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Engineer Design

Toronto, ON, Canada
March 30, 2018

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A mirhossein Ahadi P hone:


E mail:amirhossein.ahadi

h ttps://


Summary of Qualifications:

Mechanical Engineer with +7 years of through understanding of mechanical engineering design

and modelling experience specialized in Thermal power; Power Generation, Cogeneration, Hydraulics and

f luids; Heating and cooling, Computational Fluid, Clean Energy Tech, CAD and Revit design, Ventilation

and air conditioning (HVAC) system design and analysis, Stress Analysis, Aerodynamics, Laser and

Optical Measurements

Extensive experience in preparing detail design calculation, technical reports and analyses,

p roposal evaluations and ensuring the design criteria are according to codes and standards

Experienced in developing the mechanical design with architects and other engineers in design of

HVAC and ventilation systems

Proficiency in majority of Mechanical software (ANSYS, Fluent, COMSOL, CATIA, Gambit, Lingo,

SolidWorks, Raptor, AutoCAD, ProE, Inventor)

Experienced in managing projects using MS Project and finishing projects under budget with

supporting junior staff with skills development

Proficiency in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) coupling heat and mass t ransfer concepts and


Image editor (Photoshop, InkScape, Vector magic and I rfanview)

Senior proficiency in C, C++ and MATLAB programming

Strong analytical, problem solving and decision making capabilities possessed by working on

d ifferent projects and conceptual designs

Project leading activities: Time management, multitasking, and critical analysis skills are

established through extensive experiences, working with Microsoft project, Bill of material, P&ID,

releasing POs

Ability to work effectively both independently and in a team environment

A mirhossein Ahadi P hone:


E mail:amirhossein.ahadi

h ttps://


Strong capability in writing reports and presenting the work to clients in a timely manner

Excellent writ ten and verbal communication skills

Competent to use various operating systems and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Professional Engineer of Ontario, P.Eng. in practice

Professional Experiences

K elvin The rmal Energy I nc. Toronto, ON, Canada, U.S Corporate Office Poway, C A, USA

2014-P resent

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Senior mechanical design engineer reporting to CTO

Engineering contact with third party contractors and customers such as: Enwave, hhangus, GTAA, SNC

Lavalin, Siemens Canada ltd

Participating in writing proposal and generating technical report for the commercial units

Customer demand energy analysis to determine the power generation solution

Supervising team of four engineers

Establishing the framework of T hermal Energy Matrix Storage (TMES) development plan

Project management: t ime & cost estimations using Microsoft project

Engineering design activities and working on BOM, P&ID

Revit, 3D CAD design and 3D CFD, Stress, structure, heat transfer and safety analysis of TMES (high

p ressure, temperature tank)

Identifying technical issues with the development and reporting to KTE D irector of Technology

Development w rit ten technical report

Working with various ASME, ISO codes for power generation (ASME BPVC)

Modeling, calculation and assessment of the technical issues and collaboration with Kelvins technical

team and various industry and academic partners to solve the identified issues

Collaborate with the Kelvin Technical and Management Team to develop recommended courses of action

Solar Tomor row I nc, (6 months contractor) Toronto, ON, Canada

2015 2016

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Heat Transfer Enhancement in Micro channel Solar Collectors Using Al 2O3-H 2O Nano f luid

Practiced modeling of mass t ransfer and heat exchanger in an optimized solar collector

Completed Finite Element Analysis of the heat t ransfer enhancement by Nano f luids solar collector

A mirhossein Ahadi P hone:


E mail:amirhossein.ahadi

h ttps://


Reported to Director of Research at Solar Tomorrow Inc.

Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, CA

F all 2014


Course: Fluid dynamics and Advance Heat Transmission I - Aerospace & Mechanical Dep.

C anadian Space Agency (CSA) M ay

September 2012

Ph.D. I nternship

Worked in a team (of 5) researching on the precise measurement for the aerospace industry

Directed technical problem investigations and participates in conducting studies, analysis, surveys,

research and development for effective solution of complex engineering problems

Developed Image processing, measurement research and Graphical User In terface (GUI) for the

experiment onboard ISS supervised by NASA and ROSCOSMOS.

R yerson University, Toronto, ON, CA


G raduate Teaching Assistant

Led discussions in Manufacturing Fundamentals-Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics -Fluid Mechanics I I -

Differential Equations-Engineering Mathematics-Manufacturing Fundamentals

Wagon pars Co., Ara k, I ran


M.Sc. i nternship

Working as a design engineer in the production line subway wagon cars

Design, stress analysis and working in the production line of the Metro Cars suspensions for Tehran

Metro Line 2 under license of CRC (Coil shock absorber)

h ttp://

Islamic Azad University of Arak, M a r kazi, I ran



Undergraduate courses: Engineering Mathematics-Fluid Mechanics - Differential Equations-

Faculty of Science

A mirhossein Ahadi P hone:


E mail:amirhossein.ahadi

h ttps://


Atlas Manufactu ring Company, Tehran, I ran

2009- 2010

Intermediate Engineer

Assisted in stress analysis of rotary component (shafts, flywheel, bearings, and etc)

Practiced stress analysis on chassis and suspension system of railway wagons

Prepared 3D drawings using ProE, SolidWorks and AutoCAD

Designed and developed quality control of the products including fixtures for workshop


Completed engineering calculations, assessments documents and also quality control reports

I ran Aircraft Manufactu ring (HESA), Tehran, I ran

M ay -October 2009

B.Sc. i nternship

Working as a technical assistant for maintenance in official center of IRAN 140 airplane

Reverse engineering design & Maintenance of the radial six piston engine and jet engines

Design, stress analysis landing gears (hydraulic shock absorber), bolts and r ivets

K.N.T University of Technology, Aerospace E ngineering Depa rtment, Tehran, I ran


Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate courses: Statics & Dynamics- Algebra & Calculus-Statistics (Mathematic Department)-

Physics (Mechanics)- Physics (Magnetic and Electricity)- Differential Equations

A tlas Manufactu ring Company, Tehran, I ran

2008- 2009

J unior E ngineer at Quality Control and Quality Assurance section (QCQA)

Conducted measurement using optical projector, toolmakers microscope, Optical f lats, interferometry

Worked with coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Inspected parallelism tolerance, run out and total run out tolerances


A mirhossein Ahadi P hone:


E mail:amirhossein.ahadi

h ttps://


Ryerson University

2012 - 2014

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Dissertation Topic: Soret and Diffusion Coefficients Measurement in Binary and Ternary

M ixtures on Board the International Space Station Using the Optical Apparatus under general

supervision of N ASA and E uropean space agency, GPA 4.33/4.33

Ryerson University

2010 2011

M . Sc. Mechanical E ngineering

Dissertation Topic: Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer

Phenomena in Microgravity Project for Canadian Space Agency, GPA 4.20/4.33

K .N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, I ran

2006 2010

B . Sc. Aerospace E ngineering

Dissertation Topic: Application of modern control approaches for attitude control of a micro-

f lexible-spacecraft, GPA 4.00/4.33

Leadership Activities 2012


International Peer Supporter a t Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada

Mentoring new international students in transition from their home country to Canada

Managing and organizing 43 events, programs and workshops throughout the year, catering to 3,500

a ttendees (working in a group of about 40 peer supporters)

Counseling international students in achieving academic and social success

Mentoring Experiences 2013

Undergraduate student mentor for the Capstone project at Ryerson University

A mirhossein Ahadi P hone:


E mail:amirhossein.ahadi

h ttps://


Mentor for Daniele Marcantonio, Kedar Oka, Mashfiqur Rahman, Saeid Abolghasem

Design process, to generate electricity from the ambient vibration caused by footsteps

Implementation of a rack and pinion gear set to induce rotations to power a generator

Computer simulation and design

Honors and Awards

Ryerson University Graduate Scholarship & Award (RGS & RGA) $17000 per year


Ryerson Postdoctoral Fellowship, International Competition, ($52000 per year)


Ryerson University - Graduate Stipend $24000 per year


Four-year B.Sc. scholarship from the I ranian Ministry of Science and Technology


Acceptation in mathematics and geometric Olympiad and accession to the final level


Contributing to Kharazmi Festival for 3 years and accession to the final level in I ran


Acceptation in NODET (national organization of development of exceptional talents)


K.N. Toosi University Deans honors list (Ranked 1st among all admitted students)



Graduate Professional Skills Development, Ryerson University,

Art of Communication (awarded to instructors who successfully complete Writing courses -Writing

Foundations and/or Business and Professional Writing courses- that total 30 sessions and one Public

Speaking course),

Ryerson Graduate Student Professional Development in Teaching Program Certificate of Completion -

Level I & I I

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

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