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Designer Project Manager

Lafayette, CA
March 22, 2018

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Resume: CASS INGLESBY 510-***-****


California Academy of Bartending and Mixology March 2018 International Academy of Design and Technology April '07 – April 24 '10 B.F.A., Visual Communications: Game Design


Grassroots Campaign Inc. -Recruiter Nov 17 - Present

•Post Grassroots Campaign Inc. marketing materials around Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco

•Communicate with potential candidates to inform them about job opportunities at the Grassroots Campaign Inc.

•Efficiently and effectively fill open positions by calling applicants and schedule interviews

•Carefully make deposits to the National Grassroots Campaign Inc. by making a money order and sending it by Fedex.

•Organize and Clean the office to prepare for interview applicants WB Games San Francisco - Narrative/Content Designer June ‘14 - July ‘17

•Contributed to developing a variety of playable Paper Prototypes and Digital Prototypes to present to WB executives

•Traveled to the WB Headquarters to help leads present a Paper Prototype to WB executives

•Obtained expertise on the IP by consuming previously released media

•Attended conference calls with the IP holders, producers, and lead designers

•Brainstorm with the development team for feature content and system

•Wrote and Designed Content for the game such as items, locations, characters, abilities, weapons, reward items, ...etc

•Implemented Content using tools in Unity developed by the engineering team

•Create and maintained team documents

•Collaboratively worked with Design, UX, Engineering, Art, Production and Product Management on the design and implementation during the Concept, Design, and Pre-production phases of the development of the game. Zynga - Narrative/Content Designer Aug ’12 - May ‘14

•Collaborated with Product Managers to write design documents for weekly features, that focus on design and business goals.

•Worked closely with the art team to communicate, brainstorm, and request art assets for weekly features.

•Implement feature components such as quest dialog, quest tasks, crafting items, loot tables, buildings and virals using proprietary scripting language and tool, XML, and JSON.

•Brainstorm with creative leads, and Product Managers for future feature content.

•Participated in review meetings and implemented feedback during the one pager, spec, implementation skeleton, and final stage of the feature.

•Collaborated with Content Designers, System Designers, Writers and Product Managers to establish content and quest standards for new IP.

•Wrote in game copy for item descriptions, marketing materials, character dialogue, and share posts.

•Designed high level content including Animals, Trees, Crops, and Crafting Recipes for FarmVille 2.

•Create and maintain content design documents used by the design team KBooM! Games/Mrs. Judd's Games - Game Designer April ‘11- June ‘12

• Create concept art, storyboards, and presentations to explain game concepts to clients and development team using PowerPoint, Photoshop and Illustrator.

•Collaborate to design social, viral, and independent missions with a team of designers.

•Establish and maintain core gameplay mechanics and content guidelines.

• Research and document references for game assets, themes, story, and gameplay.

•Work closely with stockholders and point of contacts to incorporate desired expectations into a playable experience.

•Analyze live game data to design user experience improvements

•Create and maintain business profiles on Social Media networks

•Monitor and respond to player feedback and KBooM! Games presence and reputation across Social Media Platforms

•Write game tutorials and blogs (h ttp://

•Design user interface, flowcharts, and wireframes using Balsamiq and Microsoft Visio

•Work closely with Lead Project Manager and President to establish a roadmap and Project Plan using a variety of tools such as Microsoft Project, Asana, and Smartsheet


WB Games:" Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" G ame Designer –Narrative Designer June '14-July ‘17 Zynga: "FarmVille 2" Game Designer –Narrative Designer -Content Designer April'13-May ‘14 Zynga:" Unreleased Project" G ame Designer –Narrative Designer -Content Designer Jan'13-March ‘13 Zynga:" CastleVille" Game Designer –Narrative Designer -Content Designer Aug '12-Jan ‘13 Mrs. Judd's Games: "Crabby Writer" Game Designer April '12-June ‘12 Mrs. Judd's Games: "Left Right Pup" Game Designer Apr'12- June ‘12 Equity Lifestyle Properties': "Trailblazer Community” Game Designer Feb '12- May ‘12 Mrs. Judd's Game “ Chalk Walk” Game Designer & Associate Producer Dec '11- April '12 Mrs. Judd's Games: “ Snowflake Station” Game Designer Nov '11- Feb '12 Kboom Games: “Stellar Collapse” Game Designer Oct '11- Dec '11 Kboom Games:“ Sound City Music Trivia” Game Designer Sept '11- Nov '11 Kboom Games:“ Sound City” Lead Game Designer April '11 – Feb ‘12 OTHER EXPERIENCE AND VOLUNTEERING

Performance Art: Comedy March 17- Present

•Wrote, edited, and produced comedy bits and sketches on an array of topics

•Performed in local showcases at a variety of venues and producers

•Currently writing and producing material for an upcoming showcase

•Hosted local comedy showcases: Performing in between other comics sets, introducing organizing the comics, managing comics time on stage, stage set up and take down

•Produced Comedy Showcases: Securing the venue, Hiring Comics, Promoting, Door security, organizing the comics during the show

•Guest on various radio shows

San Francisco Berniecrats July 16 - J une 17

Co-Founder and Elected Membership Coordinator Executive Board Member

•Collaborated with a team of founders to establish the Political Action Committee's Bylaws, that were later voted on by members

•Designed and Maintained Membership database

•Registered and Checked in members at the beginning of each meeting

•Participated in Executive Board meetings and phone conferences

•Track membership status, dues, and donations and report to Treasurer and Co-Chairs Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign - San Francisco Bay Area GOTV Volunteer Captain May 2016

•Co-Managed the San Francisco Campaign Office Headquarters during Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Weekend

•Supervised a rotation of 30+ volunteers for a variety of tasks including phone banking and canvassing

•Trained volunteers on how to perform the necessary tasks and required technology

•Communicated by Phone from a database of registrants to remind them to vote

•Recruited volunteers to attend GOTV canvases, phone banks, and rallies

•Ensured accurate and complete data on all of collected information from volunteers in timely fashion

•Assisted Regional Field Director and Advanced Field Director in meeting the campaign goals Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign - San Francisco Bay Area Volunteer Nov 2015- June 2016

•Reached potential voters at events, gathering sites and door-to-door to build their commitment to register and vote for Bernie Sanders

•Ensured voters success in completing the voter registration process and provide them with information about the voting process, including dates and locations

•Communicated by Phone from a database of registrants to remind them to vote as well as recruit them for volunteer opportunities

•Hosted volunteer events such as phone banks and canvasses, and recruited volunteers to attend those events through a variety of communication channels

•Educated voters about the campaign platform by distributing campaign literature and answering questions

•Entered Data for the Local and National Campaign in a timely fashion

•Attended weekly volunteer meetings to stay informed on the most recent volunteer goals and assignments

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