around 1:30 pm.

12 years of work experience in the IT Industry, last 4 years in C#

Extensive experience with systems analysis, design, and development

Experience in developing Web & client-server applications using C#, WCF, ASP.NET, SQL SERVER 2005/2008, .NET Frameworks, AJAX, LINQ, Jquery, Perl5, PHP4/5, mySql, Postgres and JavaScript.

Have participated in full life-cycle development using SDLC and Agile (Scrum) methodologies.

Hands on experience building SOA based services using Microsoft WCF, Web Services, and Azure cloud.

In-depth experience in database design, development, and maintenance (PL/Sql, T-SQL)

Experienced in writing Database Queries, stored procedures, functions, triggers using MS SQL Server.

Hands on experience of implementation MVC and Entity framework

Experienced in developing Windows applications using WinForms, WPF and MVVM framework.

Hands on experience of implementation OOPS concepts and SOLID principles

Good interpersonal and communication Skills.

Ability to analyze complex problems and provide practical solutions.

An avid appetite towards upcoming and promising technologies.

Extremely motivated and detail oriented.

Microsoft Certification – MCSA [Web (*Charter)] MCSD [APP Builder (*Charter)] 2017/2016

MCSD [Web Developer 4.5]

MCPD [Web Developer 4] MCPD [Windows Developer 4]

English, French(basic), Coptic, Arabic --- Referee Soccer [London Club(EMSA)] [Mobile version] [Let me know, when you like to see them, So I can turn the server on] [desktip/mobile web application]

Computer Skills


.Net Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, ASP.Net, MVC 3.0/4.0/5.0, C#, WCF, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, MS SQL 2005/2008/2012, WPF, WinForms, Windows Services, MS Fakes, Web Services,Perl,PHP,VBA,VB6


Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012, MS Visio 2003, Eclipse

Reporting Tools :

InfoMaker 9, Crystal Reports 2013, LaTex

Web Servers :

Apache2, Tomcat8.6, IIS7

Analyst & Testing Tools :

Well versed in a variety of analysis frameworks and tools including: Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) and Data Flow Diagrams (DFD). Also extensive experience in setup and administration of User Acceptance Testing (UAT),SDLC


MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012, Oracle 8i SQL/PL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server 2014 BI [SSIS,SSAS]


OOPS & Modelling concepts, Design Patterns

Operating System

WinNT Server,WinNT Workstation, Win2K Server, Win2K Workstation, Azure cloud,

Linux Debian Etch, Lenny, Squeeze, Private Servers.

Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10


LedgerSMB, EvaluationGuide, CSDC Amanda

Version Control

Familiar with

TFS (Team Foundation Server), Subversion (SVN)


Highlights of Experience

Client: IT Stuff Search Group / FCT [First Canada Title] (London)

Role : Software Developer Sept 2017 – Dec 2017, Dec 2017 to March 2018, March 2018 to Sept 2018

SQL Injection [SQL-Server 2016 / Coldfusion 8]

Updated StoreProcedures

Added French/ESP/Dutch language to the lables (Coldfusion)

Prevented XSRF attack (jQuery, .Net 4, C#., DLL / ColdFusion 8) [Citi Bank]

Updating Web pages (VB6 / SQL 2016 / StroreProcedures/Triggers/ ColdFusion / Scrum ) [CIBC Bank]

Client: Self Employment April 2016 - Present

Role : Independent Consulting & IT Trainner

Multicultural Association of Perth-Huron

Fairway Dry Wall

Technology Exploration and Skill Upgrading

WPF4, ASP .Net v4.6 (Azure cloud technologies), XAML

SharePoint 2013

Visual Studio 2017

WCF, EF, Web API, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3

Skill Certification

MCSD SharePoint Developer 2013 (Studing this certificate) +MCSA Web 4.6 [.NET 4.6, C#](Microsoft Certificate)

MCSD App Builder [.NET4.5, C#] (Microsoft Certificate) +MCSD Web [.NET4.5, C#] (Microsoft Certificate) [desktip/mobile web application] [Mobile version]

Project: WidgetToys July 2016 – Sept 2016

Roles : .Net Developer


Widget Toys is an electronic commerce and cloud computing web application that allows online product sales and using professional payment methods.


Creating, reviewing and running the new project on Azure cloud.

Creating the database structure

Initializing and seeding the database

Customizing the UI using styles, graphics and a master page

Adding pages and navigation

Displaying menu details and product data

Creating a shopping cart

Adding SSL and OAuth support

Adding a payment methods (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard)

Including an administrator role and a user to the application

Restricting access to specific pages and folder

Uploading a file to the web application + Implementing input validation

Implementing error handling and error logging

Registering routes for the web application

Environment: ASP.Net, C#, Entity Framework, SQL-Server 2008R2, JQuery, JavaScript’s, Bootstrap, SSL and OAuth, Routing, Azure cloud.

Client: City of Stratford Aug 2015 – Mar 2016

Role : Business Analyst and Programmer

Project: CSDC Amanda (Building Permit, licensing management System)


CSDC Amanda is a building permit and licensing management system using by governments and regulatory agencies. AMANDA is a purpose-built suite of integrated, business process automation systems to manage compliances. It covers these areas: Permitting, Licensing, Code Compliance, Public Safety, Public Health, Environmental Safety, Vehicle Safety, Tax Compliance, Freedom of Information Compliance, Legal Compliance and Courts Automation.


Demonstrated analysis skills by quickly digesting Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams and documentation for over 900 tables

Implemented software upgrade, resolving many shortcomings with vendor and introducing in-house solutions where necessary. Demonstrated ability to deal directly with vendors to solve problems

Showed initiative by creating and enforcing formalized acceptance criteria for the upgrade

Resolved many pre-existing issues still outstanding from initial implementation

Migrated reporting from InfoMaker to Crystal Reports 2013

Displayed adaptability by learning Java in order to trace server side code with Eclipse while correcting vendor


Enjoyed interacting with users both in a support role and as a friend

Environment : ERD, UAT, Portal Web Site, Win App, Web App, Web Server, Eclipse, SQL-Server 2005 / 2008R2,

Info-maker, Crystal Report, Report CSDC, Report IT Manager

Various Jobs / Projects / Technology Investigations Mar 2012 – Aug 2015

Project for Trans Plus System: Customer Management Product

Description: Manages Customer data and Invoice data.


Created Functions/StoreProcedures [T-SQL] to fetch & manipulate the data.

Created Entity Framework to manage the data in the DB

Created WCF Service to interact with EF4 project and WPF4 project

Created WPF4 Forms and identify the service as WSDL

Environment: WPF4, Xaml, C#, WCF4 (SOAP), LINQ, EF, SQL Server 2008R2

Project for Rycor Software: Registration Student Fees

Description: Manages the collection of student fees


Interface with Rycor built WCF (Soap) service.

Build a Fee Collection Form using the MVVM pattern.

Create the validation process to load/Save the data from XML file If there is no connection with WCF Service

Computer Clinic, The Computer Clinic Regina, SK Jan 2008 – Mar 2012

Role: Programmer Analyst / DB Engineer


Demonstrated analysis skills by quickly digesting Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams and documentation for over 140 tables


Showed versatility and time management skills by supporting and maintaining various applications while simultaneously working on projects

Additional to project work, Migrated over 10 client web applications from various legacy server platforms to cloud hosted instances

Administrated Debian Linux test servers, some VMware instances, and a private cloud server

Learned Perl 4, PHP 4 & 5 on the job

Manage Linux Servers / Private server on the Cloud / VMware

Installed VMware, Debian Linux, Apache2, SSL, MySQL, PostgreSQL for test server

Environment : JavaScript, Html, .NET2, C#2005, SQL Server 2005, PHP, Latex, MySQL, Perl, PostgreSQL, TSQL,

Linux, VMware workstation, Private Server.

Client: Computer Clinic – Terra Grain Fuels Jan 2009 – Mar 2009

Project 1: Backup System for Windows Applications [PCS7],


Conceptualized, designed, built and maintained a custom data aggregation and backup system for production telemetry reporting, analysis and long term archiving

New design allowed system to expand the analysis and reporting window from 60 days to unlimited

Project 2: Report Manager Windows Applications [PCS7],


Designed and implemented an application to process and publish sensor data collected from a Siemens PCS7 system

Received a special bonus for creating a user defined function that saved the company from purchasing an expensive decryption module

With permission from management, published the UDF to the Siemens user group where is has been downloaded hundreds of times

Environment: NET Framework v2.0 in C#, Siemens SqlServer-wincc 2005, TSQL, Threads, Schedule tasks

Client: Computer Clinic, Viva Optic, Construction, EvaluationGuide Jan 2008 – Mar 2012

Project: LeadgerSMB [ERP, Financial Project for small to medium sized companies]

Description: The LedgerSMB project brings accounting software integrating invoicing, order processing, quotations and more (ERP) to small and midsize businesses.


Showed dependability by being solely responsible for the successful migration from Sql-ledger to LedgerSMB

Migrated customized code demonstrating ability to quickly understand convoluted code during the conversion

Customized various templates for printing including barcode labels

Designed and implemented new functionality allowing an accurate calculation of tariffs recursively through the bills of material. Also added various other features such as email notifications, usability enhancements, etc.

Showed Data Analysis skills by investigating anomalies in the underlying table data and tracing it back to a bug in the vendor’s code. Resulted in a successful multi-month effort to fix the vendor bug and create additional code to cleanse the data across multiple areas in the data schema

Demonstrated Data Architecture skills by refactoring poorly designed table schemas in an already heavily populated database, also modified application code to adapt to improved structure

Environment: [Html, JavaScript, Perl, PostgreSQL, LaTex, SQL, Debian Linux Lenny, BarCode]

Client: Computer Clinic – EvaluationGuide May 2008 – Mar 2012

Project : EvaluationGuide [Manage Students degrees & Teachers qualifications ]

Description: Manages student grades and teacher qualifications.


Utilized application development skills to design and implement Teacher Qualification

Showed ability to gather user requirements directly from users as well as from reviewing trouble tickets

Overhauled semester-end automated processes to work correctly and to provide email notifications

Through analysis of Database tables, created optimized job instructions for various administrative support operations, in some cases reducing a task spanning several days down to 15 minutes.

Environment: [Html,PHP, JavaScript, MySql, LaTex, TSQL, Linux Debian Squeeze], Private Server

Client: Computer Clinic May 2011 – Mars 2012

Project : Tracker System [TR]

Description: PC Repair Tracker is a custom application written from the ground up for managing a small computer store and repair shop. It has been used and refined on a regular basis for over 8 years now.


Redesigned the printing architecture to render documents on the server, rather than in the client browser, enabling consistent printouts and centralized management

Designed LaTex report templates with barcodes and introduced QR codes.

Added jQuery into PHP files

Managed VMWare / Debian Linux

Various fixes and customizations

Environment : [Html, Jquery,PHP, MySQL, LaTex, Debian Linux Squeeze, VMWare, QR & Barcodes]

Client : Bureau Joseph, Cairo, Egypt Jan 2007-Sep 2007

Role : Database Developer/IT Supervisor

Description: With data pertaining to trademarks, inventors, attorneys, researchers, and executives, clients can look up public patent information to track competitors, write stronger claims, and make more informed filing, licensing, appeal, and renewal decisions to build superior patent strategies. The Trademark platform also encompasses data such as legal events, maintenance events, family, application status, and assignment events.


Designed and implemented an application to manage the work flow for the Trademark Registration process (the core business process of the company) (ERD diagrams were preexisting, so business logic design and all implementation were done personally)

Application is still in production usage today

Responsible for Networking and Security

Became the go-to-guy for IT support issues

Environment : VBA, W2K Server, Ms Access 2003, Visio 2003

Independent Consulting, Various Clients in Cairo, Egypt May 2003-Sep 2007

Built a network for Arthur House Catholic School

Participated in designing a Client Follow-up Application in VB 6 with a SQLServer backend

Provided the design for a Risk Assessment Application (for implementation in Oracle)

Tutoring clients in Visual Basic 6 (student and professional) and Data Structures (PHD Students)

Environment: VB6, MS SQLServer 2000, Oracle Developer 6i, Oracle designer 6i, Oracle PL/SQL 8i,

Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Views


August 1998

Bachelor in Education Technology, Assuit University, Egypt

- Evaluated by IQAS as equivalent to Canadian Bachelor’s Degree


May 2017

Sept 2016

Sept 2016

Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions


MCSD APP Builder

May 2016

MCSD Web Developer 4.5 [MCSD = Microsoft Certified Solution Developer]

Jun 2015

MCPD Windows Developer 4 [MCPD = Microsoft Certified Professional Developer]

WPF4, Windows Form, WCF4, ADO.net4, LINQ, Xml, Windows Design and Development

Dec 2014

MCPD Web Developer 4 [MCPD = Microsoft Certified Professional Developer]

ASP.net4, WCF4, ADO.net4, LINQ, Xml, Web Design and Development

Apr 2003

Advanced Professional Certificate in IT and Programming with Distinction

Aug 2002

Oracle System Modeling & Tool

References Available Upon Request

Sample Work Available following Interview

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