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Project Manager Air Force

Saint Paul, MN
March 27, 2018

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Thomas P Venne

***** *** ***

Apple Valley, MN **124

H: 952-***-**** Cell: 651-***-****

POSITION Project Management, Business Analyst, Contract Management, Software Development


EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Information Management, Park University, 1995, GPA 3.77

Project Management Certification, George Washington University, 2008

VA Acquisition Project Management Certification, 2011

VA Contract Officers Representative Certification, 2013



Over thirty years of professional experience, over twenty five years in Civil Service, in a wide variety of Information Technology disciplines including project management, life cycle management, classroom instruction, help desk solutions, data base management, software development, requirements and test management.

Has worked extensively with Agile, TQM and CMMI Policies and Procedures. Is certified by the VA as a Project Manager and COR. Serves as COR for contracts in the VISN and at the national level.



Aug 16 – Present Self Employed, Property Management

During this period of time I was self-employed managing and maintaining properties. Primarily this required performing functions inside and outside residences. Also assisted individuals who were temporarily incapacitated, to include coordinating transportation. Coordinated and maintained schedules. Managed numerous sized groups of people.

Sep 11 – Aug 16 US Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Information Technology, Product Development, Minneapolis MN – Project Manager / Business Analyst

During this period I have been the Project Manager on four highly successful projects that I have led from requirements gathering to handoff for deployment. Each project was successful because of communication first with the business owner and then with the contractor. The most recent project was modifying the VA finance software as it pertains to billing veterans for the procedures done.

The projects start with meetings with the customers and developing a Basic Requirements Document (BRD), which is then refined into the Requirements Specification Document (RSD). I have conducted numerous Face To Face meetings and kick-off meetings. The RSD is then decomposed into Epics and Stories using the Agile Methodology so that Sprints can be scheduled to develop the work. I attend the daily Scrum Calls to listen what has been accomplished and what impediments the developers may have. I also review the Burn Down Chart, to insure that the work is being completed during the sprint and that new requirements are not being added. As the stories are being created, tests are also created to prove that all the requirements have been addressed and a Requirements Traceability Matrix is created. After development and testing, the project is handed off for deployment to pre-production and production. I also review and maintain all PMAS documentation and insure that TSPR, the PMAS Dashboard, and the Project SharePoint site are kept up to date. Because we used Agile methodology, new requirements or modifications to requirements were handled with little disruption to the schedule.

I conduct Integrated Project Team (IPT) meetings and stakeholder meetings to update stakeholders on the progress of the project and to resolve problems, risks and issues.

I was the leader and participant in numerous acquisitions. The tasks included forming the evaluation team, creating Performance Work Statements (PWS), reviewing the vendor submissions, answering vendor questions, preparing technical evaluation documentation and recommending vendors to the Contracting Officer.

Serves as the Contract Officers Representative (COR) for all contracts associated with my projects and for other development and sustainment contracts. As such insures all required contractors are on-boarded and that all contractors abide by VA policy. I am also responsible for acquiring GFE for the contractors. Monthly, certifies that payments are made to the contractor for work that is completed. I attend PMRs, with the Contracting Officers, on the progress of the contracts.

During this period I have developed and briefed all 5 of the Milestone Reviews (MS0 – MS4). I have also developed and briefed Yellow Flags, Red Flags, and Tech Stats to alert Senior Management of impending problems and to ask for assistance.

Manages development and implementation of projects using project management lifecycle methodologies, Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) methodologies and FAC/P-PM guidelines with PMAS and processes defined in ProPath.

During this period participated in extensive Budget drills from creating cost estimates to defending monies earmarked for projects.

Apr 10 – Sep 11 US Department of Veterans Affairs, Minneapolis MN – Project Manager / Business Analyst

Served as the VISN 23 Project Manager. Manage projects that are based at the local, VISN, Region and National level. All projects are handled using principals established by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Generally serves as manager of requirements, analysis, risk, scheduling, testing, and implementation on projects.

During this period managed a project creating an infrastructure for Radiology Technicians to review images from anywhere in the VA system. Also managed projects for the hardware team to upgrade the VISN infrastructure.

Creates and maintains dashboards for the VISN 23 Chief Information Officer and the VISN 23 Project Office. Maintains dashboard data in Access, Excel, and SQL Server.

As needed, develops web pages and SharePoint sites. Creates Databases and tables in SQL Server.

Also serves as Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) for projects requiring support. Works independently with no supervision.

Apr 07 – Apr 10 US Department of Veterans Affairs, Minneapolis MN – Software Developer / SharePoint Administrator

Served as one of the VISN 23 SharePoint Site Collection Administrators and Project Server Administrators. Developed workflows to control document management. Formed the VISN SharePoint Users Group to better share information and help to standardize practices. Serves on numerous Region 2 SharePoint Committees and chairs the Region 2 Training and Communication Committee. Develops and maintains web applications and SharePoint web parts for VISN 23 with ColdFusion, HTML, and CSS. Works independently with no supervision.

Jul 06 – Apr 07 US Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service; St Paul, MN – Computer Specialist

Developed and maintained US Forest Service related web applications with ColdFusion, HTML, and CSS using Fusebox methodology. Developed and maintained databases using SQL Server 2003. Worked independently with little supervision.

Aug 01 – Jul 06 The Centech Group; Montgomery, AL – Project Manager / Team Lead / Business Analyst

As the Staff Engineer assured that two separate programs complied with Air Force standard engineering processes. Semi-annual audits were performed by the Air Force to insure compliance. Guided a legacy program in migrating to the Net Centric GCSS-AF infrastructure. Managed the migration of two separate programs to the use of a standard requirements management process and tools. Supplied engineering support to the DCAPES 2b acquisition process. Worked as a Business Analyst and Data Modeler developing Ontology and Taxonomies for Logistical systems of the Air Force. In this position discovers the subsystems, functions, and business rules for the systems. Then import the information into a relational database for analysis. Designed and built the relational database used to store the ontology and taxonomy. Developed validation routines to verify the imports. Designed metrics to show the relationships of the ontology and taxonomy.

Redesigned a relational database for the Common Global Vocabulary used in conjunction with the ontology and taxonomy. Serve as web master for the web page to display the work being accomplished with ontology, taxonomy, and the global vocabulary

As the Software Project Manager designed data structures, designed data input screens, developed web pages using ASP.NET. Designed software for the integration of COTS products, and managed work assignments to develop a metrics display web page for the Air Force Chief Information Officer. Was the Software Process Assurance Representative (SPAR) for numerous projects to insure compliance with the Capability Maturity Model. Clarified and refined requirements using Business Use-Case models. Organized requirements using the COTS tool DOORS. Developed the Test Plan and associated test scripts using the COTS tool Test Director. Was the main testing person on the project. Developed proposals for The CENTECH Group on future contract work. Managed 5 people on 3 different projects. On this project used ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, DOORS, and Test Director.

Nov 99 – Jul 01 Anteon Corporation; Montgomery, AL – Project Lead / Business Analyst

Served as the project lead developing law enforcement software. As the project lead I developed software and database specifications, designed software, developed databases, assigned work for project members, projected hours and developed schedules, developed software, tested software, and mentored less experienced programmers. Experienced in all phases of the System Life Cycle and the Capability Maturity Model to Level 3. Used the Visual Studio and SourceSafe suites to develop products. Experienced in COBOL, Visual Basic, Excel VB, Access, and FoxPro. Hardware used is PC on DOS, Windows, NT platforms.

Sep 98 – Nov 99 System Management & Consulting; Montgomery, AL – Project Lead

Participates on maintenance and modification teams that support the Air Force Financial Systems. Analyzes, develops, maintains, and documents programs on both a PC platform and a UNISYS platform. Works independently on developing PC based systems that are required when no mainframe applications exist. Develops time estimates of problem solutions using extensive analysis and design methodology. Experienced in all phases of the System Life Cycle. Experienced in Uniface, COBOL, Visual Basic, Excel VB, Access, and FoxPro. Hardware used is PCs and UNISYS, on DOS, Windows, NT and UNISYS platforms.

Jun 96 – Sep 98 EDS Corporation; Montgomery, AL – Software Developer

Participates on maintenance and modification teams that support the Air Force Logistical Systems. Participated on the account effort to achieve SEI/CMM Level 2 and 3. Analyzes, develops, maintains, and documents programs on both a PC platform using both a Uniface CASE tool, and an Alsys Ada compiler and AdaSage databases, and on a mini-frame UNIX base platform using COBOL, PACBASE and a network database. Develops time estimates of problem solutions using extensive analysis and design methodology. Experienced in all phases of the System Life Cycle. Assisted in the developing and briefing of contract proposals. Develops briefings for end users for the purpose of information gathering and status updates. Experienced in GOLD, Uniface, COBOL, ADA, Microsoft Visual Basic, Dbase IV, and Borland Turbo Pascal. Hardware used is PCs, and ATT 3B2, on DOS, Windows, NT and UNIX platforms.

Apr 94 - May 96 Graceland College; Lamoni, IA – Computer Specialist

Instructed and trained staff, faculty, and students in the use of computer hardware and software. Developed instructions and instructional material for use by classes larger than 10, and one on one instruction. Performed troubleshooting techniques and resolved hardware, software, and network problems. Maintained a 50 node Novell computer network, to include installation of nodes, and the development and maintenance of user accounts. Performed analysis, designed, and developed data base systems and graphical interface screens for end users. Developed end user systems to track documents and records for all current and prospective students. Developed Web pages for staff and faculty to promote the school and other academic accomplishments. Experienced in COBOL, Microsoft Visual Basic, Uniface, Transact, and Borland Turbo Pascal. Hardware used were PCs, and HP Series Mini Computers, on DOS and HP UNIX platforms.

Dec 81 - May 93 TRADOC Analysis Command; Ft Leavenworth, KS – Computer Specialist

As a project manager developed and executed an acquisition plan for hardware, software, and network components to support research analysts, and their associated simulations. Developed and monitored time lines for the development effort of the research analyst workstation. Developed and monitored contracts for the purchase and maintenance of ADP hardware and software. Developed a system for the inventory and security of ADP assets valued in excess of $12 million. As a project leader designed, developed, and installed a networked simulation used for training purposes for the Command General Staff College. As a project leader, developed modules, and associated databases, for simulations used in both training and research. Trained civilian and military staff in the use of simulations. Briefed military and civilian personnel on simulations.

Sep 76 - Nov 81 Directorate of Information Management; Ft Leavenworth, KS – Computer Specialist

Developed computer assisted instruction packages for the Command General Staff College. Developed data base systems for maintaining grade books for academia. Converted systems from mainframe platforms to personal computer platforms. As the project leader converted hardware and software for the enhancement of the Enlisted Evaluation System for the US Army. Did analysis of problems and monitored systems developed by higher headquarters. As a team member developed a system used by US Army in processing stations.

PROFESSIONAL Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 3.x - XP, UNIX, Novell


Programming Languages: ColdFusion, COBOL, ADA, Microsoft Visual Basic, ASP.NET, Access VBA, Foxpro, Dbase IV, Pascal, Uniface, Transact, Simscript, LISP, BASIC, AWK, FORTRAN

Application Software: SharePoint, Project Server, Workflow, InfoPath, FuseBox, DOORS, Test Director, Visual SourceSafe, Excel, LOTUS 123, MS Word, Word Pro, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Dbase, Access, FoxPro, SQL Server, MicroStrategy

Hardware: PCs, ATT 3B2, HP, IBM, DEC, VAX, Intel, Sun, CDC

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