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Education School

Chennai, TN, India
March 23, 2018

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Family and Education are important in our life. Family includes everyone like Father, Mother,Children,Husband and wife,Sister’s and Brother’s etc. why I am saying that Family and Education are important in our Life .We can learn Education from anywhere . Well we are getting knowledge from our Home, School,College etc. And also time is more precious in our life .Children’s are learning many good things from Teachers, Parents .In while some of the Parents are not having as much knowledge also they are willing to send their children to school . Education is the good way to our life because we need a good Career. We have to protect our Parents like they are taking care of us. Today I am here in this Position means it is only because of my Parents .Otherwise I won’t take any graduation any thing . I have learned many good things from my Teachers and my Parents . Teachers taught me many knowledge from different subjects but my Parents taught how we have to behave in the Society, have and how to need helps others . In Family if I am taking about my Parents,they all are Educated in different field .If we have to develop our knowledge we have to make the habit of Reading Newspaper,Books etc .Dr APJ Abdul Kalam told that if we have to achieve anything we need a Good Dream . In Education, some students are back to study and some are good in studies .If the students need to study well we have to guide them properly we have to convince them and repeat the lessons .They have to revise the lessons from home also what they are learning from School or Colleges .If the small Children’s means we have to sit with them and teach each lessons .Try to ask them to Read the Chapters daily .Teachers are having the responsibilities to teach their own Students and Parents are having the responsibilities to teach their own Children’s . If a Teacher is teaching a Student She or He has to Corporate with them,they have to listen carefully . We have to obey them,then only we can learn or achieve anything . Some Students grasp quickly it upto each caliber of a student .knowledge can get from School or colleges through Education .

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