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Web Services Developer

Atlanta, GA
June 25, 2018

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Chandra Sekhar



Around 7 years of experience in IT with 5+ years of experience as a Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator on Sales, Service, Community clouds, platform and 2 years in Java, J2EE Technologies.

Experience in Developing, Administration, Configuration, Implementation, and Support of Salesforce CRM solutions using Apex, Visualforce and Lightning.

Extensive experience in SFDC development using Apex classes, Controllers (Custom/Extension controllers), Triggers, Web Services, SOQL, SOSL and API.

Experienced in integration of Salesforce with external applications by using Web Services API, Metadata API, WSDL, and SOAP.

Good experience in rollout to Lightning experience and developing Lightning components using SLDS styles.

Experienced in use of Standard and Custom controllers of Visualforce in development of custom Salesforce pages as required by business requirements.

In-depth understanding of CRM business process like Campaign Management, Lead Management, Order Management, Account Management and Case Management.

Excellent in Administrative tasks like creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Page Layouts, Permission Sets, Email Services, Workflows rules, Approval process, Process builder for satisfying complex business process automations.

Implemented security and sharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at different levels of organization.

Experience in managing salesforce environments using Sandbox and migrating using ant migration tool, Jenkins.

Expertise in implementing best practices by considering Governor Limits in Triggers and Apex classes.

Experience in writing unit Test Methods, Test data utility classes to increase org code coverage.

Experience with Test-Driven, Agile, Scrum, Spiral, and Waterfall Development.

Expertise with Object Oriented Design (OOD), Analysis (OOA), based on Unified Modeling Language (UML) architecture.

Experience in web technologies like HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Experience with databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access and MySQL.

Capable of rapidly learning new technologies and processes, and successfully applying them to projects and operations.


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from JNTU

Certified Salesforce Platform Developer-I (Certification#:17725347)

Technical Skills:

Salesforce CRM

Apex, Controllers, Visualforce, Salesforce1 Lightning, IDE, SOQL, SOSL, Triggers, Components, Controllers, Custom/Standard Objects, Reports and Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots, Custom Objects, Web services.

SFDC Tools IDE, Explorer, Eclipse Plug-in, Outlook Express, Data Loader, Excel Connector, RIVA, Chatter, App Exchange.

Salesforce API’s


Programming Languages

Java/J2ee, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Struts, SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, Apex.

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, Java Script, Dreamweaver and XML, Angular JS, jQuery

Servers & Tools

Weblogic, Apache Tomcat, MS Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


Oracle 10g/ 9i, SQL Server 2005/2008, My SQL, DB2

Source Control

Git, Github, SVN, CVS

Operating Systems

Windows 7/2000/NT/XP, Unix

Work Experience

Coco-cola – Atlanta, GA Jan 16 - Present

Title: Senior Salesforce Developer


Performed analysis, design, solutioning and development of user functional requirements and prepared technical design document.

Written complex SOQL, SOSL queries in the Apex Controllers, Triggers and Batch classes.

Designed and developed Apex Classes, Utility framework classes, Apex Triggers and Visualforce pages, Components.

Worked on salesforce1 custom mobile app development for displaying customer s account summary.

Used components PageBlock, PageBlockTable, PageMessages, ActionRegion, OutputPanel, CommandButton, ActionSupport and ActionFunction in the Visualforce page.

Enhanced UI using CSS, HTML, Visualforce components and used JavaScript, jQuery for front-end validation and control page level sections based on the user input.

Designed and performed rollout from Salesforce classic to Lightning, developed Lightning components using Aura framework, Lightning app builder and Lightning Design System for styling.

Developed Apex Restful web service classes for Java, Workday applications to access various SObjects customized data.

Written apex test methods for unit testing and code coverage of apex classes, triggers and web services and achieved 90% code coverage org wide.

Configured Cases object for varies business users which includes Email-to-Case, Assignment Rules, Escalation Rules with email alerts, Auto-Response rules and Support Process.

Performed administration tasks: creating Users, Roles, Profiles, Permission Sets, Sharing Rules, Certificate and Key Management.

Configured Connected App for OAuth based Authentication of salesforce for external applications.

Created Email communication templates which are used in Email Alerts in Workflow and Approval process.

Created Workflow Rules, Approval Process, Process Flows and related actions Tasks, Email Alerts, Field updates and Outbound messages to automate the business process.

Implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) in multiple Salesforce instances using SAML 2.0.

Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards) and setup report folders to authenticate users based on their profiles (permissions).

Involved in Data Mapping and Data Migration from varies database to Salesforce Objects and fields using Informatica On-Demand.

Deployed the changes from Sandbox to Production using Change Sets, Ant Migration tool/Script, and Eclipse IDE tools.

Workedon troubleshooting production issues and fixed the issues within the time frame and moved to production.

Environment: CRM, Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Custom Component, Custom Objects, Tabs, Page Layouts, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, REST, Communities, Reports, Dashboards, Sandbox, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Informatica, Apex Data Loader, Informatica, Git, CastIron.

GE Capital, Washington, DC Apr 15 – Dec 16

Title: Senior Salesforce Developer


Worked with end Business stake holders, business analysts and users for understanding requirements; analyzed and provided technical design and developed.

Written SOQL, SOSL queries in Apex Classes, Triggers, Batch classes and used custom settings in triggers to reduce no. of SOQL statements.

Written Apex Classes, Custom & Extension Controllers for customizations on Account, Campaign and other custom objects to create paginations and tabbed Visualforce pages and various other functional requirements.

Written apex SOAP web service classes for inbound calls to salesforce for consuming custom/standard objects data and generated WSDL and published to consumers.

Worked on salesforce communities and developed Visualforce pages with organization look and feel for the internal users.

Developed apex unit test classes and methods for unit test and maintained 90% code coverage across the organization.

Developed Visualforce pages using components like PageBlock, InputField, DataTable, Repeat, CommandLink, CommandButton and AJAX components ActionFunction, ActionSupport for rendering sections/fields in a page.

Developed rich user interface using HTML5, CSS and perform client-side validations using Java Script and jQuery.

Used IDE for creating/changing meta-data of Objects, Fields, Visualforce Pages, Apex classes, Triggers, debugging logs.

Enabled sites and developed site pages and used those pages in the communities.

Performed salesforce administration configuration activities Creating Users, Roles, Profiles, Permission Set, Public Groups, Queues, Outlook configuration, Communication Templates, Network IP filtering.

Worked on configuration and customizations of various Salesforce objects Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Pricebooks, Opportunity Products, Campaigns, Cases, Solutions Standard objects and Custom Objects.

Implemented the salesforce1 mobile application with navigation, notifications, offline, branding and classic configuration.

Configured SAML based Single Sign-On in the Production and Sandbox for authentication, also enable up Two-Factor Authentication Login requirements for Single Sign-On.

Developed Reports, Dashboards and Analytic snapshot for various business users on Opportunity Pipeline, Cases, Accounts and Custom objects.

Used Data Loader to bulk load data into salesforce from other databases by exporting them into CSV files.

Deployed application from Sandbox to other Sandbox as well as into Production environments using Change Set, Eclipse and Migration tool.

Configured price quote according to region and currency with using Apttus CPQ tool.

Environment: Salesforce CRM, Communities, Service cloud, Apex, Visualforce, Controllers, Batch, Web Services, SOAP, REST, WSDL, Workflows, Approval Process, Reports, Dashboards, Data Loader, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, IDE, Git, Migration tool, windows7.

Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH Jan 14 – Mar 15

Title: Senior Salesforce Developer


Used SOQL & SOSL language for data manipulation in the SObjects using platform database objects.

Written Apex Classes, Triggers and Visualforce pages for business customizations.

Implemented Communities for external customers and internal portal for internal users.

Developed custom Visualforce pages for community users.

Written apex SOAP web service classes in salesforce for external application to make inbound calls to salesforce.

Written apex unit Test Methods for code coverage and written test factory class to create test data.

Created org Role hierarchy, Profiles, Security Controls, Sharing Settings and Email templates.

Defined One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many relationships with the help of Lookup, Master-Detail and Junction Object among standard and custom objects.

Designed, implemented and developed the Custom Objects, Page Layouts, Custom Tabs, and Components to suit to the needs of the application.

Configured Cases object for varies business users which includes Assignment Rules, Escalation Rules with email alerts, Auto-Response rules, Support Process, and Email-to-Case.

Implemented Pick Lists, Dependent Pick Lists, Lookup, Junction Objects, Master-Detail Relationships, Validation, and Formula Fields to the custom objects.

Developed Workflow Rules, and Time Triggered workflows for various business requirements.

Involved in Data Mapping and Data Migration from varies database to Salesforce using Dell Boomi.

Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards) and setup report folders to authenticate users based on their profiles (permissions).

Managed sandboxs in the Org and migrated code from Sandbox to Production instances.

Worked as Production Support to help end-users in Login issues, Integration Issues, Data Migration, Workflows, Approval Process, Reports and Dashboards.

Environment: Salesforce, Apex Controllers, Web Services, Visualforce pages, Eclipse IDE, Import Wizard, Sharing Rules, Workflows, Approval Process, Email Updates, Data loader, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Migration tool.

Brocade Communications, San Jose, CA Nov 12 – Dec 13

Title: Salesforce Developer


Good experience in creating Apex Triggers, Apex Classes and Test Classes.

Proven experience in developed custom Business logic using Apex controllers like Standard, Custom and Extension, Visualforce pages.

Worked with SOQL, SOSL queries with Governor Limitations to store and download the data from Salesforce platform database.

Worked on XML Parsing and mapping the XML string into the object entities.

Implemented custom Javascript, HTML, JQuery and CSS in the Visualforce pages.

Worked on Customer Portal and Salesforce Communities.

Extensively worked on various Salesforce Standard objects like Accounts, Leads, Events, Tasks, Contacts.

Designed, developed and Customized Custom objects, Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules, Page layouts, Custom tabs and Visualforce Pages as per the business use cases.

Strong experience in establishing relationship between objects with Lookup and Master-Detail Relationships.

Created workflow rules and defined related tasks, email alerts, outbound messages and field updates.

Implemented security and sharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at different levels of organization, created Profiles and configured permissions based on the organizational hierarchy.

Configured third party apps like Form Assembly, Conga Composer, Calendar Anything and Grid Buddy.

Implemented Data Loader through the Command Line Interface to extract the data from database.

Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.

Good experience in deploying applications from Sandbox to Production using migration tools and Change Sets

Environment: Salesforce CRM, Apex Classes, Controllers, Visualforce, Custom Objects, Tabs, Email Services, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Dashboards, Security Controls, Sharing rules, SOAP, Webservice, XML, Eclipse IDE, IDE, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Evergent Technologies, Hyderabad, India Nov 2010 – Oct 2012

Title: Java/J2EE Developer


Used JSP's HTML on front end, Servlets as Front Controllers and JavaScript for client-side validations.

Created controller Servlets for handling HTTP requests from JSP pages.

Developed the entire application web-based client implementing MVC Architecture using spring framework.

Used spring framework to inject the DAO and Bean objects, auto wiring the components.

Worked on development of Hibernate, including mapping files, configuration file and classes to interact with the database.

Used SQL Queries in Java code to do select/update/delete depending upon the business requirement.

Also, used stored procedures connecting to the database using spring JDBC.

Used JAX-RS (REST) for producing web services and involved in writing programs to consume the web services.

Implemented the business logic using various Design patterns.

Developed Unit Test cases using jUnit

Used Log4j to capture the log that includes runtime exception and for logging info and are helpful in debugging the issues.

Deployed the complete Web and enterprise applications in JBoss application Server.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Java Beans, Web Services, SOAP, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Ajax, jQuery, JSP, XSD, XML, JBoss, CVS, Ant, Windows, Unix.

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