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Mechanical Engineering Design

San Jose, CA
March 25, 2018

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Poojan Parikh 669-***-**** Career Objective:

Detail-oriented mechanical engineering graduate student actively seeking a full-time position in the mechatronics and control systems field. Highly motivated in working towards achieving company’s goals through analytical problem solving and team- working skills.


Teaching Associate: [Aug’17 – Dec’17]

• Helped the students learn MATLAB/Simulink, DC motor modeling, electromechanical system design, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), state-space analysis, and PID and LQR controllers.

• Developed a control algorithm for the stabilization of an inverted pendulum system in a capstone project.

• Debugged PLC coding for embedded control as well as smart motor control applications.

• Explained the procedure of control system design originating from establishing the mathematical model, integrating the full-state feedback controller, optimizing controller gains using the pole-placement and LQR methods, simulating and evaluating the performance of the system using a Mini Segway robot. Education:

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.68 [Aug ’16 - Present] San Jose State University, CA, USA

B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.84 [Aug ’12 - May ‘16] Charotar University of Science and Technology, INDIA Related Coursework:

• Advance Control System Design, Sensor Technology and Principles, Advance Mechanical Engineering Analysis, Fundamental of Computing & Programming, Numerical Analysis, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines, Vibration of Mechanical Systems, Design of Machine Elements, Production Engineering Academic Projects:

Implementation of a consensus vibration control system for a MIMO flexible beam: [Aug’17 – Present]

• Developed a numerical simulation tool to automate the controller design evaluation and optimization for a piezoelectric- driven clamped-clamped beam.

• Designed and implemented a consensus controller using the dSPACE control board, and evaluated its performance under real beam dynamics and external disturbances. Autonomous Luggage Cart: [Aug’17 – Dec’17]

• Applied the concepts of product design and process planning such as Customer Need Analysis, House of Quality, Function Modelling, TRIZ, Pugh chart and Concept generation to finalize the design.

• Built a mathematical model for differential drive robot. Designed a PID controller to follow the trajectory (path planning) of human by using GPS sensor. Evaluated the algorithm for the motion control of the robot.

• Developed a precisely focused prototype of a differential drive robot by interfacing Arduino and Simulink. HDD Micro-actuator servo system design and tuning: [Jan’17 – May’17]

• Developed a digital robust control system using the PID controller along with a set of notch filters for the piezoelectric microactuator system in hard disk drives.

• Optimized the controller by varying the depth, width, and frequency of notch filters and the PI control gains to yield desirable loop shape, gain margin, phase margin, and bandwidth. Design and Analysis of a forklift: [Jan’17 – May’17]

• Designed a lifting mechanism and body parts of a forklift using SolidWorks by applying geometric dimension and tolerancing (GD&T). Managed to create Bill of Material (BOM) in SolidWorks.

• Conducted a stress, thermal, and fatigue analysis on forklift and gained 5% optimization of the fork’s thickness. Automatic Vertical Casting Machine [Industrial Project]: [Jan’16 – May’16]

• Maintained a range of depth between the die and molten metal to effectively produce strips of copper.

• Achieved 10% increase in production of wires in a ‘Super Metal Industry’. Technical Skills:

Control and Robotics Concepts: Classical and Modern Control Theory; Digital Control; Nonlinear Control; System Dynamics; Root-Locus Analysis; Frequency Response Method; Model Predictive Control (MPC); Full State Feedback Control; LQR and PID Controllers; Luenberger Observer Design; Kalman Filtering; Statistical Analysis. Mechanical Design Concepts: 3D Design and Drafting, Tolerance Analysis, Failure Analysis, Design of Experiment Software: MATLAB, Simulink, ControlDesk – dSPACE, LabVIEW, SolidWorks, Creo/ProE, ANSYS, Microsoft Office Programming Languages: Python, C /C++

Controllers: dSPACE, Arduino, PLC, Raspberry Pi

Machining Tools: Lathe, Drilling, Milling, Grinding, Bending, Stamping, Welding, Soldering Certification:

• Python for Everybody(Specialization) (Coursera) Nov-2017

• Control of Mobile Robots (Coursera) Apr-2017

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