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Data Management

Franklin, NJ, 07416
March 30, 2018

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Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Technical Architect with experience in project management, system testing, quality assurance, business analysis, and program management in all aspects of the system lifecycle. Particular emphasis on data administration, strategic data planning, relational database design, development, implementation, and problem resolution. Diverse background in data warehousing, marketing, finance, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and the healthcare industries. Experienced in data creation, analysis and promotion. Implementing Data Management and improving Data Quality, Experienced in all aspects of System Software Development Life cycle and methodologies. Designs, develops, documents and analyzes overall architecture of systems on emerging technologies, including hardware and software. Determines integrated hardware and software architecture solutions that meet performance, usability, scalability, reliability, and security needs. Excellent experience in Business and Data Analysis and Documentations. Responsible for analyzing problems, developing solutions and making decisions that impact projects, completes assigned load and performance tasks on time (e.g., analysis/design, development, testing, maintenance, documentation, etc.).


Labor Ready, Livingston Public Broadcast, True Blue, Uproar, Clients 03/2017 – Present

Business Analyst, Quality Assurance, Architect, Data Analyst and Production Support, Consulting

Provide customers with customer specific Quality Assurance Programs to meet their individual needs. Provide testing of customer systems and data. Helped clients design and execute manual, web, mobile, apps and automated automation test programs, plans and cases. Carried out testing program and discerned results. Recommended tools and equipment. Agile, Scrum and Waterfall System Processing Methodologies. Process Analysis and Requirements. Application Integration. Microsoft Test Manager and Code UI to carry out testing.

Producing and directing media production. The design and creation of video, and audio products.

Manage and produce television productions. Camera and Audio production of media projects.

Media Testing, Media Sales and Promotion. Production and Program Management

Editing products to meet Quality Standards. Designed and created educational materials

Content, System and Data Management, Standards, Analyst, and Provisioning

CyberThink/ConnectiveRX, Whippany, NJ 11/2016 – 01/2017

Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, System Analyst, Consulting Position

Anaylsis of systems development and execution. Testing of physician, patient payment and claims data

Tested web portals, cross browser, platform, device, mobile, console and data transmission

Processing and validating of external vendor files. Working with vendors to resolve defects.

SQL Server Integration Services SSIS, SSMS and SQL Server to extract, transformation and load, ETL, data to systems, tables and databases. Provided data integrity. Continuous Integration Development Tools. Use of Content Management systems to utilize data. Ecommerce of data

Processing of payments, files, reports, insurance claims to customers, management, and vendors.

Validation of production requests and database processing. Resolved differences and defects.

Application testing of web based systems, data warehouse, mobile, and client server applications.

Creation of users stories, JIRA, cases, plans, documentation, requirements, data, scripts, and testing

The development and redesigned of system processes through Change Management.


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Talon/AXA Financials, Syracuse, NY 12/2014 - 02/2015

System Analyst, Quality Assurance, Production Support, Team Lead, Consulting Position

Led off shore team in testing financial and insurance products. Used tools such as Limelight, Bswift, TestArchitect, Salesforce Marking, Service, Community, Sales Clouds, QTP, Soap UI and QC. Products and information that allowed agents to do presentations to clients and sales calls. ETL, SQL, JDA, Manual, web, and automated automation testing and Business Intelligence. Bringing the information from many sources into these tools. Use of big data to extract, transfer, aggregate information to agents and clients. Production Support, IP Testing, Test Data, and Defect Management, Performance Testing, Process Analysis, Scrum, Teradata, Oracle

Software Application Development, Selenium, Report, Function and System Integration Testing

Define & develop robust test plans and cases, execute testing, document results, and resolve issues

Device testing of mobile, tablet and console. Moving new products to market

Global Nest/IBM/Express Scripts, Franklin Lakes, NJ 06/2013 – 10/2013

Quality Assurance, Business Systems Analyst, Data Engineer, Consulting Position

Analysis, Test Case development and execution. Worked with teams residing in many diverse locations, teams were on shore and in India, Philippines, and Switzerland.

Execution of cases through automated automation system and manual testing of Point Of Service System. Testing of Mainframe, and Databases. Tools, CQ, ALM, RM Tracker, Test Data Management, ETL, Test Manger testing, Visual Studio

SharePoint, SQL, Enterprise Systems, Defect Resolution, Waterfall and Agile Methodologies, Ecommerce Testing, Performance Testing, HP/Mercury Quality Center, Business Process Testing and Test Metrics, Data Modeling, Cognos, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Soap UI, SDLC, Processing Methodology, Scrum, Java Script, Silk, Teradata

Tested Point Of Services and Claims Processes using ETL, Mainframe and Data Warehouse

Designed plans, and business process map designs. Creation of documentations and requirements. Interview stakeholders and creation of business requirements from business needs. Lead in information gathering session including interviewing, gathering needs and solutions with stake holders. Creation of wireframes and process flow documents. Government Pharmaceutical Regulatory Documentations and use.

Application Testing of Mainframe and DB2, Informatica, Teradata, Database Systems and Processes, Data mapping, modeling, warehousing and integration, Performance Analysis

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Documentation and its use. Define & develop robust test plans and cases, execute testing, document results, and resolve issues. Creation of Business Requirements

Worked on Infrastructure, Function, Report, Regressive, and System Integration Testing

Insight Global/Verizon Wireless, Orangeburg, NY 11/2012 – 05/2013

Quality Assurance, System and Business Analyst, Consulting Position

Analysis of System, Test Case development and execution. Worked with teams residing in many diverse locations. Execution of cases through automated automation system and manual testing of Billing System. Using UAT Testing, Mainframe, and databases. Tools, On Demand, ACSR, ACSS, ETL, SharePoint, Salesforce, Selenium, Customer Information Management, SQL, Enterprise Systems, Defect Resolution, and HP/Mercury Quality Center, Team Lead, QTP, CSC Workflow, Data Modeling, Cucumber

Implementing Data Management and improving Data Quality, Tested Customer Billing Processing, Changes, and Financial Accounting, using Mainframe AS400 and tools above. Ecommerce and Performance Testing, ETL, SQL, Manual Testing, Business Intelligence, Production Support, Data Steward, Quality and Mining, Compliance Management


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Master Data Management and Data Quality Dimensions

Developed and tested process for Customer Service to be able to makes changes to customer’s bills. Using System Analysis and Change Management process to develop new systems.

Define & develop robust test plans and cases, execute testing, document results, and resolve issue

Creation of documentations of Business Requirements, Stories, Artifacts, Workflows, Software Requirement Specification and Wireframes

Enterprise Iron/Trinet/TIAA-CREF, Charlotte, NC 05/2012 – 09/2012

System, Business and Data Analyst, Quality Assurance, Consulting Position

Analysis of System, Test Case development and execution. Installation of a new platform and code at the same time, which caused defects. Worked with teams residing in many diverse locations. Execution of cases through automated automation system. Mainframe, HP/Mercury QC, ETL, Enterprise Systems, Defect Resolution, Manual Testing, QTP, Ecommerce Testing, Performance Testing, Investment Banking, Sophia, IP Testing, Axiom, Insurance Claims and documentation

Tested Customer Participation through sign up and processing of customer in Saving Plans

Tested the updating of accounts and databases, Automation Testing and Change Management Processing

Used SharePoint to create and execute tests, Data Management Testing, Trained users

Define & develop robust test plans and cases, execute testing, document results, and resolve issues.

Designed and tested human resources, insurance and payroll applications.

The Shubert Organization Inc., Telecharge, Hackensack, N.J. 05/2007-02/2012

Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Tester Analyst, System Engineering, Project Quality Lead, Technical Architect, Telecharge,

Solely responsible for the management and testing of Theater Ticketing software that was used by Theater Operators that contain over 75 tables. Provided web testing and development of ticketing web site and mobile applications. Defect Resolution and Manual Testing, Team Lead and Testing across browsers. Test Data Management, Production Support, Financial and Performance Management

Provided multiple releases of software on time and without errors. Worked on infrastructure testing services

Created new software upgrades and improvements. Ecommerce Testing, Vender Management

Designed and tested the system to improve the Best Available Seating Process. Information Security, Digital Applications, Change Management and Content Management Services

Security testing of information and systems

Used Serena, Selenium AJAX, Xpath, and Wedrive, Jira, QTP, UFT, HP/Mercury Quality Center, XML, Informatica.

Load Runner, Ruby, Informix, BI, Agile and Waterfall Testing and Flash, Black & White Box Testing, Data Management Creation and Testing, VB Scripting, Automation Testing, Soap UI, Test Visual Studio, Load Scripting, Jscript, ADB tool

Expertise in testing of Client Server and web based applications. UAT & Performance Testing, QTP, Silk, ETL, SQL, Manual Testing and Business Intelligence, Business Object, Crystal Report

Mobile Testing includes Handset, Device, Tablet and App Testing, Mobile App Testing (IOS, Android and Wed OS). Testing of the device, hardware, network, mobile service, response, and end service processing. Risk, operational and compliance management

Application Testing and Upgrading of phones and tablets. Testing of systems between the source and mobile and web applications. Business Process Testing and Test Metrics, Technical Writing, Microsoft product. Creation of business requirement and analyst.


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Worked with teams residing in many diverse locations, teams were on shore and in India. Leads multiple small to medium sized projects and technical breadth through the Full Life. SAAS Development Cycle. Data Modeling, Cognos, Business Intelligence, Capacity Performance Testing, Data Mapping and Modeling. Planning, execution, control and monitoring of the testing process.

Salesforce – communicating data from theaters to facilities Product Management, SOA, SAS

Solves unique problems through evaluative judgment/precedent. Partnership with IT leads in working through issues/defects & resolution, Buildbot, Jenkins, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Window Server, Computer System Validation, User Interface

Professional Service Group, Dover, NJ 05/2004 – 05/2007

Program Engineer, Quality Assurance, Technical Architect, Human Resources

Review and analyze all system-requirements documentation. Designed and executed test procedures and documentation. Tested computer programs. Design and carried out Human Resource programs. Conducted human resource, job training, and employee advancement.

Corporate Project Resource/Citigroup, Long Island City, NY 12/2003 – 5/2004

Database Management and Analyst Consultant, System Engineering

Provided in-depth quality audits of data and files for the Database Marketing Organization. Designed and developed work flows for demographic and financial data. Responsible for moving data files from the company site to out-of-state vendors. Provided business and data analysis. Axiom Testing Applications

Provided solutions to programming problems of other marketing departments. Provided documentation needed for privacy and auditing reports. Mainframe, Defect Resolution, Manual Testing, Analyzing and Reviewing of Financial Reports

Institute For Effectiveness Research/Medco Health Solutions/Merck,

Bridgewater, NJ 12/2001 - 9/2003

Research Associate/Application Architect/Project Quality Lead/Technical Architect/Business Analyst

Data mined company information warehouse and systems to gather study data. Provided customer support and marketing data through data management and statistical analysis for internal and external customers. Directed the creation of complex business and system designs. Defined business needs, requirements, and provided solutions for these needs. Created system standards with users. Managed processes through out the Software Development Life Cycle. Mainframe, SQL, Manual Testing, Shell Scripting, Ecommerce Testing, Performance and R&D testing. Unix, Human Resource Development Programs, Testing of pharmaceutical products and their affects. Devised clinical tests and designated doctors and participants. Recorded and kept Validation records. Provided reports, HIPPA documentation and Technical Writing. Create and process of insurance claims and documentation.

Created presentations of study data that were used in conference presentations and journal publications.

Designed and executed case studies of patient drug usage for marketing campaigns.

Salesforce – communicating data from doctors to facilities Product Management, Data Management Testing, Data Modeling

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Documentations and use. Clinical Data, Pharmaceutical testing and Study selection. Creation of Business Requirements, Gap Analysis and Risk Analysis


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AT&T, Somerset, NJ 6/1987 – 3/2000

System Developer/Analyst/Tester/Technical Architect, Consumer Communication Services

Analyzed business requirements, participated in design efforts, created specifications and code, designed call flows, identified and designed test specifications, test case scenarios and standards, trained new testers, developed comprehensive test plans, scripts and tested the system. Mainframe processing of data. Cobol and DB2


Course Work and Training QTP, ALM, ETL, Selenium, Jira, Cucumber, Qlikview, Protractor,

Node.js, Charles, Appium, Calabas, Web Driver

Management Skills: Project Management, Statistics, Business Law, and Accounting

Web Skills: FrontPage, HTML, XML, Web Page Design, Testing and Internet Management, WEBLOGIC, Sphere, Solaris

Mainframe Skills: File Aid, JCL, TSO, Batch Processing, File Manager, ISPF, Cobol

Boy Scout Leader Troop 12 BSA, Livingston, NJ


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY - MS - Masters of Science in Information Resource Management

State University of New York, Oswego, NY - BA - Bachelor of Arts, Majors in Broadcasting and Psychology

Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY - AAS - Associate of Applied Science in Radio and Television

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