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Engineer Development

Garner, NC
March 28, 2018

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Ph. D. Course Works (City & Regional Planning)

- Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (1995-1996) Master of Urban Planning (Transportation Planning/Engineering Major)

- University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, May 1995 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering Concentration)

- Kyung-pook National University, Taegu, South Korea, February 1986 CAREER EXPERIENCES:

Transportation Engineer/Modeler

- North Carolina Department of Transportation / Transportation Planning Division / Model Research and Development Group (June 23, 2014 - Present)

Developing geodatabase for HEM 1 and 2 Maps for Title 6

Developing geodatabase of 2015 InfoUSA Employment data sets

Simulating Greenville MPO 2010 and 2040 EC+LRTP Models for conducting project level traffic forecasting by given Scenarios

Reviewing and recommending Demand Forecasting and General User’s Guides of TransCAD 6.0 in order to enhance scripts coded for existing NCDOT Demand Forecasting Models.

Reviewing and recommending Users Guide for Model Application, Model Guidance, and Procedures Manual of Small Area Travel Demand Model

Developing new user benefit (travel time saving) scripts in TransCAD 5.0 using NC Statewide Transportation Model (NCSTM)

Reviewing and commenting a draft report of I-40/I-440 Managed Lanes Study

Advising travel demand forecasting components for North Carolina Statewide Transportation Model (NCSTM) v. 3.4

Delivering user’s guidance of easy coordinate system conversions with TransCAD to TPB Staffs

Modifying CTP style files (Comprehensive Transportation

Estimating man days of travel demand forecasting for R-2250 Traffic Forecasting Scope

Developing Lee County Small Area Model

Developing TBEST Model for Piedmont Area Transportation Authority)PART), NC

Restructuring Land use data components of Edenton Model for confirming accuracy

Installing and testing GPS software (QStartz) for obtaining actual roadway speeds for small area models

Reviewing and commenting about model calibration and validation procedures for Wilmington MPO Model

Finalizing study areas and TAZ structures for a Small Area Model Development in Rutherford County

Developing Rutherford County Small Area Model

Reviewing and commenting FRB MPO Model that PB delivered, checking methodologies, approaches, and contents of model estimations, calibrations, and validations, comparing with model input and.

Creating NC Statewide data sets for Human Environmental Features Maps 1 and 2 for Title 6 Report

Project Engineer/Modeler

- GMB Engineers & Planners, Inc., Orlando, Florida

(February 2014 - June 20, 2014)

2010 base year and 2040 future ZDATA analysis for Lee & Collier (LC) County MPO Model (Florida DOT District One, FL)

2010 & 2018 Land Use and Highway Network Updates for six (6) rural County Models (Florida DOT District One, FL)

GIS analysis for MetroPlan Orlando’s 2014 Travel Time Traffic Study (MetroPlan Orlando, FL)

Developed/Calibrated a STOPS Model for Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT)

Updates of 2040 LRTP Report for Lee County MPO

Principal Transportation Engineer/Modeler

- Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), Jacksonville, Florida

(October 2007 - January 2014)

2005/2030 JTA Regional Transportation Study (RTS) Model Development

(Calibration/Validation) for JTA Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study (Federal Transit Administration (FTA) investment grade models)

2010/2035 JTA Commuter Rail (CR) Model Development (Calibration/Validation) for CR Feasibility/Preliminary Planning Study (FTA investment grade model)

A preliminary study of JTA Activity Based Model (ABM) development for finding better approaches of transit path/skims/assignments including Nested Logit Model restructures of mode choice module in DaySim (demand side)

GIS spatial/network/geo-statistical analysis for developing Route Optimization Plans as JTA’s 20-year Strategic Plan - Blueprint for Transportation Excellence

(BTE) Study

Toll transaction and revenue study for Mathews Bridge replacements after restructuring Mode Choice, developing LogSum/Coefficients in new nested logit, and testing willingness-to-pay values in highway assignments

GIS database and geo-coding analysis for 2011 JTA Transit-on Board Origin and Destination (O&D) Survey, applying ArcView, ArcSDE, and SPSS

Directional Design Hour Volume (DDHV) developments and Level of Service

(LOS) projections for Southside Blvd PD&E/Visionary Study, applying Synchro, HCS 2010, and LOSPLAN

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) developments for 2013 JTA route systems, using ArcView’s Geoprocessing procedures and route query tools

Transit ridership estimations of selected three corridors for First Coast Commuter Rail Study, applying FTA’s stand alone forecasting tools such as ARRF and STOPS

Micro-simulation analysis with VISSIM for JTA BRT’s four corridors (North, outheast, East, and southwest) along proposed fixed guide-way routes

Michigan U-Turn analysis for Atlantic/Southside Boulevards Intersection using Synchro and COSIM

GIS network analysis for identifying shortest (best) path, drive time, point-to-point routing, or optimized routes, etc. for proposed new commuter and express routes

Signal Optimization and Coordination Study for Southside Blvd from Arlington Expressway to I-95, using Synchro and VISSIM

Transit Signal Priority Study for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Systems on North Corridor

Micro-simulation analysis with VISSIM for First Coast Regional Transportation Study in Northeast Florida Region (7 Counties)

GIS database analysis of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Study for BRT/Skyway’s Jacksonville Downtown Corridors

GIS database analysis for various transit performance/LOS projections by routes, corridors, and system-wide, transit efficiency such as transit travel time, walk distances/access, transfers, waiting times, headways, spans, in-vehicle-times, etc.

2009/2013 JTA Transit Boarding Estimation and Simulation Tool (TBEST) Model Development and Validation for every 5 year of Transit Development Plan (TDP) Updates (TBEST - Florida DOT’s specific stand-alone transit ridership forecasting software)

Senior Transportation Engineer/Modeler

- Reynolds, Smith, and Hills (RS&H), Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

(August 2002 - September 2007)

Wonderwood Connector Traffic Impact Study (Jacksonville Transportation Authority, FL)

Micro-simulation analysis with CORSIM for South Carolina Statewide Strategic Corridor System Plan (South Carolina DOT, SC)

Toll feasibility demand forecasting model development for Pensacola Bay Bridge Replacement Study (FDOT District 3)

Intersection LOS Analysis with Synchro for College Drive North PD&E Study

(FDOT District 2 & Clay County, FL)

Roadway LOS analysis with HCS+ for CR 2209 (North-South Connector) PD&E Study (FDOT District 2, FL)

GIS land use analysis for US 52 Land Use & Transportation Study (North Carolina DOT, NC)

GIS analysis of freight flows and facilities for 2005 Freight Mobility Study (First Coast MPO, FL)

Intersection and Interchange LOS Analysis with Synchro/HCS+ for Pensacola Airport DRI Study (Pensacola MPO & Escambia County, FL)

First Coast MPO Congestion Management Study (FCMPO, FL)

Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Dynasmart-p for I-595 Corridor Improvement Study (FDOT District 4)

GIS analysis of mixed land use developments for Cecil Clay Business Park

(BFC Partnership, Ltd., FL)

District-wide Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) Process and Socio-cultural Effects Support Service (FDOT District 2)

Time-of-day (AM/PM/Mid-day/Night) St. Johns County Model Development and Validation/Calibration (St Johns County & FDOT District 2)

Okaloosa & Walton Region Transportation Planning Model Development and Validation/Calibration (West Florida Regional Planning MPO)

Model development/validation for Origin-Destination Survey Study on Business 40 (NCDOT)

Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Transims for Airport Boulevard Extension Preliminary engineering Study (Seminole County, FL)

2000/2030 Orlando Urbanized Area Transportation Study (OUATS) Model development and Validation (Orlando MPO, FL)

2000/2030 Northeast Regional Planning Model (NERPM) Development and Validation (Jacksonville MPO/Florida DOT District Two)

Branan-Field Chaffee Road (BFCR) PD&E Study (FDOT District 2, FL)

2005/2035 Central Florida Regional Planning Model (CFRPM) development and validation/calibration (FDOT District 5)

GIS spatial/demographic analysis for Jacksonville Transit & Multi-modal Development Plan (Jacksonville Transportation Authority, FL)

Concurrency Update Study for City of DeBary (City of DeBary, FL)

LOS analysis with Synchro/HCS+ for Coastal Geogia Comprehensive Plan

(Georgia Department of Community Affairs, GA)

Micro-simulation analysis with CORSIM for I-4/SR 44 Economic Development & Initiative Traffic Impact Study (Volusia County, FL)

GIS network analysis for TIGER Grant Application for the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center (JRTC) (Jacksonville Transportation Authority, FL)

LOS analysis with Synchro/HCS+ for I-4/SR 472 Activity Center DRI Study

(Volusia County, FL)

GIS spatial analysis for Bannerman Road Corridor Study (Leon County, FL)

1998 Volusia County Base Year Model Development/Validation (Volusia County MPO, FL)

Micro-simulation analysis with VISSIM I-95 Corridor Planning Study (FDOT District 2, FL)

GIS land use availability analysis for Comprehensive Plan Amendment Study for City of Deltona (Volusia County, FL)

Transportation Engineer/Modeler

- URS Corporation, Tallahassee Office, Florida

(August 1997 - July 2002)

Florida Turnpike System Plan Evaluations using GIS linear referencing functions for Mainline Widening, Interchange and Access Management Projects (Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, FL)

GIS database analysis for Uniform Model Input Data Development necessary for Florida Turnpike’s Statewide Model (Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, FL)

GIS temporal analysis for trip distribution comparisons by time-of-day and area types between obtained trip length/speed data and Florida’s Turnpike model outcomes (Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, FL)

Toll Revenue/Transaction Model Development and Validation for Suncoast Parkway Toll Feasibility Study (Hillsborough County, FL)

Toll Revenue/Transaction Model Development and Validation for Tampa Crosstown Downtown Access Traffic Study (Hillsborough County, FL)

Toll Revenue/Transaction Model Development and Validation for Birmingham Toll Feasibility Study (Alabama DOT, AL)

GIS database analysis with collected roadway speed/capacity by facility/area types and number of lanes for Highway Network Procedural Enhancement Study

(FDOT Systems Planning Office, FL)

Development/Application of Urban Simulation Model for Florida Turnpike Enterprise’s Statewide Model (Florida Turnpike Enterpise)

Toll Revenue/Transaction Model Development and Validation for SR 874 Don Schula Expressway Extension Concept Study (Miami-Dade County, FL)

Toll Revenue/Transaction Model Development and Validation for Polk Parkway Toll Feasibility Study (Polk County & Polk TPO, FL)

GIS database analysis of 1990 Central Florida Household Travel Survey Data

(MetroPlan Orlando and FDOT District 5, FL)

GIS spatial analysis for converting 1990 Census block/parcel data to base/future Traffic Analysis Zones that Florida Turnpike’s Statewide Models structured

(Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, FL)

GIS-based vehicle emission estimations for Florida Turnpike’s Statewide Model

(Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise)

2000/2025 Toll Revenue/Transaction Model Development and Validation for Orlando-Orange County Express Authority (OOCEA) (Orlando, FL)

GIS geo-coding analysis of 1990 CTPP Journey-to-Work Data (Central Florida, MPO – MetroPlan Orlando. FL)

LOS analysis with Synchro/HCS+ for Jog Road Partial Interchange Concept Study (Palm Beach County & DCA, FL)

Micro-simulation analysis with CORSIM Florida Turnpike Mainline Widening Study (Florida Turnpike Enterprise, FL)

Integrating GIS freight (truck) movement data and FSUTMS for multi-model transportation system development (FDOT Systems Planning Office, FL)

1995/2025 Florida Turnpike Enterprise’s Statewide Toll Revenue/Transaction Model Development and Validation (Florida Turnpike Enterprise, FL) PROFESSIONAL TRANING:

Intermediate FSUTMS Modeling Workshop (June 1997)

Advanced Design Traffic Development (November 1997)

FSUTMS Calibration Workshop (September 1998)

Highway Capacity Analysis Workshop (August 1999)

FSUTMS Advanced Workshop (April 2000)

GIS-TM Training Workshop (March 2001)

FSUTMS Freight Modeling Workshop (June 2002)

Development of Regional Impacts (DRI) Workshop (November 2002)

Introductory FSUTMS/TransCAD Workshop (February 2003)

Intermediate/Advanced FSUTMS/TransCAD Workshop (September 2003)

FSUTMS Model Calibration/TransCAD GISDK Workshop (February 2004)

FSUTMS TRansCAD Workshop (November 2004)

TransCAD Transit Modeling Workshop (May 2005)

Basic/Advanced ArcGIS Training (October 2005)

Advanced FSUTMS/Cube Voyager Modeling Workshop (June 2006)

Transit Planning/Operation Workshop (September 2007)

Advanced Synchro 7.0 Workshop (October 2008)

Advanced ArcGIS Application Workshop (March 2009)

2010 Highway Capacity Manual Workshop (August 2009)

Advanced Cube Voyager Script Development Workshop (November 2010)

Basic/Advanced Synchro/SimTraffic Workshop (May 2011)

Activity Based Model (ABM) Workshop (October 2011)

FSUTMS Transit Modeling Workshop (September 2012)

HCS 2010 Workshop (April 2013)

TBEST Workshop (September 2013)


Transportation Modeling: TransCAD (v. 5.0), Cube Voyager (V.6.1), TP+ (v. 4.1), TRANPLAN (v. 9.2), FSUTMS (v. 5.5), VIPER (v. 3.2)

Microscopic Simulation and Traffic Signal: CORSIM, SimTraffic (v.7.0), VISSIM

(v. 6.0), Cube Dynasim (v. 1.4.4), STEAM (v. 4.0), TRANSIMS (V. 1.3)

GIS/LOS Analysis: ArcGIS/ArcGIS (v. 10.2), ArcGIS Server (V. 10.1), ArcIMS (v. 10.1), ArcSDE (v. 10.1), Maptitude (v. 4.8), 2000 Highway Capacity Software

(HCS), SYNCHRO (V. 7.0), LOSPLAN (2013), TURNS 5

Modeling & General Programming Languages: GIS Developer’s Kit (GISDK) - Caliper Script Programming Language, Cube Voyager Script Language, Fortran

(90/95), Visual Basic, etc.

Statistical/Mode Choice Analysis Software: IBM Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS 22.0), ALOGIT, NLOGIT, Biogeme, Visual Basic, C++, JAVA, etc.


A Former Voting Member of Florida Model Task Force Meeting

A Vice-chair of Advanced Model Development Subcommittee of Florida Model Task Force Meeting

A Vice-Chairs of Transit Modeling Subcommittee of Florida Model Task Force Meeting

A Member of American Planning Association (APA) First Coast (Florida) Chapter

A Member of APA Transportation Planning Division

A Member of First Coast GIS Users’ Group

A Member of Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) First Coast Chapter

A Member of Northeast Florida Transportation User’s Group Forum

One of Tri-chairs of Northeast Model User’s Group

A Member of Technical Advisory Group for NC DOT Statewide Model

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