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Data Human Resource

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
April 29, 2018

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Home address: **** *** ******

Siluma Section



Mobile Number: 083*******/ 061*******/


E-mail Address:


Surname: Maropola

First names: Moswana Carol

Date of birth: 01/12/1978

Identity number: 781**********

Driver’s License: C1

Nationality: South African

Home Language: Sepedi

Other languages: English (Speak, read and write)

Zulu (Speak and read)

Tsonga (Speak and read)

Sotho (Speak, read and write)

Tswana (Speak, read and write)


Tertiary Education:

Institution attending: Integrity Business College

Qualification obtained: Secretarial and Spreadsheet Diploma Subjects: Speed Typing, Typewriting, Office Practice, Filling, Telephone Etiquette, Business Communications,

Reception Skills, Disk Management, Word

Processing Lotus 1-2-3

Year: 1999

Secondary Education:

Last school attended: Joel Sibasa Secondary School Highest grade: STD 10

Subjects passed: English, Sepedi, Afrikaans, Biology, Geography and Biblical study

Year: 1998


1. Employer: CEB Maintenance(BCX)

Duration: Dec 2017 to date

Position: Data Capturing Clerk

Duties and Responsibilities:

Capturing site Audit information of local and International stores on Excel and NAV system

Ensure that all site audits and asset changes are tracked and recorded accurately

Receiving and recording site audits submitted from branches

Checking data for accuracy before and after capturing has been done

Monitoring projects to ensure that relevant BOM packs are received to ensure that database is timeously updated

Updating and confirming data on the database on a regular basis as per documentation received

Taking the incoming calls

Responding timeously to email request

Processing of accurate monthly maintenance by due date 2. Employer: Broad Reach - SEBOKENG Hospital (HIV/TB dpt) Duration: June 2016 to Sep 2016

Position: Data Capturer

Duties and Description:

Data capturing Patients records on Tier.Net

Accurate completion of the Patients file

Update Patients information on the system

Submit list of defaulters to the Nurses for tracing, weekly

Ensure that accurate patient information is always readily available for enquiry purpose

Daily retrieving of Patients files and maintain current filing system

Sending daily and weekly report to the TAO

3. Employer: Digital Achieving System

Duration: May 2012 to March 2016

Position: Data Capturer

Duties and Description:

Preparing documents for scanning

Capturing statistics of pregnant women all over South Africa from Pampers project

Capturing invoices from EDCON

Capturing of vehicle licensing application forms from JMPD

Capturing Tanker invoices

4. Employer: Beyond Field Marketing

Duration: May 2011 to Feb 2012

Position: Regional Administrator

Duties and Description:

Receiving new applications from the clients

Data capturing and creating of regional files and entering paperwork to relevant files

Resolve queries received via e-mail, telephonically and or fax from members immediately

Arrange Telecom meeting as and when necessary

Call the clients to find out if the terminals are still working fine.

Ordering of terminals to the field

Sending progress report to the Regional manager on daily basis 5. Employer: Medscheme(Aid for Aids)

Duration: Dec 2010 to Jan 2010

Position: Data Capture

Duties and Description:

Capturing HIV Patients records on the system

Make sure all data is accurate

6. Employer: Raven Imaging

Duration: June 2008 to October 2010

Position: Data Capturer

Duties and Description:

Capturing information for people who bought shares from different companies

Manage group of capturers and report group progress to the next reporting level. 7. Employer: Pinpoint One Human Resource

Duration: Feb 2006 to August 2007

Position: Data Capturer

Duties and Description:

Capturing Z83 application forms from Correctional Service and Shortlisting according to their experiences

8. Employer: Everest System Solutions

Duration: April 2005 to Oct 2005

Position: Data Capturer

Duties and Description:

Capturing School marks from schools around SA

9. Employer: Escrow Outsourcing

Duration: March 2004 to Aug 2004

Position: Data Capturer

Duties and Description:

Capturing personal details for all the employees (cleaners) GENERAL:

Computer Skills:

Computer Literacy with Microsoft Windows, Dos, Word Perfect, Excel and Power Point Leadership skills:

Manage group of capturers and report group progress to the next reporting level. Achievement:

2008 and 2009 I have been nominated for the best performer award certificate. REFERENCE:

Name of Company: CEB Maintenance (BCX)

Contact Person: Luzuko Nqokoqana (Supervisor)

Tell: 011-***-****/ 072-***-****

Name of Company: Broad Reach (Sebokeng Hospital)

Contact Person: Sister Kodisang (Prof Nurse)

Tell: 016-***-****/ 084-***-****

Sister Phumla (Prof Nurse)

Tell: 016-***-****/ 063-***-****

Name of Company: Digital Achieving System

Contact Person: Eschel Fakoe (Operations Manager)

Tell: 011-***-****/ 083-***-****

Name of Company: Beyond Field Marketing

Contact Person: Andre Du Plessis (RM) FS, NC, NW)

Cell: 078-***-****/ Cell: 079-***-****

Name of Company: Raven Imaging

Contact Person: Lina Ramasita (Supervisor)


Name of Company: Pin Point One Human Resource

Contact Person: Happy Mandlasi (Research Associate) Tell: 011-***-****/ Cell: 083-***-****

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