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Manager Engineer

Racine, WI
March 26, 2018

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Neeta Mondal

**** ******* *****, *** *** Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin 53406




Specialist in the areas of Data Center Migrations, Virtualization, Business Continuance, Network Convergence and High Availability

Experience working in Multi-Vendor and Global IT Integration Environment.

Followed the ITIL standards to execute changes and address incidents.

Extensive experience in Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage technology. Ability to understand and implement upcoming Storage technology products.

Design, deploy and support of SAN and NAS Storage, and Server Services.

Deliver storage solutions in the most complex storage environment and achieve customer satisfaction.

Bronze Award for support of new equipment Cloud Tiering appliance, Q1 2014.

Achieved data consolidation from across the Data Centers Q1-Q4 2012, Q3 2013.

Provided centralized management, monitoring and alerting of Data Centers across the globe.

Recipient of the JDI Account Best Storage Specialist Award for Q3 FY08.

Keen analytical mind that quickly grasps new and complex concepts and interprets it into logical strategy. Expertise in managing and working with multi-cultural teams.

Solution-oriented and versatile professional with documented success in the implementation of improved programs.

Skilled communicator accustomed to cross-functional coordination and procedural documentation.

Understand varied personalities through client interaction and adjust communication skills for their needs, to effectively convey all valuable information.

Able to work successfully with diverse individuals to achieve goals and meet targets on time.

Interacted with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates dynamically while working within a range of responsible capacities.

Extremely focused and motivated to achieve in a fast-paced, demanding environment that promotes teamwork but can identify and resolve issues independently.

Goal-oriented self-starter with highest levels of personal initiative, integrity, and work ethic.


SC Johnson and Family Company Racine, WI 8/2017 till date.

Associate Manager # Storage and Backup

Design, deploy and support Netapp Ontap 9.2 SMB and NFS shares to serve windows and Unix clients using SMB and NFS protocols.

Design, Deploy and support Anti-virus config for Netapp in alignment with Security compliance standards.

Lead DB2 Database refresh activity using the vplex replication and Vmax replication.

Capacity Management and administration tasks of all Enterprise storage solutions viz: Vblock 720-Vmax40K, Vblock 740 -Vmax 250F, Vplex metro cluster, Isilon,Netapp FAS8200.

Lead SMB v2, v3 and NFS v3 migrations to Netapp/Ontap – FAS 8200 from Isilon OneFS using Rsync and EMcopy.

Ensure that standardized methods and procedures follow the ITIL V3 framework

Participation in Ontap 9.2p2 Disaster recovery and Business continuance operation.

Lead the upgrades of Enterprise storage solutions viz: Vblock 720-Vmax40K, Vblock 740 -Vmax 250F, Vplex metro cluster, Isilon( OneFS),Netapp FAS8200(Ontap 9.2 P2).

Capacity Management and administration tasks of all Enterprise storage solutions viz: Vblock 720-Vmax40K, Vblock 740 -Vmax 250F, Vplex metro cluster, Isilon( OneFS),Netapp FAS8200(Ontap 9.2 P2).

Design, implement Fiber channel switch -Brocade DCX administrations(CMCNE 14.2.0) and upgrades to 7.4.1

Design and deployed the SAP S4 Hana Data protection using CommVault.

Serve as a subject matter expert to diagnose and resolve problems in multiple storage environments, coordinating with coworkers and vendors as necessary to facilitate maximum availability of client applications.

Provide maintenance and support of the SAN, NAS and Storage arrays as required for the day-to-day operation and utilization for disaster recovery activities.

Oversee design, implementation and testing of business continuity solutions (disaster recovery / high availability).

Vmware storage provisioning with VMAX all flash 250F as backend and zone the blades using the Cisco 9636 switches (DCNM)

Performance analysis, Capacity and Utilization reporting of SAN and NAS storage

To config data Protection for SMB and NFS shares using CommVault backup solutions and media agents.

EMC Corporation Farmington Hills, MI 6/2009 to 10/2014

Delivery Specialist/Storage Operations Specialist

Implemented EMC-based solutions in customer environment of 50+ VMAX20K, VMAX40K, DMX2000, DMX-3 and DMX-4 Storage arrays and Cisco MDS director Switches viz. MDS 9509, 9506, 9513, Local VPLEX VS1, RecoverPoint 3.4, 3.5

Designed planned and deployed EMC Control Center 6.0 UB12 as a part of refresh project of moving from physical servers to virtual servers. Discovered the SAN infrastructure post deployment to maintain management monitoring and alerting ability.

Participated in design and operational execution of customer's storage disaster recovery process. Created clones for local recovery on VMAX. Created remote volumes at the target site, to add devices to RDF groups in VMAX using SRDF/A and Gold Copy (R2-BCV).

Achieved flawless delivery with less than one week’s notice to add RPA to existing RecoverPoint 3.4 sp3 environment. Edited the existing SANTap Splitter configuration (MDS 9513 MSM module, DVT and AVT zones) to maintain the replication of critical consistency groups CRR (VMAX backend) by adding RPA initiators to existing Storage View of the VMAX (Journal Volumes).

Planned and performed migration from DMX2000 to VMAX using SRDF and from DMX3 to VMAX using Open Replicator (OR). Tasks included zone the RA/FA ports on source and target VMAX, setting up the RA groups on VMAX, created target devices on VMAX, kicked off the initial sync.

Performed the migration cutovers from legacy storage frame to VMAX. Verified RDF devices, performed incremental sync, Split the RDF devices, removed old zones of the servers, zoned the servers to VMAX FA and mask devices to FA port on VMAX.

To set CLR and CRR replication (RecoverPoint 3.4 sp3, 4.0) for the new host in the environment. Created CVT and DVT zones for the servers in the Front End VSAN and Backend VSAN in MDS 9513 switches. Created server view in VMAX for production volumes. Provision respective journal volumes to RPA view in VMAX both @ Source and Target Site.

Configured VMAX40k storage frame. Created storage pools with RAID configuration, set pool subscription limit. Set up Fully Automated Storage Tier (FAST VP) to accelerate performance.

Implemented Timefinder clone and FAST VP license.

Analyzed, validated, prepared, planned and executed data migration over 83 terabytes. Broke existing FCIP tunnel that supported disaster recovery (SRDF Sync) between production VMAX and DR site. Re-configured the FCIP interface and established the FCIP connection with the NEW target interface on the MDS 9513 switch. Zoned the RA of the source and targeted VMAX, kicked off migration.

Deployed RecoverPoint 3.5 with VPLEX splitter technology. Created zones of RPA Initiators and VPLEX Frontend and Backend Directors, Provision repository Volume from VMAX to VPLEX view.

Performed daily operational tasks including storage provisioning, mapping and masking on DMX-4 and VMAX storage arrays and maintaining availability at customer sites.

Performed refresh activities supporting application testing. Provisioned devices to the mount server storage view in VMAX and unmapped them when activity was complete.

Monitored, managed and documented Timefinder clone scripts in support of successful backups. Edited scripts with the device information, Added devices to the device groups.

Upgraded EMC ECC from 5.2 to 6.0 to support centralized monitoring alerting and managing the SAN environment of 40+ DMX and VMAX frames. Took backup, coordinated firewall requests for storage and SAN agents to communicate, upgraded the ECC environment, and installed the SMI agents as required,

Maintained and managed global customer storage worldwide, processing requests for storage both SAN and NAS. Responded to incidents, mitigated problems related to SAN and NAS.

Wipro Technologies India 12/2006 to 5/2009

Storage Specialist Honeywell, Inc. Account and JohnsonDiversey Account.

Performed routine maintenance including provisioning, allocations, zoning, mapping on DMX2000 and CX3-80 and MDS 9509 switches.

Supported disaster recovery site of customer using Recover Point CLR technology with SANtap splitter.

Performed asset management and made recommendations for upgrades on periodic basis.

Supported a 300+ strong client community which was a mix of AIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Sun Solaris and HP-UNIX Servers.

Participated in design and operational execution of the customer's storage disaster recovery process.

Mapped Symmetrix devices to the FA ports and masked then to the primary and secondary HBA’s on Unix & Windows hosts.

Generated reports for utilization, capacity trending, performance, and incident details using Storage Scope and Remedy Ticketing system.

Provided input on capacity planning of SAN.

Created procedures and processes aligned with ITIL standards to achieve operational excellence.

Patni Computer Systems India 9/2004 to 11/2006

Storage Engineer

Provided technical support on Clariion Arrays to EMC clients across the globe.

Performed troubleshooting Clariion Array issues. Reviewed Array and Host logs to perform Root Cause Analysis of the issue faced by the customer.

Supported configure host running various operating systems and fail over software.

Supported all FC Series, CX200 and CX300 storage arrays.

Remotely dialed in to EMC Storage Arrays to resolve issues with RemoteEMC.

Collected and reviewed logs. Supported EMC Customer Engineers on site during installation and maintenance.

Involved in Six Sigma initiative by EMC to analyze and troubleshoot CLARiiON CX- and FC-series Arrays that have had excessive dispatched cases within a specific time period.


Bachelor of Information Technology

Pune University, India

Certification and Training

Ontap Data Protection and Administration

Ontap Cluster Administration

Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric V5.0

VPLEX Operations and Management

Connectrix Installation and Maintenance

RecoverPoint Implementation

NAS Operations and Management with Celerra, NAS Certified

Advanced SAN Design Workshop

Symmetrix Integration with VMware vSphere

Symmetrix Business Continuity – TimeFinder Solutions, Certified

CLARiiON SAN Technologies from EMC, Bangalore.

CLARiiON Level one support Process training from EMC (Boston, USA)

PRIMUS Solutions and Technical Writer from EMC (USA)

Symmetrix Solutions enabler from EMC, Bangalore

Level 1 AIX Administration training, Seed InfoTech Pune


Technology experience: EMC Storage, Converged (Vblock), Netapp, Commvault Backup Solutions, SAN and IP Networking (Cisco and Brocade), VMware, Windows Server, Linux.

Hardware: VMAX3-250F, Netapp FAS 8200, EMC VMAX20K, VMAX40K, DMX2000, DMX-3, DMX-4, Isilon, Celerra, Cloud tiering appliance, Centera, Vplex, EMC CLariion CX3 & CX4, VNX Unified Mid-tier Storage, CISCO MDS 9000 series Switches, EMC Connectrix Family, McData, Brocade Director Series Switches and IBM Fast T (DS4400).

SAN & NAS Management and Reporting Software: ONTAP 9.2 SP1,Unisphere, Solutions Enabler, Deployment Manager 2.0, EMC Control Center 5.2/6.0 UB12, EMC Storagescope, Centera Star 4.3, Cloud tiering appliance (Rainfinity), Cisco Fabric Manager 5.0, Connectrix Manager 8.9, Symmetrix Management Console (SMC), Navisphere Manager,

Replication Software: SRDF, Timefinder Clones and Snaps, Open replicator, MirrorView, SANcopy, Powerpath, RecoverPoint 3.4 sp3 (Santap Splitter), 3.5 (VPLEX Splitter), 4.0 VNX VMAX splitter

Pathing Software: Powerpath, Native Multi Pathing, MPIO

Protocols: Fiber Channel Internet Protocol(FCIP), Network File system(NFS), Simple Message Block (SMB)

Operating Systems: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Windows

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