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Analyst, finance, research, training

Canton, GA
March 28, 2018

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International Business Coach – Strategic Business Analyst, Business Coaching & Consulting - JT Foxx Org - 01/14 - 03/18.

● Performed strategic business analyses for all coaching clients (3,300+)

● Highest rated coach in the organization (Avg Score 9.7/10)

● Analyzed clients' businesses, needs, goals and plans for viability.

● Successfully coached coaches & clients: mindset, self-sabotage, marketing/branding, strategy, etc.

● Created + implemented entirely new onboarding/new-client flow process that increased efficiency by 250%

● Increased professionalism “WOW” by 200%and accuracy by 100%.

● Created new company websites to streamline information systems - external + internal. University Professor - Core Faculty - Area Chair (University of Phoenix) Business/Statistics/Economics/Finance - 10/03 - 07/16

● Adjunct Professor and Area Chair. 335 Courses taught (undergraduate + MBA)

● Consistently receive exceptionally high scores (4.87/5) and accolades from students and administration.

● Appointed Area Chair (Core Faculty) for Quantitative Analysis, Statistics, Research.

● December 2006, received the Faculty Academic Excellence award.

● Also: Adjunct Professor for UOP ONLINE & AXIA COLLEGE. (176 online courses taught). Trainer of: “TOOLS FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING” TM workshops - 08/03 - Present

● I facilitate/educate multi-sensory, experiential workshops/seminars that teach proven success strategies, life-transformation, quality of life, success, relationship, optimal health and stress-elimination strategies.

● I created, developed and produced multi-media curriculum incorporating all aspects of accelerated learning models as well as Super-Learning methodologies.

● I co-developed and implemented all marketing and public relations for the workshops including designing, constructing and maintaining websites, e-business and all promotional and corporate communications materials.

CEO & Consultant – Real Property Acquisitions/Analysis/Consulting - The Geier Group Inc. - 04/02 - 01/08

● Created and managed a wholesale property division acquiring distressed properties, packaged them as investments, performed thorough economic, financial and business analyses, marketing and profitable resale.


● Solely responsible for management of multiple real estate portfolios.

● Formulated all purchase/ sale/ lease/ improve decisions.

● Trained numerous people in distressed properties acquisition/resale.

● Created, programmed, tested and implemented specialized software for analysis, presentation and contracts.

● Completed numerous market studies for real estate developers: highest and best use (HABU) studies, market timing projections, absorption/pricing scenarios, competition analyses, economic projections, etc. CFO & Managing Partner/Portfolio Manager – Hedge Fund Management - Blue Lagoon Fund - 09/95 - 03/02

● Created and managed a highly successful hedge fund that consistently produced 27%-54% annual ROI for clients with a high level of safety and capital preservation, for 7+ years.

● Performed extensive economic analyses, company analyses, equities valuations, developed trading methodologies, modeled pricing behavior, etc. (Research & Evaluation)

● Responsible for all financial records, accounting, compliance, reporting, marketing, sales and investor relations.


● Co-created a fully automated day-trading system that successfully made all buy-sell-exit decisions, allocated appropriate amounts of capital to trades, and sent orders to the exchanges with zero human intervention. We consistently produced net investor returns (ROI) in excess of 55%/ year. MARCUS GEIER - PAGE 2

● Solely created all marketing materials and PR programs, built and maintained company websites.

● Managed all finances of the company, maintained records, client account information, accounting, corporate communication, logistics and all aspects of business operations. Commercial Real Estate & Financial Consultant - Alliance Partners, Inc. (Denver) + Cowell & Co. (Honolulu) + Armfield/Wagner Appraisal Inc., (Vero Bch) - 07/81 - 09/95

● Proficiently conducted numerous portfolio valuations for Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and Big-8 accounting firms of S&L assets (traveling position). Performed 3-day, on-site inspections involving intensive economic/financial analyses, comparable sales/rentals, interviews, projections, valuations, feasibility studies, highest & best use analyses, etc. (Contract Consulting for RTC Portfolio Valuations).

● Valued properties included: computer chip manufacturing plants, shopping centers, apartment complexes, mega-resorts, hotels/motels, raw land tracts, residential subdivisions, industrial parks, quarries, gas stations, churches, warehouses, condominiums, estates, government buildings, factories, mobile home parks, office buildings, office condominiums, mini-storage facilities, citrus groves and sundry investment, commercial and industrial properties, as well as lease-to-fee-simple conversions of various types. Residential properties included houses, condominiums, cooperatives, duplexes, villas, and townhouses.

● Honored for the very high quality of my economic/real estate studies by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). My reports were used as examples nationally.

● Solely created the entire and complete proposal, business plan, cash flow analyses, development analyses and proformas for clients purchasing a foreclosed ski resort (Westcliff, CO) that included 3,600 acres of developable land.

● Conducted and supervised over 117 macro and micro economic studies.

● Successfully performed large-scale (up to $6.5 billion) economic analyses and market-specific consulting projects on major mixed-use resort developments, numerous and varied commercial projects and multifamily developments throughout Hawaii. Created and analyzed business models for potential inclusion.

● Analyzed and reported on the accounting/financial records of existing and proposed businesses (shopping centers, retail stores, apartments, golf resorts, etc.) and performed extensive business projections, feasibility studies, “highest and best use” (HABU) studies and “what-if” analyses.

● Acknowledged as the Pacific Rim’s foremost Leased-to-Fee Conversion expert while consulting in Hawaii. Many of my studies and reports were used in court testimony of multiple Leased-to-Fee Conversion cases.

● Achieved 425%+ in annual business revenue of a commercial real estate consulting office (HI), through computerization of entire office, creation of multi-use databases, extended economic and valuation models, thereby spectacularly increasing productivity. I selected, purchased and installed all hardware and software.

● Developed and maintained computerized models, cash flows and databases for four M.A.I.’s and 9 staff.

● Trained all office personnel on use of PCs and selected software.

● Produced real estate portfolio value increase of 272% (pretax) in 2.5 years. Achieved through development of an aggressive acquisition plan, accurate economic and market analyses, advantageous negotiations and focused sales/management of income properties.

● Appraised myriad types of commercial/investment properties for investors, financial institutions, FDIC, FNMA, GMAC, Real Estate Investment Trusts, etc.


MBA - F LORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - Melbourne (3/82 - 8/84) Fully Accredited BA - P RINCIPIA COLLEGE - St. Louis (8/77 - 6/81) Fully Accredited (Marine Biology/Business Management) DOCTORAL LEVEL REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL (F INANCE) COURSES/SEMINARS - (The Appraisal Institute, Chicago) - Appraisal Principles; Basic Valuation Procedures; Residential Valuation; Standards of Professional Practice; Capitalization Theory & Techniques Iⅈ Finance, Case Studies; Report Writing; Appraising for Pension Fund Portfolios; Advanced Demonstration Appraisal Report Writing Seminar. I exceeded all requirements for MAI except the experience credits. I have had active Florida Real Estate Salesperson & Mortgage Broker’s licenses. MARCUS GEIER - PAGE 3


● Coaching: strategic planning + blueprinting, marketing strategy + implementation, branding strategy + implementation, negotiation, hiring, business management, finance, leverage, ROI, turn-arounds, revenue growth, time management. Mindset: success, satisfaction, happiness, vitality, focus, clarity, blocks removal, reframing, stress emilimation, anxiety elimination, etc.

● Economic, strategic, financial and (macro/micro) trend analysis; variance; forecasting models; negotiation; legal document analysis; feasibility studies, highest and best use studies; investments: real property & securities. Analysis of books and plans of existing and proposed businesses of myriad types.

● Research – quantitative, strategic, trends, article searches, analytical.

● Computers, especially spreadsheets; word processing, presentation software, web-site creation, Internet searches, email/communications, financial modeling, SalesForce, etc.

● Management and employee training.

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills and experience.

● I am highly skilled at researching and analyzing vast amounts of disparate data and forming accurate, concise conclusions, then conveying same in a clear, absorbable format, with clarity and enthusiasm. REFERENCES

Sergio Rampezzotti - 11020 Championship Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913 239-***-**** (m)

Theresa Weir - 1314 SE 43rd Terrace Cape Coral, FL, 33904 239-***-**** (m)

Hardy Hasenfuss - P.O. Box 366, New London, NH 03257-0366 603-***-**** (o)

Stephanie Merritt - 2323 Emerald Castle Drive, Decatur, GA 30035. 404-***-**** (h) 404-***-**** (c) Please see: (Testimonials section) for numerous client & student testimonials.

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