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Active Directory Engineer

PR, Brazil
March 27, 2018

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Nicholas kalombo kalonji


Languages: English (Fluent); French (Fluent); Portuguese (Advanced); Ciluba (Native). Summary

I am an automation Test Engineer, with over 5 Years Experience in the IT Industry, working in various areas(software development, testing and systems support) with core expertise on automation and manual software testing, I am a quick learner and adapt quickly to new technologies and environments, and amazing team player and highly efficient in complex, agile and dynamic projects environments. Professional Certifications:

1. Certified Software Tester (ISTQB)-International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

- License: 16-CTFL-04914-BR(2016)

2.Certified Microsoft Professional (SQL server 2012) - MCP ID: 11069287 Specialization Overview:

Operating Systems MS-Windows, Linux/Unix, AIX

Languages JAVA, PHP, HTML, CSS, Visual basics

Programing/ Tools Eclipse, Javascript, MS Active directory, MS Exchange, MS DHCP, MS Business Intelligence tools(SSAS,SSIS, SSRS), HP quality Center, QTP, RabbitMQ, XAMPP, WAMP, Git, VMware(virtual machines), Hibernate/JPA, pivotal gemfire Grid Framework/Libraries Selenium-webdriver(page Object Model), JUnit, Cucumber, TestNG, Jenkins, Jasmin, Protractor. AngularJS

Data Interchange XML, JSON

Databases MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSql, Oracle Distributed Systems REST & SOAP

Server Apache, Microsoft server 2008/2012, JBoss, Tomcat Professional Experience

Automation Test Engineer L2(Wipro technologies – Client: MASTERCARD) April 2017 - Present Manual and Automated Testing, Using core Java, Spring boot, Rest Assured, selenium Webdriver, Jenkins, Jbehave, TestNG, protractor, Jasmin & Junit, POSTMAN, SOAPUI, Rally(to manage SDLC cycle), ORACLE... Working in an Agile environment with team members from (USA, IRELAND & INDIA) for Mastercard, in a project to develop and enhance web applications which facilitates Mastercard`s clients across the world, to mitigate fraud on credit card transactions. Daily activities include: planning, designing, Writing, executing and automating Tests cases, reporting bugs found on ALM(Hp application lifecycle management software), liaising with developers to ensure bug fixes, completing Automation within the sprint, doing Sprint-Demo after testing is complete in order to have stories accepted.

Test Analyst (Cinq Technologies – Curitiba/Brasil) November 2016 – April 2017 Manual and automated tests, using Java, selenium webdriver, Cucumber, TestNG, SoapUI, Testlink(Test Planing tool), Mantis(bug tracking tool),PostgreSql, Linux & google graphs(producing beautiful test reports) on Projects in the vehicle and cargo tracking industry.

* Building Automated scripts (using Java) eg: to simulate data for testing functionalities on the RabbitMQ (Message Queuing system) ensuring the messages consumers are functioning properly, and verify the data delivered on RabbitMQ is properly inserted in the database PostgreSql).

*Using cucumber and selenium webdriver to automate tests on an existing web system. to validate the functionalities of the system every time there is a change in the sistem,

*API testing, using java (scripts) & SOAPUI to test the webservices(REST & SOAP) functionalities, eg: writing scripts using java to test entry of data at a webservice on system A, after being processed, should be available at a webservice on system B for to be consumed by other systems.

* Analyse, Design and writing a test plans.

* Create allocated test scripts, monitor test execution and ensure results are recorded.

* Prepare and maintain relevant test documentation, including test scripts, activity schedules, narrative and written reports, and visual progress charts.

* Liaise with and assist each line of business regarding the test planning, testing activity, and test results analysis.

Systems analyst ( & – own business – Curitiba/Brasil) January 2014 – Present.

Technologies: PHP, JAVA, MYSQL, Javascript, CSS, HTMl, XML, JSON, Selenium-Webdriver, Eclipse, Junit, Windows and LINUX,git.

Project: Design, Develop, Test, Host, and support a range of Web Applications, varying from an online Dating site, online Business directory to a Job Board.

.Design and develop front-end functionalities using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

.Design and develop Back-end functionalities using PHP.

.Design and create the database infrastructure for safekeeping system’s data using MYsql Server, and PhPMyAdmin and XAMP on windows (the development environment) and Linux systems (Applications hosted on Linux systems).

.Designing, Planning and Writing Automated test cases for testing of front-end functionalities using Java(eclipse) and selenium-web Driver, Testing Back-end functionalities (Manual).

.Design, Plan and create tables on MySQL database, Backups and cleaning -up of the database.

.Writing scripts on PHP to read and process XML / JSON received data from APIs,

.Creating and Implementing Scripts to pull part of the data from MySql database and make them available in XML format to be read easily via the site’surl.

.Using version control tools (git) for keeping track of constant changes of files. Software Test Analyst (Vodacom – Kinshasa/RD Congo) May 2013 – November 2013 Automated and manual Testing of Company’s Web Applications, in the telecommunication Industry, activities includes:

. Creating test documentation e.g. Test scripts, based on the functional/system specifications in Quality Centre

. Attend scoping sessions & JAD Sessions, Analyze the functional requirements of systems and translate them into testing scenarios

. Create, review and contribute to preparing the test plan

. Conduct Component Integration Testing, Unit testing, System Integration Testing, Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing

. Analyze system defects to determine their root cause and provide sufficient information to business analysts and developers

. Following-up defects and fixes with development, support and documentation. Systems Engineer (Standard bank ltd (Kinshasa/RD Congo) April 2012 to March 2013

*Developed and tested a web Application (using PHP, MYsql server, java, selenium - Webdriver) for the Department to reduce a bulk of requests coming in – helping technicians and systems administrators to view restricted information on this app instead of contacting us via phone or email.

*Used Microsoft Business intelligence tools (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), to integrate, analyze data and provide MIS reports to management on the status of workload coming in and each team member’s efforts. Daily activities included:

Microsoft Active Directory & Microsoft Exchange: - Domain & Email, Distribution lists, Domain Group. Admin accounts creations, moving users/computer accounts to different OUs & Domain groups - DHCP, DNS, WINs, Administration for the bank’s devices (-Servers, ATMs, workstations and Network Printers).

*UNIX: creating & resetting UNIX accounts, Creating UNIX Groups, Password resets on UNIX boxes.

*Solaris: Creating resetting and unlocking user accounts on Solaris Checking server’s accounts, assigning user's roles. VMWARE: using and configuring Virtual machines & servers.

* VPN: Managing users access for Dialing into company ́s Network via VPN Education

Graduation: Analise & Desenvolvimento de sistemas(Faculdade FAEL) – Studying(distance Learning) Diploma : IT Technician (ColegioEstadual Francisco Zardo - Brasil) – 2015 Bachelor of Technology (InstitutSupérieur des Techniques Appliquées – R.D Congo) 2012 Technology Stack

Windows (10years)

Linux (3Years)

Unix / Solaris (2 Years)

JAVA (4 Years)

PHP (4 Years)

HTML (4 Years)

CSS (3Years)

Visual basics (1 year)

JavaScript (3 years)

Hybernate (1 year)

XML / JSON (3Years)

MS SQL Server (2 years)

MySQL,ORACLE(3 years)

Apache / XAMP (3 Years)

MS Business

Intelligence(SSAS,SSIS, SSRS)

(2 years)

Selenium-web driver(4 Years)

MS Active directory (1 year)

MS Exchange (1 year)

MS DHCP, (1 year)

HP quality Center(1 year)

QTP(1 year)

Git,(1 year)

VMware(virtual machines)

(2 years)

Apache server (3Years)

Cucumber (>6Moths)

Jenkins (1 year)

Maven (2years)

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