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Engineer Project Management

Warsaw, IN
March 25, 2018

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Shardul Gargate

Warsaw, IN 806-***-****

Being a recently graduated Industrial Engineer with Master’s degree and 2 years of experience in process improvement I am looking for new opportunities and challenges related to Industrial Engineering, where I can grow along with the organization.


Time and Motion Study, Process Improvement, 5S, Kanban, 5Why, Arena Modelling, Mathematical Modelling, Crystal Ball, Continuous Improvement, DMAIC, Lean Manufacturing, Just in Time(JIT), SMED, Project Management, Statistical Process Control, Make or Buy, Resource optimization, AutoCAD, Solid works, MATLAB, Visio, Smartsheet


Master of Science Industrial Engineering May,2017 Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX GPA 3.9/4.00

Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering May,2014 University of Pune Pune, India First Class with Distinction


Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw, IN December,2017 – Present Quality Engineer

Collecting and analysing data of products.

Creating and resolving NCR & CCR

Reducing scrap ratio by improving existing CNC programming.

Sohum Udyog, Pune, India August,2013 – May,2015 Process Engineer

Part of engineering team, assigned to installation and troubleshooting of a process.

Documented guidelines and working instructions for manufacturing process.

Conducted time study, identified bottleneck in a food manufacturing process which led increase in productivity.

Did line balancing on process and redesigned work flow resulting in to reduced and streamlined flow of materials.

Performed root cause analysis using tools like Ishikawa diagram.

Performed Cost estimations of various alternatives to identify most economical alternative.

Reduced wastage of heat resulting into almost 10% of fuel saving while generating same output

Performed SMED and redesigned the roller collars, reducing setup time significantly.

Automotive Research Association of India, Pune, India July,2012 – June,2013 Project Intern

Part of 3 members team studying emissions from diesel engines and validated an empirical formula for almost accurate prediction of blow-by.

Performed test runs on heavy duty diesel engines under various conditions.

Verified an Empirical formula for calculation of blow-by in heavy duty diesel engines.

Using this formula companies are able to predict blow-by occurring in engines with almost 93% accuracy for newly designed engines.As result this can be used for huge cost savings as this experiment will enable industry to reduce the number of costly and time consuming physical tests.


Simulated Dock Operations August, 2015 – December,2015

Simulated dock operations for a year handling various types of cargo ships in a day.

Developed Arena model and came out with a solution giving shorter waiting time for ships resulting in increased number of ships processed at dock.

Performed cost estimation of 8 different scenarios to come up with most cost-effective solution.

My model gave solution such that, if implemented harbour would save up to $4M per year on its operation cost while processing more number of ships using exactly same number of resources.

Developed Facility Layout August, 2015 – December,2015

Designed facility for a plastic manufacturing company working on 10 different products involving 15 different machines.

Optimized the machine shop design using total closeness rating (TCR) ensuring minimum material movement.

Designed parking lot for 100 employees of the company.

Project Management August, 2016 – December,2016

For academic project designed a new product “Spot Speaker”.

Developed conceptual plan, Statement of Work (SoW), detailed schedule using Gnatt Chart, CPM, PERT and budget for the product in hypothetical case of physically manufacturing the product.

Identified various risks, quality issues and developed plan to nullify them.

Baja SAE India March, 2011 – February, 2012

Team Member

Designed Steering System for our all-terrain vehicle in the design phase of competition.

Led Inventory control team during manufacturing phase of the competition, we tried to implement Just in Time technique resulting in minimize cost and space utilization.

Estimated cost for vehicle in hypothetical situation of manufacturing 100 similar vehicles for marketing presentation.


Published a Paper titled Estimation of Blow-by in Diesel Engine – A case study of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine in the International Journal for Emerging Engineering Research and Technology (IJEERT) – June, 2014


Six Sigma Green Belt

C and C++ programming


Manufacturing Facilities Planning

Simulation Modelling

Operations Research with Spreadsheets

Advanced Economics of Systems

Risk Modelling and Assessment

Loss Assessment and Control

Project Management

Queuing Theory

Monte Carlo Simulation

Productivity and Performance Improvement


Texas Tech Graduate School Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

Texas Tech Hospitality Services Fall 2016

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