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Data Analyst

West Des Moines, IA, 50266
March 31, 2018

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Layton Peddicord, M.S.

West Des Moines, IA ****6 618-***-****


Strong quantitative science education in the disciplines of mathematics, statistics, and the life sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, genetics) with advanced skills in data analysis

Proficient in communicating and interpreting technical quantitative data to senior leadership for optimization and advancement decisions towards the business portfolio

Managed successful teams of junior scientists and contractors in the biotech industry on technical projects involving data collection, sampling, data management and data analyses

Passionately learning the programming languages (Python, R), visualization package (Visio), database and query systems (SQL, Access) along with GIS software (QGIS, ArcGIS) to advance skills towards becoming a data scientist


Master of Science, Genetics 2013

-Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Bachelor of Science, Genetic Engineering 2010

-Department of Biological Sciences, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL

-Minor: Mathematical Sciences (20 credit hours)

-Minor: Chemistry (24 credit hours)


-PMI Registered Education Provider (, LinkedIn Learning for PDU Credits)

Six Sigma Green Belt (Business: Project Management; 11 Hours, 7 Sections, 48.75 PDUs)


-MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive)

-Statistical Analysis Platforms (Tableau 10.5, JMP14 by SAS, Minitab 18, TIBCO Spotfire 7.11, Genedata Analyst)

-Data Management and Formatting (Pivot Tables, Stack/Subset/Transpose/Merge and Filter Data, Data Mining, Data Wrangling)

-Graphing and Visualizations (Graph Builder, Box Plots, Pareto Charts, Dot Plots, Scatterplots, Time Series Plots, Pie Charts, Histograms and Frequency Graphs, Bar Graphs, Probability Distribution Plots, Interval Plots, Fitted Line Plots, Treemaps, Area Charts)

-Statistical and Hypothesis Testing (Linear and Logistic Regression, Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Summaries, ANOVA Testing, Chi-Square Association Tests, Nonparametric Tests, Normality Tests, 1- and 2-Proportion and Variance Tests, 1- and 2-Sample T-tests, 1-Sample Z-Test, Outlier Detection and Testing)

-Multivariate and Predictive Analytics (Principal Component Analyses (PCA), Hierarchical Clustering and Heatmaps (HCA), K-Means Clustering, Partial Least Squares (PLS), Correlation, Factor Analysis, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Least Squares Imputation, Forecasting)

-Conclusions and Interpretations (Integrated Data Analysis and Interpretation, Presentations to Stakeholders and Senior Leadership, Technical Summaries, Understandable Conclusions to Drive Business Solutions, Data Performance Reporting)

Layton Peddicord Page 2


-Effective Communicator (Interpersonal Communication, Publication and Grant Writing, Oral Presentations, Listen Actively, Understanding of Leadership and Stakeholder Language)

-Leadership and Project Management (Employee Training, Team Scheduling, Positive Energy and Attitude, Passionate Motivator, Team Project Execution, Decision Making, Delegation of Tasks, Stakeholder Engagement, Cultivating Open Communication, Trained in Lean Six Sigma)

-Flexible and Compliant (Adjustable to Business Priorities and Changes, Cross Multidisciplinary)

-Team Player (Collaborative, Stakeholder Engagement, Accountable, Direction and Vision for Success, Encouraging, Innovative Ideas)

-Problem Solver (Analytical, Resourceful, Creative Thinker, Persistent, Brainstorming, Risk Analysis, Framing Situations, Protocol and Assay Development, Data-Driven, Customer Focused Solutions)

-Ethical Standards (Integrity and Honesty, Uphold Business Policies, Conflict and Crisis Resolution, Preventive Action, Culture of Trust and Respect)

-Time Management and Planning (Prioritizing Projects, Handling Pressure, Multitasking, Preparation and Anticipation, Goal Setting, Efficient Planner)

-Work Ethic and Dependable (see references on LinkedIn and in application supported documents for verification)


DuPont Pioneer, Johnston, IA 2016-2018

Senior Research Associate, Department of Agronomic Traits

Managed and coordinated sampling projects consisting of metabolite/phytohormone/RNA profiling in conjunction with integrated “big data” analyses across differing omics platforms (phenomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics). Supervised (up to 10) junior level scientists and contractors in performing various plant physiology and biochemical activities in both controlled environments and in the field setting on numerous occasions.

Led and initiated physiological and molecular sampling activities involving phenotypic responses to abiotic and biotic stress treatments (i.e. nitrogen depletion, drought) to optimize and edit new and existing gene leads in the Ag Traits pipeline portfolio

Directed and managed large datasets to look at integrative analyses from multiple omics platforms through multivariate unsupervised and supervised statistical approaches: linear regression, correlation matrices, hierarchical clustering heatmaps (HCA), principal component analysis (PCA) and predictive analytics (factor analysis, PLS)

Developed expertise in the statistical packages JMP by SAS and Genedata Analyst

Aerotek, Johnston, IA 2013-2016

Research Associate Contractor, Department of Agronomic Traits

Led and coordinated field and greenhouse activities involving data collection and physiological measurements focused around abiotic stress assays (drought and nitrogen use efficiency) to new and existing transgenic leads. Performed and executed metabolite profiling assays involving phytohormones, surface lipids (epicuticular wax) and primary metabolites (sugars and amino acids) across varying crop species (sorghum, maize, etc.). Maintained graphical models of metabolism through a pathway model approach to dissect and interpret gene mode of action.

Layton Peddicord Page 3

Designed and maintained greenhouse and field pot experiments for physiological assessment and molecular profiling in maize

Led in concluding and summarizing complex technical data (molecular and physiological) for the Trait Phenotyping team in the Ag Traits Department through advanced charts, graphical summaries and running descriptive statistics to make meaningful business decisions

Developed advanced skills in the statistical packages Minitab and TIBCO Spotfire

Iowa State University, Ames, IA 2010-2013

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology

Developed and implemented new biochemical metabolite extraction methods, assays, and protocols to dissect maize silk dynamics and composition. Leveraged analytical chemistry instruments (GC/MS) to identify, profile and quantify target compounds for protection against abiotic and biotic stress triggers (drought, insect feeding) on maize silks. Learned and developed skills in plant breeding and quantitative genetics through nursery management and trials utilizing the available IBMRIL and IBMDHL mapping populations.


Summer 2011-2013 Graduate Research Assistantship ~ $45,900

Fall 2011- U.S. Department of Energy ~ $8,500

Spring 2012-Current- (N. Lauter) Research Assistantship ~ $37,400

Fall 2010-Spring 2011 Genetics Graduate Research Assistantship ~ $16,000

Summer 2010 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) ~ $6,000

Fall 2009 Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program (URCA) $800


Spring 2006-2013 National Scholars Honor Society

Spring 2012-2013 Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society

Dean’s List: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2008; Kaskaskia College, 2006; Iowa State University 2011


Have attended company and university sponsored conferences/symposiums (6 posters defended)

Selected to speak at company and university sponsored professional meetings (>9 seminars)

Published (2)


See LinkedIn profile and “Professional References” document attached in the application submission

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