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Project Construction

Austin, Texas, United States
April 30, 2018

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Architecture & Interior Design 1981-2017: I have worked on many mixed-use projects, 4 of them as large as 2 billion dollars involving master plan development, some midrise, and others high rise. I have been involved in residential, commercial and many other project types. I have served many prestigious companies as Arcadis, Giffels, Ch2mHill, SOM, Lockheed Martin, CRSS, General Motors and others and on projects of notable architects as Pei, Isosaki, Graham, Ford, Gehry, and others. I have been a studio director and director staff of an architectural office. My involvement has been the full scope of services from marketing and client contact to programming-contracts to construction administration to completion and lease-sales. I’ll be ASID and IESNA. Construction Management 2000-2017: I have worked on-site on multiple projects; budgets, scope of work, and review as many as 100 projects per month. Involving complete design-build as many as 10 projects in 10 cities with 100% travel. I have extensive experience at construction administration from the architect’s side as well as cm work from the owner’s side. I am experienced in various delivery methods such as design build, builder at risk, fast track, and conventional bid-build. I worked for contractors and owners as a construction manager and supervised as many as 400 on-site. My expertise incudes preconstruction through construction. Real Estate Development 2001-2017: I have worked for real estate developers in executive roles and been the head of both design and construction. In addition, I have been involved with all real estate activities such as due diligence, special zoning, reviews with city council, land purchase, land analysis, sales contracts, marketing, legal, construction contracts, insurances, schedules, master plan budgets, consultant and contractor selection, bonds, and cash flow estimates. My scope of involvement includes programming, preconstruction, land development and vertical construction in a design build approach; also, franchise development, brands, and flags. I have also hired & mentored staff, managed direct reports, established department matrix, developed operations manuals, and provided executive reports on staff and company performance to CEO and COO. Finance 1990-2017: I have experience in cost estimating, value engineering, and master plan budgeting; also involved in progressive budgets to include land development and vertical construction. I am aware of the impact to costs by inflation, timeline, schedule, building systems and soft costs. My budgets incorporate contingencies for construction errors, and soft costs based on models developed while I was a manager of a bank reviewing developer budgets in the amount of 100 per month. I have been responsible in supervising funds as large as 500 million. I have been a professional cost estimator and can accurately predict an entire master plan. Included also is an understanding of construction law, reporting systems and software, and operations manual. I have developed a management process toward zero risk called integrated design build. EXPOSURE

I have accomplished projects in the North America, Africa, South America, South Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. I have studied 4 languages English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese and lived in 11 countries. I believe in diversity in the work place. Among my assets are motivations, high task-relationship, creativity, management, and being resourceful. I have been an executive answering to Chairman and CEO and lead person on multiple projects; national and international, some with 100% travel. OBJECTIVE

Executive Level Manager for Real Estate Development Company, Architecture, or Construction. I am motivated by a challenge, flexible, creative, assertive and resourceful; high task and high relationship. EDUCATION

Elementary School - National & International.

High School - England

Bachelor of Science in Architecture - The University of Texas at Arlington - 1981 Master of Architecture - California Polytechnic St. University, SLO - 1985; (Design-Structures-Lighting) Master of Architecture - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil - 1996; (USA Master’s degree Validated or made equivalent to Brazil degree)

Principals of Banking and Financial Systems – Center for Financial Training Western United States – Phoenix, Arizona – 2005


Mesa Campus Plan, Desert Proving Grounds, Worldwide Facility for General Motors I was a Project Manager for the General Motor’s Mesa Campus Plan, Desert Proving Grounds, and Worldwide Facility by Arcadis-Giffels for Mesa, Arizona. I had the authority and responsibility for the administration of the project of 4/30 buildings (Engineering North B27, Central Plant B28, Car and Truck B29, Central Warehouse B52). The project scope of all buildings included demolition, new site work – infrastructure planning, new buildings, and interior remodeling valued near 60 million dollars. Office areas used system furniture. I also supervised the design of the Nurse's Station for the Administration B29.

Broadgate Complex, Master Plan & Design, London, England for Rosehaugh Stanhope Developments & British Rail.

Broadgate was a master-planned project by SOM for London, England. This project was a design of 14 buildings totaling 4 million SF in the Broadgate Complex of London. This was the largest single urban development in Europe totaling nearly 2 billion in construction costs. Most of the development was built over the platform railway tracks of the Liverpool Street Train Station. The building heights were approximately 14-20 stories and 20,000 square feet per floor or more. The project involved access to train facilities and site work. The project was designed to be a community complex and included office, retail, leisure facilities, and plazas. The open areas were designed for art exhibits, performance, and recreation. The projects involved master planning, schematic design, design development, construction administration, and project management. I was responsible for the coordination of the architectural documents with the other disciplines, client presentation drawings, and technical problem solving. I was a member of the technical staff, a technical representative in the studios, and attended technical meetings and presentations. I was also sent to the London office for construction administration.

Canary Wharf, London, England

Canary Wharf Master Plan was a planned development and mixed-use project for the Dock-lands. I.M. Pei, New York was the first architect to design the site, and then it was given to the charge of SOM, Chicago. This was a Multi-billion-dollar project. I participated in the design of a proposed building, site planning development, and design development of a bridge. For this experience, he was in the Studio of L. Breslau.

King’s Cross Master Plan at King’s Cross Train Station, London, England King's Cross Master-plan Competition Proposal (SOM, Chicago & Frank Gehry Architect, California), Multi-use (office, retail, commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential) mid-rise buildings, London, England. The master-plan design involved a team of 5 and I was a part of that team. This project was a Master Plan of approximately 30 buildings for London totaling nearly 2 billion in construction costs. This Multi-use community complex included all amenities required for a city neighborhood. Building types included office, commercial, institutional, municipal, community, industrial, housing, landscape, transportation, canals, parks, leisure, and recreation. The project was later designed for the client in conjunction with Frank Gehry, Architect in California.

Stearns Bank Construction Department, Construction Lending Portfolio Controls, Multiple Projects & Multi-Use, Scottsdale, AZ and Multi-State. From 2004-2006 years, I was Construction Control Manager for Stearns Bank in Arizona. The position involved architecture, construction management, risk review, banking, knowledge of construction issues- laws as they vary per state, coordination with developers, hiring inspectors, budget review, documentation, and supervising over 200 (100 active) construction/land projects (budget in excess of 500 million) per year. Marketing also involved approximately one billion in referrals. 20% of the projects were land development and supervised from pre-construction through site construction.

Central Phoenix East Valley Light Rail Transit Project, Regional Public Transit Authority, Arizona

As Project Manager for DTA I participated in the review of the Conceptual Cost Estimate for the East Valley Light Rail Project. Estimated near 1 billion dollars, this project under the RPTA was one of the largest infrastructure projects ever planned and a partnership between adjacent cities to include Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe.

Residential Development for Doxa Central LLC Developers, Ajo, AZ The project involved due diligence work for a 150-unit residential and commercial development on the border. An analysis of existing real estate documents and site conditions resulted in a report summarizing existing conditions, and recommendations made for process for land development. The client was Daniel Wilhelm.

Bank of China, Hong Kong, for the Chinese Government Participated in the Design of 500,000 square feet of interiors in new construction for Architect George Woo (FAIA) in Dallas and coordinated with I.M. Pei’s office in New York. The project included the first 25 floors of the Bank of China. Also included were system furniture, all finishes, office furniture, bank trading, office layouts, furniture, carpet patterns/colors, conference, security, meeting rooms, suites, restaurants, amenities, and custom lighting fixtures. Design, research, and some project management were involved. In addition to design tasks, he was involved in specific research that lead to lighting fixture designs from Venice, selection of the bank trading furniture for maximum operational efficiency, marble details, and other specialized tasks. This was considered a prestigious and high-profile project during its time, with mixed uses.

Solana Master Plan, Westlake & Southlake, Texas

This project had multiple architectural firms to include Legorreto Architects, HKS, CRS Sirrine, Peter Walker – Martha Schwatz, Mitchell - Giurgola Architects, & Barton Myers Associates. During 1990, his position was part of the studio team working on the master plan with CRSS Sirrine in Dallas, Texas office. Grasslands, oak forests and rolling hills of Westlake and Southlake create the context for Solana, ambitious office development, hotel and shops. In its natural state, the land is of 650 acres of mostly plain.

Al Sami Gardens Project, South Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Al Sami Holding Group was involved in a planned development of a major residential-led mixed use project south of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with an area of 1.07 million square metres. Involvement was for review and proposal for real estate development strategy and development of specification for building systems and performance. Interest was in importation of technology and modular systems of construction. Approach was for integrated design build model and architect driven while incorporating real estate development and product resource development for the acquisition and development of technologies. The team involved Savills, HOK, KPMG, Hill International and others. Project value 2 billion.

Long Lake Project, Corinth, Texas

Lelege Group, an international real estate development corporation and holding company out of Beijing, China with USA headquarters in Texas was involved in a mixed-use project of 100 luxury homes and commercial over 106 acres North and adjacent to Lake Lewisville, Texas. Homes were 6,000 to 10,000 square feet each. He was Chief Construction Officer (CC0) and Architect supervising the Design and Construction Departments and reporting to the CEO and Chairman. After a few weeks, he was promoted from head of the construction department to oversee both the construction and design departments. Further duties included hiring of staff. He was active in the Dallas, USA and Beijing, China Offices. He worked with the Tsinghua designers in Beijing and had good relationship with the Chinese. His responsibilities included pre-construction activities, real estate due diligence, land development processes (civil & zoning) and procedures (phase 1 and 2 analysis and wetlands mitigation), development of housing prototypes, budgets, schedules, specifications, technical (site-building systems and IT Control Center), legal, sales contracts, construction contracts, insurances, bonds, and marketing. Project value 300 million.

The Old Law Courts Premises Multi-Use Complex for the National Investment Board, Banjul, the Gambia

The project included both office and retail. A structural steel concrete skeleton has a shell of alternating layers of tile and glass. The roof is glass and the alternation of solid and transparency can delineate by the layered walls/curves. The structure extends outward from the exterior shell to be perceived as a flying buttress system. Lighting is used on the buttresses to articulate rhythm. The subdivision at 1/3rd the elevation allows for a dynamic symmetry, a tool he uses frequently; which is an alternation of symmetry and non-symmetry. The entire project evolved into about 12,000 square meters. This project involved a design competition.

Real Estate Development Financing, Partnering, and Team Building Involvement in teaming investors for various mixed-use developments both nationally and internationally. Building Types included franchise developments, mixed-use, commercial, retail, and hospitality. He had associations with various real estate development companies and teams.

Walt Disney World Headquarters, Orlando, Florida This project involved interior design, value engineering, and project management for the Team Disney Administration Facility (401,000 plus square feet) in coordination with architect and designer Arata Isosaki, Japan and CRSS. Interiors included system furniture. The project was located in the Walt Disney World Resort. The interior project was designed within the two four story wings, which have a 120-foot tower or sundial at center. Amenities included a fitness facility, cafeteria, and patio.

Marriott Hotel at River Walk Center, Scottsdale, Arizona He was a Studio Director on the Marriott Hotel at River walk Center currently being done for Real Estate Developer George R. Alexander of Pals Land Inc. in Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona and Ganos Associates Architects. He had the authority and responsibility for the administration of the project. Responsibilities included project organization, scheduling, scope definition, value engineering, estimating, code analysis, specifications, manpower planning, interdisciplinary reviews, and expediting the various design disciplines, as well as monitoring quality and progress. The 7-floor hotel was designed for over 500 rooms and the site was in the heart of Downtown Scottsdale in the most prestigious area of the town. In addition, the hotel design included conferencing facilities, meeting rooms, suites, systems furniture, 3rd floor pool with entertainment deck, parks, underground parking, restaurant, market, laundry, and food facilities. The hotel design was Phase 1 of a development that had office facilities in Phase 2; the development was valued near 100 million dollars. REGISTRATIONS – CERTIFICATION

AZ – Architecture 2017

TX – Architecture & Interior Design 2017

NCARB Certification 2017

AIA 2017


Real Estate Development, Architecture, and Construction Management PROJECTS PORTFOLIO

This is a photo of King’s Cross Master plan

Project, London, England by SOM Chicago.

This is a photo of Canary Wharf Project, London,

England by SOM Chicago.

This is a photo of Broadgate project for British

Rail in London, England by SOM Chicago.

Shown are buildings 7 and 14. This photo

represents a small portion of the entire project.

Various Development Projects as Manager

Construction Loan and Risk for Bank in AZ.

Coordinated 100 projects per month. About 30

Multi-Family Mixed use and other mixed-use

projects. Over 500 million in funds per year.


Mixed use project by CRSS, Dallas; Giurgola, and

Ligoretta Architects, Mexico in South Lake, Texas.


This is a photo of Freedom Tower, NY,

Architect George James Ducas, never submitted.

This is a photo of Team Disney Building

(Isosaki). I worked on the interiors with CRSS,

Dallas Texas. This project is part if the Disney

World Complex in Orlando, Florida.

Interiors for Bank of China (Pei), Hong Kong,

and Architect George Woo, Dallas, Texas. A

mixed-use high-rise containing various

functions including restaurants.


CRSS & Architect Aratta Isosaki, Dallas & Japan: Team Disney Building, Walt Disney World complex, Orlando, Florida

CRSS & Giurgola, and Ligoretta Architects, Dallas & Mexico: Solana Mixed-use, Southlake, TX Architect George Woo & Pei, Dallas & New York: Bank of China for Chinese Government, Hong Kong SOM & Canary Wharf, Chicago & London: Canary Wharf, London, England SOM & British Rail, Chicago & London: Broadgate, London, England SOM & British Rail, Chicago & London: King’s Cross, London, England Stearns Bank, Scottsdale: Over 100 development projects per month, 50% mixed-use, AZ and nationally. Lelege, Beijing, China: 300 million Mixed Use Development, Corinth, Texas Architect Ganos & Pals Land Inc., Phoenix-Scottsdale: Marriott Scottsdale Riverwalk, Scottsdale, AZ GJD Designs, Phoenix & Dallas: Real Estate Development Marketing and Partnering, USA. National Investment Board, The Gambia, W. Africa: Mixed Use development, Banjul, Gambia, Africa. Al Sami Holding Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Al Sami Gardens Mixed-Use, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Doxa Central LLC, Phoenix: Mixed use Residential and Commercial, Ajo, AZ Valley Metro & DTA, Phoenix: Mixed-use light rail development, Phoenix Metroplex, AZ General Motors & Aracadis-Giffels Mesa-Phoenix, AZ: Mixed-use Industrial, Mesa, AZ Past Professional Registrations & Certification:

IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) - 2002 IPEC (Institute for Products, Engineering & Construction) – Member – 2003-04 ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) – He has been an Associate Member of ASID. Lighting Studies:

He completed a Master’s Thesis in Lighting and Design in Architecture. He studied most historical books and articles concerning the art of lighting design published up to 1985. He gave a lecture to the Art Institute of Chicago about Light and Design in 1987 to students and local artists. Personal Interests:

These include music, poetry, art, sports, science, and volunteer work for local non-profit organizations. Community & Volunteer:

Volunteer assistant teacher in college for Notre Dame School for the retarded, Irving, Texas, USA. Responsibility was to IQ’s under 20. Other activities included directing/participating in art/music exhibits and festivals, raising money for charities, and assistant to non-profit organization ‘Music is Forever’ (MIF) for disadvantaged youth, Arts Magnet Corporation, Dallas, Texas. Art Exhibits:

He has exhibited several art pieces at Bank One (Dallas), local art exhibits, art festivals, public spaces, museums, galleries, and educational facilities. He has an interest in abstract design, and as developed a new art form that he calls graphic abstract emblems that incorporate multimedia as a graphic model in two- dimensions. The art embodies meaning (story) as well as insights into the development of design. Presentation mediums used are paper, acrylic watercolor, ink, and oil paint. Cathedral designs were developed under this topic.

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