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Software Developer Java C++

Ottawa, ON, Canada
September 15, 2018

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An energetic outgoing professional Software Developer and Multimedia Developer with extensive experience in C++, Java and Object Oriented Design Strong team builder, mentor, facilitator and motivator Superb communication skills and experienced in various milieus

Recent environments and technologies: Java 8, Spring 4, Hibernate, Wicket, Eclipse, Visual Studio, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript (JQuery), Maven, Android Studio, Agile, Subversion version control, Github, Bugzilla bug tracking, MantisBT bug tracking

Secret Security Level

Professional Experience

Reference #6

Lingua Classica

Ottawa, On

Sep 2016 – Present

Software Developer

• Worked as a software developer on the Luminous Learning Management System: Responsibilities include programming and optimizing the performance of the system and tutoring newcomers in an agile team leveraging the scrum methodology with the Agile software development lifecycle

• Designed and implemented a tool for YSB/ITO 2.0 that will allow to provide quality service to more clients with the same staffing levels by offering access to training resources online, as the initial adopter of a solution that potentially could be subsequently utilized by Employment Ontario offices

• Designed and developed the UI using HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS

• Redesigned key components of a Java web application to improve performance and eliminate replication in accordance with object-oriented principles

• Worked closely with the product owner, technical lead and project manager to design and develop new features of an educational software application

• Participated in the design and development of the new look and feel of a web application, focusing on improved navigation

• Contributed to brainstorming solutions to problems other developer teams were working on

• Environment: Java 1.8.0_181, Wicket 7.9.0, Hibernate 4.0.1, MySQL 5.7, Tomcat 7. 8.5, Log4J, Spring Dependency Injection 4.0.5, Eclipse Neon, JUnit 4.12, Selenium (for testing only), Maven 3.5.4, Tortoise SVN 1.10.0, Agile, Bugzilla bug tracking, MantisBT bug tracking,, AJAX, JavaScript (JQuery), Android Studio, HTML5, CSS

Reference #5

Ivim Inc.

Ottawa, On

Aug 2016 – Present

Software Developer

• Responsible for research and analysis to improve and distribute Nouse technology that allows users to work with a computer hands-free using only a web cam and the movement of their nose

• Wrote, modified, debugged, integrated software code

• Tested applications

• Proposed design changes and enhancements

• Provided functional upgrades to the website

Environment: C++, Java, C#, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Github

Reference # 4


Nepean, On

June 2001 – July 2016

Multimedia Developer / Creative Writer

• Responsible for development and production of various musical, literary, translation and cinematic projects for web distribution in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages

• Performed Russian-English translation of literary works

• Conducted political, economic, historical and cultural analysis for the Ukrainian web portal "Hvylya" (

• The opinion editorial "Ukraine's moment of opportunity" published by The Ottawa Citizen newspaper (

• Performed extensive historical research and study with the main focus on Russian Revolution and Civil War

• Released Russian and English versions of a biopic "Ballade of Liberty" (ISNB 978-0-9880209-7-9, 2013) dealing with the historical events of Russian Revolution and Civil War

• Through self-learning, mastered usage of complex sound, video, and graphics editing products

• Released a self-produced album "Red House Blues" (UPC barcode 625*********, 2005)

• Created an orchestral symphonic suite "Please, listen!"

Environment: Adobe authoring products - Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Sound Forge, Cakewalk, Pinnacle Studio, MS Office, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript

Reference # 3

Cognos Inc.

Ottawa, On

Apr 2001 – June 2001

Senior Software Developer

• Analyzed functional requirements to identify information, procedures and decision flows and developed technical architecture, frameworks and strategies required to create a common platform-independent configuration managing software for Cognos Series 7 products - Impromptu, PowerPlay and Impromptu Web Reports

• Participated in software design and code reviews, communicated technical problems, processes and solutions

• Established the lines of communication with the company’s software architects in order to synchronize the Configuration Manager application with the other Cognos applications

• Wrote, modified, debugged, integrated and tested software code in Visual C++

• Recommended system changes and enhancements

Environment: C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Office, Perforce, Rational Rose

Reference #2

Ubitech Ltd

Kanata, On

Sept 1998 – Feb 1999

Senior Software Developer

• Designed and developed AMSWS, the Windows client software for the Unix based airport flight database servers for the DENRO AMS-2001 AFTN System

• Proactively solicited stakeholders input to meet the customer’s demands and FAA requirements

• Personally formed and led a small development team

• Wrote code, tested and debugged software using Microsoft Visual Studio

• Performed design and code reviews

• Delivered the finished product in less than 3 months, having done the amount of work that was originally estimated by the previous team to take at least 2 years

Environment: C++, TCP/IP, UDP, Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Office, Unix, Windows NT, Embedded software development

Reference #1

Spirent Communications

Ottawa, On

Nov 1996 – Mar 2001

Senior Software Developer

• Designed and delivered software for testing telephone channel simulators, xDSL equipment and distributed test environments

• Provided technical leadership to the applications development team

• Performed design and code reviews

• Collaborated with other stakeholders to ensure architecture was aligned with customers’ expectations and technical requirements

• Wrote code, tested and debugged software applications

• Recommended system changes and enhancements

• Documented software specifications and trained users

• Spearheaded EZSim/DLS 1100 project, and lead a small team which delivered Digital Line Simulator control software with simplified control of testing equipment and test upgrades, allowing incorporation of its elements into distributed systems. Ensured smooth integration of this software delivery with the hardware engineering team and impressed marketing stakeholders with proactive delivery of innovative advanced features

• Designed and delivered real time test systems for 56k, analog, and ISDN modems using hardware-based telephone line simulators (WinTCS)

• Designed and delivered utility application for Serial-to-Internal Modem data transfer (WinPipe)

• Designed and delivered utility application for allowing file-version backward compatibility (WinTCS FileConverter)

• Managed software development life cycle (SDLC) of 5-10 mid to large-scale projects on a continuous basis, providing the required staff management of cross-functional teams

• Lead requirements analysis sessions with clients and marketing team to determine information needs, processing rules, procedures and decision flows

• Mentored new employees and provided training on processes, technologies, and cultures of the team

Environment: C, C++, VB, Assembly, TCP/IP, UDP, Tcl, Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Office, Embedded software development

Educational Background

Programmer Analyst Diploma CDI College of Business and Technology, OttawaRecognition: Best in class, Teacher's AssistantKey Courses: • System Design, Networks • C, C++, VB, Assembly 6.1, dBase, Clipper• Windows, Unix

Skills and Attributes

Software Applications Knowledge C#, C, Java, JavaScript, VB, Adobe Photoshop, VB, Assembly 6.1, dBase, Clipper, Tcl, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Premier, Adobe Suite, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, XML, CSS, Visual Studio, ActiveX

Design Tools and Applications Adobe Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator, Premier, GIMP, Corel Draw, MS Paint, Microsoft Visual Studio, XCode, Adobe Flash Professional, Audacity, Sound Forge, Cakewalk, Graphic Design-Media

Networking and Telecommunications Expertise Experience with the following technologies: ATM, IEEE 802.11b WLAN, Ethernet, ADSL, vDSL, HDSL, ISDN, TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, Windows Sockets API,

Professional Workshops 2000 Orlando, USA -Visual Studio Live Developers Conference - introduction of C#

Software Development Familiar with Agile development process

Office Tools MSOffice, MS Excel, MSWord, MS PowerPoint, MSOutlook, Access, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Chrome Keyboarding - 60 wpm, 8 KPH

Security Clearance Enhanced Reliability level

Language Skills English, Russian, Ukrainian

Volunteer Work Coach – Ottawa South United Youth girls’ soccer teamsManager and player – Lynwood Centennials Soccer Club

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