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DF, Brazil
March 27, 2018

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Pergentino Araujo

Condominio AMOBB, Criador ** Phone: +55-61-9-814*-**** 35 years old

Brasília, DF, Brazil 71680-613 Married OBJECTIVE

To work with software development, using my experiences and knowledge to solve problems and make IT solutions in a workplace that encourages innovation and making us eligible to use our ideas to create new solutions. Also to get new useful experiences, which can be used to growing inside company. QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE

Focused on results and high-productivity, my background includes 16 years of software engineer JAVA technologies skills, designing, testing and developing services, desktop, and large-scale web applications, applying good practices and using most known technologies and frameworks. Inspiring team leader with the ability to provide and develop software solutions, decision making, and problem resolution skills. I'm currently resident in Brazil and willing to relocate.


CONAB – COMPANHIA NACIONAL DE ABASTECIMENTO Brasília, DF 2009 - 2015 Full Stack Java Software Architect

Responsible to coordinate and develop architectural and software solutions to a government organization that control public policies projects to Brazilian citizens.

• Rewrote an existing ERP software, developed in clipper and migrated to JEE and Adobe Flex technologies to provide a rich web application; A public national register of citizen was created to support all internal systems;

• Re-designed individuals AndroMDA projects to a new architectural environment with integrated continuous integration; allowing software performance, strength, scalability and interoperability between local and external applications;

• Designed and created a transparency portal website, providing public information about government resources and projects, an effort that generated a good relationship with government and Brazilian citizens; a backup system was made to retrieve data distributed on 27 Brazil states, totalizing 30 millions of registers migrated per day;

• Created a batch-based system to compile 30 millions of data to provide compiled information to transparency portal website; using multi-process approach with multithreaded and distributed technologies, resulted a reduction of 72,3% of total execution time, from 540 minutes to 150 minutes;

• Accomplished analysis and acting in infrastructure areas to solve problems in production environment;

• Created a component-based framework accelerating development of new features and applications.

• Acted as technical team mentor for different projects;

• Implemented an agile methodology using scrum;

STEFANINI IT SOLUTIONS Brasília, DF 2008 - 2009

Java Software Architect

Responsible to rewrote an existing banking software, developed in .NET and migrated to JEE and Adobe Flex technologies to provide a rich web application.

• Created a component-based framework to provide productivity on development;

• Refactored software architecture to provide maintainability, reliability and scalability;

• Assistance in development and use of JAVA and Adobe Flex components to fellow developers; Pergentino Araujo

Condominio AMOBB, Criador 04 Phone: +55-61-9-814*-**** 35 years old Brasília, DF, Brazil 71680-613 Married PITANG – HIGH PERFORMANCE IT Recife, PE 2007 - 2008 Senior Java Developer

Responsible to project and develop banking software to Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) using JAVA and JEE technologies.

• Created a batch-based system to daily compute some millions of data of monetary transactions in a local and world scenario;

• Performed an analysis on batch processing system to enable a fast and strength results, refactoring to use multi-process approach using multithreaded and distributed technologies; resulted a reduction of 83% of total execution time, from 4 hours to 40 minutes.

• Acted as Scrum Master in agile development projects. POLITEC / INDRA COMPANY – IT SOLUTIONS Campina Grande, PB 2006 - 2007 Java Developer

Responsible to provide innovated functions to an existing bidding software using JAVA and JEE technologies.

• Rewrote an existing bidding software, developed in .NET and migrated to JEE to apply on state government;

• Assistance in development of applications, supporting customers and creating reusable components. DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS LABORATORY AT FEDERAL UNIVERSITY Campina Grande, PB 2004 - 2006 Full Stack Software Engineer

Collaborated with research, design and development of a computational grid environment to execute parallel processes (bag of tasks) in a community of computers over Internet.

• Created an innovated rich web application using J2EE architectures to provide and submit data over a GRID community.


Java Software Developer

Collaborated with evolution of an ERP legacy software using limited clipper language.

• Rewrote an ERP legacy software, migrating to a web environment using java technologies to allow customer remote access;

• Designed an architecture to allow server data synchronization with handhelds using limited Internet connections.


IESB - UNIVERSITY CENTRE OF BRASÍLIA Brasília, DF Since 2016 Professor

Teaching the following disciplines: Graph Theory, Object-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Web Development, Data Structure and Algorithms.

IF - SUPERIOR INSTITUTE FATIMA Brasília, DF 2010 - 2015 Professor

Teaching the following disciplines: Graph Theory, Object-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Agile Software Development, Web Development, Data Structure, Advanced Database, Algorithms and Course completion assignment.

Pergentino Araujo

Condominio AMOBB, Criador 04 Phone: +55-61-9-814*-**** 35 years old Brasília, DF, Brazil 71680-613 Married EDUCATION

UnB University of Brasília – Brasília, DF Since 2014 Ph.D student in Computer Science

Researching on a Multi-Agent Systems (Artificial Intelligence sub-area), working with Machine Learning, Case- Based Reasoning model to support fault tolerance approaches on transient/shared cloud environments

(Amazon Spot and Google Preemptible VMs). Right now, working on articles and thesis writing and willing to relocate.

CESAR.EDU – Center of Advanced Studies and Systems of Recife Recife, PE 2007 - 2009 Software Engineering Master’s Degree

Focused in technologies and processes of software factories. Solved software architecture problems using a large-scale solution and parallel processes to discover web data using crawlers to apply on a rich web application, centering recommendations that others consumers did in another sources. FIP – FACULDADES INTEGRADAS DE PATOS Patos, PB 2001-2005 System Analysis Bachelor's Degree

Focused on information about computer programming and systems analysis, including Java and C/C++ programming, systems analysis and design, operating systems administration, network security, UNIX operating system, database management, system integration and organizational behavior. TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming Languages: Core and Enterprise JAVA, Python, AS3, UML, Delphi, C/C++ and Clipper.

• Technologies and Frameworks: Spring, Grails, Adobe Flex, Struts, EJB, J2EE/Servlets/JSP, JPA, Hibernate, iBatis, BlazeDS, Action Script, GWT, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, AngularJS, XML, SOAP and REST Services, SQL, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, RMI, JUnit test case, Jasper Reports, JDBC, J2ME, CORBA and Linux Shell Scripting.

• Tools: Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans, MagicDraw, AndroMDA, Hudson/Jenkins, Maven, ANT, revision control systems (Git, CVS, SVN and SourceSafe), iReport, Adobe Flex Builder, Rational Rose, Borland Together, PoseidonUML, JUDE, ERWin, Power Design, Enterprise Architect, Scarab, CruiseControl and Microsoft Project.

• Operation Systems: Unix/Linux, MacOS X and Windows. All advanced.

• Databases: ANSI SQL Language, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, SQLite and HSQLDB.

• Web Servers: Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere, WebLogic and Microsoft IIS.

• Development Process: XP, SCRUM and RUP.

• Clouds Platforms: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Linode and OpenStack.

• Advanced Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Design and Project Management. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

• Volunteer work on IT groups - An active participation on Java, Python, Grails and Adobe Flex user groups, helping another people to solve problems and learning another news about these technologies.

• Teaching - Preparatory course to get Adobe Flex 3.0 with AIR certification (2008); Preparatory course to get Adobe Flex 3.0 with AIR certification (2008); Adobe Flex course (2008); Java to Enterprise Edition – J2EE (2007); Java programming (Since 2007).

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