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Engineering Lean Manufacturing

Denver, Colorado, United States
May 01, 2018

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Dedicated professional with extensive experience in all aspects of business management well-developed interpersonal skills with proven ability to lead, motivate, build and inspire cross functional team to meet and surpass corporate objectives. Strong skills in sales, Six Sigma, ITAR and ISO work environment for more than 25 Years, Customer relations, budgeting, production, Reverse engineering, manufacturing and project management, inventory management, Tooling and machinery design and enhancement, Extensive knowledge in optics, machining CNC and conventional, Diamond turning, Dicing, Metrology with the basic materials such as BKs, and SFs to the exotics such as YAG, CaF2, MgF2, Sapphire, Titanium Sapphire, Ruby and a vast array of other as well as metals and wood product


Came into company that had a 10% yield rate and in five months turned that to 74% and climbing. Translating into $190,000 plus in positive cash each and every month (St.Gobain)

This resulted in increasing company monthly profit by almost 200%. (St.Gobain)

Enhanced a process that was producing 8 ppm to a robust 39-47 ppm, Which added $300,000 per machine that equals 800% above scope as a result when they sold company they sold all but that product and processes(St.Gobain)

Reduced rework from 52% to 5% and set a foundation for all processes. As a result added 2 hrs. a day for new product (REO)

Turned around a two-year backlog in nine months after taking over the area, and improved the yields from 18-27% to 98%. As a result getting product to customer without further delay and before extended schedule (REO)


25+ years of conventional and CNC machining experience, Diamond turning.

Quality Engineering, Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Development

Complex problem solving, self-motivated, work well with others.

Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Root Cause Analysis, Inventory control

Project Management, Teamwork, and conventional optical work.

MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Metrology.

Zygo, Laser cutters, laser engravers, CNC and conventional set up and run


Business Consultant Clifton Park N.Y Dec 2016 - Present

Business Manager

Responsibility for customer concerns in all aspects of their Production and Manufacturing area as I travel to meet with clients in their place of business to discuss their issues and or concerns from starting an area and furnishing it with the proper equipment for their needs for a great successful business.

Development and engineering,process engineering, Locating Machining and Consumables

Facilitate all sub-contractors in and situated set all CNC machines

Plan and facilitate all manpower and train all staff in there needed positions

Shape,Polish of radius and Plano in different shapes and sizes, Cut of raw material to print spec, final inspection, inventory control

Work with all saws, mills, cmics, drop gauges, calipers, comparators, Zygos, Map view, strassbaughs, Haas conventional and CNC, pitch gauges, thread gauges

American Optics Consulting, New York, NY Jan 2014 – Dec 2016 Business Intelligence Consultant

Director of Operations

Responsible for day-to-day activities from the sales team to the fabrication floor. This included customer concerns/issues, design and set up, problem solving, process design and setup, yield activity, training and implementing practices, safety coordination along with hands-on floor production with clients to find out their specific need to build and or troubleshoot their business to make it successful, within their budget restraints.

Located and purchased equipment and consumables to fulfill clients’ needs

Helped with material selection for application, Metrology Needs

Reorganized and trained staff according to company needs. ( lean manufacturing )

Set up and scheduled contractors for company needs.

Director of Health and Safety

Created and restructured process documentation for conventional fab as well as CNC

Reviewed yields and addressed customer concerns and wants. Cutting down on time / material

Worked on fab floor conventional setup, shaping, grinding, polishing of all materials, metrology as well as CNC, Dicing, maintenance trouble shoot, schedule

Scheduled all production while maintaining yield data.

Developed and designed process for new product. Fixture design

All aspects of Customer relations, purchasing, vendor relations, inventory/warehouse control count

Maintained monthly budget, interviewed and trained, Payroll, AP, AR

Saint Go-bain Crystals, Gun Barrel, CO Feb 2007 – Jan 2014

Sapphire Supervisor Responsible for day-to-day production, managing techs and working with them to maintain orders while putting together quotes for new products, payroll, new hires, inventory.

Reviewed and addressed customer concerns and applications. Health & safety & AED trainer

Inventory/warehouse control

Developed and enhanced new and old processes, CNC set up and design of application, perform maintenance

Taking it from raw to finished product ahead of schedule guaranteed on-time delivery, Diamond Turning, metrology, Dicing of glass, plastics, and woods, machine maintenance review-schedule and complete

Set up/run CNC and conventional machinery for radius and Plano, Working with precision tooling - calipers, drop gauges, cmics, zygo, comparator, working with tolerances from 1”- .00001”

Research Electro Optics (REO), Boulder, CO Jan 1995 – Feb 2007

Senior / Lead

Responsible for supervising and coordinating production grinding/polishing/coating schedules. And working on floor taking product from start to finish while maintaining above print quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer relations, scheduling, sales orders, board meets

Development and engineering, process engineering of new and old work with Glass, Plastics, woods

Trained new employees, making them aware of their yield and time management responsibilities employee time management, as a master optician take on the more difficult duties/Projects

Used and trained technicians on precision tooling, Metrology, comparator, Ph meter, Dicing saws, mills, grinders, computer, CNC/conventional, Diamond turn, maintenance review –schedule and complete self

Trouble shoot machinery issues, schedule maintenance and perform maintenance as needed Quality check on final product upon completion, inventory/warehouse control

CNC and conventional set up and operate, Zygo, Comparator, cmics, calipers, drop gauges, wedge blocks and work with glass plastics and wood product and holders from 1”- .00001”

Burris Sports Optics Company, Greeley, CO Sept 1989 – Nov 1994

Quality Engineer

Developed and implemented production tracking of Quality Control system.

Recognized and reviewed processes quality issues while training staff.

Strong office computer knowledge, generated and track monthly costs and budgets.

Used precision tooling, trained others to be accurate and persistent to achieve perfection.

Implemented lean manufacturing practices on the production floor to improve times while maintaining constant product improvements and meet for monthly target goals

Participating and engaging in optical and mechanical design engineers and management meetings to discuss customer application design needs and overall costs, to ensure customer satisfaction, CNC/conventional set up and operate to maintain tight tolerances

Work with precision tooling and measurement devices on and off fab floor from 1”- .0005”, as well as molds


Business Management, Aims Community College, Greeley, CO 1995

Personal Interests

Love to Work on cars from the age of 13 years old from tearing an engine apart to an in-depth rebuild, locating of parts as well as paint and auto body new age cars but the ones of the most interest to me is the classic older cars that are made of iron and metal. Every chance I get I will be under a hood or doing my own thing to personalize it as I see for myself or helping a neighbor/friend figure or fix their automobile, at the age of 15 I was under the car changing a clutch on a 1971 Chevelle that belonged to my father as well as working on home renovations from painting to putting up walls to concrete work I am a person that enjoys family/ friends and does everything to the best of my ability in everything I do weather its work related or pleasure

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