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Customer Service Manager

Vancouver, BC, Canada
March 30, 2018

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Melis Alioglu

778-***-**** Vancouver, BC

Rigging Skills

Constructed rigs for various types and styles of models including:

Resolved joint orient which involved

Provided appropriate controls on skeletons

Develop skinning weight, (utilised Ng Skin, Maya Pain Tool Weight, Delta mesh, and used skin bounce tools in Maya 2017, Advanced Skeleton)

Used secondary rigging methods such as a ribbon as well as deformers and a curve joint system for facial rig

Blended shapes for facial rigs using sculpting and joint curve deformer

Modelling Skills

Environment modeling: used resource image or concept to block my plan and next work on

UV mapping, prop modeling, character modeling in Maya and Zbrush

Sculpting: made a base model and next designed the details and baked high poly on low poly

Concept Artist/ Animation/ Pitching

Brainstormed and designed a variety of characters based on the concept

Developed story boarding and pitched ideas to critique for review and


Created life motion for characters Animated intro sequences experience

Software Skills

3D: Maya, Zbrush, Madbox, Arnold renderer, Mental Ray, After Effects, Quixel

Programming: Python, Access 2D: Photoshop


Visual College of Art and Design, Vancouver C


3D Modeling Animation Art and Design- Diploma

Security & Customer Service 2016 - 2018

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Business, Education and Publication Manager 2003 - 2012

Zabansara, Ganjine institute, Urmia, South Azerbaijan

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