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Software and Test Engineer

Hot Springs Village, AR
March 27, 2018

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OBJECTIVE: Advance my career as Software Engineer

EDUCATION: B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering May 2001

Concentration in Electrical Engineering

Mercer University School of Engineering, Macon, GA


Advanced experience writing software and firmware using C, C#, C++, VB, and assembly for multiple platforms

Advanced experience writing hardware drivers using C, C#, C++, and LabVIEW

Experience writing and maintaining software for Windows and Android using Java.

Experience reading and modifying scripts using Python, batch and Bash/vi

Experience using Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Si-Labs IDE and Keil

Advanced experience with MYSQL, SQL, and Access Databases

Experience using graphical tools for GUIs such as Photoshop and Gimp

Expert understanding of LabVIEW 2015 and TestStand 4.2

Advanced experience with LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA

Experience with Xilinx ISE 13.1, including SDK, Platform Studio, System Generator, PlanAhead, and Impact

Advanced experience using software management tools such as Git, GitLab, TortoiseSVN, Perforce, Confluence, JIRA, TeamCity, Jenkins, ClearQuest and ClearCase

Experience with verilog and VHDL for designing and implementing hardware solutions on Spartan-3E FPGA

Advanced experience with MS Office products including Project, Word, and Excel

Excellent ability to learn new software tools quickly

Excellent troubleshooting and testing skills in software and circuits

Expert in production functional test and design verification

Experience using various types of cabling and connectors such as MIL STD and Molex

Expert in analog and digital I/O, IEE 488.2, DataSocket, TCP/IP, MIL STD 1553, RS 232/422, SPI, CAN, JTAG, and I2C communication protocols

Advanced experience using lab equipment such as DMM, oscilloscope, network analyzers

Advanced experience with Agilent and other RF testing equipment such as VSA, SA, Network Analyzers, and Oscilloscope

Advanced experience with NI RF PXIe equipment including 566x Vector Signal Analyzers, RF Signal Generators 565x series with up/down conversion, I/Q, constellations: quadrature and phase analysis, modulation and demodulation tool kits

Advanced experience with measurement transducers and instrument control

Advanced experience writing hardware drivers using DataXpress and Lumistar LDPS for controlling decommutators used in testing PCM Encoders

Experience with NI Requirements Gateway and DOORs for traceability

Experience in system level CMTS testing and Cable Modem design verification

Experience working for US Federal Government contractors

Experience creating and maintaining documentation to meet CMMI, ISO9000 and DO-178B

Experience tuning MRI body coils using capacitors.

Excellent organizational and communication skills (verbal and written)


EXPERIENCE: General Electric Healthcare (Contractor) Dec 2016-Oct 2017

Automated Test Programmer

Developed automated production Acceptance Tests for MRI body coils using LabVIEW.

Developed new Fixed Tuning and Variable Tuning processes for RIO Body Coils.

Completed MR PET alterations to allow larger set of capacitors for tuning.

Developed production acceptance tests for ultrasound probes using NI PXI 6509 DIO,

4070 DMM, 5124 Digitizer, 6537 50 MHz DIO along with LabVIEW and TestStand.

Tesla Motors /Tesla Energy (Contractor) Mar 2015-May 2016

Project Engineer II

Developed automated test plans from product specifications for Design Verification and production Acceptance Tests for Tesla Energy products.

Tested firmware, sub-assemblies, and assemblies for Tesla Energy product lines including DCDC, POD (DCDC + Battery modules), Powerwall, and Powerpack.

Implemented tests using TestStand and LabVIEW.

Modified scripts using Python and it various libraries.

Utilized various protocols such as CAN, NI-XNET, XCP, and PLC integration with Allen – Bradley using NI-EthernetIP.

Helped to upgrade existing hardware and decide what hardware to buy for a new test platform.

General Electric Transportation (Contractor) Nov 2014-Jan 2015

Test Engineer

Developed a basic communications simulator using LabVIEW.

Tested some Railway communication protocols used by locomotives and end of line units.

Advanced Technologies (Contractor) Oct 2014-Oct 2014

Test Engineer

Developed some basic data acquisition modules and tests using CRIO and LabVIEW.

Tested some high voltage relays.

Neptune Technology Group (Contractor) Mar 2013-Aug 2014

Firmware Programmer/Test Engineer

Developing a NFC host side application to read and write to a M24L16DR using C, KEIL and Si-Labs 8051.

Writing firmware for reading from the User Interface side of a NFC based water meter.

Developing and implementing automated data acquisition solutions for various fluid flow meters, scales, and other devices.

Developing a software defined radio solution for simulating RF based water meters and the accompanying readers using NI-USRP and LabVIEW.

Programming using NI modulation and demodulation tool kits, spectrum analysis toolkits and various NI RF TX/RX equipment.

Benchmark Electronics (Contractor) Apr 2012-Oct 2012

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Developing and implementing automated test solutions for an electronic control unit for heavy equipment earth movers using LABView and TestStand.

Developing and implementing automated test solutions for a digital projector controller board using LABView, TestStand, and Orcad.

Responsibilities included developing and documenting tests, tester verification, and tester validation.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Aug 2009-May 2011

Research Assistant

Developing and testing FPGA designs for embedded processors

Developing GUI’s and development environments for users to produce embedded C code for the Xilinx Microblaze

Using Eclipse IDE for writing unix based C programs.

Herley Industries (Contractor) May 2010-Aug 2010

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Upgrading existing ATE for PCM Encoders

Programming in National Instruments’ LabVIEW and C++ to control testing equipment such as Lumistar LS-50-P2 PCI Multi-function PCM Decommutator

Using NI’s Data Socket Server to manage test data over TCP/IP networks.

Sanmina-SCI (Contractor) Mar 2009-Aug 2009

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Designing the hardware and software architecture for testing a blood glucose monitoring device with near field RF and Bluetooth capabilities.

Designing the architecture for testing a modem used in an in-home patient monitoring device

Maintaining Java using Java Beans.

DAQTron, Inc (Contractor) Aug 2007-July 2008

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Designing a Database for data logging of DOCSIS cable modem testing.

Developing Database interface WITH TestStand, MYSQL, and LabVIEW for data logging, reporting, and live data viewing for DOCSIS Automated Test Sets.

Developing TestStand Architecture for sequencing and control of DOCSIS ATE.

Moog, Inc (Contractor) Apr 2007-Aug 2007

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Developing a Production Test Set for Boeing 787 flight control actuators.

Employing TestStand, LabVIEW, LabVIEW RT, and LabVIEW FPGA’s to test xREU control cards for positioning flight surfaces of Boeing 787.

Utilizing NI’s Requirements Gateway and DOORs to trace requirements from software back to ATP’s and Specifications.

Sanmina-SCI (Contractor) Oct 2006-Feb 2007

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Troubleshoot and add features to existing Automated Test Sets for various military communications devices using LabVIEW and TestStand.

Write documentation and verification procedures for various Automated Test Sets.

Kidde Aerospace (Contractor) July 2006-Oct 2006

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Developing a Design Verification Test Set for a fire extinguishing system for Boeing 787 using CAN bus protocol along with standard instruments for testing 3 Line Replacement Units (LRU) along with the main controller (Hosted Function unit). I developed a Test Stand Architecture utilizing LabVIEW. On this project, we were held to the DO-178B standard.

General Technology Corp./Crane Aerospace (Contractor) Sept 2005-Apr 2006

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Designing and implementing an ATE to test multiple ECA’s of smart bombs

Programming Greenhills probe to communicate via JTAG with PowerPC

Incorporating MILSPEC 1553 data card to communicate with ECA

Creating complete and detailed documentation including SDD and Operator’s Manual

Herley Industries (Contractor) May2003-Apr 2005

Automated Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Upgrading and maintaining existing automated test equipment for UAV flight control and data acquisition systems including GPS testing

Programming in National Instruments’ LabVIEWand LabWindows and C++ to control testing equipment such as function generators, voltage sources, power supplies, resistance boxes, switch matrices and oscilloscopes.

Using NI’s Data Socket Server to manage test data over TCP/IP networks.

Programming in National Instruments’ TestStand to automate and sequence multiple tests on our test systems by integrating TestStand with LabVIEW, proprietary software, and DataXpress.

Programming and designing ATE for testing PCM Encoders

Programming in LabVIEW to control patient monitoring device used to clinically measure and analyze muscle strength degradation and recovery in all four extremities

Debugging and updating existing software to meet new customer requirements

DAQTron, Inc. Jan 2001-Aug 2002

Broadband Test Equipment Integrator/Programmer

Programming in National Instruments’ LabVIEW and C++ to control testing equipment such as network traffic generators (Smartbits and IXIA), cable modems, and cable modem termination systems, and vector signal analyzers and oscilloscopes

Using LabVIEW to acquire, analyze, and log data for cable modem and cable modem termination system design verification and manufacturing

Programming in National Instruments’ TestStand to automate and sequence multiple tests on our test systems by integrating TestStand with LabVIEW & MS Access

Working with team members and Broadband customers to determine project requirements and enhancements while meeting deadlines

Installing and integrating Broadband testing systems at customer sites

Providing on site and remote support for multiple customers in the Broadband industry

Leading development of System Level CMTS Manufacturing Test System which performed packet error rate testing under various environmental conditions including varying temperatures and applied RF noise to signal

Developing RF tests for ATE used for testing DOCSIS 2.0 (S-CDMA) compliance

The University of GA Griffin Campus Jun 1998-July 1999

Research Assistant II

Developing an electrical and mechanical system that measures the firmness of fruits and vegetables using pressure transducers and laser displacement sensors

Engineering software using LabVIEW to automate this system with the use of a laptop computer and data acquisition devices

Working closely with researchers on various agricultural and biological studies

Presenting a multimedia summary of this work at Mercer University School of Engineering while demonstrating how to build virtual instruments with LabVIEW

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