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Project Web Services

Crown Point, IN, 46307
March 28, 2018

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Chaitanya Y.V

Sr Java Developer


Around 9 years of IT experience in the areas of Analysis, Design, Development, Coding and Implementation web based multi-tier applications.

Expertise in Design and Development of enterprise applications using Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts, AJAX, Spring, Hibernate and Web Services.

Experience in designing and development of user interface screens using HTML, JSP, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, JavaScript and AJAX.

Expertise in Angular JS controllers, directives, factory and service resources, routings and events.

Experience in Design and Development of middleware SOA components using Web Services.

Extensive experience on MVC architecture using Struts, JSF, Spring framework / Spring Boot, JSP-Servlets and J2EE Design Patterns.

Worked on POCs (Proof of Concepts) to support multilingual clients (.Net, C#, Perl and Python)

Extensive programming experience in Java, J2EE using Eclipse, RAD and WebLogic Workshop.

Experience in developing applications using Oracle […] SQL Server and MySQL.

Extensive experience in Agile Iterative Development Methodology.

Experience in writing Unit Tests, doing System Integration Testing, Integration.

Experience in developing and consuming SOAP and REST web services in both XML and JSON format data.

Good knowledge in reporting tools Jasper Reports and IText.

Good knowledge in Java/J2EE architecture and developing applications based on OOAD concepts.

Ability to rapidly learn new concepts and possess excellent analytical, problem solving skills and keen interest in the emerging technologies.

Experience in implementing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) using XML based web services (SOAP, WSDL).

Experience in working with continuous build integration tools such as Jenkins.

Good understanding of JAVA / J2EE Design Patterns like MVC, Singleton, Factory, Abstract Factory, Prototype, Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Decorator and Façade.

Experienced in build tools like Ant and Maven, Log4j for Logging and JUnit for testing, expertise in using J2EEApplication Servers such as WebLogic, JBoss and Tomcat.

Extensively used IDE for Application development like My Eclipse 5.0 and Spring Suite.

Experienced in database GUI/IDE Tools using DB Visualizer, Aqua Data Studio and MySQL Client.

Experienced in handling Version Control Systems like Subversion and GIT.

Working experience with the operating systems like UNIX and Windows.

Development experience includes working with cross functional team and global development teams in Onshore/Offshore Model.

Proficient in working across all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile methodologies.

Team player and a self-starter with excellent written and verbal communication, technical and interpersonal skills.



Java 1.4, Java 1.5, Java 1.8, Java 1.7

J2EE Technologies


J2EE Frameworks

Struts 1.3.x, Spring Boot, Spring 3.x.x (IoC, DAO, Web services in Restful and SOAP, WADL and WSDL)

ORM Frameworks

Hibernate 3.2.x

Application Servers

IBM WebSphere 5.1,6.1, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat 6.3

Web Servers

Apache Tomcat 5.5

Scripting Language

JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Angular Js

Development Tools

Eclipse, STS, WebStorm, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code


Oracle 9i, My SQL


TOAD, My SQL Workbench 6.2, Putty, CoreFTP, FileZilla

Testing Frameworks



Jasper Reports, Display Tag, JExcel (JXL), Quartz, JSON

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows



Version Controller

Subversion, GIT

Debug Tools


Reporting Tools

IText, Jasper Reports

Scheduling Framework


OOAD Artifacts

Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram

Other Tools

Ant, Maven


Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication – Anna University – Apr’ 2007

Certificate for Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 5.0)


Project Name: Safe Pass

Client: Bank of America

Project Duration: From Jun 2016 to Till Date

Role: Senior Developer

Location: Chicago, IL, USA


This Application(SAS-WS) offers One Time Password (OTP), services for multifactor authentication. OTPs serve as a Second Factor in a Two-Factor Authentication protocol. The primary interface between applications and SAS is a SOAP based Webservices’ Interface.

OTP Authentication which is integral component of a two-factor authentication scheme provides enhanced security by making use of “What- you -have” module. This security scheme is well suited for today’s environment because of the proliferation of smart phones and other hand held smart devices. When using SAS-WS, the first factor is typically a password, which is managed independently by each of our client. The Second factor is a security code generated by a token. Client application which make use of SAS-WS enhance the security of their systems by requiring their users two provide as usual password plus unique security code. whenever they require access to a protect resource.


Extensively involved in User portal migration and redesigns from Struts 1.6 to Spring Boot with Angular js UI.

Extensively involved in designing and developing UI pages using Angular js (formly, controller, services etc.).

used Nodejs to build server-side application in java script with the help of NPM.

Developed backend components with Spring Boot, JWT Authentication.

Implemented Restful Web Services to interact backend systems.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)’s One Time Password (OTP) application (Safe pass) which provides token’s activation, validation, deactivation and other SOAP Web Services.

Admin and User UI for managing users and tokens, submitting orders, activating, testing and deactivating tokens, reporting token usage history and others.

Designed, developed, refactored and maintained codes.

Deployed applications to WebLogic.

Tested Web Service with SOAP UI and Rest Services with POSTMAN and Advanced Rest Client.

Post development support: client support, diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Researched and presented findings on FIDO UAF (Password less) / U2F (2FA) Protocol.

Worked on POCs (Proof of Concepts) to support multilingual clients (.Net, C++, Perl and Python)

WebLogic SOAP to Restful Web Service conversion proof of concept and design.

Used TFS (Team Foundation Server) for build and code management.

Environment: Java 1.7, J2EE, Spring Boot, WebLogic 10.3.6, NodeJS, TOAD, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular Js, HTML, SVN, Linux, Splunk, Jira, Maven, Jenkin, TFS, GIT, STS, BladeLogic and WebStorm.

Project Name: Remote Banking Reports

Client: Citi Bank

Project Duration: From Jul 2015 to May 2016

Location: Charlotte, NC

Role: Senior Developer


Group Remote Banking to access information for all the Ebbs and MPS (Money processing system) offering internet banking Countries, Report generates the count of Fund Transfer, Loan Payment and Registered customer information. Reports can be downloaded as Excel. Back Office can login and generate the Reports.


Coding new enhancements to the application as per iteration and followed Agile methodology for development.

Created UI screens using Html, CSS, JavaScript, Angular Js and jQuery.

Implemented Angular Controllers to maintain each view data.

Implemented Angular Service calls using Angular Factory.

Implemented Directives to make customized components.

used Nodejs to build server-side application in java script with the help of NPM.

Involved in writing database persistence logic using Spring Hibernate Template, POJO Annotations, Transaction management, Criteria and native SQL queries.

Working on server side using JAVA, Hibernate, Spring, Framework creating services.

Created REST Web Services using JERSEY Rest web services with JSON format.

Prepared and executed JUNIT test cases to test the application service layer operations before DAO integration

Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection and implemented design patterns like Singleton and Prototype.

Designed and developed DAO layer with Hibernate3.0 standards, to access data from MySQL database through JPA (Java Persistence API) layer.

Hands on experience working on UNIX servers using WinSCP and Putty.

Performed Development, Team mentoring and coordination with Program manager.

I used check the logs in Splunk for debugging purpose to check production issues.

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Tomcat 8, MySQL Workbench, LDAP, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular Js, HTML, SVN, Linux, Splunk, Jira, Maven, Jenkin

Project Name: Account Opening Form

Client: SCB (Standard charted bank)

Project Duration: From Jan 2013 to Sep 2014

Role: Senior Developer

Location: Chennai, TN, India


The project is to create a standalone platform to manage all types of online form. This platform – Online Application Form platform will become centralised online form management system and will be integrated with others channels like Public Website, Transactional Banking, Ad-Platform. The processes of creation, deployment and maintenance of such forms should be capable of being done without the need to make system or code changes to the Form platform. UI need to have content management and automate content deployment functions and automated content deployment.

Having a Back Office module that can be used by business users to retrieve data using pre-configured fields in the form, capability to track and report on form headers (how many forms were created, changed, deleted and others), form submission (how many submissions by form by date and others), administrative reports (user management, HUSA and others)

Lending STP forms: the project is to establish the straight through processing (STP) capability for credit card and personal loan application from Public website to APPS application. On periodic basis a flat file will be generated which will consist of extracted application form data as per the APPS format. This file will be transferred using ISIS TDE to the APPS environment.


Developed server-side logic and business logic using Core Java.

Worked extensively on Spring IOC, AOP, DAO

Read and write XML using third party API.

Developed data structure in XML format.

Developed REST Web Services with XML format using JaxB.

Developed XML Schema (XSD) to validate XML.

Storing DATA in XML Format using DB2 data base.

Used LDAP to maintain customer data for authentication purpose.

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE, JSP 2.0, Servlet 2.1, Spring, JUnit, Jasper, iText, JExcel, XML, WebSphere 6.1, DB2 9.5, LDAP, Linux, Team site, Open deploy Base & Receiver Servers

Project Name: NextGenPolicyAdmin

Client: AEGIS

Project Duration: Jan 2011 to Dec 2012

Role: Senior Developer

Location: Chennai, TN, India


AEGIS NextGen Policy Admin system(NextGen PAS) is a web based Policy Admin system for handling Commercial Lines Insurance LoBs . The system currently handles the Directors and Officers LoB and is being built to handle additional LoBs such as Excess Liability, Worker's Compensation, Property. NextGen PAS is also seamlessly integrated with systems that handle downstream business processes such as Billing, Document Printing and Relationship Management.


Fixed UI Pages using HTML, JSP, CSS, Java Script and JQuery.

Developed server-side logic and business logic using Core Java, Spring.

Used JSTL and JSF to reduce the JSP content and reduce script let tags in JSP’s.

Used LDAP Software to maintain sensitive data, like customer login details, personal information etc.…

Involved in wringing SQL Commands Using MySQL.

Worked in JSON Response message in Restful Web service.

Used SVN to maintain source code in version control.

Involved in Deploying and configuring using Jenkin.

Implemented Unit Testing using JUnit and Integration testing during the projects.

Direct communication with client to get the requirement, development & testing.

Involved in project status call with country business team and stake holders.


Java 1.5, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat 8, MySQL Workbench, LDAP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, SVN, UNIX, Linux, Splunk, Jira, Maven, Jenkin

Project Name: Loss Control

Client: AEGIS

Project Duration: From Oct 2009 to Dec 2010

Role: Developer

Location: Chennai, TN, India


Workforce Management is a web-based application used to effectively manage the process surrounding Loss Control’s Risk Mitigation engagements with core and non-core members.

The three (3) segments contained within Workforce Management are:

1. Risk Assessment Management / Report Status Tracking

2. Risk Assessment Recommendation Tracking

3. Contract / Statement of Work Generation.


Monitoring front-end applications, Batch jobs, and dependent components.

Resolve known job failures and application errors on pre-approval of application team

Improve monitoring capabilities by developing or adopting new monitoring tools

Maintain Run Book and Known Error list for faster resolution of reoccurring issues

Coordinate with Technology Infrastructure team to resolve prod issues

Used VSS for code repository and as version control Environment


Java 1.5, JSP, Servlet, Spring framework 2.5, VSS, Web logic Server 9.2, Oracle 10g

Project Name: Gate3

Client: Ellisdon, Canada

Project Duration: From Mar 2009 –Sep 2009

Role: Developer

Location: Chennai, TN, India


Gate3 is a product specially designed for Building constructors, offers an environment to manage the aspects of a company's operations, from the field level to the corporate office. It will be the vehicle that ties together information, financial, reporting and processes that currently reside in different systems, whether electronic or paper based, and can provide controls to ensure consistent application of best practices. The platform will also enable efficient financial management, enforcing controls at the project level, providing seamless interaction with accounting, with flexible reporting at the project, area, or corporate level.


Developed reusable components used in different modules of the project.

Used Web Services using RESTful.

Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with the Hibernate.

Used log4j for tracking errors and debugging the code.

Used Ant for the build and deployment.

Used JIRA for Defect Tracking purposes.


Java 1.5, spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, MySQL 5.1, Jboss, Eclipse3.2

Project Name: Trestle Group Foundation

Client: TGF, Switzerland

Project Duration: From Mar 2008 –Feb 2009

Role: Developer

Location: Chennai, TN, India


It is a Web based project specially developed for women Entrepreneurs where they can promote their products worldwide by registering and giving their business details. There are volunteers with different skills in different fields registered from different parts of the globe assisting entrepreneurs in developing their business by giving their valuable suggestions and keep guiding in selling their products.


Involved in the development of the User Interfaces using HTML, JSP and Java script

Involved in configuring and deploying the application in Tomcat server

Involved in writing and reviewing unit test cases using Junit

Involved in designing and creating the Database Tables using MySQL Database

Used JDBC to connect to Database

Extensively used Eclipse to develop Java code.


JAVA 1.4, Spring2.2, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, MySQL 5.0, Tomcat 5.0, Java Script and Eclipse 3.0

Project Name: Appointment Management System (TLS)

Client: Skandinaviska Enskilda Bank, Sweden

Project Duration: From May 2007 –Feb 2008

Role: IT Associate

Location: Chennai, TN, India


AMS facilitates a simple, quick, consistent and clearly laid out appointment administration for all distribution channels (Branches, Call centre, Mobile Sales Force, SME, IC and Loan Specialist). All the above mentioned distribution channels have access to this TLS. The TLS-application will run online in each distribution unit (Distribution channel), i.e. it will be possible to enter capacity changes at any time, which are updated immediately

The essential data such as personal data, CRM-Data etc. will be automatically available real time on call in the TLS. The source systems are amongst others KBP and PIB. To ensure constant update of data, this data import export interfaces will work “real time”. For every distribution unit as well as for the Call Centre it will be possible to be able to administer, by a detailed analysis of the appointment information (e.g. topic, duration, place, type of Customer- Bank- interaction, result/ outcome of meeting) the distribution unit (one or more branches) and/or the Call Centre


Developed User interface using JSP, Struts

Developed DAOs using Hibernate

Developed VOs using Spring

Developed BOs to implement business logic

Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE, JSP 2.0, Struts 1.3, Spring2.2, Hibernate 3.2, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, Tomcat Server

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