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Active Directory Customer Service system administrator desktop support

Chicago, IL
March 30, 2018

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Chicago, IL 60640

773-***-**** Home

312-***-**** Cell

SUMMARY: IT leading professional for over (15), years. Responsibilities were acting as System Security Administration; Desk Top Support, Team Lead and training team in customer service, implementing updating and enforcing the rules and regulations’ as well as the agreements of Risk Management, Outlook, Exchange Office 365 email issues and a variety of applications. Highly experienced in SharePoint creation and support and monitoring help desk ticketing systems, such as Remedy and ServiceNow, notifying staff when tickets are approaching falling out of SLA. Strong desire to excel in System Security Risk Management. True desire to grow within a stable company.

Industries: DeVry University, Department of Revenue, City of Chicago Business License, Tax, False Burglar Alarms and Public Way Use, Health Department, Cable Companies, Federal Government (Homeland Securities) and Finance.

Methodologies: Federal and Security Systems Administrator, Team Lead, Quality Assurance, Network, Help Desk Support, CSR, Business Requirements, Federal Security, and training. Network/Admin, support and Training.

Risk Management/Security: Ability to test, configure, deploy, install, implement, maintain, patch, upgrade, refresh, administer and support the following technologies

Symantec PKI, End Point Protection, request certificates, deployment, installation and configuration

PC’s, Laptops, Desktops, Mac Machines were configured, reimaged and supported.

Federal Security Management responsibilities

Remotely used and installed Exchange Skype, Skype for Business, Bomgard, WebEX and Sametime

Education users on the rules and regulations of the Federal Security Servers/portal

Removed Hard Drives and stored separating properly storing Hard drives with Legal Holds.

Handled high levels of the flow of Data Queries using AccessNow, Active Directory.EFT, GlobalScape, and Lotus Spreadsheets.

Microsoft Office 365, installation, support

Windows 7,8, and 10 support edit, remove, add menu items in windows

Adding, removing program shortcuts to desktop or pinning to task bar and adding to startup in windows, or removing programs from startup when experiencing slow performance as well as removing applications that are in conflict with windows.

Start in safe mode when problems booting in windows

Restore with System restore when needed.

Used a variety of windows diagnostic commands for Checking network settings with ip config, netstat for TCP/IP connections, ports, etc

Ping to check address and connections for issues to resolve

RDP to a remote desktop connection to resolve issues

Windows updates, installations and troubleshooting

Rebooting windows in safe mode

Decipher if issue is hardware or software by testing

Restore, backup, reinstall windows

Check task manager for problems with slow performance

Run Scan for spyware for computer issues

View Reliability Monitor for history issues, and possible resolutions, check for security and maintenance when resolutions are not listed.

Utilize Performance Information and Tools, Advanced, for further performance issues, which provide suggestions for resolutions

VMWare Management, adding, deleting users and troubleshooting

GlobalScape, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard Server Manager

Configured using (MMC) Microsoft Management Console

Managed and configured (DNS), domain name system) dslookup, ipconfig. flushdns, for information pertaining to IP addresses, as well as DHCP, (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

Utilized (MMC) for Microsoft Management Console for snap-ins and other administration for managing and monitoring systems in Windows-based environments.

Utilized Group Policy in AD (Active directory) defining user, security and networking policies at the machine level.

Implemented and maintained Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks, (WAN) Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and the corporate Intranet and Internet connections.

RSA Token Support, for computer service authorization, troubleshooting, adding, deleting for physical and soft tokens.

McAfee Web Gateway for various configurations and administration

Excellent Troubleshooting Skills on Mcafee Web/Mail Gateway

Co-ordination with multiple stake holders / Third party Vendors for break-fix.

Excellent listening skills & ability to communicate clearly and fluently in English

Handled the lead and participated in proper escalation for outage calls



Ticketing Systems:

Microsoft 2007, 2010

Microsoft 2011 (MAC)

Manage VPN

Windows XP

Windows 7, 8, 10

Windows NT

Internet Explorer 11

Java 7.67

Windows Vista

Novell Client



Adobe 10.1.2,

Citrix Xenapp Client, SQL

Microsoft Office 365


Anti-virus tools

CA Service Desk Manager VS. 12.9


Crystal Reports Management

Remedy 7.0, 7.6

Certido (proprietary tracking

System w/Keane Inc

Iris CS Tracking systems

Remote Service Ghost Imaging

MS Exchange

Skype, Skype for Business


AD (Active Directory)

Lotus Notes

Java /Flash



GlobalScape EFT

Adobe Creative Suites

Crystal Reports

Windows Server 2003- 20078

VPN Security

Maas360 (iphone, ipads)

Symantec PKI


Chrome, Safari


Collabera Inc.

Contract: - (BCBSIL) Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

(HCSC) Health Care Service Corporation (Short Term)

Information Security- Data Control Analyst

March 2017 – June 2017

Held the responsibility of passing the exams for HIPAA laws and making sure all new employees passed the test successfully.

Managed detailed requirements for users by communicating with upper management.

Assist with management of SharePoint sites, adding users, and providing necessary permissions for access.

Detailed oriented with an expertise and highly focused customer support

Installed, configured and supported Skype for Business

Utilized Bomgar, and Skype for remote Assistance

Utilized (MMC) Microsoft Management Console for snap-ins and other administration for managing and monitoring systems in Windows-based environments.

Utilized Group Policy settings in GPO (Group Policy Objects) in AD (Active directory) defining user, security and networking policies at the machine level

Utilized Exchange, pinged address for Network issues, and utilized monitoring tools for connection issues.

Skype for business for occasional communication with clients and staff

ServiceNow ticketing system, follow up and remote assistance.

Updating ServiceNow Articles when needed

Maintaining and educating Risk Management responsibilities

Responsible for passing exams as needed for Compliance Agreements

Providing users information and access for new roles and cleanup of Top Secret reports.

Maintained and revised Top Secret Documentation in RSAM, a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform that we are using to manage, organize and analyze data associated with Risk Management and Compliance for systems

Responsibility for informing users of HIPAA laws and maintaining compliance with the rules and regulations at BCBSIL-HCSC.

Adding users to roles in Access Now, in Information Security/Top Secret new roles/ groups and confirming users access in AccessNow, Active directory and Lotus spreadsheets.

Confirmed user roles and updated information with managers for server and application updates, with the proper permissions and flow chart of infrastructure

Provided update of materials and projects

Symantec PKI, walking users through process restart for certification, deployment, configurations and installation.

Monitor parsing through logs for wire shark / netmon captures and trouble-shooting skills across DNS/web monitoring.

Accessed/run mmc to add and remove Snap-Ins

Utilized Webex for Risk Management Department meetings.

Utilized and installed, Bomgard, and Skype for Business

Communicated and resolved issues with software Microsoft 365, Jabbers and Sametime

Assisting with inventory and update of new user roles.

Maintained, created and assisted with SharePoint sites

The Judge Group

Contract: Truven Health Analytics an IBM Company

Security System Administrator – Technical Support

December 14, 2016 – March 24, 2017

This position held the responsibility for the maintenance, installation, upgrades, backups, removed and stored hard drives, standard configurations and other technical duties related to the functional area standard operating procedures.

Chosen to head off the inventory for the return of the Truven Health laptops and desktops, shipping to the corporate office and by the due date, which ended my contract. This position included support and leverage automation to decrease overall system deployment and support cycle time utilizing Symantec Administration, & PKI product key infrastructure Client Management configuration. (PKI) supports the distribution and identification of public encryption keys, enabling users and computers to both securely exchange data over networks such as the Internet and authenticate the identity of the other party.

●Respond to requests & make recommendations for improving system processes, performance & reliability. Supporting, monitoring and managing the ServiceNow ticketing system, escalating tickets when needed

●Utilized (MMC) for Microsoft Management Console for snap-ins and other administration for managing and monitoring systems in Windows-based environments.

●Implemented Group Policy in AD (Active directory) defining user, security and networking policies at the machine level

●Utilized anti-virus updates, and patches

●Documented processes and knowledge articles.

●Monitoring tools parsing through logs for wire shark

●Netmon captures and analyze network traffic and trouble-shooting

●Create and support and adding users to SharePoint sites.

●Adding users and placing users in proper groups in AD (Active Directory)

●Creating ou (organizational units), in Active Directory for proper permissions.

●Updating laptops, desktops, & Macs for inventory listing in our inbox inventory Excel spreadsheet, MS Office 365, Skype for Business

●Provided Certification processes, configuration, deployment/installation for Symantec PKI

●Utilized Bomgar, Skype and Sametime for remote assistance.

●Reset and unlocked user passwords, and explained password process.

●Added users to the appropriate groups in Active Directory, SharePoint sites and Microsoft Outlook 365.

●Configured user profiles according to location and department.

●Carry out process of builds and deployments, and support, replacing MS Outlook, Exchange, Skype for business with IBM Notes, Sametime, and Verse

●Monitoring tools parsing through logs for wire shark

●Netmon captures and analyze network traffic and trouble-shooting.

●Frequently assisted users by remote access, Skype for Business, Sametime and Bomgar

●Document standards, processes and procedures & guidelines for functional area

●Support and leverage automation to decrease overall system deployment and support cycle time.

●Monitor & analyze systems and prepare reports provided for Risk Management.

●Maintained inventory new IBM Dells for IBM and returned laptops, desktops, docking stations and removed and stored hard drives.

●Responsibility of maintaining, inventory of legal holds, removing and hard drives and storing appropriately.

●Managing PKI, walking users through process of adding certification. Accessing/run mmc to add and remove Snap-Ins

●Serve as 2nd and 3rd level support for the technology services functional area

●Partner with Senior Peers to maintain system performance and reliability

●Assist technical groups in revising technical documentation

●Support and leverage automation to decrease overall system deployment and support cycle time

●Participate in system and technical testing efforts, and Symantec Administration

●Document standards, processes and procedures, and guidelines for functional area

●Understanding various system interdependencies and collaborate with project teams accordingly

Apex Systems - Chicago, IL

Contract: Deloitte & Touche June, 2015 to December, 2016

Federal Security System Administrator – Technical Support

As Federal Security Systems Administrator, provided morning presentation in morning daily meeting, by sharing screen of SLA Status, for Service Desk tickets out of SLA and slipping out of SLA, and request status and follow up with clients in meeting

●Created users in Active Directory in a script within an Excel inventory spreadsheet, often modifying script with direction.

● Supported users who utilized a variety of applications, by carefully documenting processes and knowledge articles according to specific coding in ServiceNow/Remedy systems

●Updated material for Project Managers and escalated to appropriate department

●Utilized (MMC) Microsoft Management Console for snap-ins and other administration for managing and monitoring systems in Windows-based environments.

●Utilized Group Policy settings in GPO (Group Policy Objects) in AD (Active directory) defining user, security

●Respond and followed up with requests and made recommendations for improving system processes, performance & reliability. Supporting, monitoring and managing the ServiceNow ticketing system, escalating tickets when needed

●Utilized (MMC) for Microsoft Management Console for snap-ins and other administration for managing and monitoring systems in Windows-based environments.

●Implemented Group Policy in AD (Active directory) defining user, security and networking policies at the machine level

●Notified users of Network issues and resolved within SLA agreement standards time.

●Remotely, assisted users with Federal technical issues, by Skype, and expanded storage on servers using vSphere and server management tools, log into vSphere, Web Client, expand disk space, rescan the disk, and verify disk drive has been expanded.

●Provided levels three and four Technical Support for Federal Deloitte Consulting Services, in Chicago IL, for DFED, Deloitte Federal Enclave VPN. Determine support within the ticketing system, and escalate to appropriate teams when required. Assisted users’ by defining internal and external users’ login methods for access to DFED, and provide proper documentation for user to submit for approval for DFED access.

●Maintained adding, disabling, enabling, reactivating, unlocking users, and managed groups in (AD) Active Directory. Troubleshooting permissions on AD as well as GlobalScape, EFT and SharePoint.

●Remotely removed users from servers, when users failed to logout and experienced lock out of several accounts in AD

●Provided information to Project Managers and assisted users with process to access certifications for PKI through MMC on Windows Server R2003

●Responsible for adding users to project servers and Folders (Jump Servers)

●Supported users for over 1000 SharePoint sites/servers, and 4000 Plus Deloitte employees and vendors for Federal SharePoint and Project server Troubleshooting issues.

●Customized Scoreboard in the Service Desk Ticketing System, by adding new groups and users.

●Deleted, added and modified users and their access

●Informed users of Deloitte Federal Practice Restrictions, and created RFCs’ as well as sending encrypted emails for RFC Change Order, approval creations for Firewall rules submitted to the Network Operations Team.

●Managed best practices within infrastructure for ITIL

●Completed GlobalScape (EFT) Enhanced File Transfer provisioning for External and Internal users and Configured GlobalScape (EFT) permissions on the Servers, verifying if the Security group membership exist, and create new project folders for EFT access. Verify permissions on the project folders on the server.

●Deployment, installation and request certificates for PKI,on Windows Server 2003

●Modified scripts in Windows Powershell, when adding users in active directory when needed.

●Create new user settings templates, setting external and internal users’ EFT to Security Groups, added templates and users in Federal GlobalScape EFT Server Management System and handled Federal Hosting Increasing disk space on virtual Machines, test users’ access upon completion of user account creations.

●Tested users Access to folders and or Security groups on Federal servers,

●Assigned Federal Hosting VMView Desktops, once created in AD, Active Directory, and assigned to the appropriate security group, which is determined by the required desktop access and the compliances of the security of Risk Management.

● Determine the proper Security Group for the new user, and assign/remove users from Security Group pools on Desktop for VMView.

●Successfully resolved 75% of CA Service Desk Manager Tickets.

●Created Federal SharePoint Sites and submitted details to SharePoint Site Owners.

●Created accounts in AD, Active Directory and Assigned users to RSA physical and software tokens.

●Serviced and maintained about 1,700 active users, and 1000 Federal Servers.

System and Software:

Windows 8.1, Service Desk Manager 12.9, VMware, vSphere web Client, TCP/IP, Active Directory, Mapping Network Drives, Testing RDP Server connections, Symantec ghost imaging, Citrix 4.1, VMWare, vSphere, EFT, Service Desk Monitoring Tool R12, Reboot & Restore Server, Symantec PKI Secure for windows Server 2003, Increase Disk space. MS Office 0365. Exchange, Dell Lenova Laptops, Desktops, Apple Macintosh


Presently Studying: Security Professional

Courses: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory (70-640) Part 1, CISSP Communication and Network Security, CISSP – Security and Risk Management

Insight Global (Account Recruit Agency)

Contract: NBC Universal, Chicago IL March 1, 2015 - March 7, 2015

Desktop Support Analyst

(Short term contract) 1 week Migration Win 7 Troubleshooting, Supporting, installing, and configuring the below:

●Emails (Outlook), Windows 7, MS Office 0365

●Modified scripts in powershell, configured and set up Printers, security tokens and authentication

● Data Transfers, and configurations for Iphone, mobile and ipad support

●Responsible for installation, moving, set-up and delivering desktops and laptops to users.

●Install, Move, Add, Change and De-Install (IMACD) Laptops, Desktops, and Mac’s

●Added users and configures for SharePoint

●Interacted with users by following up on in Remedy ticketing system to ensure proper access once the migration was completed.

CSC, Computer Sciences Corporation (Account Recruit Agency)

Contract: GGP General Growth Properties, Chicago, IL

February 2014 – January 2015

Senior Customer Support Administrator – Technical Support

As Senior Assistance Customer Support Administrator, monitoring calls and Help Desk Support 2nd and 3rd level, resolving and escalating tickets when needed from Chief Financial Officer to maintenance, Director of operations at malls and clerical assistance.

●Dedicated to FCR, First Call Resolutions, unless escalation was needed

●Predicated to excellence in analytical and problems solving skills with strict attention to details. Installed hard drives, Setup workstations, installed Maas360 to Mobile phones, MS Office 0365. SharePoint and

●Install, Move, Add, Change and De-Install (IMACD) Laptops, Desktops, and Mac’s

●SalesForce & Crystal Reports support as well as SCCM Installations.

●Installed laptops, Desktops, iphones, Ceridian Timecard Machines and ipads

●Responsibility of working with a migration team to refresh for new hires and existing employees, following up with the progress of migrations and break fix resolutions.

●Iphone, mobile and ipad support installing Maas360, resetting iphones, and turning iphones on and off for employee GGP company iphones.

●Responsible for installation, moving, set-up and delivering desktops and laptops to users.

●Updating articles in ServiceNow when needed.

●Deskphone support for Cisco and AT &T phones

●Utilized, installed, and supported Skype for business

Utilized (MMC) Microsoft Management Console for snap-ins and other administration for managing and monitoring systems in Windows-based environments.

●Utilized Group Policy settings in GPO (Group Policy Objects) in AD (Active directory) defining user, security

●Maintain Risk Management responsibilities.

●Installs in the background using SCCM, and added user’s back onto the Domain remotely using RDP and moving the computer to the proper OU in Active directory.

●RDP, Bomgar, and SCCM for remote access and utilized RDP, to add computers back onto the domain

●Active Directory to reset network password, check users access and moved computers to the correct OU

●Routed printer and Copy machine issues, supported local printers, and printer installs

●Installed network and local computers for Ricoh and Epson printers

●Ping PC IP Addresses, set up VPN connections, add Computer to Domain, troubleshoot minor issues Experience with ticketing systems Remedy, and transferred to current ticketing system, ServiceNow

●Troubleshoot emails in Lotus Notes 8+, and resolving issues using Knowledge based systems such as SAP, Outlook issues, and a variety of GGP applications, within Citrix

●Installed systems using Computer Center and SCCM, and monitored installations

●Walk users through installation of iTunes, and Juniper, for Wifi connections

●Remote into user's computer to investigate issues, obtaining computer names, IP addresses and server issues,

●VPN connections, and to reconfigure a variety of applications, and email.

●Escalate for mainframes, and servers and broadcast status call and outage issues when needed

●Post to Board Important Status calls and Escalations notifying the appropriate IT support group.

Insource Inc. (Account Recruit Agency)

Client: Client JP Morgan, Chicago, IL

PC Tech Lead - Part Time September 2012 – February 2014

●Reimaging Windows employee workstations and laptops

●MS Office 365 Installation and support.

●Supporting Crystal Reports and AccessNow

●Removing (LDR) Legal, hard drives and storing them appropriately

●Carried and shipped/delivered and set up Workstations and laptops

●Document status of upgrade by chat to OCS when experiencing upgrade issues or failures

●Updating information in SharePoint, for upgrades and decommissioning of machines

●Check into bridge for reports for Day 1 Support and Deployment

●Call into 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM for Deployment reporting of work status

●Submit end of day reports for Day 1 Support and Deployment

Column Technical Services. Downers Grove, IL (Account Recruit Agency)

Short Term Contracts With DeVry:

DeVry University, eGlobal Education Technology Services, LLC, Oakbrook, IL

Title 2: Help Desk Support

Short term contract with DeVry Seasonal September 2013 – October 2014

Title 1: Academic Support Analyst Level 3 April 2011 – October 2012

Responsible for 2nd Level Support, resetting passwords and assistance with installations and setup and activation of accounts and software for all levels from University Directors to students.

●Supporting the following for staff and Students at Devry

●A.D.A.M Tool Wire Citrix Web Portfolio ElementK

●Hub2 Lab Mentors Oracle Library QuadraMed

Three week assignment extended to five months. Academic Analyst, Help Desk Support, supporting a variety of software programs delivered by DeVry for students, faculty and staff.

●Delivering product Keys, for Microsoft Office, access to Library, and various other packages supported by the L2 (level 2) Support and Students/staff utilizing chat in OSS-Oracle and Active Directory, configured and modified and troubleshooting of VPN for server connection. Active Directory, implementation and support (1000-1500 users)

●Completed Windows 7 and Microsoft Office/Exchange Migrations.

●Checking email and phone support, entering help desk tickets in BMC Remedy version 7 support logging system. Assisting with troubleshooting, installation and configuration of Lotus Notes.

●Testing, provisioning and reporting errors within the new Remedy system.

●Testing programs and research on help desk tickets, for a variety of software programs, delivered in the Student Software store.

●Supporting a variety of Software, in the Student Software Store, such as Windows7, McAfee Antivirus, Viso, Project Management, Power Point, packages for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 For Windows and 2011 For Mac, etc.

●Creating documentation for Microsoft Office products to assist with online help in the Student Software Store.

●Assisting faculty and students with chat sessions using AD- Active Directory, OSS -Oracle, and resetting passwords for a variety of DeVry portals.

●Assisted with downloading programs, and submitting product keys for software downloads, as well as troubleshooting launching the programs in Citrix and the Software store.


Keane Inc., Boston, MA

Contract: Department of Revenue, City of Chicago

Team Lead, Business Consultant/Help Desk Analyst/ CS

Supervisor -Help Desk Trainer May 2004 – February 2010

●Acted as Team Lead Help Desk Support, monitoring and supporting Iris help desk, entering email and phone support help desk tickets Level 1, support, escalating calls beyond my scope of technical expertise

●Enforcing compliances of Risk Management.

●Assisted business owners with tax information/processing and methods of payment, confirmed tax liabilities, License renewals, notification violations, and license fees.

●Trained new and seasonal temporary employees in Customer Service and help desk procedures for City of Chicago, Permits, License and Tax procedures.

●Monitored employees on ACD, making sure that the phones were appropriately covered at all times.

●Monitored calls and reviewed ticketing logs to insure that temps and employees were documenting information in a detailed and professional manner.

●Accountable for QA, Quality Assurance, documenting issues within the department and presenting them to Managers meetings for resolving issues, and assuring that the departments were meeting the requirements of the City of Chicago’s Rules and Regulations.

●Responsible for changing passwords for a variety of applications, as well as changing configurations and resetting Network passwords in (AD) Active Directory.

●Assisted in copying, deleting, archiving, and purging files set up for User Accounts.

●Duties included assisting with new business owners, with detailed information on obtaining new business license, and informing license holders of legal compliance information.

●Basic powershell scripting in unix

●Responsible for inventory of Desktop applications, computer equipment and Telephone equipment.

●Trained employees on AT & T phone system.


Major: Criminal Justice Focus 1: Network Security, Focus 2: Homeland Security/Medical Field - On Line Learning from Argosy University - Chicago IL, Estimated Graduation Date June 2013

School for New Living Program from DePaul University - Chicago IL -2 years completed in 1987


Apex Training

Plural Sight: Windows Server 2003, VMWare, Globalscape, EFT

Argosy University 2012 -2014

Cyber Security -Online

New Horizons Computer Learning Center - Chicago IL January, 2012

Certifications preparation: A+, Network +/Security

Certificate of Class Completion: A+ Essentials and Network +

Courseware to complete A+ Practical on line

Dept of Revenue – Keane, Inc. Certificate of Completion, Tax & License/Customer Service - Received: July, 2004


Received FourK-Pin Awards and letters of accomplishment from Keane Incorporated for Proving to be an “Essential Professional”

Customer Recognition, letters of award for Customer Service

Certificate for CSR/Tax & license –Dept of Revenue -Keane, Inc.

Lucent Technologies Certificate, for Excellent Customer Service


Ecumenical Center (Senior Facility)

Office Administration

Assist at facility for a variety of senior needs

Economic Progress

Assist with Tax Preparation for low income, families and individuals


Android Support and Troubleshooting

Subscriber of Microsoft Technet

Home Tech Medic

PC Rescue

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