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Software Engineer

Portland, OR
March 26, 2018

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SAHARSH SINHA Portland OR - ***** +1-312-***-****

Summary: Over 10 Years’ experience in full stack web application development on the Microsoft platform with JavaScript frameworks/libraries and relational databases (SQL). Education: Bachelors in Computer Science (Nagpur University, Jun 2007) Core Competencies: Software Architecture; Web Application Development; Requirements Analysis and Effort Estimation; Modern UI Design and Development; Technical Summary

.NET Server Technologies ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI2, WCF, SignalR ORM Entity Framework 6

IoC Containers Ninject, Unity

Programming Languages C#, Typescript, JavaScript, SQL Web/UI Technologies Angular, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Patterns and Principles GoF Design Patterns, SOLID design principles, MVC, Microservices Software Development Models Agile, Waterfall, Test Driven Development Databases SQL Server 2014, Oracle 9i, PostgreSQL 9.3 SCM / IDEs TFS / Visual Studio

Web Servers IIS


Intel Corporation

Project: IFS Portal Jun 2016 – Present

Software Engineer

• Contributed to design and development of a microservices based application capable of handling high volume transaction.

• Developed JSON based restful services using .Net Web API.

• Enhanced a critical middleware application into a highly scalable design that reduced data processing time by ~20x.

• Developed a web based real time dashboard (push notification) for monitoring application health status.

• Automated SharePoint audit process, thereby saving the department several days of effort each quarter.

Technologies: ASP.Net Web API, C#, AngularJS, Typescript, SignalR, SQL Server, TFS Client: Experian Health

Project: eCare Next Jul 2015 – May 2016

Sr. Developer

• Made several critical enhancements to the customer facing flagship product.

• Re-architected the application to separate out concerns and lead the development into refactoring the application to a more decoupled, robust design.

• Created an intuitive and easy to use drag-drop Rule designer UI for end users.

• Automated customer onboarding process with a real-time dashboard. This effectively reduced several days of the administration team’s involvement down to a few hours. Technologies: ASP.Net MVC 4, C#, Entity Framework, AngularJS, SignalR, jQuery, SQL Server, TFS Client: The Northern Trust Bank

Project: IR Tool Nov 2013 – Jun 2015

.Net Lead

• Application architecture using MVC design pattern and jQuery UI.

• Onsite project lead for an offshore team of 3 developers.

• Designed a jQuery driven UI that helps users define a dynamic set of input criteria by adding or removing column widgets at runtime.

• Continuous code refactoring to keep the application adherent to SOLID principles, thereby keeping technical debt to a minimum.

• Successfully delivered the project over multiple phases and was recognized by the customers.

• Received recognition and an award for successful completion of the project. Technologies: ASP.Net MVC 2, C#, jQuery, HTML5, TFS, WCF, Unity Client: Freddie Mac

Project: Test Automations Jul 2013-Aug 2013

Sr. Developer

• Coordinated with ETL development team to understand functionalities and replicate it in SQL queries

• Created and tuned complex 300+ line SQL queries that accomplished the job of an entire ETL routine which consequently saved time for testing team.

• Completed the project in the short, stipulated time by pro-actively coordinating with the ETL development team.

• Created a data utility using Visual Basic (Excel) that was helpful in data comparison and was useful for the entire team and got recognized for creating value added utilities that helped the team. Technologies: DB2, VBA (Excel)

Client: Invesco

Project: Portia PA Jan 2013-Jun 2013

Senior Web Developer

• Coordinated directly with reverse engineering team to cut down time spent on development.

• Created detailed implementation plan with milestones for the assigned module to keep project execution on track.

• Developed and tested the assigned module with zero UAT and post production defects.

• System, UAT and Production testing support.

• Held Technology trainings for junior developers. Technologies: ASP.Net, MVC 2, C#, SQL Server

Client: International SOS

Project: Clipper Data Migration Dec 2010-Nov 2012

Sr. Developer

• Database Tuning and SQL Query tuning.

• Negotiating data contract with data load team to agree upon feasible data formats.

• Continuous coordination with Business and management team to understand requirements as they evolved.

• Assisting SalesForce data load team to understand source data and load properly

• Wrote MS Excel utilities for data comparison between different iterations.

• Got recognized and was awarded for successful delivery. Technologies: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Profiler, Visual Basic (Excel) Project: WINIS Jan 2009–Nov 2010

Developer / Sr. Developer

• Maintenance and Enhancement of Web Application.

• Performance Testing of SQL Server database with SQL Profiler.

• Performance Testing and Tuning of Web Application with Lightning tool.

• Received multiple awards and recognitions during this project. Technologies: ASP.Net, C#, Classic ASP, VB6, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005. Client: IDBI Bank

Project: Orbit Sep 2007-Dec 2008


• Performance Testing of SQL Server database with SQL Profiler.

• Performance Testing and Tuning of Web Application with Mercury LoadRunner tool.

• Integration of Crystal Reports with ASP and VB6 through Crystal Reports API.

• Migrating Oracle 9i database to SQL Server 2005 with Microsoft’s SSMA Oracle tool. Technologies: Classic ASP, VB6, HTML, Oracle 9i

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