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Design Manager

Del Valle, Texas, United States
July 15, 2018

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Aparajan Ganesan

**** ***** ** ***, ******, TX **719


Skype ID: Spinoza178


Won the top 100 products award from electronic design

Well known in the industry for breakthrough products such as:

oSingle Chip Modems

oHigh Precision Delta Sigma A/Ds

oClosed captioning for Broadcast TV

oThe 8-pin CD Stereo D/A

oThe CMOS Electret and The Expander

oThe Single Chip CMOS Telephone


oThe Composite Video Decoder

oVarious Codecs

oThe CMOS Channel Service Unit, etc.

Reputation for delivering cutting edge products many years ahead of competitors

Has trained and taught engineers working in different companies all over the world

Has extensive teaching experience as an adjunct faculty throughout his career in many universities

Is a specialist in Mixed Signal System Theory, Architecture and Circuit Design


Ganesan Designs 07/93 – Present

Since 1993, involved in defining, designing and marketing audio, video, radio multimedia, power supervisors, disk-drive, datacom, telecom, etc. products

Used CMOS, Bipolar and BiCMOS technologies

Clients include Texas Instruments, Intel, Motorola, Tanner Research, Samsung, GEC Plessey, etc.

The last contract worked on was a power management chip for solid state drives

oInvolved an hysterectic control architecture

oHad all the power transistors integrated and used a copper pillar RDL technology and had an EEPROM chip on chip in addition

oThe chip supports 4 buck regulators and one boost regulator and a whole bunch of programmable functions like start up, in rush current, etc.

oThe most difficult aspects of the design were:

Keeping the high voltage transients acceptable

Keeping the sleep mode current low

Fast response to transient load changes

Meeting the cross regulation requirements which turned out to be a bear

oChip is going though its 3rd iteration now; being made in Dongbu's BiCMOS

Prior to this, worked on a USB current limited switch

Prior to that, worked on a novel CSA (current sense amplifier architecture)

oThis involved sensing millivolts of differential voltages in the presence of +20 to -4 v of common mode voltages and some nasty terminal conditions for enterprise systems, etc.

Prior to that, worked on a ramp less Class D amplifier

Prior to that, worked on a fly-back adapter for a power supply for a drill

Prior to that, worked on high-capacitive drive opamp

Prior to that, worked on a technology scalable 10-bit pipe lined A/D converter

Crystal Semiconductor 09/91 – 06/93

Engineering Manager / Sr. Technologist

Responsible for display and audio products

Involved in defining, designing and marketing audio, video and multi-media products

Extratek, Inc. 11/90 – 09/91

Vice President of Technology

Consulted in the design, test, integration and manufacturing of Mixed Mode Circuits

Analog Devices, Semiconductor Division, Wilmington, MA 08/86 – 11/90

Director of Communication Products (08/88 – 11/90)

Involved with a product family that involved the integration of high performance A/D, D/A, analog filters and drivers (>93db, >20Khz) along with complex Digital Signal Processors

In addition, worked as a senior technologist and helped other ailing product lines

oThe development of higher order delta-sigma A/D and D/A converters as part of this work has been of a fundamental nature

Started a design center for ADI in Japan

Further, served as a Company consultant for strategic markets, signal processing and CMOS circuit design

Engineering Manager (08/86 – 08/88)

Involved in the definition and design of standard products, which included DiA converters, A/D converters, S/H amplifiers and Voltage References

oThis involved the management of 40 folks including CAD and layout

oThis product line at a revenue of 90M+ a year was the largest product line in the company

Also also involved with bipolar, cmos and bicmos technologies and their characterization as a part of this function

Further, helped the corporation invest in emerging ventures of significance as part of their diversification team

One of 2 folks who got ADI into the Digital Audio business

Architected some of the earliest HDTV components for NHK in Japan

AT&T Bell Labs, Middletown, NJ 06/84 – 07/86

Associate Department Head

Involved in the design and development of Integrated Circuits for Data Communications and CAD tools

In addition, had responsibility for strategic planning and external vendor negotiations for the entire data communications laboratory

ICs developed under my responsibility include Switched Capacitor Modems, Integrated Digital Echo Canceller, 14bit A/D and D/A front ends with filters and timing recovery, Modem Interface Circuits which all went into volume production

AT&'I` Bell Labs, Indianapolis, IN 03/82 – 05/84


Involved in the development of low voltage CMOS circuits and technology for telephone applications which worked over a 1 to l2V range

Work included the design of a low cost preamp for electrets, a voice-activated expander for electrets, DTMF generators, Dial Pulse Polarity Guard Switches, Active networks, Tone Ringers, etc.

Also helped develop a modular HV capability to a standard 12V CMOS technology

RCA, Somerville, NJ 10/81 – 02/82

Group Leader

Involved in the design of automotive and Telecom Circuits

Led a set of designers for developing a CODEC and a SLIC

AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ 03/80 – 10/81

Member Technical Staff, Analog IC Design Group

Fundamental work in the area of switched capacitor networks

Work included design of opamps, comparators, zero-crossing detectors, Schmidt triggers, Filters, oscillators, implementing them in monolithic form and supervising their layout

General Instrument Corporation, Hicksville, NY 06/77 – 03/80

Engineering Manager, CAD Design, Development & Modeling Group

Involved in the characterization and model development for MOS and MNOS devices, supported design and test software and was involved in advanced circuit concepts

In addition, had engineering responsibility for the design and trimming of thick film hybrids


Throughout this period, served as an adjunct faculty at several schools teaching courses in IC design, MOS modeling and CAD

These include:

oSUNY @ Stonybrook

oSUNY @ Farmingdale

oFairleigh Dickinson

oUniv of MASS @ Lowell

oTexas A&M, etc.


MSEE, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, 1976

BSEE, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India, 1975


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