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Management Project

Doha, Qatar
March 24, 2018

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Irfanullah Tunio

Senior Environmental & Sustainability Engineer

GSAS-Certified Green Professional

Email:; Mobile: +974-******** & Skype: irfanullah.tunio


Highly motivated and qualified Environmental & Sustainability Engineer with solid 22 years verifiable experience in various mega projects in construction, power, roads, oil & gas exploration / drilling and other industries.

Expertise and skills in Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Laws, Green Building & Sustainability, Green House Gases, Solid & Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Audits, International Agreements, Protocol & Conventions, Marine Biological Sampling, Air & Noise Quality Management, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Risk Assessment and Oil Spill Management.

GSAS-Certified Green Professional (GSAS-CGP)

Certified ISO 14001 and 18001 (OHSAS) Internal Auditor.

Solutions driven leader with ability to drive and support a global agenda with focus on building worldwide leadership capability in environmental sustainability.

Extensive experience and expertise in developing training modules for environmental programmes.

Strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to build organization and industry credibility.

An innovative and diligent team leader possessing highly evolved and demonstrable communication, interpersonal, coordination and time management skills; with strong analytical mind-set to learn quickly and high confidence to draw estimation & take up new challenges.

Professional Experience

Leighton Contracting Qatar Environmental Manager (Jul 2015 to Mar 2018)

Project: New Orbital Highway & Truck Route. Project Cost: US$ 1.7 Billion

AECOM (Supervision Consultant), KBR (PMC)

Being Project Environmental Manager is providing environment assessment, planning and environmental operations professional leadership across all project. This includes planning and assessment, environmental management techniques, legislative compliance, environmental management reporting systems, implementation of Construction Environmental Management Plan and initiatives and strategies to deliver effective environment management outcomes on construction of roads / highways project. As a member of the project team is actively contributing to the success of the project and:

Integrate and communicate corporate strategy and plans into ongoing to ensure alignment to Roads and Government goals;

Participating in and providing advice to environmental incident investigations as required;

Participating in and providing input to company, Supervision Consultant and PMC environmental awareness campaigns;

Manage environmental due diligence actions for company acquisitions within a team-based environment;

Develop and implement sustainable strategies which are both cost-effective and minimize long-term environmental liabilities;

Deploy environmental procedures and standards that address regulatory requirements and Company policies and initiatives;

Ecological Sustainable Development principles and technique, methods and technologies to drive sustainability by minimizing waste emissions, energy consumption, material usage, recycling initiatives including raising awareness and motivation to achieve the corporate, business and environmental goals, objectives and targets;

Provide expert advice and support to the Environment Engineers to guide the delivery of consistent environmental assessments and approvals and effective high quality environmental management standards and solutions across project;

Regular environmental monitoring and reporting;

Provide appropriate, timely environment assessment, risk and operations performance reporting to the Project Director and other stakeholders reflecting key issues, performance and progress towards objectives;

Motivate, encourage and inspire the development of a strong, effective and efficient professional team with a clear focus on delivering outcomes;

Identifying and developing additional environmental training programs as applicable in line with project requirements;

Participating in regular PMC HSE procedures development and deliverables related to environmental requirements;

Ensure that staff are aware of and work within regulatory and organizational policies, systems and procedures.

Leighton Offshore, Iraq Environmental Manager (Feb 2012 to Nov 2014)

Leaded Environment section of Oil & Gas Construction Company and supervised project in Iraq (cost $611 million) and Corporate environment affairs. Following were the regular tasks & duties those were achieved successfully during tenure:

Provided timely advice to the management and the project team on environmental issues;

Conducted various environmental assessments during construction activities;

Implemented Project Environmental Monitoring programme during Offshore and Onshore construction activities;

Established contract specific environmental requirements;

Implemented Environmental Management Plan and ensured compliance;

Communicated with the local community and sub-contractors regarding waste management and recycling;

Prepared Waste Management Plans & Hospital Waste Management and implemented at construction sites onshore and offshore;

Provided guidance and advice to business and construction waste sites on waste management issues at onshore;

Consulted with community groups, residents, sub-contractors, and stakeholders on waste management issues;

Provided leadership on comprehensive environmental waste management compliance program;

Managed and modified systems of environmental monitoring and reporting;

Prepared Environmental Risk Assessment & Risk Management;

Conducted impact assessments and devised risk management strategies;

Liaised with regulatory bodies in regards to environmental issues;

Identified and implemented critical environmental corrective actions and recognized opportunities for improvement;

Established sampling and analysis procedures, compiling analyzing and evaluating the generated data and preparing required reports;

Conducted Marine biological sampling surveys & samples management during offshore pipe lay and construction;

Established Sustainability Cell to promote green procurement, energy conservation and environmental awareness;

Managed Stakeholder Engagement during project activities on regular basis;

Conducted Social Impact Assessment & Monitoring;

Conducted OHS Management Systems Audits & OHSAS 18001 advice;

Conducted Environmental Management System Audits & secured ISO 14001.

Project Procurement International Environmental Specialist (July 2011 to February 2012)

Member Environment team of consulting firm “Project Procurement International” following were the achievements and guidance provided to the proponents:

Conducted Environmental Impact Assessment studies of roads & highways, offshore / onshore oil & gas exploration & drilling, Power Plants and chemical industries.

Developed and maintained management information systems that used for identification of the location of hazardous materials;

Conducted environmental awareness trainings for the staff of multi-national companies;

Provided leadership on comprehensive environmental waste management compliance program to different sectors;

Developed data of chemical inventories and shipments of hazardous wastes;

Collected samples and performed tests of hazardous and industrial waste suspected of containing asbestos;

Assisted junior engineers to develop environmental plans and emergency response plans;

Conducted the research on ecological environment and natural sciences;

Stack emissions monitoring of power plants & cement industries and report writing.

United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) Environmental Analyst (Jan 2011 to June 2011)

Key achievements during a short term consultancy in Jordan:

Provided advice to the Government of Iraq (GOI) in the systematic and sustainable surveillance & monitoring of environmental information including the design of a National Environment Information Network;

Provided support to the GOI in developing indicators that will help in the preparation of environmental reviews on the status of the environment in Iraq.

Liaised with UNEP to ensure that these indicators feed into the State of the Environment report planned to be published in 2011.

Analyzed present environmental aspects of oil refineries and pipelines in respect to social and habitat issues in and around Baghdad, Arbil and Basra (Iraq).

Worked closely with GIS staff and prepared analysis on key environmental indicators. Ensured that this analysis will incorporated into presentations, reports such as the UNDAF review and advocacy products.

Research and analysis on environment management (in collaboration with the Ministry of Science & Technology)

Identified partners working in the field of environmental research in Iraq and mapped their activities.

Conducted and proposed research activities on critical issues related to the sustainable management of Iraq's natural resources (e.g. land, water, forest) and the impact of economic activities, particularly in the fields of oil and energy, on environmental health.

Prepared regular policy briefs to alert decision-makers within the GOI and UN to key environment issues in Iraq.

Provided technical leadership to the UNAMI on environmental issues.

United Nations Development Programme, Pakistan. Environmental Expert (Aug 2006 to Dec 2010)

Prepared Environmental Strategy of Earthquake affected areas of Pakistan;

Carried out EIA’s of reconstruction and rehabilitation projects;

Liaised with state and federal authorities regulating waste management;

Implemented EMP’s of major roads, power, rural & urban housing, schools, hospitals and other projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Bank & European Union;

Administered all monitoring and reporting as required by the environmental regulations and permits;

Prepared and delivered on job training, capacity building, institutional development, workshops for EPA, line agencies and municipal authorities;

Developed procedures for projects review and approval of projects requiring EIA, including urban development projects;

Assisted evaluation of impacts, mitigation measures & monitoring reporting;

Reviewed and integrated all available data on environmental damages to prepare projects and to produce firm estimates for use in planning, budgeting and implementation phasing;

Provided technical assistance in different departments at Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) in respect of sustainable environmental approach in development and rehabilitation;

Developed a comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation of environmental damages on long-term basis;

Accountably identified & assessed the issues observed necessary for sustainable use for revival of natural resources like water, forestry and wildlife;

Devised policy for sustainable use of timber in the affected areas to ensure green construction;

Developed a planning, management, coordination, implementation and monitoring mechanism for the component and activities therein, with due regard to overall ERRA management and implementation approach and in close consultation with the provincial/state and district governments and intended beneficiaries;

Regularly coordinated all activities identified under the implementation strategy and monitor their implementation;

Identified technical assistance/capacity building needs at all levels of implementing agencies.

Environmental Protection Agency, Pakistan Deputy Director Monitoring (Jan 1995 - Aug 2006)

Led a team of 9 members;

Prepared procedures for environmental improvement plans for existing industries with emphasis on waste water treatment, air emissions, solid waste management & compliance with national quality standards;

Provided training and developed guidance manuals associated with waste management;

Developed and maintained comprehensive waste management profiles with disposal and treatment facilities;

Dealt with natural resources management, air, wastewater, land, noise and waste management issues in province;

Conducted regular compliance environmental monitoring of oil & gas exploration / drilling, power plants, textile, cement and other major industries;

Reviewed EIA submissions from private & public sectors, including urban development, road, sewerage plants, oil & gas explorations, cement plants, thermal & hydro-power projects, textile and other mega industries;

Developed procedures for environmental improvement to bring existing industry into compliance with emission quality standards and good environmental practice;

Established coordination between provincial and federal environmental agencies on climate change;

Provided guidance to mega industries on environmental compliance and training;

Served as an assistant to Director General during inspections and at meetings and hearings before appropriate local provincial and national regulatory agencies as well as various technical and civic committees relating to environmental matters;

Coordinated with Ministry of Environment in respect of implementation of multilateral environmental conventions and preparation of draft policies.

Projects Executed & Completed Successfully

Clean Air for Karachi project (Rs. 37.00 million);

Conducted 35 EIA’s along with reputable consultants for different projects like Oil exploration & drilling, oil pipelines, roads, cement industries, power plants, refineries, textile industries, etc.

Assessment of Ambient Air Quality of Karachi City;

Contributed Waste Management Plan for mega city Karachi and selection of landfill site;

Completed Stack emissions monitoring of 216 mega industries;

Hospital Waste Management Guidelines for mega hospitals and implementation;

Successfully completed ambient air quality of 7 cities of Pakistan through mobile laboratory;

Procurement of basic stationery, portable monitoring equipment for air emissions and wastewater;

Development of baseline of industrial effluents and air emissions;

Procurement of environmental monitoring equipment under the World Bank funded project;

Collection of waste effluent samples & on-site assessment of air pollution of 19 Sugar Industries;

Monitored environmental impact of great oil spill disaster in Pakistan’s history (TASMAN SPIRIT-Oil Tanker carrying 67530 tons crude oil & 32000 tons spill on Karachi beach); worked as National Expert with a team of UNEP expert;

Vehicular Emission Control Programme for Sindh Province, Pakistan;

Introduction of environment / climate friendly technologies to all major industries of Pakistan;

Under assistance from Environment Canada successfully tested and installed specially designed CNG kits for 2-stroke vehicles first time in Pakistan;

Under program of “The National Energy Conservation Center” Ministry of Environment, Pakistan arranged 3 Free Tune-up setups for all kind of vehicles.

International / National Professional Trainings Attended

GSAS, Doha, Qatar (25-27 October 2016);

Internal Auditor OHSAS 18001:2007, Islamabad, Pakistan (12-13 June 2009);

2 weeks Study / Training to United Kingdom, Belgium & France on Rubble Recycling Practices and Hands on Training on Solid Waste Recycling Plant at TEREX PEGSON, UK. (October 28 – November 13, 2007);

Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment in Disasters, Pakistan (15-19 May, 2006);

ISO 14001, Environmental Aspect and Impact Assessment & EMS Auditing, Karachi, Pakistan (13-14 Mar, 2006);

Environmental Impact Assessment, Islamabad, Pakistan (11-14 Apr, 2005);

Study tour arranged by Clean Air Initiative through Asian Development Bank Bangkok & Manila (18-24Jul, 2004);

Self-Monitoring and Reporting Tool, Islamabad, Pakistan (12Jun, 2002);

Environment Programme-Institutional Linkage Component, Emissions Measurement, Canada (17-31 Jul 2001)

Air Pollution Control, JICA, Global Environment Center Foundation, Japan (29 Aug-7 Dec, 2001);

Capacity Building in Environmental Impact Assessment and the Trialing of the UNEP EIA Training Resource Manual, UNEP-IUCN, Vietnam (20-24 Oct, 1997);

Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality through Mobile Lab, PCSIR, Karachi, Pakistan (Apr 1997);

Air Quality Management, University of California, Riverside, USA (15-26 Apr,1996);

Environmental Laboratory Equipment Trainings, Perkin Elmer, CT,USA (Oct 1996);

Conferences & Workshops Attended

Development of Environmental Assessment Procedures & Guidelines, Pak EPA, Karachi (27-28May1997)

Fuel Efficiency in Road Transport Sector Project, Karachi (3-5Jul 1998)

International Symposium on NON-CO2 GREEN-HOUSE GASES, The Netherlands (8-10Sept 1999)

6thEurasia Conference on Chemical Science EuAsC2S-6, Brunei Darussalam (27 Feb-2 Mar 2000)

National Workshop for the Improvement of Air Quality in Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan (13-15 Dec)

Third International Conference on Plants & Environmental Pollution (ICPEP-3), India (28 Nov - 2 Dec 2005)

International Conference on Pesticide Use in Developing Countries, Arusha, Tanzania (16–20 Oct 2006)

Regional Conference on Engineering and Disaster Management, Lahore, Pakistan (March 20 – 22, 2007)


1) Pakistan Environmental Issues

2) Climate changes to have adverse and beneficial effects on agriculture, published in Dawn Economic & Business Review, April 24-30, 1993 (scanned copy can be provided on request).

Knowledge and Skills

Excellent oral and written communications skills.

Ability to get results through influence, negotiation and teamwork.

Proven leadership ability.

In depth knowledge of quality management, its concepts, techniques, tools and procedures.

Well versed and command in all main computer applications like Microsoft Office Suite, Web designing, Auto CAD, etc.

Highest Educational Qualifications

Master of Science (Environmental Management), University of East, Pakistan, 2006.

Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering), University of the East, Philippines, 1994

Driving Licenses

Qatar and Pakistan

Professional Memberships & Certifications

Pakistan Environmental Association, registered as Environmental Engineer;

IEMA Affiliate (0135261).

GSAS-Certified Green Professional (QA1887-002161)

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