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Sales Manager

Atyrau, Atyrau Province, Kazakhstan
5000 USD
March 29, 2018

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Mukhamejanova Elmira

Female, ** May ****

+7-701-***-**-** Mobile phone preferable connection

From Aktobe, Kazakhstan. Ready to relocation

Quality Manager, Sales & Marketing, Field System Administration, Environmental / QHSE-manager


Updating work colleagues on business performance, new initiatives and related issues.

Providing focus and direction to subordinates.

Decision making and problem solving.

Work scheduling that improves employee performance

People management.

Cost control, budget control and financial management.

Motivating employees to do better.

Accuracy and attention to detail.

Ability to work as part of a team.

Sales, marketing and merchandising.

Effective administrative procedures.

Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Good oral and written communication skills.

Flexible, open to ideas and willing to learn.

Leadership skills.

Communication, coordination and analysis skills.

Professional experience

Since February 2016 joined to Shell Kazakhstan Development B.V – Present

December 2015-

November 2012

3 years 2 months

Schlumberger Logelco Inc.

Wireline Quality Manager (Tengiz, Aksai project)

Accountable for developing the business in a profitable way with major performance indicators as revenue and pricing. Responsible for the sales resources that are based in the region and the sales efforts to build long-term relations with customers

● Responsible for the development and training of WL sales force on my team.

● Knowledge sharing and reuse is embedded in the workflow. Any knowledge gap is filled before a project or job and lessons learned are shared during or at the completion.

● Ensures that the basic MBO cycle (Job description, SOP, quarterly performance review, SLP3, objectives, etc.) is implemented for everyone under supervision.

● Manages personal development and keeps current on Schlumberger and WL techniques, interpretation, sales techniques and management methods.

● Prepares documents and evaluates the WL Sales plan for the GeoMarket, both client and technology specific.

● Responsible for the preparation of bids, tender responses, and sales proposals to all clients.

● Responsible for raising the value of existing contracts through introducing new services, technologies and performance incentives.

● Responsible for developing strong client relationships with WL management, sales and field organization.

● Responsible for motivation and training of the WL Sales team, including technical sales support.

● Ensures that contracts with favorable terms and conditions are in place for all WL jobs, and that all master copies of the contracts are maintained with all subsequent agreements and changes in a single repository in the GeoMarket.

● Responsible for medium and long range market and activity forecasting in order to have necessary resources to ensure proper execution of jobs. This includes the preparation of annual and quarterly F123 forecasts.

● Responsible for price structure and pricing levels, recommending all necessary changes and appropriately presents price increases to customers.

● Coordinates plans and conducts client seminars.

● Responsible for the expenses related to the sales plan.

November 2012- September 2007

5 years 3 months

Schlumberger Logelco Inc. (Tengiz, Aksai project)

SLB DDC (Data delivery center supervisor), Field Systems Administration


A) People and Training

• Organizes and delivers shop and classroom based training sessions on Business Systems to

• FSM (Field Managers) / FE / FS (Field Engineers/ Specialists)

• Identifies areas of weaknesses and addresses these with location specific training, in

• conjunction with SDM (Service Delivery Manager)

• Promotes within the location’s community an awareness of the importance of correct


B) Processes

• Responsible for Business System’s Data Quality approval before reporting it as “usable.

• Responsible for generating weekly reports for Quality Control Reviews

• and corrections.

• Responsible for generating weekly reports for discussion during the

• Weekly Technical Meetings.

• Generates service quality result reports and helps the FSM formulate corrective actions.

• Monitors and mines data to ensure top quality of the latter; actively promotes the use of

Business Systems.

• Provides specific support to FSM in controlling REW (Wire line) specific QHSE risks (radiation,

• explosives, pressure, equipment certifications)

C) Equipment

• Promotes the standardization of the Data Base according to Area guidelines.

• Monitors the timely input and approval of Lawson FMT.

• Ensures that X-Check results comply with Area goals.

• Keeps track of the Mandatory Modification Plan.

D) Client

• Generates Client’s reports as requested, only out of the Business Systems in use.

• Maintains strict confidentiality of client information.

Responsible for Data delivery and quality in all field applications that enable all of the processes as they pertain to location operations: Service Delivery, Supply Chain, People Management, Sales & Billing

September 2007 May 2006

1 year 5 months

Schlumberger Logelco Inc.

Office manager

Support company operations by maintaining office systems and supervising staff.

• Maintain office services by organizing office operations and procedures; preparing payroll; controlling correspondence; designing filing systems; reviewing and approving supply requisitions;

• Provide historical reference by defining procedures for retention, protection, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of records.

• Maintain office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement.

• Design and implements office policies by establishing standards and procedures; measuring results against standards; making necessary adjustments.

• Complete operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.

• Keep management informed by reviewing and analyzing special reports; summarizing information; identifying trends.

• Maintain office staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.

• Maintain office staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.

• Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.

• Achieve financial objectives by preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.

• Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

May 2006


11 months

«BN Munai» LLP

Environmental Champion, QHSE-manager

• To ensure that environmental considerations are an integral part of line management responsibilities and objectives.

• To ensure that site Procedures for compliance with Local Environmental regulations are current and up to date.

• To ensure that the Environmental Performance Indicators for the site are reported and reviewed for accuracy every month.

• To review all the reported environmental events for accuracy.

• To ensure that the Site Environmental History File & RCTS are updated and contains all necessary information.

• To keep abreast of any new development or update of Environmental Standard, technical guidelines and inform management and relevant personnel accordingly.

• To assist Site Management and the site Loss Prevention Team in:

Monitoring site environmental objectives.

Liaising with clients, third party subcontractors, and agencies regarding environment issues.

Assessing the local environmental risks.

Preparing and maintaining the site-specific plans, programs and procedures as specified in the Schlumberger Environmental Standard.

• To establish and maintain appropriate programs for the management of wastewater and other waste streams on-site.

• To conduct assessments for waste management contractors.

• To actively follow-up on environmental related investigations of major failures and accidents.

• To encourage and facilitate reporting of environmental hazardous situations by all employees on-site.

• To develop and maintain a high level of awareness among all personnel through communications, training and active involvement of employees in prevention and reporting of non-conformances.

• To develop and keep updated site-specific training package on environmental plans, programs and procedures and to ensure all site personnel are trained.

• To ensure regular updating of personal qualifications and attend to personal training as required.

• To support site management in their external and internal compliance programs

• To develop a constructive relationship with local environmental regulatory authorities.

July 2005

September 2004

11 months

Aktobe State University

Instructor\ Lecturer, Technical Faculty

Basic Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Facilitation of Learning. Plan, prepare and deliver instruction and facilitate the learning of students in associate degree, technical diploma, basic education, continuing education, and/or business and industry training programs. Assess the learning outcomes of students at the unit, course, and program level.

2. Classroom Management. Fulfill assigned schedule, maintain accurate student attendance and grade records, maintain instructional environment with emphasis on safety, housekeeping, and equipment security, and ensure opportunities for student/participant evaluation.

3. Interpersonal/Team Skills. Participate in activities of the instructional team, including planning, development, scheduling, and budgeting as a cooperative and professional team player.

4. Student Support and Guidance. Advice and support students as a mentor and role model in the achievement of their learning and career goals.




Aktobe State University

Foreign languages, Bachelor of Linguistic Science (English, German)

Trainings :


HSE for Supervisors Course (HSE-2), Schlumberger, Aktau, Kazakhstan

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., HSE for Supervisors Course (HSE-2)


Wireline Field System Training advance, Schlumberger, Paris, France

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., Wireline Field System Training advance


Wireline for OFS (Finance Training), Schlumberger, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., Wireline for OFS (Finance Training)


Wireline Advance i-District course for district champions, Schlumberger, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., Wireline Advance i-District course for district champions


Wireline Field Systems Training, Schlumberger, Paris, France

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., Wireline Field Systems Training


QHSE for Supervisors Course (QHSE-2), Schlumberger, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., QHSE for Supervisors Course (QHSE-2)


OFS-1 Training, Schlumberger, Baku, Azerbaijan

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., OFS-1 Training


Wireline Business systems Training, Wireline Business systems Training, Schlumberger, Aberdeen, Scotland, Aberdeen, Scotland

Schlumberger Logelco Inc., Business systems Training



Russian native

English advanced

Kazakh basic

German basic

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