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Quality Manager

Puebla City, Puebla, Mexico
March 23, 2018

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USA address: *** Oakcrest Rd., Spartanburg, S. C., 29301

Cell:+1 305 – 517 – 7781, email: Mexico address: Av. San Manuel 2445, Fracc. J. de San Manuel, CP 72570 Cell: + 52 1-222-*-******


Natural Leader of Managerial Teams working in New and Existing Businesses requiring a Lean, Cost Oriented Approach, Excellent use of People Skills and High Flexibility to adapt to different Working Environments, with Proven Results in the Areas of Cost, Manufacturing and Quality Improvement, Domestic and Internationally.

Combines extensive manufacturing experience with Cross- Cultural Process and Quality Experience in International Organizations. Lead company-wide and regional cost savings initiatives and improvement projects focused on Safety, Manufacturing, Quality, Technology, Supply Chain, HR and Sales Processes. Developed and implemented Quality Systems Based on ISO 9000, QS 9000 and TS16949 Standards. Successfully participated construction and start up of Greenfield Operations. Lead application of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Methodologies throughout the different Business Processes. Result oriented management skills are combined with a Strong Focus on the Development of High Performance Teams and Customer Oriented Processes. Certified Lean Manufacturing Manager, TS16949 Lead Auditor and Chemical Engineering Degree. Bilingual – English/Spanish, Conversational basic Chinese, basic Thai, Social Leval German. Mexican Citizen, USA permanent resident (legally able to work in USA). Lived and worked in USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, New Zealand, China, India and Thailand. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:



THAILAND/INDIA 2013 to August 2015

Reassigned as a member of the Regional Team supporting the new General Cable Asia Pacific Region, with specific target to increase the Productivity, efficiency and utilization of assets in the Region, to World Class standards.

Business Intervention – Supported on site the Operational Recovery that was part of the intervention action to recover control of the GC India Operation, a 30 MM USD investment. Worked through the transition using the existing team and limited resources to be transformed into a high performance and highly motivated manufacturing team that was capable to assimilate and put in practice the technical improvement projects assigned by corporate resources in a 6 month period, increasing the production transfer 4 times from 50 to 200 MT per month and reducing scrap levels to less than 3%, half the group average, being the smallest but one of the most cost efficient manufacturing operations in the group. The manufacturing recovery plan included safety, compliance, planning improvement, organizational redesign, people reassignment, coordination of corporate resources, work routine establishment, capital investment, product design and managerial development of high performers that allow the OI of the products produced from negative to positive 10 -15% margins in a three month period time, to support the Sales activity. Ultimately the support was expanded for one quarter to the Sales and Jose Antonio Rios Guzman - RESUME


Back office areas, to make a last effort to reactivate the commercial activity. The back office was realigned and the sales routines reestablished, continuing the effort until the global restructuring effort required to wind down the operations, where the last work done was supporting the design and initial activities of the closure project.

World Class transformation – Direct Control of the Bangplee Plant as critical regional asset, to address on two fronts, day to day operations as Plant head, and World Class implementation standards, as Operations Regional Head, working in three main workflows: People productivity, Process Efficiency and Machine reliability, to deliver combined saving of 2 MM USD, half of that already delivered in Operational cost reduction. Continuing the job stated as VP operation, at this point intensive work is ongoing to support the restructuring program of the whole business to transform Bangplee into the best plant in General Cable Asia Pacific, and properly support the divestiture process ongoing, to handover to new owners an efficient and profitable plant.

Capital Project Management – Directly managed Capital budget of annual 10-15 MM USD per year for the Region of more than 40 Expansion, Maintenance, Cost reduction and Safety projects per year for all operations in the Asia Pacific Region, all with financial payback period of 6 months to no more than 1.5 years, managed though a specifically designed Stage Gate approach. VP OPERATIONS – PDITL/GROW


to 2012

Seconded by request of Division President to join the PDITL Leadership Team in charge of transforming the Thailand business into a world class operation, critical for the region and the whole company.

Industrial Relations / People Management. Successfully recovered control of two major manufacturing operations in Thailand (Bangplee and Rayong), that had been heavily impacted by repeated absenteeism promoted by aggressive union actions, using an escalated reorganization of the Front Line Supervision, a four month accelerated multiskilling training program covering 25% of the workforce to regain control of bottleneck assets and remove under mutual agreement conflicting parties, reducing 15% of targeted nonproductive workforce. QUALITY ENGINEERING AND SYSTEMS DIRECTOR – PDIC/GCROW MIAMI, FL, USA. 2008 to 2010

Invited by Senior Management to rejoin the regional Operations and Technology team in GCROW to reactivate the Quality Area that has remained unattended for several years, to create a network quality professionals and lean practitioners that could support the cost improvement and efficiency programs in the operations.

Quality Systems – Worked in a One Year project with 17 Quality leaders in the Operations in Latin America, Africa and Asia, empowering them to recreate, align and standardize five critical process across the Rest of the World Division: Process Control, Customer complaints, Corrective Actions, Quality Audits, Supplier Management, creating the first company-wide Quality Portal, and a the first ever Total Quality Process Model for the Division.

Jose Antonio Rios Guzman - RESUME


Corporate Integration/ Cost Savings – Selected, sponsored, and developed the first group of Six Sigma – Green Belt practitioners in the Rest of the World Division

(10 individuals), handpicked among elite high performance professionals from operations in Latin America, Africa and Asia, that delivered combined 1MM USD cost saving and productivity projects after the first six months of implementation, transferring directly training methodology from the North American corporation, previously only used in USA.

Training and Development - Successfully Lead deployment of the standardized Training Within Industry (TWI) program to train more than 2000 operators in 12 different operations across the Rest of the World region, developing 10 multicultural certified trainers for trainers, and resulting and twofold increase in training hours of one to one training hours the first year of operation, 50% reduction training cycle for operators, and supporting training of personnel for record time startup of normal production in Green Field projects in Peru, Mexico and India after machinery installation and initial commissioning, 3 months as average. OPERATIONS MANAGER CHINA - PHELPS DODGE MAGNET WIRE SUZHOU, JIANGSU PROVINCE, CHINA 2004 to


Selected to consolidate the development of the China Greenfield Operation, as the entrance of PD to the Asian Market, and lead its expansion, for an initial capacity increase of 15 million pounds a year, positioning the China facility as the first PDMW wholly owned high potential enterprise in China.

Transplant Customer Focus – Successfully lead the effort to demonstrate local excellent quality and cost competitiveness, to reestablish supply to Top ten NA transplant customers based in China and the Asian region (first year 4000 MT volume), identifying the operation as one of the few magnet wire local manufacturers capable of complying with American, European and Asian Quality standards, recertifying under international bodies (UL) 6 major flag product (initially representing 60MM USD in additional revenue) previously served from NA, through carefully planned qualification processes, including product performance, exact replication of NA control processes and quality systems stability.

Consolidation of transcultural operations – Successfully lead amalgamation of traditional cultural Asian values and Western modern management techniques, capturing through intensive recruiting a team of young and highly qualified professional that included two doctorates, three masters and a pool of operators with higher that average education. (80 unionized, 20 salaried). Directly coordinated the work of all area leaders with their NA counterparts, to guarantee smooth transfer of knowledge fast pace, resulting in the successful start of 9 state of the art ovens, reaching a reduction of 80% in scrap (from 50% to 10%) and an eight-fold (from 500 to 4000 tons/year) increase of output in a record time of five months, VICE PRESIDENT, QUALITY -PHELPS DODGE MAGNET WIRE 2002 to 2004 Invited by Senior Management to join the Executive Team in a newly created position intensively focused in elevating the company’s Quality levels, leading Cost Savings initiatives in all areas of the business, acting as a Change Agent to replace old business paradigms and promote the use of Lean Manufacturing tools and a new Globally Oriented Jose Antonio Rios Guzman - RESUME


mindset in the workforce. Targeted critical areas of historical poor performance in Quality and Manufacturing and successfully regained appropriate performance levels to guarantee continuity of the business.

Quality Systems – Successfully managed the transition project of the Company Quality System to get compliance of one operation in Mexico, three operations in USA and one operation in with TS 16949 in one year, developing and documenting Customer Oriented Processes to support the transition. Transformed the Corrective Action System to a more proactive and effective process, supported by the DMAIC methodology and a group of internally developed Six Sigma specialists, reaching savings of 0.5 MM USD during the first year of implementation .

Process Control – Reestablished Process Control Group and reconformed Senior Process Engineering Group, focusing in standardizing and improving process control practices in our plants in USA, Mexico and Austria, resulting in a 50 % reduction in Customer returns and 15% reduction in scrap.

Lean Manufacturing/Cost Savings – Invited by the Corporate Organizational Effectiveness Group to develop the Corporate Training program for Six Sigma Green Belts, Successfully transformed the problem solving and continuous improvement focus, introducing the use of lean manufacturing tools like 5s, visual control, TPM, Process Mapping, and lead the focused training process of the Engineering and Quality group, developing 4 Six Sigma Blackbelts and 15 Six Sigma Greenbelts, all of them proven practitioners and not previously working as such in the company, that managed more than 100 projects in the Cost Savings Program of the Company including Manufacturing, Technology, Logistics, Purchasing, Sales, Quality and Headquarters. More than 30 million of annualized savings identified and $11 MM USD obtained after one year of implementation.

Customer Satisfaction – Worked with all plants to regain required Quality levels that previously had endangered our approval status with major Customers, decreasing a combined 50 % the PPM external rejection level in our Fort Wayne, El Paso and Austria plants, and reaching historical monthly levels of 0 (Zero) PPM external rejection in our Monterrey Plant

Manufacturing Support – Worked as Acting Plant Manager in our operation in El Paso, Texas, to correct existing operational performance problems. Leadership team and hourly workforce were restructured to reinforce team approach, Quality, Maintenance, and Safety Systems were reinstalled. In six months Scrap was reduced by 18%, Cash Cost was reduced by 16%, and the production targets were surpassed by 7%, with no increase in work force or overtime. BUSINESS UNIT LEADER - P D MAGNET WIRE DE MEXICO

MONTERREY, N. L., MEXICO 1997 to 2002

Greenfield Operation Consolidation – Coordinated the staffing and management of the Production, Quality and Process groups during start –up process of the new plant, successfully transferring Technology from the Plants and Technical center in the USA, directly supervising the installation and commissioning of more than 200 production lines, with and a final investment of $65,000,000, interacting with domestic and international suppliers and contractors, and resulting in a total capacity increase from 20 to 75 million pounds a year, positioning the Monterrey facility as the world best in terms of Safety, Quality, Productivity and Cost in the Division, Jose Antonio Rios Guzman - RESUME


delivering more than 300 MM USD of annual revenue by the second year of operation, on year in advance that originally planned.

Staff & Personnel Development - Responsible for the recruitment and development of the Leadership Team, which resulted in a high performance team of globally, oriented managers considered as the best in our organization. Used a specifically designed screening, multidimensional process to personally select 200 associates (165 hourly, unionized, 35 salaried), and fully staff the areas of Production, Plant & Process Engineering, Quality, HR, EHS, and Supply Chain in less than six months, developing a continuous training process, performance/skills assessment tools and a high performance self-directed team environment that resulted in an annual turnover of less than 4% and zero direct labor overtime in a unionized environment.

Operations Management - Created a strong approach to continuous improvement based on effective process control, “built – in” quality and lean manufacturing initiatives as kaizen events, 5s, visual control, Inventory management, Process Mapping, TPM, that resulted in world - class results in quality, safety, cost, customer satisfaction and productivity, obtaining QS 9000 in record time of six months, immediate approval for Monterrey Products in international markets previously served by NA plants in first year of operation, . Implementation of Safety Behavioral Based Safety Systems that resulted in 400 days without a recordable accident, and Enviromental Systems that paved the way for obtaining the “Clean Industry Certification” granted by the Mexican Government, in the second year of operation. C. I. AND QUALITY MANAGER – PD INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION MIAMI, FL. USA 1995 to 1997

Retained by the International Sector of the Business after the sale of the Mexican operation, to occupy a newly created position in the area of Quality, designed to support the Quality and Continuous Improvement Projects in all Wire and Cable operations around the world, that needed a leader extremely adaptable to different cultures and work mindsets, and flexible enough to multitask in projects in different time zones and world regions.

International Projects - Successfully developed and implemented Continuos Improvement and Quality Projects in USA, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras, obtaining 7 new ISO 9000 certifications in two years and 3 re-certifications by 2nd and 3rd party Private and Government Certification Bodies. Directly interacting with Technology and Quality Groups of Telecommunication and Power Generation Private and Government-owned companies in South America to comply with their Quality requirements.

Cost of Quality & Metrology Systems – Implemented Latin-American Quality and Metrology Network that allowed minimization of expenses associated to calibration activities, training internal resources and creating synergies between the 6 newly created laboratories in Central and South America, creating a group of critical shared resources. Definition and implementation of the Cost of Quality Reporting System used by all Latin American companies


Joined the Management level to reinforce the Quality area of the organization, first as responsible of Quality in the Magnet Wire of the Tlaxcala Site, then absorbing the Quality Jose Antonio Rios Guzman - RESUME


responsibilities for the Telephone cable Plant and finally coordinating the Quality and Continuos Improvement activities of all Manufacturing Plants, including the Power Cable Plant in Puebla, Headquarters and all Distribution Centers in Mexico.

Quality Assurance – Led the Quality Control, Quality assurance and Metrology areas for INCOSA (power cable plant, Puebla), TELMAG (telephone cable plant and magnet wire plant, Tlaxcala) and the Marketing Organization (Mexico City and 6 major distribution centers). Tasks included certification of final products, test and metrology laboratories before Private and Government entities (CFE, PEMEX, SINALP, and SNC). Implementation, maintenance, improvement and certification of Quality Systems (ISO 9001).

Intercompany support – First Quality Manager to get ISO 9001 certification in the International group for his home base units (3), and after that successfully on site leading and supporting the development of Quality Systems of five Associated Companies in Latin America (El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and Chile). Acted as Total Quality Control coordinator of program of the new marketing organization (for AXA Cables, partner of Phelps Dodge) following Japanese Union of Scientifics and Engineers.

Continuous improvement - As part of the Junior Manager development plan, as Total Quality Coordinator, interacted as internal consultant for all area managers of the manufacturing plants, creating first Quality Model of the company. Projects included Education in Quality Philosophies (Juran, Deming, Ishikawa, and Crosby), Costumer-Supplier Relationship, Quality Assurance, Statistical Process Control, and Safety Programs (DU PONT), receiving special recognition by the National Quality Prize for the Tlaxcala operation after implementation.

Standardization Activities - Actively participated as member of the Government National Technical Quality Council (COTENSISCAL) that created the first Mexican Official Quality Standards equivalent to ISO 9000, with official company recognition of collaboration, only granted to less than 15 manufcturing companies in all Mexico MAGNET WIRE PROCESS ENGINEER - CONELEC – TELMAG PLANT, MEXICO 1986 to 1988

Recruited as a bilingual professional that matched the expectations of an International Company that needed professional support for the Technology Transfer of the Magnet Wire and Telephone Cable Manufacturing Processes provided by the Corporation.

Process Control – Worked in the development and implementation of process control standards for the magnet wire area in Telephone Cable and Magnet Wire plants, supporting expansion projects in both facilities and facilitating work of contractors and consultants in the maintenance and process engineering areas, incuding 20 extrafine wire lines transferred from US opertions.

New product Development – Developed process conditions for 5 new magnet wire products transferred from other countries, providing technical and support for their marketing. Coordination of UL & ANCE (international and local product certification bodies) approvals for the company products as direct technical liaison with external parties.



Initiated professional career after being selected from a group of plant interns to conform the construction and start – up task force of a 300 MM lbs. Ftalic Anhydride Greenfield Operation, that required an extremely flexible, dedicated and enthusiast leader in an especially difficult work environment, fully operational after one year from ground breaking.

Construction supervision and Start-Up Coordination - Participated in the construction, start-up and operation, initially as Construction Supervisor and eventually as Supervisor of the Utilities Area (Boilers, Cooling Towers, Demineralizing Systems) and then as a Production Supervisor in the main operation. Directly Coordinated activities of pipeline installation contractors, and selected and trained a production team of 60 hourly personnel.


Safety Supervisor Certification

Thailand Government Thailand, 2012

Lean Technician

General Cable NA, USA, 2010

New Labour Contract Law and Its Impact on Human Resource Management CCH Shanghai, 2007

Six Sigma Green Belt

MOTOROLA UNIVERSITY/PDC, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2003 TS16949 Lead Auditor Certification

PLEXUS, Mexico City, Mexico, 2002

Lean Manufacturing Certification

FISHER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, OSU, Columbus, Ohio, 2002 Lean Management

KELLOG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2002 Undergraduate Studies

Human Resources, ITESM, Monterrey, N. L., Mexico, 2002 Management Program

GUSTAV KÄSER TRAINING INTERNATIONAL, Mty, N. L., Mexico, 2001 Global Management Program

THUNDERBIRD BUSINESS SCHOOL, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 1996 Undergraduate Studies

Applied Statistics, Universidad Iberoamericana-CIMAT, Mexico City, 1993 BS, Chemical Engineering

Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, 1983 German Levels A1 2 to 5, A2 1 to 5, B1 1

Centro Cultural Aleman, Monterrey Nuevo Leon 2001

Centro de Idiomas Volkswagen, Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, 2017 Chinese –Mandarin, Survival Level 3, Social Level 1 New Concept Mandarin, Suzhou, China, 2007

Thai – Level 1

Express Language School, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014

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