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Senior Analytical Chemist

Basom, NY, 14013
March 27, 2018

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Phone +374-**-***-*** - mobile (skype: grigor8787) E-mail

Address apt. 33, build 7, Barekamutyan str, 2207, Abovyan, Armenia 10.05.1987


September 2014 – till


"AZAD Pharmaceuticals LLC"

Azatutyan av. 26, Yerevan, 0014, RA

R&D group laboratory

Project Manager API,

Head of Analytical Team


Properly finalized API project in terms of timelines, safety, costs and resources,

New 11 step ROS approved in 3 different scales, sent/sold to 2 manufacturers,

Installation of Analytical devices (HPLC systems from Agilent, GC-HS- Agilent, CE-Agilent, DSC-Netszch, KF-water- MetrOhm, Polarimeter-Perkin Elmer, etc.)

Lead the Analytical team to help other API projects in the laboratory as well,

Written and review of analytical SOPs, establishment of them in the lab, work accordingly, revise/made amendments timely,

HPLC method developments, HPLC chiral separations, method validations,

Installation, operation, maintenance, calibration, troubleshooting and technical support of the Analytical devices (IQ, OQ, PQ). HPLC, GC-HS, KF, DSC.

"Armbiotechnology" Scientific and Production Center 14 Gyurjyan Str., Yerevan 0056, RA

January 2013 – February 2015 Sector of Physicochemical Analysis Research associate qualitative and quantitative analyses of amino acids,

HPLC “Waters 2695 Separation Module” (USA),

Elemental analyzer “EURO EA 3000”

August 2012 – January 2013 Microbial Depository Center Research associate Microbial strain preservation and maintenance,

Supply of cultures upon request,

Maintenance an extensive research portfolio,

Deposition of cultures and beyond.

April 2010 – October 2014 "Grand Candy" Armenian-Canadian JV LTD 31 Masis str., Yerevan 0061, RA

Quality Control Department, Central Laboratory


Quality Manager

Development and establishment of new methods for physicochemical control,

Ensure proper operation of laboratory equipment,

QC of raw materials, finished products and the convenience of various stages,

ISO 17025 laboratory maintenance. ISO 9001. ISO 22000. EDUCATION

2009-2012 Yerevan State University, PhD student

Biochemistry, Biotechnology, D-amino acids, Enzyme purification, PAAGE, Microbiology, Enzyme Immobilization

PhD Degree in Biology in the field of Biochemistry 2007-2009 Yerevan State University, MSc student

"Armenia" Republican Medical Center,

"Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care" LLC Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Genetic disorders, Clinical diagnostics, Oncogenetic Examination, Tumor Markers Detection MSc Degree in Biology

2003-2007 Yerevan State University, undergraduate student Molecule Structure Research Center NAS RA

Biochemistry, Amino-acids and Herbs Biochemistry, Optical and IR-Spectroscopy, Gas-chromatography, Biomimetic Microporous Systems BSc Degree in Biology

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INTERNAL AUDIT, requirements for ISO/IEC

“Conformity Assessment, International Certification, the basic requirements for ISO/IEC 17025”

A certificate of TOEFL awarded by the AUA (TOEFL PBT - score 557)

Safety. Explosion precautions and DSC measurements. SWISSI

GMP requirements for API production (AZAD, Schaffhausen)

Benefits of Kinetex core-shell and Luna Omega fully porous technologies and their new phases, PHENOMENEX

PERSONAL SKILLS Excellent MS Access, Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook Office knowledge LANGUAGES English, Russian, Armenian

ORGANIZATIONAL Superior attention to details.

Good analytical and creative thinking,

Ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as independently,

Interpersonal communication skills,

Time management, supervisor characteristics.

AVAILABILITY The earliest date that I can start a new job is flexible, could be discussed and adjusted REFERENCES Reference details are available upon request VOLUNTEER “KASA” FONDATION HUMANITAIRE SUISSE, FROM 2016 MEMBERSHIP “Young Biologists Association” NGO, from 2009 RECENT PUBLICATION HOBBIES Apitherapy, phytotherapy, swimming, music, chess, football.

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