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Administrative Assistant & Customer Service Specialist

High Point, NC
March 28, 2018

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Wendy O 'Hara-Perry

**** * ** * ***** D rive H igh P oint, N orth C arolina, 2 7265 3-36-689-**** w Work E xperience


Customer S ervice S upervisor-Southeast R egion, A pril 2 017-October 2 017

● Supervise d aily w ork a nd a ctivities o f a ssigned C ustomer S ervice R eps t o e nsure a ccurate a nd e fficient order p rocessing, w ith a h igh l evel o f e ngagement a nd a ccountability.

● Highlight i mportance o f o rder a ccuracy a nd p erfect o rder r ate, c reate a ction p lans t o a ddress m is-keys a nd missed o rders.

● Ensure t imely c ompletion o f t rade s how o rder e ntry.

● Responsible f or t aking e xisting C redits/Returns d epartment, c reate p lan t o b lend i n C /R p rocesses a nd implement o n a C ustomer S ervice l evel, t o i mprove o verall c ustomer e xperience. S uccessfully d eveloped plan t o t ake w orkload/department t hat w as b acklogged w ith o pen c redits, q uickly t rained C S T eam o n j ob functions, a nd m et c hallenging d eadline t o b ring d epartment c urrent o n o pen c redits w ithin 2 w eeks’ t ime.

● Analyze, a llocate a nd d elegate a ppropriately t o e nsure e mployees a re p erforming w ith s uccess w hile meeting/exceeding d aily o rder e ntry d eadlines a nd g oals.

● Responsible f or t aking e scalated c alls f rom c ustomers e xperiencing s ervice/quality/delivery i ssues; addressed e ach i ssue i mmediately a nd m aintained p rompt a nd c onsistent f ollow u p w ith c ustomer u ntil any i ssues r eached r esolution.

● Inspire e mployees t o p rovide e xceptional c ustomer s ervice t o e xternal a nd i nternal c ustomers.

● Communicate t imely w ith t eam m embers a ll r elevant i nformation, p rocess/procedural c hanges t hat m ay impact d aily.

● Monitor p hone s tats a nd d ata r eports, d aily r outing a nd o rder t ransactions t o m aximize c ustomer satisfaction a nd e nsure o perational e fficiency a cross d epartments. M eet o r e xceed p hone/fax m etrics a nd KPIs f or m issed o rders, k eying a ccuracy, r esponse t ime, e xpedited f reight c osts.

● Drive a ll a spects o f h iring p rocess: p osition r equirements, r ecruiting, p hone a nd i n-person i nterviews, reference c hecking, o ffer e xtension.

● Foster e mployee g rowth t hrough l earning/development, p erformance e valuation, o ne-on-one m entoring and c oaching.

● With C S M anager a nd p eer S upervisors, d esign/implement/evaluate f or e ffectiveness a ll e mployee learning o pportunities i n t he a reas o f o nboarding, p rocess a nd c ore-competency d evelopment.

● Proactively c ommunicate w ith C S M anagement a nd o ther a ppropriate m anagement o n t he n ational l evel, any c oncerns/issues t hat m ay i mpact s ervice q uality, o perational e ffectiveness a nd/or p roductivity.

● Partner w ith v endor m anagement t o o versee a nd c omplete v endor b litzes t hat a chieve c ampaign g oals a nd reward r esults. R eport, t rack a nd s ubmit b litz r esults f or e mployee i ncentive p ayout.

● Responsible f or m aintaining d atabase s ystem ( Dayforce) f or a ccurate m anagement o f t eam s cheduling, payroll p rocessing a nd t eam m ember t ime o ff r equests.

● Assign a nd/or c omplete p rojects i n a t imely, p rofessional a nd a ccurate m anner.

● Represent A SC p rofessionally a nd k nowledgeably a t m eetings, s eminars, i ndustry e vents a nd c ommunity involvement o pportunities, a s r equested.

THE V OMELA C OMPANIES- M OTORSPORTS D ESIGNS, H IGH P OINT, N C Customer S ervice R epresentative, S ep 2 015 – J un 2 016

● Confer w ith c ustomers b y t elephone o r i n p erson t o p rovide i nformation a bout p roducts o r s ervices, t ake o r enter o rders, c ancel a ccounts, o r o btain d etails o f c omplaints.

● Keep r ecords o f c ustomer i nteractions o r t ransactions, r ecording d etails o f i nquiries, c omplaints, o r comments, a s w ell a s a ctions t aken.

● Determine c harges f or s ervices r equested, c ollect d eposits o r p ayments, o r a rrange f or b illing.

● Compare d isputed m erchandise w ith o riginal r equisitions a nd i nformation f rom i nvoices a nd p repare i nvoices for r eturned g oods.

● Complete c ontract f orms, p repare c hange o f a ddress r ecords, o r i ssue s ervice d iscontinuance o rders, u sing computers.

● Solicit s ales o f n ew o r a dditional s ervices o r p roducts.

● Resolve c ustomers' s ervice o r b illing c omplaints b y p erforming a ctivities s uch a s e xchanging m erchandise, refunding m oney, o r a djusting b ills.

● Handled h ouse a ccounts f or l ocal c ompanies i n t he a rea, a s w ell a s l arger a ccounts f or n ational c ompanies established w ith t he c ompany, t hat r equired l arger o rders f or g raphics. A f ew o f t he c lients I h andled o rders directly f or w ere N ASCAR, T he P GA, W aste I ndustries, B ojangles, M cDonalds a nd F LW.

● Designated b ack u p f or f ront o ffice r esponsibilities, t aking c are o f w alk i n c lients, f acilitating c lients w ho may c ome i n t o p ick u p a f inished v ehicle, a s w ell a s m anage a m ulti-phone l ine s ystem.

● Meet w ith p otential c lients w ho m ay w alk i n w ith q uestions a bout t he b usiness, w hat w e c ould p rovide f or them, a nd t ake v ehicle s pecs a longside o f t he a rtist w hile a ssessing w hat c ould b est f it t heir n eeds. A fter reviewing m aterial o ptions, e stimating j ob c ost a nd t urnaround t ime, w ould t hen c ontact t he c lient b ack t o hopefully m ove f orward w ith t aking c are o f t heir g raphic n eeds. HIGH P OINT B ANK & T RUST, H IGH P OINT, N C Relationship B anking S upervisor, N ov 2 013 – A ug 2 015

● Required t o s ervice c ustomers a s b oth a p latform b anker a s w ell a s p erform t eller r esponsibilities, f loating t o all t he b ranches i n o ur a rea.

● After a ccepting a S upervisor p osition a t a b ranch i n H igh P oint, I w as r esponsible f or m anaging, b alancing and a uditing 2 s eparate c ash v aults, a s o ur b ranch s erved a s t he o nly S aturday b anking b ranch.

● Responsible f or s upervising a t eam o f 5 R elationship B ankers, p rovided o verrides w hen n ecessary, a nd maintained a ll m onthly a nd q uarterly p aperwork t o m eet r equired a uditing s tandards.

● Provided q uarterly f eedback f or e mployee r eviews, w as i nvolved i n p roviding p aperwork a nd e xecuting a ny disciplinary a ctions, a s w ell a s m entoring a nd t raining a ny t eammates t hat m ay h ave i ssues w ith t he ever-changing p olicies a nd p rocedures o f t he b anking i ndustry.

● Notary P ublic

● Community i nvolvement w as a k ey s tandard a s a n e mployee o f H igh P oint B ank, a nd I w as e xtremely fortunate t o h ave g otten i nvolved w ith m any l ocal o rganizations, a longside o f m y c oworkers, t o d o m y p art i n serving o ur c ommunity.

VANDERBILT M ORTGAGE & F INANCE/ C LAYTON H OMES, G REENSBORO, N C Mortgage A ccounts M anager, A pr 2 005 – O ct 2 013

● Call C enter E nvironment, r esponsible f or d aily g oals o n b oth i nbound a nd o utbound c alls.

● Senior C ollections M anager w ithin m y t eam a nd d epartment.

● Customer S ervice q uality e mphasized a nd c all q uality m onitoring w ith c alls s cored m onthly e nforced.

● Responsible f or m anaging a nd s ervicing m y b lock o f l oan a ccounts, u pwards o f 5 00+ m onthly.

● Responsible f or s etting u p f oreclosures, r epossessions, l egal a nd b ankruptcy f iles a s n ecessary.

● Notary P ublic

● Tasked w ith e scalating c alls f rom o ther t eammates t o h elp p roblem s olve a nd s ervice t he c ustomer w ith resolution b y t he e nd o f t he p hone c all.

● Responsible f or f ollowing a ll F air D ebt c ollection l aws, w hile b eing m onitored f or q uality a ssurance, a nd meeting p ersonal a nd t eam g oals e very m onth. FIRST C ITIZENS B ANK, G REENSBORO, N C

Teller S upervisor, A pr 2 001-Mar 2 005

● Senior T eller p romoted t o T eller S upervisor a nd L eadership M anagement

● Customer S ervice

● Vault T eller

● New h ire t rainer

● Notary P ublic

● Review o f s preadsheets t o b alance m ultiple G L a ccounts d aily/weekly/monthly

● Responsible f or b ranch r egulations, a s w ell a s c onducting m onthly/quarterly/yearly b ranch a udits t o m aintain accuracy a nd c ompliance.

● Completed c ourses: T ime M anagement, S upervisory S kill f or M anagement & R etail S trategies t owards reaching a dvancement a nd o pportunity i n a l eadership/management r ole. Education


High S chool D iploma


Associates D egree i n B usiness

Additional S kills

● Quality C ustomer S ervice f or o ver 1 8 y ears

● Quality A ssurance e xperience

● Customer S ervice L eadership a nd M anagement

● Efficient u sing M icrosoft W ord, E xcel, P ower P oint, a nd O utlook

● Experienced i n u sing m ultiple c omputer s ystems

● Proficient a nd A ccomplished i n t ime m anagement

● Project M anagement

● Team B uilding

● Team P layer t hat t akes p ride i n h elping t o m otivate o thers

● Report P reparation a nd D ata A nalysis

● General O ffice S kills

● Self-motivated, a ble t o w ork w ithin a t eam a s w ell a s i ndependently

● Thrives i n a f ast-paced w ork e nvironment w hile w orking t o c omplete m ultiple t asks a nd m eet d eadlines.

● Professional P resentation

● Sales a nd M arketing

● Excellent a nd p rompt w ritten c orrespondence

● Schedule m anaging f or m yself a s w ell a s a t eam I m ay b e s upervising

● Zeal a nd e xcitement f or t aking o n a dditional r esponsibilities w ith t he p assion t o c onstantly l earn a nd g ain knowledge w ithin t he j ob.

● Driven t o m eet a nd e xceed a ny c hallenges, g oals a nd e xpectations I a m t asked w ith.

*List o f B usiness a nd P ersonal R eferences a vailable u pon r equest.

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