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Sql Server .Net

Atlanta, GA
60/hr on C2C
March 26, 2018

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*+ years of Software Development experience with exceptional skills at Analysis, Design and Development of high scalable Multi-Tiered Web Applications, Client/Server Applications, Distributed Applications and Web Services using varied Microsoft Technologies

Expert in developing application with .Net Framework and associated technologies such as ASP.Net, ASP. Net MVC, C# and SQL Server, MS-SQL, MS-Access.

Worked with design and development of 3-Tier, N-tier distributed architectures and MVC architecture.

Experienced with ASP.Net and its components: AJAX, Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL.

Worked with Data Adapter, Dataset, and Data Reader as a part of ADO.Net to access and Update Database.

Experienced in all phases of the software development life cycle including designing, developing, coding, debugging, testing, implementation and maintenance.

Worked on .NET Security features such as Authentication &Authorization, Forms-based Authentication, Authorizing Users Roles and User Account Impersonation.

Expertise in Design and Development of User Interfaces, User Controls and Custom Controls using ASP.NET and C#

Proficient in writing Software Design Documents (SDD).

Expertise Agile methodologies (SCRUM) and Test Driven Development.

Good knowledge in XML, ASP.NET AJAX, JavaScript, J Query, XML, XSLT, HTML and XHTML.

Worked in Implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and used WCF expose business logic as services and consumed those services. Defined service contracts, implemented service contracts etc.

Experience in Developing User Interface (UI) Rich Web Applications, and Web Service Applications using Front End/User Interface (UI) Technologies like HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, XML, Object Oriented JavaScript Query, Angular JS, Bootstrap Framework, Ajax, CSS2/3, Media Queries, CSS Frameworks.

Experience in managing virtual instances and disks using Puppet.

Installed configured and maintained DNS systems using BIND, Route53 (AWS), and Power DNS.

Worked on tools such as JIRA, Team Foundation Server (TFS), GIT and SVN for project management, Source Control and Version Control.

Strong Database designing skills in SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, Oracle with Strong Data Modeling Skills in using Entity Framework 4.0/3.0 and LINQ.

Expert in SQl design, SQl server and MySQL with extensive hand-on experience writing Stored Procedure, Triggers and User Defined Functions.

Excellent analytical, communication dedicated to quality output for the team or to dedicated to quality output for the team or to individual assignments as required by the work environment. Self-Starter, willing to learn new technologies, ability to learn fast, and determined to achieve.


.Net Languages and Technologies

C#, ASP.Net, ASP.NET MVC 4.0/5, Web Services, WCF,

Mark-up Languages



JavaScript, J Query, Angular JS, Bootstrap

Web Servers

IIS7.5, IIS8.0


Oracle, SQL Server 2008/2012/2014

.Net Frameworks

3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5

Configuration Tools


Operating Systems

Windows 9x/NT/XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003,2008 and 2012 Data Center/R2 Standard Edition


Client: United Parcel Service Alpharetta GA Jan2017– Till Date

Role: Full Stack Developer


Developed C# components to implement the business logic consumed instances of these using ASP.NET

Implemented the project using ASP.NET, C# and back-end database as Microsoft SQL server2012

Used the responsive utilities of the Bootstrap frameworks to facilitate the design displaying properly on different devices

Worked on applications software development efforts from deployment through the maintenance support process.

Developed designs in securing the application using form-based authentication using HTML5, XHTML, JavaScript, J Query, Angular JS and CSS.

Standardized, documented, maintained Atom XML grammar for consumption of featured content to be consumed by mobile & web platforms

Used J Query and AJAX to make the User Interface more responsive.

Designed User Controls in the Application using ASP.NET for writing reusable User Interface UI and encapsulate the functionality.

Performed DNS configuration, deployments, and other operations.

Performed migration of Microsoft SQL server to Azure SQL database.

Worked in creating WPF application integrated with the services.

Development was done using agile methodology with daily scrums and continuous integration using the SDLC process to deliver higher-quality software far more rapidly

Developed new and customized existing databases. Implemented AJAX user controls for pop-up messages in web forms

Designed MASTER page to be used by the all web pages in the project to have a unique appearance of the pages.

Created Guard Service in Angular 2 to prevent invalid routing address for a better security purpose

Used Angular 2 ng Model to achieve two-way binding and ngIf to display validation message and error message

Development using Spring Framework (MVC, Dependency Injection, Auto wiring, Caching, Database Connectivity, REST and SOAP Client API, Asynchronous calls, Thread Executor framework) which communicates with various service layers and configuring the spring xml files.

Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version control and shelve pending changes.

Participated in various Client meetings with the team and the Project manager to discuss improvement/ amendments.

Designing and developing the database objects like Tables, Views, and Complex T-SQL Store Procedures involving Joins and using Temporary Tables, UDF (User Defined Functions).

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server Visual Studio Selenium, C# WCF, REST API, SOAP, MVC Action filters, Agile, JQUERY, XML, HTML5, Angular JS,JavaScript, CSS3, AJAX, TFS, IIS 7.0.

Client: LAM Research Fremont CA March 2016 – Dec 2016

Role: C#/.Net Developer


Gathering the requirements from the business and performing the requirement analysis.

Worked in both the low-level design and detail design phase of this project.

Developed the project using Agile methodologies and Test-Driven Development.

Transformed the Angular 2 response using Angular 2 observables.

Developed components for business mobile and desktop applications integrated into Direct Store Delivery system used for some largest companies in the grocery industry, including

Used CSS3, Bootstrap, to make the application responsive and Rich.

Implemented Custom Directives and structural Directives using Angular 2.

Written code on Typescript and ES6 to implement Angular 2 Components.

Bundled and minified the JavaScript files using Gulp.

Developed Automation script using selenium web driver to execute the test cases for integration testing

Hands on experience in developing and deploying WCF services on .NET 3.5/4.0 and XML Web Services with .NET 2.0 providing secure SOA integration with in enterprise applications.

Involved in understanding user requirements, designing and developing WPF application and back end applications.

Build expertise in Workflow for AWS and Amazon Web services including Security Groups, IAM, EC2, S3, ELB, EBS, Policy, VPC, Docker, Cloud Formation, Chef, Jenkins, Vagrant, Apache, Tomcat, Git and GitHub.

Created highly available and scalable infrastructure in AWS cloud by using various AWS services like EC2, VPC, Auto scaling, ELB, RDS, Route53.

Migrating a production infrastructure into an Amazon Web Services utilizing AWS Cloud Formation, Code Deploy, EBS, and Ops Works.

Generated reports for the Test Results using Test suite XML file and Captured Screenshots for failure test.

Created the LLD (Low Level Design) document and DDD (Detailed Design Document) document.

Implemented multithreading and parallel processing concept as part of developing this WPF application.

Redesigned user interface HTML frameworks with Bootstrap and CSS styling.

Entity framework was used to implement the data layer to communicate with the SQL Server 2008

Coordinate with the QA team for the QA testing of the applications and defect fixes

Involved in deployment of the application on the test and production servers.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Studio,ASP.NET,Bootstrap,Selenium,.Net4.0 Framework, PL/SQL, C#.Net,J Query, JavaScript, WebAPI Entity framework, MVC, MS-SQL Server 2008, Ajax.

Client: I2K2 Networks India Oct 2012 – Apr 2015

Role: .Net Developer


Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients.

Involved in requirement gathering, functional and technical specification.

Used N-tier architecture for presentation layer, Business and Data Access Layers using C#.

Designed the application architecture, use cases and flowchart based on business requirements.

Developed key functional components in ASP.NET Web Forms.

Implemented user access control using ASP.NET authorization and authentication to ensure financing information and privacy is securely protected.

Implemented client-based and server-based state management using properties such as view state, hidden fields, cookies, application state and session state.

Implemented client-side validation with ASP.NET validator controls such as required field validator, range validator, compare validator, regular expression validator and custom validator.

Improved application performance using output caching, fragment caching and data caching.

Identified researched, investigated, analyzed, defined and documented business processes.

Worked on the Account opening module to handle add, modify, delete operations.

Implemented all validations on this module to capture accurate data.

Designed the multiple pages to implement the Account Opening module.

Developed web pages using ASP.Net with C#, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Implemented Web Form, Web control, HTML control and JavaScript.

Created several Stored Procedures in SQL server to fetch and process user data to the forms.

Utilized various join concepts to create queries and developed triggers.

Accessed data from the database through XML schemas.

Environment: Visual Studio C#, MVC, HTML, ASP.NET,WebApi,XML, MS SQL Server, SSRS, TFS.

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