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Embedded Software Engineer Skills--C,C++,Embedded C,Rtos,Python

Arlington, TX
March 24, 2018

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Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering (Graduate Research Assistant) University of Texas at Arlington- GPA-3.67 August 2016 - May 2018 Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering Jaypee University of Information Technology-GPA-3.5 July 2011- May 2015 TECHNICAL SKILLS

Operating Systems- Windows, Linux(Ubuntu)

Software – Visual Studio,Code Composer Studio, MATLAB, Simulink, Eagle Languages- C, C++, Python, Embedded C (for Arduino, ARM & Atmega16), SQL Hardware- Hands on PCB soldering experience, Lab equipment experience(Oscilloscope, Function Generators) Classroom Experience- Microprocessor Architecture, Programmable Logic Controllers, Linear Control Systems, Optimal Control Systems, System Identification and Estimation, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy(SDH),I2C, SPI,UART protocols PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (1+ YEARS)

Research Assistant, UT-Arlington Research Institute- Fort Worth, TX January 2017-Current Smart Sensing & Dynamic Fitting of Prosthetics

• Currently working on programming pressure sensors using embedded C on Arduino MEGA microcontroller to sense and adjust the pressure of the artificial limb which can be used for ulcer prevention in amputees.

• Designed C code on Arduino MEGA microcontroller for pressure bubbles used in diabetic shoe sole for patients suffering from diabetes with swollen feet.

Programmer Analyst Trainee -Cognizant Technology Solutions-Chennai, India January 2016-June 2016 Trained on Oracle Solution Practice(OSP) and developed entry forms and tables using Oracle 11g database. Programmed C language codes and stood among the top 3 trainees in my batch. Summer Intern - Reliance Telecommunications- New Delhi, India June 2014 -July 2014 Trained on the functioning of telecom network and the functioning of servers and multiplexers inside mobile tower stations. Trained on the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy(SDH) technology used in data transfer in a telecom network.


Real-Time Operating System(RTOS) August 2017 – October 2017

• Designed a Co-operative and Pre-emptive RTOS on C using ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller.

• Programmed actual kernel functions like yield, wait, post, sleep from scratch.

• Programmed and used interrupt service routines for PendSV and SVC exceptions for task switching in RTOS. Indoor Location Finder October 2017-December 2017

• Designed a C code to determine the location of an object/person inside of a closed room by interfacing ultrasonic sensors and RF modules to an ARM Cortex M4F controller.

• Designed a C code and circuit of an Analog Front-End device with an attached microphone which receives ultrasonic pulses at regular intervals and helps to determine its location in a room. Cache Controller Code October 2017-December 2017

• Designed a C code to mimic the functionality of a 64kB cache controller.

• Applied the cache read and write functions on a Jacobi transformation code.

• Changed the burst length, number of ways and write back strategies(total of 60 combinations) to find the best cache architecture for a specific piece of code.

Bluetooth Controlled Multiplexer June 2017- July 2017

• Designed a system to control a 32:1 multiplexer by switching its select lines using a Adafruit Feather microcontroller with BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy).

• Programmed to run its C code by giving commands from the Bluefruit Connect App installed in a smartphone.

• Displayed the voltages from each of the 32 inputs of the multiplexer in real time on the serial monitor and LCD. Low Cost Multimeter January 2017- May 2017

• Developed the circuit and C code of a low cost (<$1) LCR meter or multimeter commonly used in electronic labs.

• Programmed interrupt-enabled timers to measure the capacitance, inductance and resistance of the components. TIC-TAC-TOE Game June 2017- July 2017

• Designed a graphic-based “Tic-Tac-Toe” game on Python using object-oriented programming concepts and graphic libraries.

Line &Edge follower Robots December 2013- January 2014

• Programmed Atmega16 the microcontroller using C language on AVR studio to develop the line -follower and edge- follower robots.

• Utilized infra-red(IR) transmitters and receivers to detect obstacles and prevent damage of the robot. CERTIFICATIONS

Python Certification (Complete Python Bootcamp course from Instructor Jose Portilla)

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