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Manager Project

Pinellas Park, Florida, United States
April 30, 2018

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Victoria J. Gallaher

**** **** ****, **** *** Seminole, Florida 33777



Highly motivated team player specializing in project management, system integration and service delivery with twenty years of experience across multiple business sectors – (ISPs: Cable, Internet, Voice & Software); Outsourcing/Care &IT Help Desks, Bankcard Processing, Mortgage Servicing, and Construction Management. Proven experience in managing diverse resources and moving projects to successful conclusions.

Personal Goal: To join a company that will allow me to contribute as a team player and well as an individual. I am looking for an organization that is fiscally healthy and will allow for long-term growth where I can add immediate value. January 2016 – September 2017: Sunsoft ERP

Support Manager, QA & Technical Support

Primary Responsibilities

Responsible for all Customer Contact related to troubleshooting software issues with the existing product offering (family-owned).

• Responsibilities include project management of significant upgrades, feature enhancements, contract renewals and adherence to SLA (Service Level Agreements) with the existing customer base. Feature enhancements are a revenue generating and a key role.

July 2015 – December 2105: Metz Construction (Company no longer exists as of 12/2015). Construction Office/Project Manager

Primary Responsibilities

Responsible for duties related to management of Construction sites and personnel; permitting (new construction and remodeling).

• Responsibilities included project management of all ongoing worksites and Customer and Vendor contract negotiations.

• Duties included budgetary tasks, accounts payable and receivables, payroll and tax filings, etc. January 2015 – July 2015: Maestro HealthCare (Contract ended, position did not materialize). Trainer, Technology Solutions/Exchange Operations

Primary Responsibilities

Responsible for duties within the learning and development department related to all platforms under development.

• Direct coordination and facilitation of training materials with respect to legacy systems.

• Documentation (technical writing) of the technology solutions for systems under development. January 2014 – January 2015: Zeus E-Juice, Inc. E-Liquid Manufacturer (Company relocated, position eliminated). VP/General Manager of Operations

Primary Responsibilities

Responsible for a variety of duties, all with a goal of positively impacting the company’s bottom line:

• Direct coordination of manufacturing and production staff operations in support of the company’s growth.

• Responsible for formulation of policies and strategic plans for future growth, and managing daily operations of personnel, purchasing, administration and other departments, such as the retail stores, warehouse and shipping/receiving.

• Oversight of sales – ecommerce site and lead the marketing strategy, inclusive social media.

• Monitored revenue and margins for worker productivity, as well as developed guidelines for personnel evaluations, staff advancement and recruitment procedures.

• Additional duties included maximizing new client engagement; and working with the leadership team to develop plans to meet future needs.

• Sustained profit margins in all areas, according to established objectives outlined by the executive team.

• Developed and/or maintained internal control systems to ensure accountability. 2 P a g e

June 2004 – August 2013: Bright House Networks, National Operations Center (Engineering) Systems Sustaining Engineering Manager (Voice Service Delivery Manager/Project Manager) Primary Responsibilities

• Manage complex projects utilizing web technologies, content management systems (Adobe-CQ, Opentext, Ektron) including program languages of Java, Python and ColdFusion.

• Managed and led Systems-Sustaining Engineering for Bright House Networks and ensure day-to-day functions run optimally and are consistent with company’s objectives and goals.

• Drove the budgeting and re-estimate process from beginning to end in collaboration with department heads to ensure company objectives are budgeted.

• Manage system upgrades/enhancements, hardware or software related, including systems integration efforts on an ad-hoc basis company-wide.

• Responsible for vendor management as well asset management for all core servers, databases as well as network assets.

• Possesses knowledge in IT and Systems Development life cycle management.

• Experienced in order management and provisioning systems, SOA architecture through systems integration efforts. Manage multi- platform environment - [Unix/Linux] Red Hat, Solaris and Windows operating systems.

• Database administration: Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL. Including management of small to large-scale transactional databases.

• Manage and maintained a multi-hardware/storage platform – SUN, Dell, Hitachi, HP, NetApp and Storagetek.

• Managed complex projects in Voice Services, asset management and engineering & operational cost centers.

• Functioned as single point of contact for all projects focusing on product enhancements or upgrades to existing services.

• Responsible for client, partner and vendor relationships, as it relates to service delivery with a secondary focus in product definition and marketing.

• Focused on ongoing process improvement initiatives.

• Managed no less than thirty direct reports.


• Deployed VoIP service (Digital Phone) within the Tampa Bay service area.

• Developed a billing reconciliation system for ported Voice customers to ensure accuracy and a seamless transition to Bright House Networks.

October 1999 – October 03: Stream (F/KA Software Spectrum and ECE, Inc.) Project Manager/Quality Service - Client Services Division (October 1999- October 03) Primary Responsibilities

• Sole project management resource for contact centers located in the states of Florida, Texas and Washington. Responsibilities included project ownership, needs assessments, resource allocation and ROI for all projects.

• Involved in proactively defining all new business implementations, managed significant events, and oversaw the process improvement initiatives.

• Heavily involved in the integration of the company’s best practices, processes and procedures, including steps toward monitoring for adherence (SIPOC method was most commonly used – Six Sigma).

• Management responsibilities included client, partner, and vendor relations; QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews), RFPs

(Request for Proposals), and direct supervision of support staff – 10+ employees.

• Responsibilities included program design and facilitation of core Quality programs and technical training.

• Duties also included the development of technical team leads and their support staff, which encompassed performance coaching and up-training.


• Recognized for Excellence in Service relative to the deployment and integration of the NiceUniverse, QA monitoring system

(September 2003).

• International exposure: Proven experience and solely responsible for all key project management tasks relative to the transition of business from domestic to offshore accounts (iServa, partner located in India). Education & Certifications:

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Bachelor of Science International Business May 2009 Health Care Management May 2011 Management of Technology – November 2008 Salem International University, Salem, WV Warren National University, Cheyenne, WY Certification - ITIL v3 – November 30, 2012 Membership – PMI 2007

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