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Engineer Electrical

Elmont, NY
March 28, 2018

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**-** *** ******, ****** Park, NY *1004

Tel:1-718-***-**** Cel: 1-347-***-****



A lead technical responsibility that enables me to use the extensive skills and experience I have developed as a Programmer/Analyst, System Developer, Systems/Business Analyst, Project Leader/Manager, Electronic and Electrical Engineering in Permanent and Consultant Bases

Work Experience:

Sears, Columbus Ohio March 2008-Current

SEARS, New York. Ken Quigl Tel 631-***-**** May2007 Feb2008

Region 96, Long Island, NY11530. New York

1.In sells Dept for Promoting central Air-condition, Windows, Steel Door, Kitchen Remodeling and Siding. I target $50,000/100,000 .Per week Income From this sells. And all this is from Local customers which they come to buy local Shopping. And I report every day my Performance to my supervisor.

Home Study

May 2006-April 2007

2.Research and studying at home on RFID, VB6. .NET and Modern technology improvement, as I did not want to stay Idle I started Part time working with Sears.



1966E Broadhollow Road, E Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

Phone: +1-631-***-**** Long Island NW Oct 2010-2011 Test Technician.

Testing and calibrating various types of LVDT The LVDT converts a position or linear displacement from a mechanical reference (zero, or null position) into a proportional electrical signal containing phase (for direction) and amplitude (for distance) information. The LVDT operation does not require an electrical contact between the moving part (probe or core assembly) and the coil assembly, but instead relies on electromagnetic coupling. LVDTs do not contain any electronics, they can be designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures or up to 1200 F (650 C), in harsh environments, under high vibration and shock levels. LVDTs have been widely used in applications such as power turbines, hydraulics, automation, aircraft, satellites, nuclear reactors, Testing with various Test Instruments Finally modified and System Test according to specification of Test Spect and ship it as Manager requirements on monthly

United Electric Power Ron Johnson/Jimmy Tel 1-888-***-**** March2005- Feb2006

270 Park Avenue, Garden City Park, NY 11040

System Test Technician,

3.Programming, VFD and SOFTSTART (SCR CONTROLLER) for Various 3 Phase and Single phase motors from 10HP-800HP, for water vale, Air Condition and compressors.

Cell: 1-347-***-****


System Design for customer specification, on various different types of Enclosures made by SIEMENS, System Test, Build, Wired, Modify, Install, Troubleshoot, Fabrication, Packing. Dispatching, different types of Enclosures Various System consist of, motor starters, disconnect switch, contactor, fuses, fuse holders, Digital Panel meter, Electronic controller, Timers, Bar graphic Display and meter Accessories.

3.Occasionally travelling in Manhattan, for test, Troubleshoot, Installing on VFD for Air Condition units from 100HP-800HP.

SMIITH DETECTION. Mr. Malcom Tel 019**-******

459 Park Avenue, Bushy Hertz,

Watford, WD 23 2BW, Oct/Dec 2003

Tester and assembler

1.Assembling and Testing MCAD, JID 3 which are used for Military. Detects and attack by chemical agent before armed Forces are exposed to harmful chemical, biological concentration. E.g. Nerve, Blister, Blood and chocking so that appropriate medical countermeasures can be made ready for those exposed.

Research and studying at home on RFID, VB6. .NET, Database, Web Design and Modern technology improvement

2.CCNA Queens Collage 2002


Terminal Dr. Plainview, NY 11803. Mr. Blaire Tel 516-***-**** 200lFeb-200lJune

System Test Technician

3.System Test, Software Programmer, Modifying and Troubleshooting.

3.High Vacuum Chamber which is used for processing High Intensity Micro Electrons on BK7 filters, Hard Drive and Microprocessors.

3.This chamber consist of Server Computer, Client and OMS computer(fiber optics) with touch screen which interface with RF 2000 1,Gas Controller, DC Bias, Nueatrilization,RF-1 Power Supply, with Argon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Air. And water for Cooling.

3.Leak is detected with Helium detector from Vacuumed chamber by RGA .Processing take place with High Vacuum Pressure 8-4 Torr Range, High Beam Ionization 8 and 16cm Sources 3 Targets or 4 Targets for Herman’s chamber.

3.Report activities to supervisor expedite the system assembly and coordinate with part supplier. Also involve with Processes Engineer to run Process on 2gig, 517 and 815 on BK7 glass. Depiction of Tantalum and Sio2 .Troubleshooting on High Vac on soft and rough

Cell: 1-347-***-****


valves, convector gauges,mechanical pump, Crio pump,Mask motor, Shutter motor, Target motor and High speed Fixture motor.

ADC Telecommunications CONSULTANT Sep/Nov2000

208, 17111 avenue Waseca, MN 56093 Hermel Mike Tel 507-***-****

R.F Engineer

1.Worked in R&D Dept, 8bit Microprocessor Cop8 National Semiconductor

1.Digital Remote Control unit interface with Host Loop back with Fiber optic for Cellular Systems

1.Debug Source Code File,Link, Build and Assembled with changes as per instruction of Design Engineer, Take various group of Digital and Analogue signals on Data Analyzer and storage scope down load on floppy and upload on computer with time and voltage statistic data.

U.S Electronics Perm March/June2000

585 North Bicycle Path, Suite 52, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776,

Embedded Software engineer Graig Tel: 1-800-***-****

1.Working in R&D Dept, Microprocessor KS88c01416/1 424 Zilog 82/85/86 and 88 8 bit microcontroller

1.Creating and Debugging Projects on Universal Remote Control, using Assembly Language with Samsung Emulator changing parameters. Creating List file, Manipulating System Registers and Implementing Flags.

1.Creating instruction code, by editing source files, compiling, linking and building one time programming on microprocessors.

1.Also using IR tools on software to capture data for new development using C and MSDOS Semwer V.2 Editor Software, used with Windows Embedding. Occasionally flying out to the head office located in Denver, Colorado for technical purposes, training.

Mars Electronic International Consultant MAY-JUNE 1999

301 Wilson Drive, West Chester Drive, PA 19380-5963.

System Test Engineer Robert P. Mackenzie Tel. 610-***-****

1.Working in R&D Department, Microprocessor base 8032, 8052 for testing bill validation systems.

1.Adjusting gain attenuation on Analogue! Digital circuits. Applying parameters on input sensors in order to get right test results. Writing Test procedure for production Test.

Cell: 1-347-***-****


Sundstrand Aerospace Consultant Aug 1997-Sep 1998

Rockford, IL/Buena Park, CA –

4747 Harrison Ave. Rockford ILL, 61125 and 6900 Orange Thorpe Aye, Buena Park, CA 90620

Tel: 815-***-**** Jitendra solanki or Robert A Bayles

Project Development Engineer

1.Analyzing, redesigning, debugging, systems testing, training technicians and rewriting test scripts and CMM, to support GCU, ACPC, DCPC, CDU and SPDA. Cost reducing on system tests by designing EMI connector test fixtures.

1.Interfacing DPS to ARING 429, over/under voltage, current, and frequency protection modification on Boeing 747/400, DC1O, Jet Fighters and Air Canada. Programming EPGA gate MG.

1.Became the most-trusted developer-tester during system tests – because I had the systems and testing expertise to identify problems before they went to user-acceptance testing or production

IC. TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Consultant June 1995 April 1997

6400, Riverside Drive, Dublin OH, 43017, Ed Stone Tel: 614-***-****

Project Engineer

1.Traveling throughout the US by air and road to client sites in order to install and configure, microprocessor based call light monitor systems to interface with LAN/WAN networks and corporate office.

1.Troubleshooting system hardware and network connections. Installing and configuring terminals, bridges, gateways, routers, file servers and operating systems and utility software. Providing training to the end user and installing 25 pair cable with M66 blocks for telecommunication


94-24 St., ozone park, NY 11416. Tel: 800-***-**** Contact: Jordan Lenowitz.

Electrical Engineer

1.Installing 2 phase & 3 phase, AC main load centers and circuit breakers.

1.Troubleshooting domestic and commercial wiring, diagnosing various faults and carrying out necessary repairs.440v, 220v and 110v.

LUCENT TECHNOLOGY Consultant April 1996 June 1996

6200, E. Broad St., Columbus OH 43232. Tel: 614-***-**** Contact: Bob Shelly

Cell: 1-347-***-****


R. F. System Engineer

1.Working with system test groups designing test methodologies developing test plans and procedures using telecommunication system TDMA and using Lab View 4 to test systems. Test equipment’s Anritsu Wiltron MS 8604A, MG 3670B signal generator, power meter,

HIP Data Analyzer Logic Analyzer and training other Test Technicians to troubleshoot BCS 5 Card, PSU and Up converter Boards .DSP interfacing.

1.Led the development of a system that converted Signal Data from Tested boards For various R.F and digital to host data to/from a relational database; created an ancestor container object using an innovative approach to maximize team effectiveness and meet a very tight timeline in Power Builder.

1.Finally, I used my knowledge of creating dynamic, run-time forms to create the front-end of a system enhancement that substantially reduced the development resources needed for each new product going to production – allowing the company to reduce staff (including me) and save $100K++

A.T. & T. (LUCENT TECHNOLOGY) Consultant

May 1994 Nov 1994

6200, E. Broad street. Columbus OH. Clifford Mceleese Tel: 614-***-****

R.F. Engineer

4.JCA (Japan Common Amplifier) Troubleshooting 5 circuit packs, full system containing TX/RX power amplifier for cellular systems, signal processing measurements on power loss, return loss,gain,group delay, spur, isolation, synthesizer level and power out put path. Change attenuation and pad in DB. Modulated frequency relating to design processes.

4.Train new Test Technician on circuit operations and troubleshooting techniques for test stations containing various H/P instruments, ISO 9000.Application debugging in Visual Basic 3, C++ object orientated programs, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Mail, TCP/IP and interfacing with lEEE 488.2 GPIB.

4.Visual Basic, C#, PowerBuilder (vs. 3 thru 11), SQL and UNIX scripting. For data base.

4.Experienced in developing software tools that expedite the software development and testing processes.

4.Integrated an address validation software package, creating the PowerBuilder interface objects to its’ DLL.


OCTOBER 1993 MARCH 1994 Cunsultant

1896 High Street, Columbus, OH, 43201

Project Engineer

Cell: 1-347-***-****


1.Designing and developing computer software application systems on IBM Pc’s, using Paradox, Letter shop, WordPerfect, LANtastic and DB2.Quality assurance, system testing,

software testing, Developing multi-channel telephone recorders, training staff to operate PCs.

Installing telephones and LAN/Wan networks, configuring, maintaining network capable of performing application programs, database, exchanging information in multi-platform environment, planning and designing a network for current and future technology using data communication on fiber optic transmitter/receiver.

CABLE LINK CORP. Perm February 1993 October 1993

280, Cozzin Street. Columbus, OH. 43215. Tel: 614-***-**** Contact; Charles Hansek

3.Installing and testing telephone lines for LAN/WAN networks.

3.Providing various proposals, generating design concepts and converting these concepts to low cost/high quality circuits according to client needs. Supporting all aspects of analog designing for various projects.

3.Assisting in developing head end equipment including satellite receiving processors, modulators, demodulators, antennas, TV, VCR’s. Two-way radio systems and fiber optic transmitters and receivers.

ORBIT INSTRUMENTATION Perm Rays Jave Tel.516-***-**** June1987 April 1991

80, Cobart court, Hauppauge, NY. 11788.

1.Display controllers. Intel 8086 microprocessor based products with display interface cards, keyboard, trackball, 6/7 display controller. Items to be used in military aircraft and submarines, Fixtures and thermal testing in temperature controlled conditions ranging from 55 degree to bum tests of +55 degree,

1.Supervising 6 Technicians on Production test, And help for Test and Troubleshoot.

1.Test, Troubleshoot, Change components on Multilayers boards, Soldering to MIL spect.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic 3, 5, 6, .NET, Microsoft Pager 2000, Presentation Manager, CAD, Lotus 1,2,3,5, Letter shop, Assembly, Basic Lab-View and Java.

PC Operating Systems: 052, DOS, MS Windows 3.x, 95/98/NT, 2000 and UNIX.

PC Software: Paradox, Database Manager, Power Builder, TCP/IP, Novel Netware 4.1.

Mainframe Software: CIC. DB2IQMF, Northern Utility & AIMS.

Data Comm.: LAN/WAN Topologies and Ethernet RING 429

Data Voice: Case Grapevine 831&832 Sort Distance Line Drive: Case 3025, 3020, 550,554&555.

Multiplexer: Case 670, 672, 720, DCX 350, LSC 4& 672 Kilo stream.

Cell: 1-347-***-****


Microprocessors: TMS 9900, Intel 8080.8086,8088,80286,80836,80486,6800,68000, Z80 & VLSI for modems.

Cable 1V Equipment: Receivers. Scrambler, Jerold, Scientific Atlanta. Standard Video cipher II, DX, Drake and TI.

Control Amp: RB 211 for Concord Supersonic Engine, N1/N2 for Speed Limiter, Transient Reset & Hawk Trainer.

Military Equipment: Ptarmigum project, B. Staff, Central, Diana, Message Central, Tactical Interface, Radio Relay, Oman, Node

Command & Shetland.

Electrical Generators: 125Kv, 50Kv, 9.6Kv, 208Kv, 110v & 3 Phase 240V Line.

Telecommunications: Telephone Ansafone Simulator, Mitel & Tone Control Unit, TDMA and CDMA.



ECDL South Harrow, London Module 1-Scurity for IT 2013

New Horizon College: Studying CCNA ICND 1,2 2009

Queens College: Studying CCNA Oct 2002

Smith Detection Co.: Specialized training achieved for handling Chemical Instrument Systems.

Training Certification achieved on High Vacuum 2001

Siemens: Certifications in Basic ON PLC, Switchboards, Electrical Products

City and Guilds certifications (London, UK) in Microprocessors, Data communication, Computers, TV/Radio and Digital Electronics 1972-1981

Electronic Radio Institute Of Nairobi: Electrical and Electronic Certifications 1965

Senior secondary School of Kalolo, Kampala Uganda: High School Diploma 1964

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