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Data Power

Woodland Hills, CA
June 29, 2018

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•Around 5 years of strong IT experience in all phases of SDLC including Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and implementation.

•Extensive experience in design, development and testing of message broker ESB applications.

•GUI and CLI interface in MQ, IIB and Data Power, Cast Iron

•Strong experience in designing, administering, developing and deploying message infrastructure using Web sphere MQ and Web Sphere Message Broker, WTX

•Strong Experience in implementation of Security with in Data power and Message Broker/IIB.

•Developed WTX Maps and Type trees in WTX. Created WTX compiled Maps to be used in Data Power and IIB.

•Knowledge on the API Management, IBM Blue Mix, Catalog, API Calls, Invoke Web services SOAP,REST, Swagger File, WSDL

•Developed Error handling sub flows for processing Generic error message

•Installed WMQ v7.5 on Linux environments and also configured Multi instance Queue Managers to handle failover

•Highly experienced in MQ,RabbitMQ, File, Database, XSLT,AAA, LDAP, SAML Token HTTP, Mapping and SOAP nodes along with the Transformation, Construction, Routing and Timer nodes.

•Experience in designing web services, and building technical infrastructures for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

•Extensive experience with tools such as Selenium Web Driver, Junit/TestNG, Load Runner, Quality Center, JMeter, JIRA,HP UFT / QTP and SOAPUI.

•Good hands on experience in Development of Automation Scripts, Execution and Analysis Test Results

•IIB Migration and Data Power Firmware upgrade

•Installation, setting up, configuration, maintenance, administration and production support

•Configured MPGW and WSP services for various Front side handlers and dynamic Back ends.

•Good understanding of SSL concept. Implemented forward, reverse and two way SSL in Data Power using self-signed certificate generated using crypto tools.

•Manages the operations of the various servers in the API Management cloud and provides the tools to interface with the various servers

•The Management server also provides analytic functions that collect and store information about APIs and API users.

•Worked in Agile environment and attended scrums and created user stories.

•Involved in Production support, on call support, coordinated with off shore teams and mentored junior resources.

•Configured XML manager for user groups and load balancing groups. Developed processing polices by creating various request, response and error rules using various actions.

•Good hands on experience on web sphere message broker ESB.

•Experience in using different Message Broker Message Flow Nodes like, Compute, Mapping, Database, and Java Compute Node, MQ Input node, MQ Output Node etc.

•Experience creating MQ queues and channels and checking their status.

•Web Sphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration offerings come with built-in connectivity

•ESB could be implemented us by using JMS servers and using XML/XSD as means of transferring data between various services

•Solid backend experience by writing and executing SQL queries and joins for databases like Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server databases.

•Strong debugging and problem solving skills with excellent understanding of system development methodologies, techniques and tools.



IBM IIB 10/9, Message Broker 8/7, Data Power, ESB, XI52/XI50,API CONNECT,IBM Blue mix, WTX, WSRR 8.x,Cast Iron, IBM API connect

Operating Systems

UNIX (Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), Linux and Windows

Web sphere

WMB, WMQ, MQ Series JMS,


C, C++, JDBC, Core java, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring JMS, Spring Web Services (SOAP and WSDL)


DB2, SQL server




Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Quality Center, Soap UI


Professional Certification from IBM: IBM Integration Bus V8.0, Solution development

IBM Certified Solution Implementer – Web Sphere Data Power SOA Appliances Firmware V7.0 Involved in configuring MPGW and WSP services and configured processing policies..


Client: BMW, NJ Jan2018-Present

IIB/WMQ, Data Power,API Consultant


Involved in project startup meetings with stake holders.

Involved in preparing design document templates, test cases and mapping specifications.

Developed message models in DFDL and message definitions for MRM. Worked with XML, JSON, CSV, Text, EDI, COBOL and IDOC Message formats

Worked with Global Security, SSL and LDAP

Troubleshoot Server connection pooling and connection manager with Oracle, DB2.

Installation, setting up, configuration, maintenance, administration and production suppor

Developed XSLT style sheets for routing and transformations in Data Power.

Configured SSL (Forward, reverse, two-way), AAA (file-based, Oauth, LTPA, SAML, LDAP), load balancing, SLM policies and monitoring (ITCAM, SOMA)in Data Power.

This web service based application need to be publish over the internet using DMZ IP Address with SSL Certificate.

Developed REST web services using Swagger API in IIB. Used IBM Blue mix for API management.

Hands on Experience on webservices by using API Creating WSDL for Soap services and creating Swagger Document for Restful services

Implementing Security by using OAUTH,LDAP binding configuring services, deveoploing API lifecycles, and API Plans

Created ANT scripts to build and deploy the bar files and used Jenkins for continuous deployments.

Experienced in using Version Control Tools like SVN and GITHUB.

Sound knowledge on Maven and Ant for Project building tool, Jenkins for Continuous Integration.

Involved in Message Broker to IIB Migration and Data Power firmware upgrades.

Developed SAP integration services in IIB using SAP Adapter nodes.

Involved in Installation, creating Queue managers, Queues.

SOMA request & Display the response received from Data Power.

Developed Reusable components as Shared libraries in IIB to be used across multiple Message flows.

Experience configuring Web service proxy for SOAP & REST-based web services using Data Power

Performed database and WSRR integration with IIB and Data Power.

Strong experience in various Data Power services such as Web Service Proxy (WSP), Multi-Protocol Gateway (MPGW) etc.

Involved in performing administrative tasks for MQ, IIB and Data Power.

Involved in Message Broker to IIB Migration and Data Power firmware upgrades.

Developed Error handling sub flows for processing Generic error messages.

Worked in Agile environment and attended scrums and created user stories.

Involved in Production support, on call support, coordinated with off shore teams and mentored junior resources.

Developed Method based and action based web services to invoke and expose.

Involved in performing troubleshooting in IIB and Data Power and resolving the issues.

Environment:, DataPower XI52/XG45, IIB 10/9, Message Broker8,APIConnect,IBM BLUEMIX,WTX,ESB,WSRR,ESQLITSM,EDM,Java,J2EE,DB2,LDAP,MFT,FTE,Oracle,SQL Server, SOAP UI,REST, RFH-Util, XML, JSON, XSLT,Junit,,Jenkins,EDI, CSV, RTC, SVN, SPLUNK, SAP, XSD

Client: General Electric, NY July2016 –Dec2017

IIB/Data Power, API Consultant


Prepared Technical Design Documents based on the Business Requirements Documents (BRDs).

Developed Message Flow interfaces using different WMB built-in nodes like Compute, Database, SOAP, HTTP, FTE Input, FILE Output, Job Execution nodes.

Handled web services flows using SOAP over HTTP Transport and RESTful Services.

Used DFDL Support to model, create, run, and test messages in both text and CSV formats.

Implemented Error handling flows for User, Database, Parser exceptions by using user-defined Exception Handler node.

Involved in the high level design of Messaging architecture comprising of Message Broker and Data power

Designed and developed message flows accessing User Databases like Oracle using ESQL.

Upgraded Existing Message Flows as per the requirements.

Developed services which updates and reads WMB Cache.

Performance analysis and tuning the message flow performance by analyzing the processing time taken by the message flow.

Ensure quality work products are delivered to suit the business requirements.

Troubleshooting and monitoring ESB components like CPU utilization, Monitoring tools status.

Raised PMR and worked with IBM for bug in WMB Tool.

Created Unit Test Plans and did Unit testing, Integration testing of ESB components.

Involved in Implementation of the components in production and providing the Production support for WMB, MQFTE jobs and DP components

Environment: IBM Websphere Message Broker V8.0, IBM Integration Bus V9.0,/V10.0,SVN, RabbitMQ,ESQL,ITSM,HPSM, WebSphere MQ 7.5, XSLT, WSDL, WINDOWS, AIX, DB2, SOAP, SOAP UI, rfhutilc,SDL, XPATH, API Management, XML spy,, Windows, Linux,.

Client: ALLSCRIPTS, India Jun2013-Aug2015

IIB/WMB,MQ,DataPower Consultant


•Provided and consumed Web services in Message Broker.

•Performed COBOL to XML and vice versa transformations for mainframes integration.

•Developed Message flows using MQ, File, Transformation, Construction and Routing nodes.

•Registered and called stored procedures and external Java interfaces from Compute Nodes.

•Involved in database integration in Message Broker and performed insert, update and select operations.

•Went through training programs on Data Power, WTX and Cast Iron.

•Involved in installing, setting up, maintaining and administrating MQ, Message Broker, Data Power and WTX in windows and Linux Environments.

•Developed MPGW services in Data Power to get the response from the backend.

•Created reusable components that can be used for performing error handling.

•Created new design document templates for new interfaces and modified the existing ones.

•Created various MQ objects, implemented Publish and Subscribe and enabled triggering.

•Involved in configuring clustering and multi instance queue managers for high availability environments.

•Configured channel security in MQ using RUNMQCKM commands to create key database, keys and certificates and altering SSLKEYR property of the Queue manager.

•Worked with GUI and CLI of MQ, Message Broker, Data Power and Databases.

•Performed troubleshooting of various message flows/ services and resolved the issues.

•Performed monitoring and health checks of MQ objects.

•Involved in offshore on call support and mentoring resources.

•Involved in coding in Message broker using ESQL and Java and have also created XSLT style sheets in Data Power.

Environment:Message Broker 8,7, IBM MQ Series, Data Power XI50, WTX, ESQL, Java, SQL, XSLT, DB2, Oracle, XML, XSD, XPATH on Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mainframes.

Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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