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Microsoft Office Medical

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May 01, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae


Name: Zinash Solomon Tesfaye

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : Nov 12,1984 E.C

Place of Birth: Asella, Ethiopia

Nationality: Ethiopian

Address: +251-***-******

: +251-***-******

Email :



Academic Background

Elementary Education: 1988 - 1995 Asella Andinat Elementary School Secondary Education: 1996 - 1997 Asella Chilalo Secondary School Higher Education: 1998 - 1999 Asella TVET college, IT Department Higher Education: 2000 Adama TVET college Diploma in Information Technology


Note: I will complete BSc degree in computer science in the coming June. SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL SKILLS/EXPERTISE

Programming Languages VB6.0, C++, Java

Development Environments Visual Studio 6.0

Markup Language HTML

Database SQL, MS Access

Operating Systems/platforms Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008

Web Development Tools Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage Networking Computer Networking

Graphic Tools Adobe Photoshop

Other Applications Microsoft office 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 Computer Maintenance Maintenance of Computer Hardware and Software SUMMARY OF RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE

Sante Medical Centers


Recording of Patients’ Data in MS Acess database

Retrieving data as per requested

Keeping the database updated

Maintaining computers, scanners, printers and others in the center

Microtech Computer Engineering


Maintenance of computers, printers and scanners

Teaching different IT courses (computers maintenance, Microsoft Office, Internet etc)

Operating office machines (computer for internet and other activities, Scanner, photocopy, etc)

Serving as an interface for the center for its business with others organizations and individuals

Rhobot Medical College


Delivering IT courses for IT students (Microsoft office, computer maintenance, webpage design, etc)

Delivering IT courses for medical students as a common courses (Internet, Basic computer courses, etc )

Serving as a lab instructors for IT courses (computer maintenance, webpage design etc)

Responsible for smooth running of computers in the lab, i.e. keeping the computers networked, antivirus updating, hardware maintenance, software maintenance including formatting computers etc

Maintaining office machines in the college (computers, scanners, printers and others)

Serving in different areas as per assigned ( Registrar, social committee, and different ad hoc committee etc)



Small Database design (group work)

Computer Networking LAN about 20 computers

Data recording in Tiyo wereda education bureau (1st phase)

Computer Maintenance in Tiyo wereda education bureau (2nd phase) LANGUAGE SKILLS:

Speaking Listening Writing Reading

Amharic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

Oromiffa Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

English Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent


Name Address

Ato Esayas Andarge (MSc) Microtech Computer Engineering General Manager

+251 – 911 – 500609

Ato Endale G/Michael(BA) Rhobot Medical College

Dean of Students

+251 – 911 – 342728

Ato Abdurahman Nura (BSc) Rhobot Medical College

IT instructor

+251 – 913 - 410936

Application Letter

To: Softmix

Dear Sir/Madam

In response to the vacancy you posted for the position of IT Technician, the requirements of the title match my qualification, experience and educational background. I have worked in Sante medical center as a data encoder and computer technician for five months. I have also worked as an instructor, front desk assistant and office machine technician in microtech computer engineering private limited company. Then I moved to Rhobot medical college (In asella) for better salary and position to work as an IT instructor and office machine maintenance (computer, printer, scanner and photocopy) technician. I have also worked for WASH and EHNRI data encoder on contractual basis for more than a year. I had also practical attachments in data recording and office machine maintenance in the health bureau of oromiya, Arsi zone for more than two months. I have really gained a lot of theoretical tools and practical experiences during my stay in the college and in the organization I have worked for.

I am graduated from Adama TVET College, in IT department in Information Technology Technician with Diploma. I have taken different valuable courses that I can directly apply in the work environment during my stay in the college. As most of the courses were more of practical than theoretical, I had no difficulty to face the work environment. My experience in the college also enabled me to confront different new challenges like new technologies in the IT arena.

I am very organized, I am a self-motivated worker, and I enjoy working as a team player and still confident to work as a stand-alone. Wherever I work, I believe that the success of the organization I work for is my own success and hence I work hard towards achieving the goals of the organization. I am very communicative and happy to work with different people. I can still work in different work environments under high workloads. Please look at the CV and credentials for further information about me. So all this experiences, I believe, will make me fit for the position you are looking for. If you want to know more about me, don’t hesitate to contact me in person or by phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Zinash Solomon

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