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Health Service/Dietician/Nutritionist

Bismarck, ND
March 27, 2018

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John E. Finn, M.P.H., R.D.N, L.R.D., L.N., C.G.S.

**** ***** ******, *.*.

Bismarck, North Dakota 58504-4025

Home Phone: 701-***-****

Work Phone: 605-***-****

Cellular Phone: 701-***-****


Administrative, Management and Supervisory: Forty years in healthcare, food production and human services industry. Twenty years federal, state and local governmental Public Health Service, Hospital, Area and Regional Office experience with administrative and supervisory responsibilities. Regulatory, Investigative, and Quality Assurance/Review: Eight years of regulatory and investigative review, as well as planning, implementing, monitoring and improving quality of care and administrative systems in government, corporate and private (urban/rural) hospitals; long-term facilities, home health care and transitory care units; rural health/outpatient/emergency clinics; comprehensive occupational and rehabilitative facilities; Elderly/Headstart/WIC Food Programs; survey and facility review agencies. Consultative, Clinical, and Academic/Educational Training: Twenty seven years in Federal, State, Local clinical arenas; national, local, corporate and private consultative, educational and training services. National, Regional, State and Local television, radio and press experience and exposure. CLINICAL/HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE:

1. Internship: Wadsworth V.A. Hospital, Los Angeles California 6/76-1/78 2. Clinical Nutritionist/Dietician PHS Hospital Eagle Butte SD 3/80-8/83 3. Chief, Nutrition/Dietetics Dept PHS Hospital Rosebud SD 9/83-1/84 4. Chief, Nutrition/Dietetics Dept PHS Hospital Eagle Butte SD 1/84-6/85 5. Chief, Nutrition/Dietetics Dept PHS Hospital Rapid City SD 6/85-3/93 6. (Volunteer) Clinical Dietician: Ellsworth Air Force Base SD 6/85-3/93 7. (Volunteer) Clinical Dietician: Denver Federal Employee Health (‘93-’98) 8. Geriatric Care; Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Services in Long Term Care (‘99-’02) 9. Contract Dietician: Indian Health Service Hospital, Eagle Butte, S.D. (10/03-1/05) EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE:

1. 11/09 – Present: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe WIC Program. Contact: Joleen Straighthead, WIC Director. 605- 964-3947. Host of biweekly KLND-FM Program: “Food for Thought: Nutrition in Health and Disease” 2. 3/12- Present: Three Affiliated Tribes. Title: Nutrition/Dietician Consultant. Contact: Madeline Grinnell, WIC Director 701-***-****. WIC Program. Address: Frontage Road, New Town, ND. 3. 4/13-6/13: Three Affiliated Tribes. Title: Diabetes Program Consulting Dietician. Elbow Woods Memorial Hospital/Health Center, New Town, ND. Contact: Jared Eagle, Director: 701-***-****. 4. 7/05- 11/09. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Youth Diabetes Prevention and Special Diabetes Programs, Eagle Butte, S.D.57625. 605-***-**** or 605-***-****. Title: Consultant Nutritionist/Dietician. Contact: Michelle Walking Elk R.N., YDPP Program Director or Lynn Provost, Program Direction SDPI. Host KLND Program: “Food for Thought: Nutrition in Health and Disease” 5. 5/05 –2/12. Northern Arapaho Tribe WIC Program, Box 136, St. Stephens, WY 82524. 307-857- 2722. Title: WIC Nutrition Services Coordinator. Contact: Glenda Washakie, WIC Director. Develop Nutrition Education and Annual State Plan

Develop and Revise Policy/Procedure Manual

Assess Clients’ Anthropometric/Biochemical Indices to determine Health Risk Provide in-service instruction/training to Regional and Tribal Staff Provide nutrition/dietary consult to other Tribal Health components Grant Development Specialist

6. 10/98 – Present: Independent Consultant/Contractor. Title: (1) Health Systems Analyst, Administrator, Instructor; (2) Certified Grants Administrator, Consultant and Specialist; (3) Health Resources Services Administration Contractor OPR (Office of Performance Review) & Grants Reviewer. Duties:

Investigation, Monitoring, Assessment of Licensure/Compliance Performance in Health Care setting

Development of institutional plans/strategies to correct deficiency performance(s) and operation(s)

Develop and conduct training seminars/presentations to apprise Provider groups, facility clinical/administrative staff, etc., on HCFA/CMS regulatory compliance and to address previously reported deficiency statements/reports

Assist in the development of “Plans of Correction” which address deficiency performance Liaison with CMS/HCFA Central and Regional Office programs/staff to assist in resolution of institutional/facility deficiency performance

Locate funding/potential funding for 501© non-profits. Contact: Byron Baker, MD, Q&R Clinic North @ 323-6400 and Sophie Two Hawk, MD, Eagle Butte Hospital @ 916- 599-7649 for information specific to health systems analysis and resolution. 7. 8/98- 7/05: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Title: WIC Program Nutrition Services Coordinator. Address: Box 590, Eagle Butte, S.D. Primary duties and responsibilities include: Develop Nutrition Education and Annual State Plan

Develop and Revise Policy/Procedure Manual

Assess Clients’ Anthropometric/Biochemical Indices to determine Health Risk Provide in-service instruction/training to Regional and Tribal Staff Provide nutrition/dietary consult to other Tribal Health components Grant Development Specialist

Contact: Cynthia Cook, Director of WIC Program. 605-***-****. 8. 12/99-12/02: St. Vincent's Care Center/Med Center One Health Systems, Bismarck, ND. Title: Facilities Director/Nutritional Services Director/Dietician. Primary duties and responsibilities included:

Director of Housekeeping, Laundry, Environmental Services, Dietary Services. Accomplishments: Three years deficiency-free Medicare/Medicaid Audits/Surveys in departments managed by candidate. Acting Administrator Long Term Care during D.O.N.’s absence.

Prepared facility’s first “Lock Out/Tag Out” Program Manual and addressed/assisted in development of survey deficiencies and/or care-plan strategies/resolutions. Lecturer: Annual State’s Long Term Care Conferences. Contact: Colleen Ressler, Resident Services Coordinator @ #701-***-**** 9. 10/03-1/05. PHS Indian Hospital, Eagle Butte S.D. 57625. Title: Dietician Consultant. Contact Sophie Two Hawk, M.D. @ 605-***-****/3002.

10 . 11/97 – 6/98: DHHS/HCFA/DMSO/SQSB Office of Regional Health Care Financing Administration Region VIII. Title: Special Projects Officer and Associate Branch Chief of Survey, Quality and Standards Branch and Regional Training Administrator. Primary duties and responsibilities include: Assign/Allocate Training Resources, Schedule Module Training to upgrade State Agency/Regional Office Surveyor Skills

Prepare Branch Budget & Conduct Integrity Analysis & Monitoring all Branch’s Fiscal Activities Oversight, Evaluation and Analysis of State Survey Agency performance, Certification and Operations Staff efficiency and effectiveness and Quality Improvement Strategies of Providers Program/Facility/Provider Review Specialist

Regional Nutrition and Dietetics Consultant. Contact: Spence Ericson- Associate Regional Administrator 303-***-****.

11. 8/97- 11/97: DHHS/HCFA/DMSO/SQSB Office of Regional Health Care Financing. Region VII F.O.B., 1961 Stout St., Denver CO 80294 303-***-**** x 467. Title: Supervisory Health Insurance Specialist and Survey, Quality and Standards Branch Chief (Equivalent to GS-14). Primary duties, responsibilities and accomplishments:

Acting Associate Regional Administrator

Supervisor: (8) GS-12/13 Health Review Specialists; (4) GS-12 Health Insurance Specialists; GS-13 CLIA Specialist;

Participated in Regional Manager’s Plenary Sessions; Developed Branch Strategic Workplan/Budget for FY ’98; Developed RO’s Fiscal Manager’s Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) SQSB Proposal; Responsibilities included Regional Training Administration, Program Review and Regional Dietician responsibilities. Contact: Spence Ericson - Associate Regional Administrator 303- 844-7066

12. 4/96-8/97: DHHS/HCFA/NDSD TEAM Office of Regional Health Care Financing Administration Region VIII F.O.B., 1961 Stout St. Denver CO 80294 303-***-**** x 308. Title: Program Review Specialist and Regional Training Administrator. Responsibilities included: Acting Team Manager/State Team Survey and Certification Program Specialist Regional Nutritionist/Dietician and State Team AIDS/HIV Coordinator (RAC) Regional Training Administrator

Regional Quality Assurance/Improvement Specialist

Regional Antidumping/COBRA/EMTALA [Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act] Specialist & Consultant

Regional Tribal/IHS Specialist/Liaison

As Regional Nutrition Consultant, Training Administrator, Survey and Certification and COBRA Specialist, served as consultant and liaison to all Regional health care facilities/agencies in six States within Region VIII jurisdiction (CO, UT, MT, WY, SD and ND). State Team activities are specific to ND & SD. Responsible for coordinating AIDS/HIV activities, surveys, etc. with Regional and Central Office AIDS Coordinators, as well as with Medicaid State Agencies. Investigate, monitor, assess and evaluate the provision of health care services by all provider-types participating in Medicare/Medicaid programs. Conduct periodic and episodic quality assurance monitors on State Agency contractors; assist in development training needs predicated on survey findings/outcome. Central Office consultant on Nation- wide HCFA training needs/requirements. Contact: Pam Vocke, Director Training Central Office @ 410- 786-3486; Dottie Brinkmeyer, M.S., R.N., Regional Nurse Consultant 303-844- 7043. 13. 3/93-4/96: DHHS/HCFA/DHSQ/SCRB Office of Regional Health Care Administration Region VIII F.O.B. 1961 Stout St. Denver CO 80294 303-***-****. Title: Program Review Specialist & Team Leader. Responsibilities included:

Acting Branch Chief

Regional Survey Certification & Review Branch Indian Health Service Liaison Regional Nutrition Consultant

Regional Training Administrator

Survey & Review Program Specialist

Regional Antidumping/COBRA/EMTALA Specialist & Consultant As Regional Consultant/Specialist/Training Coordinator serve all health care facilities/agencies in Six State Region (CO, UT, MT, ND, SD, and WY). Provide direct professional and continuous certification and consultative services to those programs participating in Medicare/Medicaid. Provide training to all State Agencies and professional organizations. Member of Regional and Central Office Agency's Quality Improvement Teams, and HCFA/PHS/IHS Consortia. Contact: Peggye Wilkerson, Branch Chief SCRB

@ 410-***-****.

14 6/85-3/93: Public Health Indian Hospital Rapid City SD 57701 605-***-**** Assistant QA/QCI Coordinator

JCAHO/HCFA Coordinator/Trainer

Clinical Nutritionist/Dietician

IHS Health Care Consultant/Lecturer

Chief General Nutrition/Dietetics Dept.

Community/Hospital Diabetes Coordinator

EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Director

Area Specialist/Consultant on Diabetes Care & Management Preceptor: S.D.S.U. and U.N.D. Dietary Managers/Dieticians Staff of 10 employees (Dietary), but assisted department directors and hospital administration in supervision, training and management of 120 facility employees. Primarily responsible for coordinating/directing food service operations for hospital patients, national training program and ancillary health care programs. Prepared, evaluated and approved nutritional adequacy of regular and therapeutic diets, including peripheral and total parenteral nutrition therapies. Consulted for (and counseled patients in): OPD, OB/GYN, Well Child Care, WIC, Diabetes Clinics, as well as in-patient populations. Area/National consultant for IHS N&D programs, diabetes care/management, EEO violations/resolutions; as well as all Tribal Health programs. Accomplishments: Cost reductions via material and service analyses in dietary and other hospital components; quality improvement in patient care services, e.g. diabetes management; regulatory and JCAHO compliance. Contact: Mildred Breen, Administrative Officer, Sioux San Indian Hospital, Rapid City, SD. 15. 6/87-10/87: Aberdeen Area Indian Health Service Headquarters, Aberdeen, SD 605-***-****). Title: Area Nutrition/Dietetics Program Officer

Provided consultative services to approximately 25 IHS Hospitals/Health Centers, Tribal WIC and Health Programs and Services. Monitored N&D Programs throughout the region to ensure compliance with HCFA standards and regulations. Accomplishments: Menu upgrades, waste reduction, cost containment, service improvements and regulatory compliance in dietary component. Contact: RADM Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant Surgeon General, Director: Indian Health Service, 301-***-****. 16. 1/84-6/85: Public Health Indian Hospital, Eagle Butte, SD, 605-***-****. Title: Chief: Nutrition and Dietetics Department.

Physician Recruiter

Director Food Service

Public Health Nutritionist

Hospital Clinical Dietician

Acting Administrative Officer

Coordinator: Diabetes Management Team

Tribal Technical/Health Education Consultant

Regional Coordinator: Health Screening Fairs

Regional Coordinator: Emergency Food Distribution

Staff of 8 employees. Provided day time and evening clinical dietary consultation to all patients and medical providers. Coordinated clinical, administrative and/or consultative nutrition services for all Tribal Health Programs including WIC, Alcohol Treatment, Elderly Meal Services, Community Health Representative, Field Health Clinics, Well Child Care, Assisted Living services. Contact: Theo Mathany, M.D., Chamberlain, South Dakota.

17. 9/80-1/92: Cheyenne River Community College, Eagle Butte, SD 605-***-****. Adjunct Professor/Lecturer in biological, health, office management, business and nursing sciences. Primarily instructed students in: accounting, public health, economics and physical sciences. Contact: Carole Little Wounded, President.

18. 9/83-1/84: Public Health Indian Hospital, Rosebud, SD, 605-***-****. Title: Nutritionist/Dietician Director Food Service

Public Health Nutritionist

Hospital Clinical Dietician

Tribal Nutrition Technical Consultant

Staff: 10 employees. Technical and education consultant for the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Health Programs. Emphasis placed on program development, management, assessment and grant formulation for special projects, i.e.: Headstart; Alcohol Treatment Program. Developed and Coordinated: Health Professional Reservation Exchange Program. Contact: Gayla Twist, CEO PHS Hospital. 19. 3/80-8/83: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Improved Child Health Program, Eagle Butte, SD, 605-***-****.

WIC Nutritionist

Tribal Nutrition Technical Consultant

Public Health/Community Field Health Nutritionist

Assigned to Tribe through National Health Service Corp. Public Health, Clinical, and Technical Advisor/Consultant for Tribal, ICHP, WIC, MCH, Elderly Nutrition, CHR, Commodity Foods and EFNEP Programs. Successful at markedly reducing the incidence of and morbidity associated with: anemia, nursing bottle caries, obesity, infant/child malnutrition, diabetes. Provided ambulatory and in-patient dietary counseling for all disease entities. During the evening, coordinated and conducted physical fitness, weight control and other health programs. For WIC program: was the education consultant and staff Nutritionist. Assisted in coordination of program activities, budget, management, etc.. Patient population: greater than 5000. Contact: Randal H. Lortscher, MD, NHSC, F.O.B. Region VIII, Denver 20. 5/78-3/80: Maternal and Child Health Program, Rapid City, SD. Clinical/Public Health and WIC Nutritionist

Assigned to South Dakota State's Improved Pregnancy Outcome Project. Primarily assessed the nutritional status of women, infants and children participating in program's rural and urban clinic operations. Lectured extensively to individuals and groups involved in nutrition, weight control and preventive health care throughout the State of South Dakota. Utilized mass media (radio, newspaper, and television) to convey accurate and relevant health care information. Established nutrition care and program management standards and guidelines. Contact: Willis Sutliff, MD, MPH, Director: Black Hills Pediatrics, 605-***-****.

21. 3/69-5/76: Borden's Chemical/Flavor Department, Brooklyn, NY. Supervisor and/or Foreman in the following departments: Contact: Virene Gallo, Administrative Officer 701-***-****. Food Production/Processing

Housekeeping and Sanitation

Shipping and Receiving


1. 9/90-12/91: Lutheran Social Services Counseling Program, Sioux San Drive, Rapid City, SD. Title: Clinical Nutrition Counselor for Eating Disorders Clinic. Contact: Beth Masten, M.S.W., 605-***-****. 2. 1/90-2/93: Rapid City Police Department, Rapid City, SD. Title: Health and Nutrition Sciences Instructor. Patrol Officer with Reserve component. (Non-Salaried) Contact: Captain Edward Hofkamp, Training Administrator 605-***-****. 3. 7/89-3/93: Rural American Initiatives Program//Project 'Tokaja' Lakota Transitional Headstart Program. Title: Project Nutrition Consultant. (Non-Salaried) Contact: Ann Floden (Director) 919 Main St., Rapid City, SD. 605-***-****. 4. 3/80-3/93: Black Hills Pediatrics Group/South Dakota West River Health Department's: WIC, SSI, Crippled Children’s' Screening Clinics. Title: Clinical Nutrition Consultant. 5. 3/80-Present: Public Health Service Associate Recruiter. 6. 9/98-Present: Successfully obtained federal grant funding amounts exceeding three million dollars for nonprofits. MEMBERSHIP:

1. American Dietetic Association since 1978, National Association of Uniformed Services (NAUS), Military Officers Association 2. Commissioned Officer Public Health Service Corp. since 1978. Rank: CAPTAIN/Senior Dietician Director. 3. Rocky Mountain Commissioned Officer's Association (COA) since 1993. Title: President of Association 1995 Executive Board. Vice President ‘94 Executive Board. COA Board of Directors with membership on Membership and Public Relations Committees 1995-1999. COA Board of Director’s FIELD REPRESENTATIVE 1996-1999. Member of the COA's 'Executive Director's Search Committee, from 1994 to 1995.

4. USPHS Dietician's Professional Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General. Selected by PAC/PHS/HCFA/Office of Surgeon General to participate as active member beginning May 1, 1995 and ending April 30,1998. 5. North Dakota American Dietetic Association 1998-Present. PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS:

1. FINN, J.E.: "Cultural Food Practices of Vietnamese in Southern California". A standard reference used by a national & international hospital Diet Manual publishers since 1979. 2. SUTLIFF, W., FINN, J.E., GRAVEN, S.N.: "A Model for Identification of Children with Handicapping Conditions in an Under served Rural Area in Mid-America". Published 6/81. Presented at the American Public Health Association meeting in NY, 1979. 3. BLAKE, B., FINN, J.E., BEARD, M., HUNEKE, L.: "A Comprehensive Diabetes Care Strategy by Self Management". 4. Author of numerous articles pertaining to health care, nutrition and dietetics, quality assurance, etc., for local newspapers and national/statewide professional periodicals.



1. July 1985: Isolation/Hardship Metal for services performed on the Rosebud and Cheyenne River Sioux Reservations, their IHS Hospitals, from 1980 - 1985.

2. October 1991: Nominated for PHS Commendation Metal/Award for services provided to IHS Hospital and program operations during the period 5/85-12/89.

3. October 1991: Nominated for PHS Citation Metal/Award for JCAHO accreditation preparedness activities during the period 1/90 -12/90.

4. U.S. Public Health Service: Certificate of Appreciation in Recruitment Efforts. April 4, 1994. 5. July 1995: PHS Commendation Metal/Award for services provided to Health Care Financing Administration during the period March 16, 1994 through June 23, 1994.

6. April 1995: Special Recognition Award for the Rocky Mountain Commissioned Officers Association for consultation CDR. Finn provided to other Branches & for networking strategies that increased officer participation/membership in national assn. 7. June 1997: Unit Commendation Award for providing survey certification and review services to Regional Office X for completing mandatory survey requirements in 1994.


1. June 1985: Indian Health Service Commendation Award for services to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation and their IHS Hospital, Eagle Butte, SD. Presented by Area Director: Terrance Sloan, MD. 2. May 1986: Indian Health Service Recognition and Appreciation Award for Diabetic Clinical and Education Services to Native Americans throughout South Dakota.

3. September 1991: Indian Health Service Recognition Award for coordinating JCAH activities and receiving JCAH Accreditation at PHS Indian Hospital, Rapid City SD. 4. March 1993: Indian Health and Community Health Services Recognition and Appreciation Award for Nutrition Care Services provided to the Community of Rapid City SD. 5. May 1993: Rapid City Service Unit Certificate of Appreciation Award. In recognition for outstanding service to the Sioux San Hospital.


1. February 1969: Army Commendation Metal for performance in Vietnam. 2. September 1969 - February 1973: "President's List" for scholastic achievement during undergraduate studies at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY.

3. February 1973: Graduated "Magna Cum Laude" (Highest Honors) from Pratt Institute. 4. May 1985: Selected South Dakota's 1985 American Dietetic Association's 'Media Representative and State Ambassador'. 5. October 21, 1994: Office of Inspector General: Integrity Award. Presented in Washington D.C., and in Denver OIG on October 21, 1994.

6. January 21, 1992: Letter of Commendation from Senator Larry Pressler, State of South Dakota. 7. September 1994: Letter of Commendation from Assistant Surgeon General and Director of Indian Health Service, Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H..

8. September 1995: Letter of Commendation from Assistant Surgeon General Hugh Sloan, D.S.W., Regional Health Administrator, PHS Denver CO.

9. November 1995: Letter of Commendation from Mary Kay Smith, Regional Administrator for Health Care Financing Administration, Denver CO.

10. July 26, 1996: Letter of Commendation from Mary Kay Smith, Regional Administrator, Spencer Ericson, Associate Regional Administrator, Fred Gladden, North Dakota, Chief Health Resources Section. 11.May 3, 1999: Certificate of Appreciation from Regional Office VIII Food and Nutrition Science/USDA for instruction provided at annual Regional Office/Inter-Tribal Organization WIC Agencies meeting in Littleton, CO, PROFESSIONAL/PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS

1. October 23-25, 1979: "Food-Mother and Baby". Presented to public, university medical and health staff; students at the South Dakota State University, Brookings S.D.

2. January 25, 1980: "Food Facts or Fallacies". Presented at the 6th Annual Nutrition Council of South Dakota. 3. July 9, 1981: "The Native American and the 'Silent Killer Hypertension" Presented during the National High Blood Pressure Education Program, Bethesda MD.

4. September 16, 1982: "Hypertension". Presented at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Health Convention, Ft. Yates, North Dakota. 5. November 5, 1982: "The Native American and the 'Silent Killer': Hypertension". Presented at the National Association of Community Health Representatives in Arizona.

6. June 12-14, 1984: "Computer Application in Community Nutrition and Public Health Practice". Presented at the Nutrition and Dietetics Training Seminar for IHS Public Health Nutritionists & Clinical Dieticians in Scottsdale Arizona. 7. October 12, 1984: "Straightening Up the Stress Lines". Presented at stress management workshop in Eagle Butte, SD. 8. June 10-11, 1985: "Historical Look at Native American Dietary Practices". Presented at the 7-State Community Health Representative Workshop, Rapid City SD.

9. May 1, 1986: "Native American Diabetes". Presented at the South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD, to Area and Regional Dietician's Association. 10. May 8, 1986: "Elderly Nutrition". Presented to the Elderly community association at Spearfish, SD. 11. June 4, 1986: "Hypertension". Presented at the Black Hills Training Center, Rapid City, SD. 12. June 5-6, 1986: "Native American Strategies to Nutrition and Weight Changes". Presented at Bethesda, MD. 13. June 24, 1986: "Update on Native American Diabetes". Presented to medical staff, Pine Ridge Hospital, Pine Ridge SD. 14. June 30, 1986: "Update on Native American Diabetes". Presented at Black Hills Training Center, Rapid City SD. 15. July 30, 1986: "Basic Nutrition and Health". Presented at the annual Community Health Representatives Seminar, School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City SD.

16. August 15-16, 1986: "Differentiation Between Type I and Type II Diabetes". Presented to medical, nursing and administrative professionals at annual AHEC State Meeting held in Pierre and Rapid City, SD. 17. October 28-29, 1986: "Normal Nutrition and its Impact Upon Native American Diabetes". Presented at the National Indian Health Board Annual Convention, RCSD.

18. October 28, 1986: "Diabetes and the Native American". Presented at the monthly Black Hills Dietetic Association meeting, Rapid City, SD. 19. December 4, 1986: "Hypertension, Renal Failure and Dietary Intervention". Presented at the advanced CHR Training Seminar, Black Hills Training Center, Rapid City SD.

20. February 12-13, 1987: "Diabetes and the Native American". Broadcast distributed on the S.D. Public Broadcast System for area wide distribution. Assisted in preparation and production of program entitled: "FAS - The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on South Dakota Reservations". 21. March 24, 1987: "Drug/Drug and Drug/Nutrient Interactions". Continuing education workshop presentation for South Dakota RNs and L.P.N.s. Presented at the Black Hills Training Center, Rapid City SD. 22. May 7, 1987: "National Cholesterol Education Program for Minorities". Provided guidance and consultation to workshop participants at National Institutes of Health, Rockville, MD. Developed national education materials. 23. July 13, 1987: "International Cultural Dietary Habits". Presented at the annual Seven State Community Health Representatives Conference, Black Hills Training Center, Rapid City SD.

24. March 14, 1988: "Type II Diabetes Mellitus - The Native American Experiment". Presented at the Rapid City Regional Hospital's Nursing College. 25. March 28, 1988: "Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition". Presented at Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD, to personnel and their dependents. 26. April 20, 1988: "Childhood Feeding Problems and Strategies". Presented at Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD, to personnel and their dependents. 27. May 5, 1988: "History of Diabetes Among the Lakota (Sioux) Nation". Presented for Maternal Child Health Workers at the Cheyenne River Sioux Health Conference, Eagle Butte, SD.

28. May 25, 1989: "Basic Nutrition Intervention Strategies in Health and Disease". CHR Program, Black Hills Training Center, Rapid City, SD. 29. August 1, 1989: Participant/Consultant in PBS film entitled: "Native Americans in Health Professions", a nationally distributed film shown during college recruitment efforts throughout U.S.

30. August 2, 1989: "Babes and You". March of Dimes sponsored training program for CHRs, MCH workers. Presented at the Black Hills Training Center, Rapid City SD. Topics included: "Fitness in Pregnancy" and "Eating for Two". 31. October 11, 1989: "Nutrition and Native American Health". Presented for Project Tetakuya ("All My People") staff at Storm Mountain, Rapid City SD. 32. February 7, 1990: "History of Native American Nutrition". Presented for Albuquerque N.M. IHS Diabetes Training Program, at the BHTC, Rapid City, SD. 33. March 8, 1990: "Normal Nutrition for Health". Presented to the staff and students at Pinedale Elementary School, Rapid City, SD. 34. April 10, 1990: Assisted with and consulted for a California based investigative documentary TV program ("The West"). Provided research data and material relevant to "Commodity Food Consumption on Indians Reservations". 35. May 5, 1990: "JCAH: Development of Effective Departmental Quality Assurance Plans and Programs" and "Policies and Procedures for Supervisory Staff". Presented at PHS Indian Hospital, Rapid City, SD. 36. November 5-10, 1990: "Basic Nutrition Strategies for the Malnourished Law Enforcement Population". Presented to the Rapid City Police Department Staff.

37. March 1, 1991: "Diabetes Management for Hospital Staff Employees". Presented to medical, administrative and support staff at PHS Indian Hospital, Rapid City, SD.

38. March 5, 1991: "Diabetes and Native Americans". Presented 1/2 hour program on KEVN-TV, Rapid City SD, with Harold Shunk, narrator and educator. 39. March 9, 1991: KEVN-TV news interview pertaining to National Diabetes Awareness Day. 40. March 10, 1991: "Diabetes USA". Present on KOTA-TV midday news program. 41. April 3, 1991: "Effective Weight Loss and Exercise Strategies for the Health Care Worker". Presented at the PHS Indian Hospital Employee Wellness Program, Rapid City, SD.

42. April 16, 1991: "Basic Nutrition Strategies for the Malnourished Law Enforcement Population". Presented to police recruits, Rapid City, SD. 43. August 3rd, 1991: "Diabetes, Health and Our Native American People". KILI-FM Radio Program, aired on all major Reservations and cities throughout North and South Dakota.

44. August 24, 1991: "Sports Nutrition: Facts and Fallacies". Presented for the National Tae Kwon Do Karate Association meeting at Storm Mountain, SD. 45. September 10, 1991: "Basic Nutrition Strategies for the Malnourished Law Enforcement Population". Presented to police recruits, Rapid City, SD. 46. November 5, 1991: "Diabetes". KOTA-AM Radio Program. One hour documentary on Diabetes: cause, management and prevention of

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