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Exeter, DEV, United Kingdom
March 28, 2018

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Luis Riesco Lorenzo

* ********* ****, ****** *** 2QS

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With the education background in Audiovisual and Filmmaking, Luis have successfully organised several filming projects (in Spain) as a Director, Camera and Photography, Lights, and postproduction, with duty include but human resource management, financial and operation management from 2007 to 2013. As well participated in various Regional Television (Tele-K). Besides the professionality of audiovisuals Luis is also keen on gaining knowledge in Social Science, covering from Macroeconomics, Financial Markets, Philosophy, Epistemology, the nature of Knowledge, Cognitive Theory, Human Comprehension, Learning process, education system, Motivation and Personal Development. During this time, he collaborated on several magazines publishing articles.


2015- Date Self-study- Economics and Financial Markets

• Personal study notes (Written in Spanish) over 1200 pages. Covered the key knowledge in Macroeconomics, Inflation, Bond, Interest rates, Currencies, Deleveraging Cycle of the Economy, Principles of the Movement of Asset Price, Technical Analysis and Liquidity Pools.

• Fundamental Analysis for Equity market and Forex market, Volatility Analysis, Trade Analysis of Exports and Imports.

• Distribution of Returns, ATR, and Risk Management.

• Exchange rates predication (such as Growth Differential Model, Interest Rates Differential Model and Relative Wealth).

2013- 2015 Self-study, Philosophy, Education and Social Science

• Hundreds of articles and essays on Education and Society

• Principles of Reality, Identity, Causality. Epistemology, Nature of Knowledge.

• Learning process, Human Comprehension, learning methodologies.

• Human rights, Politics and its derivation from Ethics. 2009 – 2011 Cinema degree & Filmmaking, CIFP Jose Luis Garci, Spain

• A 24-month degree. Camera, rules for filmmaking, scene planning, story structure, production and organization and networking.

• Production of videos, short films and show performance. 2007-2009 Photography degree, School Rodriguez Fabres, Spain

• Gained a wide range of knowledge regarding the photography production, proper exposition Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, illumination of scene, skill using DSLR Canon Cameras, skills on editing with Photoshop and Lightroom. Utilization of flash inside studio Cromalite and the street flash Canon speedlight.

Relevant Experience

2015- 2017 Projects and achievements in Economics and Financial Markets

• Trading the Foreign Exchange Market. Track record can be seen here:

• Creation of a forum about Global Macro Fundamental Analysis (Focus on the shifts on monetary policy driving currencies) Link -

• Articles published on economics and political magazine: Canal Hablamos Link - 2013-2015 Projects and achievements in Education and Philosophy

• Personal blog on education, learning, and philosophy -

• Collaborator in a education magazine, link -

• YouTube Channel explaining concepts on social and philosophy issues such as Purpose in Life, What’s Intelligence. Link - 2011 – 2013 Experience in cinema and filmmaking

• 3-month Internship Tele-K TV Madrid Vallekas

• Business Photography Studio - Eagle Studio, Salamanca, Spain

• Establish a personal business photography studio. Managed all the operation process include dealing with government documentations, arrange site rentals, equipment deliveries and schedule working time. Link -

• Short Film Projects - As a cinema producer, organized and promote several filming projects, working as General Management Director, Production Manager, Screenplay, Stage Prop, General Coordinator, Stage Lighting and Sound Effects and Camera. Lipdub – Videomusic with 250 crew members – Director/ General Coordinator and Promotion -

Shortfilm – El precio de la Delincuencia. Director, Screen Play, and Camera.

Shortfilm – Atrapado en el Ascensor. Actor and Producer. /watch?v=lJ1nZFzi9hw

Shortfilm – Juegos de Verano. Codirector, Camera, Light, and General Management Director.

Shortfilm. La verdad no te interesa. Director, Screenplay, Camera and Editing.

Additional Skills

IT Skills: Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Professional user of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut Pro. Language: Spanish (native), English (fluent).

Activities and Interests

Knowledge, study: Understanding the world, the society, human behavior, financial crisis, enhancing prosperity in the society and solving social problems. Gourmet: A passion in trying cuisines and preparing dishes, well-detailed control in cooking. Specialized in Cheese (Have a personal cheese collection notes with detailed label, condition and tasting). Adventurer: Outdoor adventures (either on foot or by cycle). With personal adventure recordings on YouTube at:

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