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Oracle Manager

Durham, NC
March 30, 2018

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-Oracle 10g and AWS Devops Certified Professional with 11 years of experience for diverse industry sectors – Banking, Airlines, Insurance, Health, Manufacturing, Food industry

-Proficient in assortment of technologies including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux and in-depth knowledge of MSSQL server like import/export and replication of data, scheduling jobs, database backup

-Knowledge on NOSQL Mongo database and Hadoop administration

-Excellent experience in installation and configuration of Oracle 10g,11g,12c on AIX, UNIX/LINUX, Sun Solaris and Windows environment.

-Proficient in Oracle Database Administration activities such as Upgrades, Migrations, Patches, Cloning, Backup & Recovery, Performance Tuning, Multi-Node RAC, shell scripting, and documentation.

-Experienced in using 10g, 11g and 12c features of Data pump, Flash Back Recovery, AWR, ASM, ADDM, Grid Monitoring, and RecycleBin

-Created and managed PostgreSQL databases

-In-depth knowledge of Worked on Amazon IAM, EC2, EBS, S3, Glacier, RDS, ELB, VPC, Route 53, Config, CloudWatch, Cloud trail, Redshift.

-Applied PSU July 2017 patches on Oracle 11g databases Applied the Cluster ware (GI), Database (RDBMS) Patches and one-off patches using opatch on Linux, AIX servers.

-Expertise in configuration and maintenance of oracle enterprise manager (OEM) 12c cloud control.

-Experience as On-Call 24x7 production DBA support to monitor or trouble shoot any issues during the oncall period and perform and monitor any off-peak hour’s activities

-Created and Managed RACONE Node on ODA databases

-Building Oracle Stand by databases, both Active Data guard for real-time replication and normal Data guard for disaster recovery

-Experience in migrating MySQL/Oracle databases to AWS

-Design roles and groups for users and resources using AWS IAM

-Involved in Golden Gate unidirectional set up for Oracle database

-Managed Unidirectional Oracle steams for schema-based replication

-Used Flash-Back Technology as a fast alternative to performing incomplete database recovery and to activate standby database in 10g (11g snapshot standby)

-Extensive experience in configuring and implementing ASM and proficiency in using ASMCMD and ASMLIB, Flash-Back Technology.

-Extensive performance tuning experience, specializing in Operating System Tuning, SQL Tuning, Database/Instance Tuning, Delivering Oracle Database performance-tuning services for customers with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, SQL TRACE

-Experience in Mysql database creation non-GTID and upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6 version

-Proficient in working with Data Guard for production system in case of disaster recovery, maintained primary and standby databases, Data Guard Broker.

-Experience in implementation of enterprise databases on enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage area Networks (SAN)/Network Attached Storage (NAS) for storage management

-Excellent knowledge in hot/cold backup and recovery and cloning of databases using RMAN

-Used oracle transparent encryption(TDE) to encrypt tables that contains PII data

-Skilled in performing Logical backup using Traditional export/import and Data pump

export/import along with managing wallets as part of Transparent Data encryption(TDE).

-Worked with team of DBAs in migration of databases from oracle 10g to Oracle 11g on and 11g to 12c different platforms.

-Worked on Oracle GRID Control and 12c Oracle Enterprise Manager

-Experience on database administration of Oracle database systems on Exadata servers

-Refreshing the Production over the Dev, UAT and keeping the Test Instances in sync with other Instances in both Oracle and Mysql databases

-Created the jobs using SHELL scripting for database migration, refresh and reporting, then scheduled them as job streams through cron jobs and Maestro jobs

-Performed Database Administration of all database objects including tables, indexes, views, packages and procedures

-Debugged Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL


Operating Systems

AIX, Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris


Oracle 10g/11g,12c, ODA 11g, 12c, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL

Oracle Tools

Expdp/impdp Veritas NetBackup on Linux, DB verify, Oracle Enterprise Manager grid control(OEM), DBCA, Oracle streams, Explain Plan, ADDM, AWR, SQL TRACE


Vantive, BMC Remedy 7.1, Maestro, Tivoli(TSM), Service Center, SM9 Ticketing tool, Data Protector, Putty, WinSCP, ftp, sftp, BMC

Certifications and Training

1.Oracle certified associate 10g (OCP)

2.AWS Devops certified

3.HP data protector HPDP (Backup tool)

4.Certified in ITIL V3

5.Trained in Hadoop Administration

6.Communication skills training provided internally

7.Oracle 11g training from Oracle Corporation

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