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Engineer Mechanical Engineering

Glendale, CA
March 30, 2018

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BACHELORS IN SCIENCE, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – California State University Maritime Academy- Vallejo, California -2013-2017

●Specialization: Mechatronics.

●ABET accredited






• Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Analysis, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Measurement and Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics, Industrial Processes, Mechatronics, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Vibrations, Fluid/Thermal Design, Heat and Mass Transfer, Differential Equations.

Work Experience

TEAM MEMBER –Senior Design Capstone Project – Vallejo, California – Aug ‘16 – Apr ‘17

Created an ROV that could clean the hulls of 30-foot marine vessels and maneuver under the supervision of handler.

Designed and finalized the bracket on the ROV that would protect internal electronics from the water.

Delivered a final product that satisfied the water tightness and maneuverability we were looking for in an ROV.

CADET ENGINEER – Training Ship Golden Bear – Apr ’16 – Jun ’16; Jun ’14 – Aug ’14

Cooperated with other Senior Class cadets, or Junior Class cadets depending on voyage, to effectively operate the ship on two separate 2-month voyages.

In charge of engine room of 500-foot vessel, while supervising underclassmen in the daily activities and maintenance.

Took charge of the ship in high level situations, such as controlling the engine speed while navigating the Panama Canal.

Collaborative effort in crankcase inspection of Main Engines, and the following fix of a Jacket Water leak in a quick manner.

Enforced safe work practice and efficient yet proper, maintenance standards when reconstructing Fuel Purifiers.

Practiced general maintenance of HVAC system aboard ship, as well with the sanitation system from all the cabins.

Lead maintenance on the Clayton Boiler’s burner tip maintenance, and its high-pressure fuel system.

Created a variety of Job Safety Analysis to properly exam the jobsite and ensure the safety of fellow team members on projects.

ENGINEERING INTERN- Seaward Services Inc. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Apr ‘15 – Jun ‘15

Applied knowledge from school into a working-class environment aboard the USNS Puerto Rico and USNS Guam.

Quickly became acquainted with the workings of MTU 20 Cylinder, High Speed Diesel Engines.

Practiced maintenance on KaMeWa water jet propulsion system, and its startup procedure.

Stood 12-hour watches on the stationed vessels, acting as the second in command due to license.

Worked on the vacuum sewage systems, put knowledge into practice by fixing the system without supervision.

Was independent of supervision on projects and only required assistance if more hands were needed on a task.

ADMISSIONS TOUR GUIDE – California Maritime Academy - Vallejo, California - Sep ‘16– Apr ‘17

Handled various tour groups over the year and took them around the school campus.


Computer Engineering

Arduino, ANSYS, AutoCAD, CREO, MATLAB, Programming in C, & SolidWorks.

Machine Shop

Band Saws, Grinders, Lathe work, Machining, Milling, Torch Cutting, & Welding.

Other Proficiencies

Access, Excel, Google Docs, PowerPoint, Sway, & Word.

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