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Sales and communication skills

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
June 27, 2018

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Name: Kutloano Lucia

Surname: Ngema

Physical address: 74c Sikakane Street

White city Jabuvu


Date of birth: 1996-05-15

ID number: 960**********

Gender: Female

Language proficiency: Tswana, English, Sotho, and Zulu Driver’s License: Learners License Code 08

Email Address:

Contact No: 074-***-****/ 083-***-****


• Able to work quickly, accurately and with attention to detail

• Excellent time management skills

• Strong communication and sales skill

• Able to multitask

• Moderate proficiency in Microsoft office

• Know various research methodologies


• Goal oriented

• Pro-active

• Peoples person

• Confident

• Self-motivated

• I pay attention to detail


4.1 Tertiary education

Institution: University of Johannesburg (UJ)

Qualification: BA Information and Knowledge Management


Modules: Information and Knowledge management

Business Management

Public Management and Governance

4.2 Secondary education

School: Coronationville Secondary School

Qualification: National Senior Certificate (NCS)

Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies



Company: Cotton On Kids (Mall of the South)

Position: sales assistant and inventory clerk

Duration: 2 months


• Welcoming customers into the store

• Assisted customers with their queries, telling them about Cotton On’s discounts and promotions and making sure that one customer buys at least one item

• Keeping the store neat and clean

• At times help with POS (point of sale)


Company: Cotton On Adults (The Glen shopping centre) Position: Sales assistance (Christmas casual) 2016 Duration: 3 months


• Maintain and managing all inventory products

• Recording new items within a stock room and keeping track of all products that come into and go out of the store

• Assisted customers with their queries, telling them about Cotton On’s discounts and promotions and making sure that one customer buys at least one item

• At times help with POS (point of sale)

Company: Tradeway Promotions

Position: Promoter


• Introducing new products to customers and gather feedback about the product 6. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

• A member of the UJ engagement programme

• Member of the ANC Youth League

• Member of the Young Women Development Programme


• Reading

• Researching

• Writing (short stories)

• Public speaking



Contact Person: Miss Lebohang

Position: Department manager

Company: Sales assistant and Inventory clerk (Mall of the South)

Contact Details: 084-***-****


Contact Person: Mr Sipho

Position: Store manager

Company: Cotton On Adults (The Glen Shopping Centre) Contact Details: 011-***-****


Contact Person: Dorcas Tlatsi Position:

Project manager Company:

TradeWay Promotions

Contact details: 062******* /011*******


Dear Ma’am/sir

My name is Kutloano Ngema, I am 22 years old. I was a BA Information and Knowledge Management student at the University of Johannesburg. I am highly interested in broadening my horizon in Competitive Intelligence, Information/Data management, Research and development, Business and Public Administration and Management as a whole.

"Information management is the key to any business or technology initiative, whether you need to harness the benefits of the business intelligence or simply ensure collaboration and sharing of corporate Data". Information and knowledge management is not common to most, However, I hope as time goes by people especially stakeholders and entrepreneurs grow to understand it and how important it is. I chose this course because I am passionate about researching, reading, resolving problems and disputes and accumulating more knowledge. I strongly believe that I deserve to be granted this opportunity due to my capabilities, my strengths and my hunger for success. I am a young ambitious lady who is a hard worker, a goal orientated person and failure does not keep me down nor daunt me. I possess the following skills: I have communication and sale skills which I learnt from my job as a Christmas casual at Cotton On for the past two years and as a promoter, moderate proficiency in Microsoft office, I am an analytical thinker, a team player, I can also work well under pressure, and I know various research methodologies to acquire information such as secondary intelligence collection, telephone-based primary intelligence collection and SWOT analysis to name a few, I learnt and adopted these methodologies as I was doing my research reports and assignments. Furthermore I am honest, reliable and have the ability to gather information, analyse it to detect problems and create potential solutions.

Should I be given a chance to join your team, I declare that I will be proactive, a great team member, and I will work hard and apply all my skills on any task that will be given to me, while maintaining confidentiality and adhering and abiding by the policies of the organisation. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my unique attributes, my leadership skills and other qualities that I possess. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. I have attached my CV below.

Yours sincerely

K.L Ngema

Kutloano Lucia Ngema


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