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Data Mechanical Engineering

Noida, UP, India
March 30, 2018

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SAP SCM / APO Functional Consultant



Over 9 years of experience in SAP ECC (SD, PP, MM) along with SCM box- package of Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO) with hands on configuration experience in Demand Planning (DP), Global Availability to Promise (g-ATP), Supply Network Planning (SNP) and Production Planning and Detail Scheduling (PPDS). Possess clear understanding of cross-functional applications in SAP APO industrial scenarios. Ability to communicate effectively with client and team members. Possess strong analytical, diagnostic, troubleshooting and problem solving skills.

Skillset and Work Experiences:

ECC and Other Modules: Worked in Various Business Cycles OTC, PTP, Discrete Manufacturing, Repetitive Manufacturing with PP- Master data, bill of materials, Routing, MRP, Capacity planning, Creating PIR etc... also worked in SD, MM, VMS, MES Modules.

Data Interface between APO and R/3 – Logical Systems, RFC Destinations & Connections, Integration Models, Models & Versions, Release/Transfer from APO – DP to SNP and R/3, Master and Transaction Data.

ABAP: Worked to Identify enhancements use full for Custom logic and support experience via debugging for issues.

SAP APO/BW-HANA- Demand Planning – Data Mart setup; Info source, Info Cubes, Update Rules, Loading Flat files – Excel Files, MPOS, Planning Area, Planning Book, Data Views, Proportional Factors, Time Bucket Profiles, Life Cycle Planning, Promotion Planning, Release of PIR to SNP and DP to R/3, Forecasting Profiles, Alerts and Advanced Macros/ Alerts.

Supply Network Planning (SNP) - Planning Methods (Heuristics, Optimization) Planning run, Integration with PP/DS and Configuration, Transportation Lanes, Work Areas, SNP PDS, Resource capacity planning, Heuristics with Aggregated planning and Forecast consumption of orders.

Production Planning and Detail Scheduling (PPDS) - Planning runs - heuristic, optimizer, Detailed Scheduling planning board, Production Planning table, Setup Matrix, Model Mix Planning, Production Campaign, Converting SNP orders to PPDS, PPDS Profiles, Master Data.

Global Available to Promise (GATP) – Basic and advanced gATP Config, Product allocation, Rules based Availability check, Backorder processing, along with Multi level ATP with functional enhancements on use of User Exits, with use of Web Services and legacy Systems. Extensive support and Lead experience.

IBP for Sales and Operations Planning: App Version 1705 SP1 with Hana Cloud integration for reporting and data modeling applications.


Nvidia, Santa Clara, CA Sep 17 – till Date

Industry Sector: Semiconductor

American technology company based in Santa Clara, California. It designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming, cryptocurrency, and professional markets, as well as system on a chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market along with Its primary GPU product line it’s also center for Artificial Intelligence Computing Leadership.

Role: g-ATP (SCM 7.EHP 4, ECC 6.0 EHP 7) 1- Implementation


Was Leading a Role-out Project as architect to enable Boards ATP process.

Performed Complete configuration of product allocation including settings in Demand Planning

Lead regional and global business unit planning teams to implement, maintain and enhance the current business processes for APO Rollouts using Global template.

Maintain Characteristics View where we group together products with characteristics.

Configured material in the ECC system and specify the requested characteristic value assignment.

Set up rules for rules for characteristics substitution

Designed the ATP check where product availability check is carried out in SAP APO at characteristic level (CDP).

Setting up BOP jobs (normal / cancel confirmation) etc.

Setting up SDRQC21 jobs to delete the inconsistencies to avoid the overconsumption issues.

Setting up the rules and Setting up CTP functionality as per the requirement.

Setting up CIF jobs required for gATP. Setting up production allocations.

Creation of process chains along with required BW objects for Daily back up cubes for planning area data.

Set up OSS notes for inconsistency jobs which capture the inconsistencies generated before subjecting to cleaning activity.

Worked on third party order processing along with Scheduling using condition technique in APO.

Worked on SNP issues and Supported the SNP integration into Forecast transfer into Planning books.

Also, was Involved in BW upgrade and share source and was responsible for reporting via BW on HANA

Illumina, San Diego, CA Jan 17 – Sep 17

Industry Sector: Mechanical Engineering

Illumina, Inc. is an American company incorporated in April 1998 that develops, manufactures and markets integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function.

The company provides a line of products and services that serve the sequencing, genotyping and gene expression and proteomics markets.

Role: g-ATP Consultant (SCM 7.EHP 4, ECC 6.0 EHP 7) 1- Implementation.


Was responsible to Interpret requirements and ensure that system and process solution give the business what is needed.

Working with the Business team for GAP Analysis and for TO- BE process for implementation of gATP.

Maintained CIF Integration models for Master and Transaction Data Transfer between R/3 and APO.

Configured the Rule based avail check with Location and product Substitution.

Designed enhancements to enable custom functionality of business in term on how quality stock should be considered for ATP.

Also worked on Scheduling Using Configurable Process Scheduling along with Activate Multi-Item Single Delivery Location function for few order scenarios.

Trained end users along with Document creation gATP standard functions.

Building and testing the system in HPQC and performed SIT testing.

Pilot phase go live and Cut over activities are managed along with Security and role identification.

Was responsible for Post go live support and defect resolution activities along with team management from off-shore deliverables.

John Deere, Moline, IL Jan 14 – Nov 16

Industry Sector: Mechanical Engineering

Deere & Company is one of the world's most admired businesses. It’s a world leader in providing advanced products and services of customers whose work is linked to the land. Manufactures-agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment.

Role: Lead Techno functional g-ATP/DP Consultant (SCM 7.0, ECC 6.0) 3-Implementaions and 4 Roll outs.


Lead the requirement gathering and solution design process with business leads and users along with other key organization members.

Performed Fit/Gap analysis for all designs of implementation

Defined and Designed the Global template for g-ATP across the manufacturing plants distribution centers.(MTO/MTS)

Defined and Designed the Global template for g-ATP across the Sales Branches of Australia and Europe.(MTS)

Demonstrated the key functionalities of g-ATP along with whiteboard design of sequential process of ATP based on the Branch and Factory requirements, was involved to shape methods to use existing Forecast of legacy ERP and SAP ECC & APO systems.

Extensively worked on System configuration for 2 Major implementations and 4 subsequent role outs with implementation specific enhancements and configuration.

Worked on Implementations with various functionalities in g-ATP

Worked with both Standard and web (OLTP orders) via SAP Web services using soap Gateway and SAP PI mapping.

Worked on Product allocation with enhancement to allocation check for MTO business process. Allowing allocation checks across multiple planning books prior to sale order create.

Rule based RBA with Product and Location Substitution for MTS orders to minimize order to delivery lead time and leverage the full distribution network.

Advance check where Allocation Check + RBA with Multiple rules and MRP areas level substitutions for (MTO/MTS) order requirements. Used multiple access sequence and rule strategy.

Multi-level ATP check with enhancements in user exits for Order Management Program with (OTC)

Setup Back order processing (BOP) for all implementation with variations on Batch and Interactive BOP with enhanced custom screens with dynamic variant for user section BOP.

Worked with design and config of DP/BW process

Built Data sources to load Base Line Forecast report

Built various info providers to load data in info cubes for selective and constrained forecast loads.

Built multiple Process chains with DP planning jobs to perform load, calculate and maintain critical business data for order activity in planning books controlled by event trigger jobs and daily/weekly process chains runs.

Supported issues with complex variants and BW jobs running periodically to reduce performance impact.

Supported issues with ongoing changes and updates for BW data Cubes and process chain variants.

Worked extensively on Demand planning configuration, macro logics.

Worked with ABAP developers to explore possible options to match client specific requirements and worked with core development team to build core logic for custom functionalities.

Worked on Water fall methodology on one major implementation and was sharing key responsibilities as product owner in Agile methodology transition that the company adapted for IT department.

Agile CA Rally tool was extensively used for Project (PSI) planning and user story creation for functional and Development team members.

As product owner worked with business leads for feature design and delivery dates and cycle testing’s for business in quality environment.

Worked on all phases of support from hyper care phase using firefighter ID in production to stabilize the critical issues along with subsequent tickets that were solved via HPQC tracker.

Experienced in designing and modifying the standard gATP functionality by using enhancement techniques to match customer requirements

Well-rounded over all end to end implementation experience with over 3 implementations and 4 roll outs.

Worked extensively with the all the support and functional / technical issues during various cycle test and also post implementations. Worked with remote team to facilitate the urgent and critical issues during go-live and rollouts.

Worked in ABAP debugging sessions to find and fix issues in custom functionalities across various implementations.

Worked on cross functionally with various teams like VMS and SD, MM.

Worked on prototype project assignments in SNP.

Enhanced interactive planning board for SNP location heuristics of daily and monthly planning book.

Transferred sale order history/ demand from plant to MRP area and ran SNP heuristics to create purchase requisitions (PR's).

IBP with S&OP with Hana: (POC/Feasibility -Project)

Worked with SAP America on the initial feasibility study for IBP –S&OP for the Planning.

Worked on how to modify an existing planning model to match the Cloud data storage and retrieval process.

Worked on Loading Customer data directly from the SAP IBP for S&OP tool.

Use cloud-based data integration using HCI to load data from source system (e.g.,


Worked on shares source integration with HANA data base for building table reads and key index identifiers.

Worked with HANA development team to build ATP reports for Front end data and inventory search.

HD- Harley Davidson, Milwaukee, WI Apr 13 – Jan 14

Industry Sector: Mechanical Engineering

Harley Davidson is, without doubt, the most iconic motorcycle producer in the world, the Motor Company produces heavyweight motorcycles and offers a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories, apparel, and general merchandise.

Role: PPDS Consultant / Architect (SCM 7.0, ECC 6.0)


Responsible for mapping the paint process, Conducted Blueprint workshops gathering requirements.

Demonstrated SAP PP/DS functionalities in Sandbox as Proof of Concept to match the requirements.

Created and Activated CIF Integration Models to transfer Master Data from ECC to APO involving Material Masters, BOMs, Recipes, Production versions to define Product, Resource Master and Production Data Structures (PDS)

Configured Locations, Production Planners, Overall Profile, Time Profile, Strategy Profile, Planning Board Profile, Alert Profile, Propagation range, finiteness level etc..,

Demonstrated the planning evaluation tools like Product view, Product Planning table, DS Planning board, Resource Planning table etc..,

Setup required Master data using Variant configuration (VC) for various business processes like In-house production, Sub-contracting, and Alternate resources, in ECC.

Worked on solution-ing the requirements to SAP PPDS functionality, Discussed and concluded on the Planning and scheduling of paint process.

Demonstrated the various panning options that align with the business process, and identified the GAPS to costume developments.

Configured the various scheduling options in PPDS Block planning and Campaign planning for a demo in sandbox.

Demonstrated the various functionalities in Campaign planning and block planning for the master data created and identified the maintenance on PPDS master data.

Worked on setting up Set up groups and setup matrices for sequencing and scheduling the operations at every resource to reduce the setup time and wait time.

Demonstrated Pegging, Propagation, Conversion of Orders, Set-up matrix, Block Planning processes.

Prepared documentation on Conversion Data objects, Configuration documents and functional specifications as per Harley-Davidson GT-1 project templates.

Columbia Sports, Portland, OR. Jan 12 – Mar 13

Industry Sector: Manufacturing and Retail

Columbia Sports is the global leader in the Climate control Fabric and fashion. With head quartets at Portland, Oregon employing 4,000 people with various manufacturing and distribution center across the world. .

Role: DP & SNP Consultant / Technical functional Support (SCM 7.0, ECC 6.0)


Demand Planning:

Worked on Configuration of APO-Demand Planning MPOS, Planning Areas; Designing Planning Books & Data Views; Designing Macros; Maintain Time Bucket Profiles & Storage Bucket Profiles; Maintaining Forecast Profiles, Release Profiles, Transfer Profiles

Worked on the areas of Administrator Workbench in APO including: Creating Info Areas, Info Catalogs, Custom Characteristics and Key Figures; Creating Info Cubes ODS Objects and their Update Rules; Creating Info Sources with transfer rules & Info Objects

Configure DP to demonstrate different forecast method for training purpose.

Create info cubes, info-objects catalog for characteristics & key figures; map it to R/3 and BW for sales history data and writing the planning data on the info cubes.

Configure planning area initialize planning area in different demo model/version to demonstrate forecasting with BOM and different forecasting methods.

Set up forecast profile, set VMI scenario for R&D and training

Worked on reassigning Forecast Profile to get accurate forecasts

Worked on Demand Planning Master Data

Maintained Material Master Data, Customer Master Data and Vendor Master Data and transferring the data into APO

Rolled out a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program with key accounts to drive significant channel inventory and cycle time improvements

Supply Network Planning (SNP)

Set up the SNP master profile (demand and master profile).

Set up supply chain master data (product parameters, storage and transport resource, PPM)

Set up the supply chain model (work areas-location, products, resources, PPM, transportation lanes and quota arrangements)

Created cost and optimization profile for SNP optimizer.

Created planning versions to find optimization parameters that give most accurate results.

Set up the deployment heuristic and created deployment optimization profile.

Created and assigned TLB profile to transportation lane.

Tempur-Pedic International Inc, Lexington, KY Feb 11 – Nov 11

Industry Sector: Manufacturing

Tempur-Pedic manufactures mattresses, pillows, and related products. The company's offerings, sold under the Tempur and Tempur-Pedic brand names, are featured globally by retailers (furniture, department, specialty stores), direct-response efforts and the Internet, health care channels (chiropractors, medical retailers, hospitals), and third-party distributors.

Role: PPDS Consultant (APO 5.1, R/3 4.6c)


Rollout of Process manufacturing, strategies for business requirements.

Trained end users in creation and confirmation of Process orders for Frame and Finished Goods.

Created Functional Specification documents to Material Master, Bill of Material (BOM) and Routing extension and upload programs. (Function Module & BDC).

Configured MRP type, MRP Controller, Schedule margin key.

Worked with FI team in creating guidelines and training for Product Costing.

Assisted with Variant Configuration.

Working with the APO team for GAP Analysis and also for TO- BE process for implementation of PPDS.

Working with the WM team for Inventory Reconciliation of Finished Goods.

Worked with the BASIS team and IT team on issues of Intelligent Pallet Label, basically PP-PI issues.

Maintained CIF Integration models for Master and Transaction Data Transfer between R/3 and APO.

Maintained PPDS master data such as Resources and PPM.

Maintained Detailed Scheduled Planning Board profile.

Assisted in Planning parameter settings, strategy profile, time profile and optimization profile.

Maintained the PP/DS heuristics, Product Planning Table.

Worked on PPM/PDS explosion and scheduling, firming, pegging, setup times, converted planned orders in PPDS.

Developed User training documents and conducted Knowledge Transfer.

Client: Ralson (India) Limited, India Apr 09 – Dec 10

Role: SAP MM / PP (SAP R/3 4.6C)

Ralson India Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Bicycle Tires and Tubes, Motorcycle Tires, bike Tires, LCV Tires, ADV Segment Tires, Farm Tires etc.,


Studied and analyzed the client’s business process requirements.

Configured and customized material master, bill of material, work center and routing.

Customized planning strategies, requirement type and requirement classes.

Worked on Make to stock Planning strategy

Responsible for Customizing various MRP types, MRP Group, lot size calculation, scheduling margin key and procurement proposals.

Was responsible for fixing issues in MRP execution and

Responsible for Documenting configuration in the IMG, finalizing and reporting requirements, maintained Planned Independent Requirements by transferring data from Sales and operation Planning

Configured Production order, Scheduling, Availability check, Goods movements


Masters In Computer Science – Part time – University of Virginia 2010-12.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer- science 2008 from JNTU Hyderabad.

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