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PL/SQL Developer

Morrisville, North Carolina, United States
April 30, 2018

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Over ** years of Information Technology Experience in developing various software & training.

Six and half years of extensive experience RDMS systems like Oracle Workgroup Server 11g/8.0/7.3/7.1, SYBASE System 10.x, 11.x, SQL Server 7.0, 2000

Strong experience in ETL development tool Informatica PowerCenter 8.6, 9.1.

Strong experience in ETL development tool IBM DataStage 9.1, 11.3.

One and half years of experience with Sybase SQL Server 4.2 and SQL Anywhere 7.0

Hands on experience with DATA MODELING TOOLS such as ERWin & Turbo Analyst.

Extensive knowledge of Client/Server Architecture Concepts, Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object Oriented Design Methodologies (OOD), Distributed Computing.

Knowledge of Oracle Database Administration, SYBASE SQL Server Database Administration such as backup and recovery, user permission, fine-tuning and performance.

Two years of experience with Visual Studio, VB 6.0 & Classic ASP.

Extensive knowledge of Allaire’s ColdFusion Studio 4.5, Macromedia’s Flash 4.0.

Provided corporate PowerBuilder & MS Word, MS Excel training to various organizations.

Expert in usage of advanced features of PowerBuilder like PFC, NVOs, n-Tier, MDI, Dynamic Data Windows, Tab Controls, Tree View controls and Inbound OLE Automation.

Extensive knowledge in Financial Accounting Software, Stock Transfer, Non-Banking Finance - Hire Purchase & Lease System, Claims Management.


.Net Framework 3.5/4.0

C# .Net, LINQ, Entity Framework/, WCF Services


Oracle 11g, 9i/8.0/7.3 on Windows NT, Sybase, SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, Access


IBM Datastage 9.1, 11.3, Informatica PowerCenter 8.6, 9.1


PowerBuilder 12/11.59.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 5.0/4.0/3.0, EA Server/Jaguar CTS 3.5


HTML 4.0, JavaScript, PowerDynemo, ColdFusion 4.5, Flash 4.0


C & C++, Windows SDK, Visual Basic, MS HELP Compiler 3.1, Clipper 5.0


Windows NT 4.0, Novell Netware 4.10, Windows 95, Windows 3.11, DOS 6.22, SCO-UNIX 4.0


Pentium, SUN Workstation


06-17 to Present BCBS, TN, USA, Datastage Specialist

EDW/CDW,P@W: DB2, Sybase, DataStage 9.1, AIX, KSH, Clear Case, RTC/UCD, Workload Scheduler


Datastage package load job using various stages including DB, Transformer, Look-up, Joins

Create sequence job using activities like job, loop, nested condition, sequencer, variables.

Generic datastage job to upload of different file types, CDC, S2T mappings, metadata

Write unix shell csh/ksh scripts to create batch jobs.

02-15 to 6/17 United Health Care, NC, USA, ETL Developer

HDE/OHR: Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2008, DataStage 9.1 & 11.3, UNIX, KSH, CVS, Tivoli


Create schema, design and write PL/SQL packages, procedures, function and triggers.

Datastage package load job using various stages including Java, CFF, XML, Pivot, SCD.

Create datastage extract to CSV job for downstream OHR dashboard application.

Create sequence job using activities like job, loop, nested condition, sequencer, variables.

Write unix shell csh/ksh scripts to create batch jobs for scheduled run on TWS.

Perform performance tuning, query plans, bitmap index and list/range/hash table partitions.

Create, test and monitor work flows & schedule on Tivoli with dsjob.

07-07 to 02-15 Credit Suisse AG, NC, USA, AVP/SR Database Developer

DMPLS: Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Sybase 12, T-SQL, DB2, Informtica PowerCenter 9.1, UNIX

GPL/BIRT/MAART: Visual Studio 10/08, Tortoise SVN, BOXI 3, Crystal Reports 10, Control-M


Design and write PL/SQL packages, procedures, function and triggers.

Write unix shell and perl scripts to create batch job and schedule on Control-M.

Provide primary and secondary production support for above applications.

Create various source/target objects, mappings with expr, filter, lookup, union, join, router

Create work flow design, mapping/sessions, parameters, develop, test and deploy.

Schedule and release GPL application modules for Web, Edit PNL and GPL remote services.

Create .Net console application to extract & generate feed file from Web Service.

08-03 to 06-07 Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH, USA, SR App IT Specialist

ENTRACK: PowerBuilder 8.0. PFC, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Tomcat/Javascript

SHIELD: Visual Studio 6.0, ASP, HTML, SA – Fileup 3.18, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL


Migrated ENTRACK application from PowerBuilder 6.5 to 8.0, Oracle Client from 7.3 to 9i.

Enhanced existing features of an application, started using PB Native Source Control.

Developed automated script for creating and deploying new application build.

Developed advanced reporting interface for dynamically report generation.

Migrating application from Windows NT to Windows 2003 Servers.

Maintained SHIELD web-site and provided production support.

07-02 to 07-03 FirstEnergy Corp, Akron, OH, USA, SR Application Developer

FE Claims System: PowerBuilder 8.0. PFC, Sybase, TSQL, DB Artisan, Web-Methods ActiveX

FE Circuit Billing System: PowerBuilder 8.0, PFC, Sybase, TSQL, UNIX

FE Cars System: PowerBuilder 8.0, PFC, Oracle 8, PL/SQL


Convert accounting interface of these systems from Oracle STARS/WARS System to SAP.

Create several new batch applications for user security, up-loading data. Generates PDF reports & notifies admin group about the status through Lotus Notes e-mail with attachments.

Provide several enhancements to Claim system by adding new account types.

Prepare database SQL scripts to convert production database to new system.

6-01 to 7-02 Aquila Inc, Omaha, NE, USA

EnergyWorks – Risk, Power and Gas Management System:

PowerBuilder 7, 6.5, PFC, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i, Windows NT, TOAD 6.3, Visual Source Safe 6.0

This PowerBuilder application was developed based on the n-tier architecture where the business logic resides in one set of non-visual objects and the rest of the application logic is completely dependent on another set of non-visual objects.


Involved in the development/maintenance of RiskWorks, GasWorks, PowerWorks sub-systems, consist for 6 SQL server databases & 3 Servers, one each for development, testing & production.

Implemented currency filter and currency conversion for all the reports.

Provide production support activities like data migration, generating/exporting historical data, running nightly calc process, bug fixing, coordinating with emergency patch releases.

Involved in writing Stored Procedures and data migration SQL script.

Involved in unit testing and documentation.

Involved in SQL-Server to Oracle 8I Migration.

2-00 to 6-01 Trane Company, LaCrosse, WI, USA

FALCON Claims Management System, TaxQueue System, Customer & Riskman System:

PowerBuilder 7.0, 6.5, PFC, Oracle 8.0, PL/SQL, EA Server/Jaguar 3.5, TOAD 6.1, UML 1.4

SQL Server 7.0, MS Access, UNIX, Windows NT


Application Maintenance, Migration, Develop/Re-develop particular functionality.

Prepare Class/Object Diagrams, Sequence & Activity Diagrams, STD Diagram

Develop state full, stateless Jaguar CTS Packages of Components namely standard, shared and service, define client interfaces, implement, deploy and debug the component. Component included processing business rules, data retrieval, data updates, datawindow synchronization, asynchronous processing, developing connection objects and handling transactions.

Build and Deploy application for Development, Test and Production

Optimize application modules & SQL queries for speed and performance

Develop batch utilities in Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages

Migration of an application to PowerBuilder version 7.0

12-97 to 2-00 FirstEnergy Corp, Akron, USA

Lead Level Development in Following Systems:

FE Claims System: PowerBuilder 6.5, 5.0 PFC, Sybase, TSQL, DB Artisan, UNIX


Extensively used PFC, Tab Controls, TreeView, DataWindow Controls, Data Stores

Prepare the Application FrameWork, Menu and TabPage Level Security

Visual and non-visual UserObjects, Generic Objects for DataWindow, Sheet & Report Window

Windows objects uses mainly tab, datawindow, datastore, popup menus

PB Reports and Reports in MS Word either single or Batch Reports using OLE Automation.

Prepared Class Diagrams OOD, documenting application design, framework with functionality

Wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers

Client: Ohio Edison / FirstEnergy Corp, Akron, US through Arthur Anderson, Chicago, US

Software: PowerBuilder 5.0, PFC, Windows 95, Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, UNIX

Application: Value Based Management System:


Extensively used PFC, Tab Controls and Treeview Controls.

User objects (Visual and Non-Visual), Developed generic object – Treeview.

Wrote numerous window objects which uses mainly Treeview, Datawindow, Datastores, popup menus, tab pages and ListView. Prepare test plans & do unit testing for the objects developed.

Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers and Functions.

07-96 to 12-97 Client-Server Software Pvt. Ltd., India

Hire Purchase & Lease System: PowerBuilder 5.0, PFC, Windows 95, Windows NT

Database: Oracle 7.1, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Sybase, T-SQL, Novell Netware 4.2

Client: Anagram Finance Limited


Design and development of the module

Extensively used PFC, Tab Controls and Treeview Controls.

Used object oriented and advanced PowerBuilder features including MDI, Inheritance, Dynamic data windows, Drop Down Datawindow, User objects (Visual and Non - Visual), Pipeline, Dropdown menus, DDE and OLE.

Developed generic objects and Ancestor windows using a template oriented Class Object Library.

Wrote numerous triggers, procedures for conversion, data manipulation, replication and remote procedure calls to maintain system integrity and store procedures to enhance performance.

Developing test plans and testing of the system.

Certification Exam Package

Developed package for conducting project trainees’ test using PowerBuilder 5.0 on Windows & Oracle Workgroup 7.1 on Novell Netware 4.0.

Questionnaires Builder - Build questions repository,

Examination conducting application - generates any 50 questions from the repository, Applicant passes through all the Objective Questions.

Result Viewer - Online get the score of Applicant, Browse through all true, false and not appeared questions for any Applicant.

09-94 to 07-96 T M Systems, Ahmedabad, India

Software: PowerBuilder 4.0, Sybase SQL Server NLM, TSQL

Platform: Windows 3.1, Novell Netware 4.10

Client: Well-Pack Papers & Containers Ltd

This project, Share Transfer Manager, involved system analysis, design & programming using PowerBuilder 4.0, Sybase SQL Server NLM, Platform - Windows 3.1, Novell Netware 4.1. Online Attractive Help Support developed using MS-Help Compiler 3.1.

Data Entry Forms Reports

Allotted Shares Register for all entries

Transfer of Shares Mailing Labels

Splitting of Share Signature Specification Chart

Transmission of Shares List of Holders who’s holding is above the specified shares

Duplication of Share City-wise & Category-wise holding chart

Change of Address Share History, Top 10 Holders, Holdings of a Share Holder

Dividend Warrant Printing, Dividend Allotment & Register


Inheritance and User Objects were used

Identified and coded various stored procedures and triggers

Involved in the business design of Memos

Developed various screens using PowerBuilder 4.0

Used DDE to print the memos

Extensive reports were provided

Developed On-Line help for all the applications

Yogi Seeds & Fertilizers Ltd. - Financial A/C System

Software: PowerBuilder 4.0, Sybase SQL Server 4.2, MS Office, Turbo Analyst

Platform: Windows 95, Novell Netware 3.11

This project, Financial Account System, involved requirement gathering, system analysis, database design & programming using PowerBuilder 4.0, Sybase SQL Server NLM, Platform - Windows 3.1, Novell Netware 4.1. Online Attractive Help Support developed using MS-Help Compiler 3.1.

Application Modules:

Daybook, Bank Book Printing, Outstanding Payables and Receivables

Sales, Purchases, Journal, Bank and Cash Entries

Trading, P & L Account, Ledger Printing, Stock Summary and Statement of Account

Balance Sheet - Vertical & Horizontal with Schedules

Anagram Finance Limited: Car Book & Allotment

Role was for case study & database design using Sybase SQL Server 4.2, TSQL, Turbo Analyst. This application was developed for keeping the booking details throughout the nation, region wise. It tracks the pending list of customers in priority list through Prospect Details, vehicles on stock through Purchase Order, pending bookings with various dealers - car model wise. Difference payment report for suppliers through Purchase Invoice and Purchase Order.

12-93 to 05-94 MADHU TEXTILES, Ahmedabad, India

Software: Micro focus COBOL 85 & 74, Programmer Analyst

This project, multi-user Payroll System involved understanding user requirements, preparing data flow diagrams, flow charts, system specification, system analysis, system design and programming. Other responsibilities involved user support, installation and implementation of software and hardware.

Application Modules:

Attendance Register, Leave calculation

Monthly Salary Slip & Summary Printing, Income tax calculations

Bonus & Gratuity calculation, Load, LIC, HRA, DA

10-92 to 12-93 COMPU-SERVER CORPORATION, India

Hardware: DOS LAN 2.11, Software: CLIPPER 87 & 5.2

This project involved design & development of a full-fledged package, multi-user system for doing a job work for State Bank of India, Corporate Service Branch, Ahmedabad. It required voluminous data entry of public issue application checks, dividend warrants, refund checks, preparing branch-wise, company-wise detail and summary reports. Next project involved design & development of a full-fledged multi-user Financial Account System. Application Modules: Day Book, Bank Book, Receivables & Payables, Sales, Purchases, Journal Entries, Trading & PL Account, Balance Sheet


B. S. GUJ. Agriculture University, Anand (1985 - 89)

Diploma in Computer Application, Apple Ind., Ltd., Ahmedabad

UNIX & C, CCIT, Ahmedabad (1990)

Diploma in Client/Server Technology, STG International Ltd., New Delhi (5/94 - 7/94)

Diploma in Object Oriented Technology, C++, OOPs, OOD, STG International Ltd., New Delhi

Windows SDK Programming, NIIT Limited, New Delhi (1 Week)

Informatica Power Center – Online training (3 weeks)

IBM Cognos Report Framework – Online training (3 weeks)

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