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Training Security

Camarillo, CA
March 27, 2018

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Keith Lauterback

**** *** ***** **. ***** C. #*** Camarillo, CA 93010

Phone: 818-***-****


My objective is to obtain a long-term steady and rewarding career. To be able to put all of my knowledge, skills, and know how into one specific field to help make a difference in my community and to help myself grow. I would like to be a part of an ever growing and expanding company.


November 2016- November 2017

David Shield Security Inc. Calabasas, CA.

Security Agent/CP Agent

I ran the day to day basis at the Westbrand Fashion Studios. I was in charge of (4) buildings and (8) guards at any one time. I write all the SOP’s for these building and I was the go to person all Westbrand Employee’s went to for all security needs. I use to deal with the companies hours for all of the agents, as well as the scheduling for them. I also dealt with the principle client directly when the need was there. When the principal client is on scene, I am in charge of the EP for the client. June 2014- Present

Ghost Bail Bonds and Recovery Camarillo, CA.

Owner/ Operator

I run the every day to day business. I do all the investigation on the incoming clients. I run the entire intake of the new clients. I also do all the needed paperwork that is mandated by the state of California. I perform all the recovery investigations as needed. I perform the entire one on one interview with the clients as well as all the references that are provided by the clients and the references provided by those references. I do all the reports for all the legal motions and legal declarations. All recovery of the fugitives is done by myself and a state certified team.

January 2010- Present

K.L. Guards You

Owner/ Operator/ Security Operator Camarillo, CA.

I run the day to day business of the Security Company. I deal with the clients from start to finish of the detail. To do risk analyst of each detail. Consult with the client to determine the best course of actions and procedures for the client and the detail. I run and supervise all guards on the detail and in the company. I do all required paperwork for the detail and the business and the required State paperwork. I do all EP that the client requires. I do the advance work as needed and I do the driving when required by the client. I train and guide the new guards as they come into the company. April 2000- September 2015

K.L. Carpentry Santa Clarita, CA.

Owner/ General Contractor

I run the every day to day business. I do the bidding for all the jobs. I pick up materials. I deal with all the clients past and present, as well as on a daily basis. I deal with all the sub-contractors. I read all types of blue prints, and do all the drawings for the jobs. I obtain all the required permits for the jobs. I also personally perform all the trades on all the jobs. I also run all the jobs, as well running multiple crews on a multitude of jobs at the same time. EDUCATION:

2010-Present Weapons Training Camarillo, CA.

Various Training Courses

For many years I have been taking training courses to know how to manipulate weapons and how to tactically use them on and off the job. I do move and shoot training, as well as go no go, shoot no shoot training. I also have done sniper training to some degrees but I intend to continue on the advancement of my training more and more. I am looking into getting my certification from the state to be able to certify and qualify individuals on firearms for the state Exposed Firearms Card, as well as the California CCW certifications. 2016 PC-1299 Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Valencia, CA. 22 Hours of Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

This Training was for the purpose of learning the Bail industries. It was required by State Of California per the Insurance Code Section 1810.7(a). This course was for the applied Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Theories and Practices. Also in conjunction with other training and certifications, the allowing of Bail Fugitive Recovery. 2017 Valley Guard Training Center Van Nuys, CA.

8 Hours of course for CCW

This course was based on the Laws of the use for CCW (Carry canceled weapon). Law based and lecture.

2015 LAPD Advanced Crisis (First Responder) Course Los Angeles, CA. 10 Hours of Lecture and 10 hours of Practical

This course was held by the LAPD and was for the First Responder Needs and duties upon arrival on scene to any type of urban crisis. It was lecture and practical based as well as scenario based.

2014 PC-832 Arrest / Firearms/ Chemicals Whittier, CA. 64 Hours and ongoing Training

This training was for the powers of arrest according to the PC-832 Post certification for California. The Law as well as combative techniques and Firearms training and certifications. Also training in chemicals and uses of the chemicals again according to POST of California certified training. Taken at RIO HONDO POLICE ACADEMY. 2013-2018 EP/ Agent Training Upland, CA.

400 Hours /Ongoing EP Agent Training

This Training is ongoing and is in various areas of the EP / Agent fields. Principal protection, principal emergency evacuation, motorcade, advanced clearing, combative, vehicle training, weapons training and certification and more. 2011 Security Training Center Burbank, CA.

40 Hour Security Training and Certification Course GPA 4.0 This Training and Certification Course comply with the Department of Consumer Affairs Courses for Security Officers.

2011 Security Training Center Burbank, CA.

Advanced Firearm Certification GPA 4.0

This Course was to teach better and safer handling of firearms. To teach better use of the Firearms.

2011 Security Training Center Burbank, CA.

Advanced Handcuffing Certification GPA 4.0

This Course was to teach better Techniques for handcuffing a suspect. To teach safer and more effective techniques to handcuff a suspect. 2011 AKI Security Training Center Huntington Beach, CA. First Aid / CPR Training Course and Certification GPA 4.0 This course was to teach and certify myself in first aid techniques as well as CPR certification.

2011 AKI Security Training Center Huntington Beach, CA. Tear Gas and Chemical (pepper spray) Training and Certification GPA 4.0 This course was to tech safe and effect use of all chemical deterrent gases and sprays. 2011 AKI Security Training Center Huntington Beach, CA. Baton Training and Certification GPA 4.0

This course was for the training and certification of the use on all batons. Safer techniques to use the baton and to protect myself with the baton. 2011 AKI Security Training Center Huntington Beach, CA. Taser Training and Certification Course GPA 4.0

This training and certification course was for the use of all taser and stun gun use. To effectively and safely use the tasers and stun guns. 2011 Security Training Center Burbank, CA.

CCW Training Course (Carry Concealed Weapon) GPA 4.0 This course was for the purpose of training myself in methods of handling a firearm better and safer. Also this course provided a better knowledge of the law about firearms and individuals dealing with firearms.

2007 North Valley Occupational Center Mission Hills, CA. Residential And Commercial Electrical wire and Code Electrical wire and code. This class was for the ability to know how to correctly and safely do commercial and residential electrical wire up and the codes that followed it. 2001 North Valley Occupational Center Mission Hills, CA. Law and Code General contracting Law and Code

This class was the study of the California state law and codes for the general contracting. Study and test on the codes and the laws for the state of California. 1991 La Crescenta Valley High school La Crescenta, CA. High School Grad. General Requirements

General high school requirements.

*** In possession of the Utah CCW, in possession of California CCW, in possession of the Arizona CCW AND Florida CCW.

*** Upon request a copy of all certifications and permits will be provided either in email or by hand.


I have a vast array of skills and knowledge that I have put together over the years. I have trained myself in not only the Security industry, but yet now the bail bond industry as well as the Fugitive Recovery industry. I have taken all the required certifications for these industries and I continue to update my information about them. My skills and determination are what drive me to succeed. I know that I will be a great asset to any company and to the community. I have started Training myself in the art of Kenpo Martial Arts. I find that the most effective in the industries I am striving to perfect. It is a lifelong commitment and I look forward to being able to add that asset to my daily use.

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