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Mechanical Technician

Chennai, TN, India
March 27, 2018

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with 8+ years of experience in Oil & Gas Industries as Mechanical Maintenance field offshore.

Presently seeking a job for Mechanical Technician

Reliable Mechanical Technician with a high commitment to safety and productivity.

Dedicated to accurate efficient work and regulatory compliance.

Professional and organized with demonstrated communication and team work abilities.


Extensive experience of gas power plant industry and operating gas turbines

Strong technical and mechanical aptitude

Ability to work for long durations and perform physically enduring tasks

Strong attention to detailing and accuracy

Excellent observational, analytical and problem solving abilities

Training and Workshops:

1.Introduction of Leadership &Management programme

2.Permit to Work Training

3.Authorise Gas Testing Training

4.Mechanical joint Integrity Training

5.H2S/Breathing Apparatus Training

6.Basic Fire Fighting

Experience in Oil & Gas Field (Offshore & Onshore)

Worked in Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company(YASREF) in Saudi Arabia, through Sankyo Manor Saudi Arabia co. LTD as a Mechanical Technician from Apr 2015 to Dec 2017.

Worked in QAFAC Through Qcon in Qatar, Onshore as a Mechanical Technician from Mar 2014 to May 2014.

Worked in ONGC in Mumbai Through Reliance, Offshore Field as a Mechanical Technician from Jan 2012 to Feb 2014.

Worked in KNPC, Through INTEGRAL SERVICES COMPANY W.L.L(ISCO) for GRTA shutdown job as a Mechanical Technician from Feb 2011 to May 2011

Worked in ONGC in Mumbai Through SAMFIRE, Offshore Field as a Mechanical Technician from Aug 2009 to Jan 2011.



Reciprocating Compressor (OFF Gas Compressor):

Overhauling of reciprocating (OFF Gas) Multi Stage compressor like Dismantling Installing and inspecting of Piston, piston ring Rider ring, Cylinder, Crosshead, connecting rod, main bearing and guide bearing in crank shaft, big end bearing, small end bearing, cylinder bottom head, and cylinder top head, changing of piston rod, Changing suction and delivery valve.

Overhauling valve unloader, Pocket clearance, Rod packing, secondary seal and oil scraper

Changing of liner, small end bearing, big end bearing, main bearing, guide bearing

Checking clearance of piston pumping clearance, TDC, BDC, Rod deflection, Liner and piston head clearance, cross head guide way clearance, connecting rod small end pin clearance, connecting rod big end bearing clearance, Main bearing and Guide bearing clearance, Axial clearance, unloader clearance, Valve clearance, Web deflection clearance.

All these clearances inspected through the inside outside micrometres, dial gauge, bore gauge micrometre, filler gauge and lead wire, and plastic gauge.

Centrifugal Compressors (Propane compressor)

Worked in natural gas pumping and Gas Lift Centrifugal Compressors with seal and dry gas seal system with various capacities.

Involved in rotor centring, axial float, shaft runout, impeller runout, bearing clearance, crush clearance, coupling hub clearance

Inspecting thrust bearing, and journal bearing pads, thrust collar, rotor, diaphragms, diffusers, labyrinth seal

Involved in bundle changing, rotor centring, seal changing and bearing changing, balancing drum labyrinth seal changing, stage labyrinth changing, thrust collar fixing and its seal and lube oil circuit accessories maintenance Dry gas seal replacement worked in a flexible coupling by using a hydraulic device.

Dismantling and assembling of diaphragms and diffusers

All these clearances inspected through the inside outside micrometres, dial gauge, bore gauge micrometre, filler gauge and lead wire


Centrifugal Pump:

Overhauling different type of centrifugal pump like multi stage pump and single stage pump (volute causing pump, split type pump) vertical pump, vertical sump pump.

Changing of mechanical seal and repair, bearing, thrust collar, wear ring, oil seal, impeller, Inducer, shaft, coupling hub.

Checking clearance of axial float, radial float, bearing clearance, impeller eye clearance, impeller and causing clearance in volute causing pump.

Flushing lube oil system components checking and inspection

Reciprocating Pump:

Overhauling different type of reciprocating pump like multi stage and single stage plunger and piston pump reciprocating pump, Diaphragm type piston and plunger type reciprocating pump

Changing of piston, diaphragm, valves, cylinder bore, oil seal, piston rod, bearing in crank case, spline, adjusting stroke in piston type pump

Changing of Plunger, diaphragm, valves, cylinder bore, Gland packing, oil seal, connecting rod, bearing in crank case, spline, adjusting stroke in plunger type pump

Changing pulsation damper in suction line, filling of elements in pulsation damper

Centrifugal Blower:

Overhauling of different type of centrifugal blower like multi stage and single stage

Changing of bearing, mechanical seal, impeller, causing wearing, oil seal in bearing causing

Checking clearance in bearing, checking Axial Float, Checking Radial Float, shaft Runout

Mechanical Seal:

Worked on all type of seals including single and double and tandem seal and proper rectification of the same.

Involved in Dismantling and assembling of all types of seal and changing packing also


Involved in startup, shut down and troubleshooting of Steam turbines

Setting of rotor axial centering, bearing clearance checking, over speed trip bolt checking and correction.

Preventive and shut down activities in ejectors, surface condensers, condensate Pumps, control valves and shut off valves and oil coolers.

Gear Box:

Worked on all types of gearboxes. Attended Preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance. Changing bearing and alignment setting, oil seal checking and replacing.


1)Reverse Indicator Method

2)Laser Alignment

Fin Fans

Attended Preventive Maintenance, Replacement of bearing, pulley replacement, Adjust belt tension. Measure and adjust blade angle.

Heat exchanger:

Working experience in different type of heat exchangers such as fixed tube, Floating head and “U” tube type. Tube cleaning, assembling and hydro testing and experience in air coolers. Lube oil coolers.

Working experience in plate type exchanger also.


Replacing of all types of valve like Ball valve, Globe valve, plug valves, Gate valve, Butterfly valve, Blow off valve, Diaphragm form valve, Non return valve (Flab type & Plate type valve), Sandwich type, Piston type NRV Automatic Pneumatic Actuators control valve in utility department.


Working experience in changing of Demister Pad and different types of trays like Chimney tray, Valve tray, bubble cap tray, Sleeve tray


Working experience in changing of Demister Pad, Cleaning and Hydro testing

Measuring Instruments Handling:

Dial Gauge (for alignment) Inside micrometres, Outside micrometres, Venire Calliper, Spirit Level, feeler Gauge, Vibration Scanner (In mm/s,). Clam Tester, Temperature Scanner.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 17.05.1987

Father’s name: Mr.Velu.S

Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Tamil.

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Indian

Permanent Address: 135, Pillayar kovil street,





Tamilnadu, India.


Passport No : J2714439(ECNR)

Place of Issue : MADURAI

Date of Issue : 25/08/2010

Date of Expiry : 24/08/2020

Yours faithfully




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