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New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
12000 le
July 11, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

E mail

*. Personal data

Name: Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Mageed

Qualification: Military Academy (Intelligent)

Social state: Married

The religion: Moslem

Occupation: pensioner officer

Nationality: Egyptian

Address: Villa No:149 First Settlement - New Cairo Mobile: 012******** -015********

Foreign languages: English (speak &write)

2. The Military graduations

Crisis management diploma NASR ACDIMY

Psychological Operations diploma from Intelligent school

Management of problems and negotiating diploma from U.S.A .

Intelligent diploma from U.S.A.

Security course for buildings and people from intelligent school.

Security Advanced course from Intelligent school.. 3. The civil graduations

Business Administration diploma (HR).Ain Shams University

Business Administration diploma (HR).AUC University

Training Specialist Occupational Safety and Health

Multimedia and press diploma.

Peace Keeping and accommodation of negotiation.

Course in Cairo Peace Keeping Center.

4. Computer graduations

Computers introduction/ Dos course

Windows 95 course . Internet course

Word course / Excel course

Internet course


5. Practical experience

Make HR and Administration budget.

Responsible for the HR & Administration policies updates.

Employee orientation program.

Organization development; etc...

Monitor the appraisal system cycle.

Security Management Division and design the security plan of the institution

Establish an HR and Administration Database.

Handle training plan and its implementation.

Handle HR administrative tasks as required and directed by the HR Manager

Act as a back up on issues related to requisitions, payment orders and payment Vouchers.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Follow-up and operation the Department of Administrative Security and Industrial Security.

6. Latest jobs occupied

A. Oriental Weavers Group: -

Specialized in the carpet industry

worked as: Director of Administrative Affairs from 01/03/2000 to 30/05/2005

And I was responsible for: Personnel / benefits Department / regularity of work and employment / solving workers problem / follow-up the clinic, outside treatment and medicine affairs / restructuring of factories, job evaluation and making strategies and policies of the group / organization activities Social development.

B. .Shatex: -

Specialized in the textile industry and especially in dyeing Curtains fabrics worked as: Managing Director and Deputy Director of Human Resources Manager from 01/06/2005 to30/10/2007.

And I was responsible for: Department of Personnel / Benefits / security and industrial safety / plant maintenance / Dealing with all Governmental organizations.


C. Globe Company (free zone) foreign investment:

Working in the field of production of yarn and dyeing worked as: Director of Human Resources department the period from 01/11/2007 to 12/12/2011.

And I was responsible for: the establishment of the company from the beginning and I was the first employee appointed. Knowing that the actual production started in the October 8, 2008. Restructuring of the company and the development of Policies, strategies and job descriptions of all carriers. Constructing the branches of the HR department, follow-up and supervise them such as: (employee affairs, administrative security, general relations, purchasing, industrial safety, licensing, dealing with the governmental organizations, car lots)

Commissioner to deal with “IMC“.

D. Sphinx company

Working in the field production of glass.

Worked as Director of Administrative Affairs and Deputy Hr Manager the period from 1/1/2012 till 1/1/2013

I was responsible for management and operation all this department employee affairs, administrative security, general relations, industrial safety, licensing, dealing with the governmental organizations, car lots E. CONSTEC

Working in CONSTRUCTION field .

Worked as Director of HR Manager the period from 1/1/2013 till 30/12/2014

I was responsible for management and operation all this department employee affairs, administrative security, general relations, industrial safety,

licensing, dealing with the governmental organizations, car lots in site and outside cairo



Specialized in Hearbs

worked as: HR MANAAGER from 01/1/2015 till 1/ 2/ 2018 I was responsible for management and operation all this department employee affairs, administrative security, general relations, industrial safety, licensing, dealing with the governmental organizations, car lots in site and outside Cairo .

7 - HR Department Plan -

It will be applied throughout three sub-plans:

A - Strategic plan. B - Managerial plan. C - Operational plan. a. Strategic plan:

1. Reviewing the man power structure.

2. Renewable and completion the job description.

3. Analyzing and evaluating the jobs and arranging it according to their grades.

4. Developing HR policies.

5. Reviewing the working procedures within the company. 6. Determining the vision and the message of the company. 7. Pointing out the company’s goals.

8. Developing an evaluation system for the company employee. 9. Implementing a development plan to prepare an alternative for the essential jobs.

10. Training plan for the new employees and the members of the previously stated plan.

11. Carrier pass; planning the carrier pass for the company employees. 12. Placing a salary and incentive structure.

13. Providing suitable and safe environment.

14. Studying the causes of manpower circulation and solving it. 15. Implementing a questioner to evaluate the employee satisfaction. 16. Developing and applying the employee suggestion scheme. 17. Developing an imaginary scheme for the social, entertainment and sportive activities.

18. Suggesting a system for choosing the perfect employee for every department.

19. Developing and applying objective management system. 20. Every department should have obvious, reachable and measurable goals. 5

b. Managerial plan:

1. Dealing with all the governmental authorities (Insurance, labor office etc).

2. Personnel (hiring and quitting of employees).

3. Military service and recalling files.

4. Medical services.

5. Managerial services.

6. Working contracts social insurance.

7. Employee’s files.

8. Salaries, allowances and incentives.

9. Salary taxes.

10. Printings and stationary.

11. Other managerial issues (employee’s uniform, transportation etc) c. Operational plan:

1. Employee’s attendance, vacations, absence, overtime, sick leave, etc) 2. Dealing with the daily customers problems.

3. Solving the regional problems.

4. Co-ordination between the departments to interchange information. 5.

8 - Details of the work management supervision:

A. Human Resources and Training:

1) Constructing the company policies, methods and procedures for its implementation.

2) Making of the job description for each job.

3) Making scheme structure and administrative structure for the organization. 4) The manpower planning.

5) Development of human resources by specialized and general training. 6) The recruitment procedures such as Interviews and tests to the candidates for jobs.

7) Analysis and evaluation of jobs and a making a reference to the jobs of the company in order to determine its levels.

8) Developing a system of performance evaluation and promotion of the company's staff.

9) Making conceptualization of the social, recreational and sports activities for the company's employees.

10) Making lists of wages, incentives and allowances in coordination with financial management.


B. Personnel:

1) The establishment of legal affairs files for the company's employees. 2) Follow-up the administrative positions of all the company’s employees in terms of attendance, transportation, vacations and sanctions. 3) Making salaries and financial benefits (automation of payroll). 4) Planning of job orders and individual movements. 5) Making a monthly report with the situation of workers due to manpower.

6) Making of job declarations.

7) Making the social insurance for employees.

8) Making of sanctions list of the Interior and the authorities of the sanctions.

9) Planning the daily work programs for each department are allocated according to work schedules.

10) Making boards of inquiry in coordination with Legal Affairs. 11) Medical insurance for the company's employees. 12) Making the procedures of work start, termination and firing. C. Public Relations:

1. Organizing work relations within the company as well as organizing public relations with people

a) External public relations.

(1) - with the Office of the workforce.

(2) - with the Office of Social Insurance.

(3) - with the advertising (annual / permanent)

(4) - dealing with government agencies

2. Receiving guests, and make arrangements for their accommodation and accompany.

3. Recording on each visit the advantaged and disadvantages to avoid the disadvantages and access to the best the level of performance. D. Department of Administrative Security: In coordination with the supervisor 1. Follow-up the planning and the implementation of administrative security members.

2. Making the job description of all the employees within the company. 3. Correction of all security measures during the daily follow-up. 4. Making planes for individuals, documents and the facilities. E. Department of Industrial Safety: In coordination with the supervisor 1. Follow-up the planning and the implementation of all security measures and industrial equipment, tools and maintenance.


2. Supervise the provision of industrial safety models in the due dates of the office of Occupational Safety and Health

3. Work plans for the daily traffic procedures and follow-up efficiency of the different security systems (alarm system - the fire system - efficiency and rehabilitation of individuals).

F. Internal oversight: In coordination with the supervisor 1. Building Maintenance (structural - Electricity - Plumbing - Carpentry - Paint – Air conditioning)

2. Hygiene (Utilities - production departments)

G. Commissioner responsible in dealing with the Industry Modernization Center.(IMC )

8. Appling for:

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