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Teacher School

Dubai, DU, United Arab Emirates
March 31, 2018

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Foundation Stage * Teacher

Sheetal Salunkhe

Sharjah, U.A.E

No- 056-***-****


I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for FS 2 teacher’s position within your organization. I am an exceptional teacher with the ability to create a teaching environment that is unique in character and designed to meet the needs of a specific location. I consider myself to be at the forefront of contemporary educational practice and someone who can easily engage with students, teachers, parents and community leaders alike in a manner that is open and inclusive.

With over 11 years of class room experience, two years of FS2 phase leader responsibility, Curriculum coordinator contract and head of Kindergarten responsibility I am eager to offer my services and expertise in order to provide all students an excellent learning environment to empower them for achieving their best.

As my resume will demonstrate, my teaching career geared towards the empowerment of elementary school children. I have strong passion to educate young minds and help them to blossom into well rounded, responsible and successful individuals. Throughout the course of my career, I have had wonderful opportunities to teach diverse groups of students including those with learning disability, those who performed all grade levels and those who were gifted/exceptions. As a result I have become proficient at designing creative and stimulating lesson plans which accommodate multiple intelligence, brings a hand-on approach to teaching and keep students interested and focus. I am so pleased to mention here that my class got outstanding class in the KHDA observations for the year 2011 and 2012. I possess

Good communication and convincing skills when leading a group.

Excellent track record of handling pressure and meeting deadlines.

Ability to perceive strategies for an effective learning environment.

Strong belief in Child empowered learning and effective facilitation of child initiated activities.

Excellent ability to concurrently manage classroom of children at varying levels, while meeting rigorous performances standards and demanding schedules.

Ability to build a structured, nurturing classroom environment for helping each child realize their fullest potential.

Strong ability to individualize the curriculum to meet of all levels of students in the same class room.

My greatest strength includes inspiring and motivating teachers and students. I actively engage their eager minds by incorporating a variety of manipulative, enjoyable activities and cooperative learning projects. In addition I tailor lesson plans to meet their diverse interests as well as demonstrate direct connections between the class room and everyday life. Furthermore I hold parent and teacher conferences on a regular basis to promote parent participation in the educational basis, reinforce education at home and boost students self confidence and self-esteem (like using ICT to enhance learning, Class room environment to facilitate active learning and Child Empowered Learning at home). I strongly believe that all children can learn and with that belief children do learn.

I look forward with great anticipation to discussing with you the many ways in which I can make a significant contribution to your educational program. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Sheetal Salunkhe

Sheetal Salunkhe

P.o. Box no.22414, Sharjah

Mob. No. 056-*******



M A. (Honors) - English literature (Regular - B+)

B Ed. – Major English (Regular - A Grade)

D Ed. - Elementary school Education. (Regular - A Grade)

C.I.E. - (University of Cambridge International Examination) In

Outstanding teaching practices and approaches (Regular - Pass with Merits)

Described by parents and teachers as:

Industrious ~ Positive ~ diligent ~ personable ~ Professional ~ organized ~ Enthusiastic Knowledgeable

Experience gained within varied practical and creative roles, mainly in early childhood learning. Believing in a mature, constructive and eclectic teaching approach and effective relationships between staff, students and parents are crucial to providing a stimulating learning environment that celebrates the achievements of every individual and enables them to reach their full spiritual, academic, social, creative and physical potential and meeting school mandate.

Key skills and experience

1.Excellent knowledge of EYFS 5. Teamwork

2.Extracurricular teams 6. Creative / interactive

3.Hand on writing plans / reports teaching

4.Understanding of child psychology 7. Excellent communication skills

5.Excellent Leadership qualities 8. IT skills


An experimental teacher and responsible phase leader.

Passionate leader with excellent record of handling pressure and meeting deadlines.

Dedicated kindergarten teacher with comprehensive background in providing quality instruction and fostering a positive learning environment.

Background providing quality instruction and fostering a positive learning environment.

Demonstrated ability to provide strategic classroom management, organization, and effective discipline.

Possess cross-functional background in all levels of curriculum development and implementation.

Proven history of assuming responsibility and meeting deadlines. Strong organizational, leadership, problem solving, and technical skills including extensive knowledge of an instruction in word processing, databases, and related software.

Professional experience and achievements

U. A. E

GEMS Cambridge International, Dubai- IGCSE/Foundation stage 2 teacher

Class teacher Phase Leader FS 2 Oct. 2010- April 2013

Recorded and monitored student progress, planed and prepared lessons, and evaluated and assessed student needs for multi-grade curricula.

Promoted a strong nurturing learning environment through supervision and implementation of classroom instruction.

Facilitated and guided reading, writing, and oral language skills and deliver highly skilled reading intervention instruction.

Held parent and teacher conferences on a regular basis. to promote participation in the educational basis, reinforce education in the home and boost students self-confidence and self-esteem ( like using ICT to enhance learning, Class room environment to facilitate active learning and Child Empowered Learning)

Have attended several personal development programs held by Gems including the CIE certificate for teacher’s course.

Al Ameen Privet School, Dubai-

Curriculum coordinator Contract 2013/14


Introduced New EYFS curriculum - When I walked in Al Ameen School the curriculum at this point was really stale and needed to get reenergized. So I reenergized the curriculum by introducing New EYFS curriculum.

Introduced new planning system including long term, medium term, weekly and daily planning, various types of assessments and yearly activity and field trip calendar.

Introduced New Phonic program with reading strategy assessment system

Introduced ‘outdoor Learning Area’, Learning Centre’s in the class rooms as well as restructured FS activity room with real kitchen, ICT center and various learning opportunities

Introduced free flow system for child empowered learning

Restructured ‘Physical Development area’ with appropriate play gym and equipment’s for all round development of children.

Trained all teachers for effective use of all facilities and expectations of New EYFS curriculum

The Indian Academy School, Sharjah- CBSE School with EYFS Curriculum

Head of Kindergarten May. 2016 – Dec. 2017

Introduced new Kg revised curriculum with inculcating best of EYFS into CBSE curriculum to make it more interesting, child centered and challenging.

Introduced new planning system with assessment strategies, weekly update and monthly newsletters.

Introduced OLA, ICT, Rumpus Room, KG Library, Performing Arts lesson, Fireless cooking, Innovation in learning lessons in KG.

Oriented parents on new revised KG curriculum as well as for wise parenting.

Prepared KG curriculum map, KG scheme of work, action plan for KG, KG whole year event calendar and KG self-evaluation.

Trained all the teachers by mentoring, observations, workshops and demo lessons.

Organised events, competitions, field trips, parental engagement week, Islamic art fiesta in KG.

Indian Excellent Pvt. School, Sharjah April 2007- 9th 0ct.2010

Class teacher FS. 2

Oversaw all elements of classroom instruction and management including planning and implementation of lessons, progress documentation and observation, and assessment and evaluation of student needs. Worked as a literacy and activity coordinator.

Introduced inclusive program to track student progress and cultivated a positive learning environment by promoting mental, social, emotional, and motor skills development.

Met all increasing intake demands. Organized theme days, extended reading, writing and science week.

Instructed students in library media skills and implemented comprehensive library skills program to assist students in basic research strategies.


Canossa Convent High School, April 2001- June 2004

Class teacher: Grade 1 and 2

Developed excellent rapport with students and staff.

Fulfill student needs by adapting to all grade levels, conducting quality teaching, and maintaining a comfortable and safe learning environment.

P. B. M. High school June 2004 -2006

Class teacher: FS 2

Directed planning, development and implementation of classroom activities; ensured children's social, physical, spiritual, and mental development in accordance with school policies and procedures.

Ensured harmonious relationships between staff members, volunteers, and the parents.

IT Skills: Excellent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and Email


MA. (Honors) : English literature, B+ (2006- North Maharashtra University)

B Ed. : A Grade with Distinction (2014- North Maharashtra University)

D Ed (2 years) : A Grade with Distinction (2001- Pune University)

CIE : Pass with merits (Cambridge International Education, UK)

Personal Details

Nationality : Indian

Date of Birth: 01/ 06/ 1981

Status : Married with two children

Sheetal Salunkhe


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