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Assistant Engineering

New York, New York, United States
April 30, 2018

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Christian Beynis (Ph.D.)

*** **** ** 646-***-****

New York, NY, 10044


• Ph.D. Applied Physics June 2017

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Area: Semiconductors – Engineering – Chemical – Computational

• M.S. – Ph.D. Physics September 2011

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

• B.S. Physics June 2010

Brooklyn College (CUNY)

• Science of Matter (transfer) September 2007

U. Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6


• Applied Data Science (5 courses) Dec’ 17 - May 18 Coursera – University of Michigan

Text mining – Machine learning – Visual and Plotting – Data Science

• Financial Engineering and Risk Management I

Coursera – Columbia University November 2017

Technical Skills

• Researcher / Data Science

Independent Sept’ 10 – May’ 18

• Worked on Python projects: digit recognition, parking ticket payment probability, file ordering by dates etc. and other machine learning using SVC, linear and logistic regression, knn, Random Forest Decision trees, neural networks, regex, Naïve Baiyes Classifer, Jaccard-Edit distance, p-tests, seaborn etc.

• Collected data from multiple sources such as bureau of labor, python existing libraries or created data from Monte Carlo simulations.

• Created Amazon EC2 instance for projects with the Anaconda Jupyter notebook running with tmux

• Used C++ for diffusion equation solutions, BMI calculator or basics car motion programming (Ubuntu) etc.

• Have notions of R and Java.

University at Buffalo (SUNY) Mar’ 11 – Jun’ 17

• Collected data (GB) from optical machines etc.

• Plotted and fitted data points (Gaussian fitting) – error bar with labview or “magicplot”

• Proficient with Latex

Researcher / Engineering – Physical Chemistry – Computational Mar’ 11 – Jun’ 17 University at Buffalo (SUNY)

• Studied the evolution of the LSPR peak (Partial Differential Equation solution and Real life Application with Matlab MNPBEM toolbox simulation) focusing on ligand exchange as well as vacancy “fillings” methods in given semiconductor to enhance transport properties and cell longevity

• Used the Poisson’s and Diffusion equation solutions according to the semiconductor basic principles and the p-n junction problem to conduct an analysis and identify the p, n-type semiconductors with the goal of making an efficient solar cell.

• Synthesized chalcogenide semiconductor for thin film deposition focusing on easy and affordable processes

• Focused on nanoparticles synthesis to optimize the optical properties as well as the deposition properties for thin film solar cell.

• Conducted sample analysis: XRD, STEM, UV vis., FTIR, Photoluminescence etc

• Fabricated of a complete solar cell for I-V measurements.

• Used TurboCAD


• Adjunct Assistant Professor Sept’ 17 - Present

St John’s University, Queens, NY

- General College and University Physics teaching

- Laboratory instructor (General – University physics) CUNY, Queens NY Sept’ 17 – Present

- Lectured Linear Algebra (Mat 210), Calculus III (Mat 203), Algebra (Mat 203)

• Lecturer/ TA/ Course secretary Sept’ 10 – Jun’ 16 University at Buffalo (SUNY)

- Lectured Engineering Physics (PHY108), taught general physics I – II (PHY 101 – 102), laboratory

(PHY 151 – PHY 152), physics for engineers (PHY 107 – PHY 108)

- Online teaching (PHY 108), course management, and web-content upload.

- Implemented system update as course secretary and grades uploads for combined sections of 1000 students per semesters and 61 combined grades per students using excel (VBA)

- Co-administered and calculated grades with curves.

- In charge of teaching assistants, managed, (PhD candidates) for appropriate section (10 – 5 persons)

• College Assistant Apr’ 09 – Sept’ 10

CUNY Brooklyn College Learning Center

- CUNY math assessment test summer program

- Tutored General PHYSICS I and II

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